Iranian Snapp Driver Forces No-Hijab Passenger Out Of Vehicle, Gets Labeled ‘Defender Of Islam’

(Tea Party 247) – A Snapp taxi driver (circled above) working in the Middle Eastern, terrorist sponsoring state of Iran is being hailed as a “defender of Islam” and a “true Muslim” after he oh so tolerantly booted a woman out of his car, in the middle of the highway, for not wearing a hijab.

Because nothing screams “religion of peace” like leaving a poor woman on the side of the highway. Gee, with practices like that, who wouldn’t want to be a Muslim?

For those who are curious, Snapp is basically the Iranian version of Uber. After the woman was tossed out she was “summoned” by the revolutionary court where she was forced to commit in writing that she wouldn’t violate Islamic dress code ever again” before she could be released.

Here’s more from Jihad Watch:

The degrading treatment of women in Iran is sanctioned in Islam and is a staple in that country along with other Islamic societies. Muslim Uber drivers America have on many occasions adhered to the Sharia while at work. Some examples: A Palestinian Uber driver recently kicked two Jewish women out of his car; a Muslim Uber driver “yanked a nine-months-pregnant passenger’s service dog from her and slammed the pooch onto a Manhattan street because he did not want the animal in his car,” since Islam is unfriendly to dogs. Another Muslim Uber driver was fined for refusing to accept a blind woman because she had her guide dog. In Yew York City, six months ago, a Muslim Uber driver threw a gay man out of car, dragged him along the street, and told him that he’d be beheaded in his country. In California an Uber driver raped an infidel passenger, same in Detroit. A terrified passenger in Chicago jumped from the car when her Muslim Uber driver asked that she pay in sex; and a UK Muslim Uber driver canceled a passengers’ journey, saying “I don’t take Jews”.

How could anyone think that such ‘values’ are abandoned when Islamic supremacists immigrate to the West?

“Snapp Driver Who Booted Passenger Over Hijab Hailed As ‘Hero’”, Radio Farda, June 12, 2019:

An Iranian version of Uber has triggered a heated debate over the country’s strict Islamic dress code for women known as the hijab.

A female passenger in Tehran complained on Twitter on June 6 about a Snapp taxi driver who had forced her out of his car in the middle of a highway for not respecting the dress code.

The passenger also published the driver’s picture and details to back up her claim. In a following tweet, she maintained that Snapp had apologized to her for the inconvenience and reprimanded the driver.

Meanwhile, two hashtags in support of the abandoned passenger went viral on Twitter. The Persian hashtags, which translate as “Boycott Snapp” and “We delete Snapp” in English, have been used more than 100,000 times since June 9.

Not surprisingly, those who are “conservative” Muslims praised the driver for his decision, referring to him as “pious” and “dutiful,” after Snapp released a statement saying they worked with the driver and the passenger to resolve the situation. Although, the driver will still be employed by the company.

And yet, the left says it’s Christian conservatives who are making a war on women by simply desiring to ban the murder of the unborn. Look, Christian conservatives aren’t demanding that women wear ridiculous full body coverings. Nor are they out and about demanding women not have driver’s licenses or be able to vote. That’s Islam.

But the left will never come out against Islam. They see a golden opportunity to take a growing minority group and turn them into a powerful block of Democratic Party supporters, therefore, they pander to these folks every opportunity they are given.



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