Instagram’s Latest Crackdown On Free Expression Targets Innocuous Hand Symbol

(Tea Party 247) – One of the greatest feats internet trolls have ever pulled off was convincing the left that the innocuous “OK” hand symbol is a symbol of white supremacy.

It’s not, and it’s hilarious how seriously this whole hoax has been taken.

Unfortunately, it’s now being used to suppress innocent posts on social media, because 2019.

Instagram will now be removing photos from people displaying the “OK” symbol and possibly even banning users who have done so, under the Facebook-owned company’s new hate speech rules.

“We remove photos of hate speech or symbols, like swastikas or white power hand signs,” the company’s “report” function informs users.

The whole hoopla over this innocent hand symbol started with a 4chan prank to trick the media into believing that it was some kind of secret code for white supremacy, which, as you can plainly see, worked.

Donald Trump, like many people his age, frequently makes the hand symbol during his speeches, so the media was ready and willing to believe he was secretly repping his association with white supremacists.

Although actual extremists have decided to own it since then, the vast majority of the time anyone makes the symbol they’re literally just holding their hand up that way, the same as someone would point or otherwise gesture with their hand to make a point.

None of this matters to Instagram, of course.

As we reported last month, they’ve also been blurring out images of women at gun rages, claiming that the photos violate “violence or dangerous organization guidelines.”

In May, Facebook banned a Trump supporter for 30-days for trying to do the hand symbol in a photo.

Earlier this year, a school in Chicago also spent over $50,000 dollars replacing a yearbook because some of the students had used the hand sign.

In another incident, a Chicago Cubs fan who flashed the symbol during a television broadcast was banned from the stadium, while NBC News blurred out the images.

Even gay, liberal, and atheist British television personality, Stephen Fry, was accused of white supremacy for using the symbol to promote mental health awareness.

This in itself is a bit ironic, since anyone who gets offended by this common hand gesture should probably get a mental health assessment.

Just saying.


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