Insane: Instagram Removes American Flag Photo Because It Contains “Infowars” T-Shirt

(Tea Party 247) – Did you ever imagine that when fascism came to America, citizens would freely and happily sign up for their own personal account with Big Brother?

Because that’s exactly what’s happened.

Facebook, the social media giant that seems to be taking over the world one data cache or censored post at a time, famously banned not only Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, not only Infowars, but any post of Infowars content from being shared on the platform.

Meaning, not only are these influencers and their website banned from ever having accounts on Facebook again, but anyone who shares their content too much may find themselves banned, even permanently.

They are apparently applying the same Big Tech Stazi tactics over at Instagram, which Facebook owns.

A photo posted six months ago by Infowars contributor Kaitlyn Bennett standing in front of an American flag was recently removed, for the simple reason that she was wearing an Infowars t-shirt in the photo.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Paul Joseph Watson opines:

“We want to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone, and we created these guidelines to support and protect our community on Instagram,” states the the message accompanying the removal.

Apparently, it makes people unsafe to see the word ‘Infowars’ written on a t-shirt worn by a young woman standing in front of Old Glory.

This once again underscores the frightening level of censorship that we are entering into as the west moves closer to a Communist China-style social credit score system.

Instagram’s AI has literally been programmed to weed out any mention of Infowars, even if it’s embedded within a photograph.

Following Nike’s announcement that it would withdraw a new line of sneakers because some people might be ‘offended’ by the Betsy Ross flag, what’s next?

How long before the current incarnation of the American flag is treated as a symbol of white supremacy and hate speech?

What’s more, when is Congress going to do something about these out-of-control Big Tech thought police?


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