Imprisoned Christian Father Being Tortured For This Insane Reason In Communist Cuba

(Tea Party 247) – The communist nation of Cuba has been caught “torturing” an imprisoned homeschooling father and pastor and it’s up to Americans to urge Congress to pass a resolution condemning the communist regime, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

HSLDA’s senior counsel and director of global outreach, Mike Donnelly, says that Pastor Ramon Rigal and his wife, Ayda, were imprisoned last year for refusing to send their children to state school and instead educating them at home.

Donnelly pointed to the United Nations Convention against Torture which Cuba signed in the 1990’s. The agreement prohibits government officials from inflicting physical or mental suffering on a person in an attempt to obtain something. Cuban officials are torturing Rigal in an effort to force him to renounce his Christian faith and homeschooling.

“In this case, it appears Cuban officials are trying to extract a pledge from Pastor Rigal to comply with laws that force children to attend state schools. They apparently wish to make an example of him because of his influence as a pastor,” Donnelly said.

WND goes on to report:

But Pastor Rigal and others initially resisted sending their children to state school because they did not want their students indoctrinated in Marxist ideology – which is founded on militant atheism.

Punishing Pastor Rigal for wanting to convey religious values to his family, then, comprises a double violation of basic rights which Cuba promised to uphold in other international protocols.

Donnelly said he wants to see Congress pass Senate Resolution 215, which calls for greater religious and political freedoms in Cuba.

Donnelly said Americans can encourage members of Congress to pass the resolution by signing an online petition.

Rigal and his wife were jailed last year shortly after fellow homeschoolers Golquis Almaguer and his wife were also imprisoned for homeschooling.

“I have heard from several people who are close to these families that Pastor Rigal is being denied food and other necessities. Officials are also mistreating his mother and other relatives,” Donnelly said.

He was told the state security officers are confiscating medicine for the pastor’s mother and threatening family members who go to visit him in jail.

“They are doing this … to get him to renounce his faith and his commitment to educating his children as Christians at home. Tell me this isn’t psychological torture,” Donnelly said.

“What really angers friends of Pastor Rigal, however, is how officials are retaliating against him through the use of punitive restrictions. ‘Ramón is only allowed one visit a month,’ one of them told me. ‘We are simple, hardworking people who just want to bring him a little coffee, food and toilet articles. We have to save up a lot to afford these things that the state denies him.’”

Yet, “Democratic Socialists” think this won’t happen here in the United States. Just a little socialism is all they want. They have no clue that just a little socialism is how it all starts. This will be the future of American Christians should “Democratic Socialists” ever have their way.

Let’s hope Congress acts quickly and can intervene on behalf of Rigal and his family. Never take for granted the freedoms we enjoy here in America.


  1. My wife and I took one of the last cruises to Havana for New Year a few years ago. We arrived on New Year’s day which is a National Holiday in Cuba because that is when Castro took over. This is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics so we intended to go to mass near the Cruise ship dock. There were several Catholic churches within walking distance of our ship. The doors were literally chained shut!! This was the Peoples’ celebration day so there would be NO Catholic Services during the several days for this National Liberation Day. One church was the Parish for the Bishop of Havana and not only was the gate to the church chained and locked like the church doors but there were police officers there turning us away. We would have been arrested if we tried to go to church services which the Bishop was not allowed to hold.

  2. Communists never understand – Christians throughout time have never surrendered their faith, many times tortured and killed by communist governments and by other governments who think of themselves as God.

  3. This country needs liberation, the people of Cuba must rise up and defeat the government. Elect new non communist leaders. Then, Seek a close relationship with the USA for economic support. The churches of America could join together and send missionaries to work along side Cuban pastors and churches to build a strong and vital Church. Jesus Loves Cuba and her people.

  4. I couldn’t agree more regarding the defending of this Christian Pastor. Congress who, in fact, are mainly Democratic should enact a resolution condemning the torturing, however, with the majority of the Democratic Congress against religious freedom we cannot expect this to happen. What a shame!

  5. Are we far away from such antics in the United States? The completely failed public school system (kindergarten through graduate school) turns out dummies who spout nonsense rooted in ideology, not facts, while flouting the many historical lessons from hundreds of years of human experience. We can’t even say ‘Merry Christmas’ without triggering a lawsuit. Any word or thought perceived to be against a protected group (Islamists, LQBTQs, etc.) is considered racist. The mafia (school boards, administrators and teachers’ unions) running the public schools have an inherent antipathy toward charter schools, religious schools and anyone who dares challenge their authority.

    Those who practice the Judeo-Christian faiths are mocked, attacked and placed in danger by the Antifa types who are indeed the real fascists; religious practitioners are even imperiled by elected officials, whose only faith is in government and the raw power that flows from being in a position to subjugate an entire nation.

    Meanwhile, we have every single Democrat candidate for President promoting programs that would bankrupt us as a country and pandering to those dumb enough to think there really is free stuff given out by the government without strings attached, costs to be paid by everyone and not just the “evil rich” or the loss of our liberties. These Dems obviously never studied U.S. History enough to understand the underpinnings of our country and the reasons for its uniqueness and success beyond any other country on Earth, past or present. If these craven, power-hungry opportunists succeed, we will be far worse off than Cuba.

  6. This is sickening. I pray he and his family are left alone by the communist.
    Am sorry yo day that these democrats in the USA will not help, they want the same thing for our country.

  7. Liberalism, socialism and communism are all the same. It is government control and there is no tolerance for other beliefs. It is fanaticism at its worse. Wake up america

  8. My heart goes out to this family. But, depending on the present Congress is useless. The democrats are not Christian and would have all of America communistic. They would cite this family to illustrate what could happen to us if they can take over our Government. I do have a very strong faith and will add this family to my other list.

  9. Our government should pull our citizens out of
    Cuba and cut off all aid to Cuba until they treat their people right!!
    Should not enable them to abuse their citizens!!

  10. I’m not convinced passing a bill will stop this vile regime from beating anyone, especially a Christian. Maduro needs to go, period.
    Isn’t it sad that while people across the globe are trying to achieve what we have, a sovereign Republic and freedom, there are many here that want to trash it for socialism (aka communism)?

    • President Trump reversed Obama’s decision to open Cuba to US tourism. He WILL be tough on Cuba’s human rights violations !!!

  11. Maybe DJT can follow Obozo’s lead and do the wave at a ball game with Raul and all will be well. Right. Obama didn’t do anything to gain ground in Cuba. He should have brought some hip-hop Hollywood folks with him to make the Castros happy.

  12. So, where is the vaunted United Nations in this atrocity?
    Where is it with regard to Venezuela, Argentina, and other countries in desperate need?
    This ineffectual expensive organization has overrun its tenure and should be disbanded.
    I think if they were kicked out of Manhattan’s big building and required to seek another site and funding it would demonstrate just how useless it is.

  13. Tell us again WHY THE AMERIKAN SOVIET SOCIALIST (A S S ) Bernie Sanders was denied a meeting with Fidel Castro?
    It is my understanding the denial came after his honeymoon in the U S S R!

  14. This none of our business it’s a law there. I hasn’t been that long that I was a law here in the USA that you had to send your child to school . Now someone with a third grad education are home schooling their children yet the school district want their teachers to have maters degrees. I think the USA needs to stay out of Cuba’s business.

  15. Vote Democrat and you will see that sort of behavior here. You already see it in many schools and colleges. Castro started with young people. You can elect communists, but once you do you will need a revolution to get them out! My prayers go out to this Pastor, his family and all the Cuban people. They have a bloody road ahead if they want to be free! Lets not let America follow the same path!

    • Cuba was the most educated island in the Caribbean and you see what education did for them. If one can home school, then do it as your children will benefit. If you cannot get involved in what is being taught your little ones or live to regret it. Just take a look at the youth of today. Girls sending pictures of their you know what to prospective boys especially ones with rich parents.

  16. This is horrific and barbaric. Given the anti-God, anti-life socialist and communist leanings of the so called Democrats, I doubt they care.

  17. And that POS soetoro wanted to normalize relations with cuba! Why? Because soetoro himself is a communist! This POS was a member of the chicago communist party, thanks to soetoro’s mentor frank marshall davis! Wake up America!

  18. How is that our Congress has any say over what’s happening in Cuba? Hell that’s the same kind of government the Democrats are trying to implement into our country. Congress needs to protect our own country and people first and foremost.

    • E can’t tell other countries how Toruń their country but those who are voting democrat should take note that this is what’s in store for them. They have already started to ignore the constitution and change it so the only way to stop it is to get rid of them in the house where all these problems are occurring and the senate too. Only then can we assure our freedom to remain just that! Not only for this election but for future. There are those who are believing the crap they are spewing when they have clearly shown the opposite. It’s power they’re after not helping us but the illegals!

  19. Since WWII, America’s last declared war, the USA has fought two major “police actions”, one in Korea 1950-1953 and the other in Viet Nam 1965-1973, against godless Communists attempting to force their heathen ideology on others who didn’t want it imposed on them. American military forces were sent to defend the people of South Korea and South Viet Nam from the Communist aggression of the Northern parts of the countries. We KILLED Communists 24/7/365 as a matter of routine policy, because we had to and because we could and should! These same godless heathens are now running for political office here in the USA (including the Presidency), as “Democrats” or “Democratic Socialists”, and they honestly expect the American patriots to GIVE them at the ballot box what they couldn’t WIN on the battlefield??? What’s wrong with this picture? The ONLY thing Americans should give them is a one-way ticket to the bone yard, non-stop express! Please, God, don’t let this happen to our country!

  20. America must come to the support of this Pastor and his family and other Christians in Cuba. I have done Missonary Work in 48 Countries and this is Socialism. Americans wake up bc this is what the Democrats want in America. Do not vote for any of these Democratic candidates for President.

  21. My heart grieves for this precious Family, whose faith is in Jesus. My prayer is that people who have authority in these things will come forward and insist that Cuba respect the UN Convention Against Torture agreements signed by Cuba in the 1990’s.


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