Impeachment Manager Throws Down Race Card Over Democrats’ Use Of The Word “Fight”… The Reason Why She Said It Doesn’t Count Is Absurd

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats have demonized President Trump for using the word “fight.” However, on Friday, the Democrats got destroyed by Trump’s defense lawyers when they showed a video montage of clips from some of the Democrats in the room using the “fight” word. Hypocrites much?

In true Democrat fashion, and since they don’t have any real answers for Trump’s defense team, they threw down the race card and House impeachment manager, Stacey Plaskett, stated, “It was not lost on me.”

Of course, Plaskett, a delegate from the U.S. Virgin Islands, paused from answering a legal question from senators, to point out that the videos shown by Trump’s attorneys showed Democrats using the word “fight” and that many of them were Black women and people of color. She went on to say, “I thought we were past that. I think maybe we are not.”

The video clips shown featured Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), and Vice President Kamala Harris, making a point that there is a history of incendiary comments made by Democrats that, given the new standard trying to be applied to Trump, should be considered impeachable. Fair game, right?

Plaskett, trying to justify her reasonings, made reference to the Black Lives Matter protests of this past summer implying that the Black people speaking out for justice is not the same as Trump’s inciting a Capitol insurrection.

Hmmm, so I guess the only rational response to this is to throw that race card.

Video: David Schoen defends Trump in Senate impeachment trial

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  1. So now, showing video of “people of color” saying words is racist. Just for a quick FYI, white is a color too. What else will be racist now, showing “people of color” looking at each other? Will “white” people having a dream in color be racist? And do “people of color” realize that when everything is racist, nothing is racist? Oops, can I be impeached for saying that? Because if anybody can be impeached, then everybody can be impeached. Maybe impeachment will be the next big thing. As in “You ain’t nuthin’ ’til you done been impeached muthaf*****”! If our culture keeps improving in leaps and bounds, as it seems to be doing, pretty soon everyone will be so classy they can’t talk to each other. Oh, never mind, no one talks to anyone else as it is. And in case you missed it, Washington D.C. has been turned by the Democraps into Stalag 17. (you have to be old to get that movie reference). I must admit I’m curious about one thing. Are the fences and razor wire there to keep us out, or them in? It will be crowded though, after we put all the illegal aliens inside the wire. I guess it’s just the way Biden likes it.

  2. WHY doesn’t SOMEONE RECALL this CLOWN? . . . The HALLS of COGRESS is NOT where we are to have a “three ring circus”. there is NO excuse for this! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. Excuse me while I go hurl. Democrats need sent back to the playground for more seasoning on what pecking order means. You lost this round so there is no trophy or pat on the back to bolster fragile egos. Doesn’t race card mean you get to watch it from the pit crew area?

    • race card means you get to watch from the garage next to a noose, oopps my bad the fbi investigated it and it was a pull for the garage door, that’s their race card, double standard hypocrisy. equal rights not special rights

  4. Affirmative on the four previous comments. I been around this country for many, many years and it seems that the left has gotten dumber and dumber in that length of time. Myself and others have fought and bled for this great country and we are getting DAMN tired of these crybaby Commie Dumbocrats downgrading this great nation. If they don’t like MY country then they are welcome too leave it and don’t let the door hit them in their posterior. GOOD RIDDENCE!

  5. Is this going to be the way of it for the next four years? With the Dems everything is always about race and identity politics and they’re supposed to be the party of inclusion?

  6. To these Jackasses demo, everything is about race if they do not get their way like a bunh of whimppering babies that need a diaper change and a bottle and put to bed


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