ICE Reports Drop In Illegal Immigration Arrests – Guess Who’s To Blame…

(Tea Party 247) – Democrat’s priorities are completely misguided and anti-American. Thanks to their ridiculous push to make our border ineffective and protect illegal aliens at all costs, no matter how criminal and dangerous they are, ICE has seen a major drop in the number of criminal illegal aliens they were able to apprehend and deport this past year.

ICE is placing the blame for the drop in arrests and deportations on “sanctuary cities” and their blatant refusal to cooperate with the agency and uphold the law. It’s insane to think about how the Democrats hate President Trump so much they would rather put American lives at risk in order to stick it to him, but that’s the grim reality.

The Daily Caller reports:

ICE — the agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tasked with apprehending and removing illegal aliens — arrested roughly 13,000 fewer criminal illegal aliens in fiscal year 2019 than it did the previous year, according to data the agency released Wednesday. The chief of the agencyplaced blame, not only on the current border crisis, but also on jurisdictions that are choosing not to work with federal immigration authorities.

“Unfortunately, some of our law enforcement partners have chosen not to cooperate with us when we have a unique capability to actually prevent crimes,” ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters.

“We know that these individuals — if we take them off the street, if we take them out of communities, if we remove them from the country – those are crimes that are not going to be committed that they would have otherwise committed,” Albence continued.

Cities and other localities that are known as a “sanctuary” adhere to policies, either officially or unofficially, that hinder ICE’s ability to catch illegal aliens. This typically includes a refusal to honor ICE detainers — requests ICE makes to local authorities that ask them to hold onto an individual in their custody for no longer than 48 hours, allowing an ICE agent to arrive and make an apprehension. Sanctuary jurisdictions typically do not honor such detainers, allowing the individual to be released back into the community if they post bail, and these local authorities usually do not notify ICE of their release.

The rise in sanctuary cities is entirely political and a result of the Dems wholesale hate for Donald Trump. This irresponsible behavior has resulted in a serious disadvantage for ICE and their ability to apprehend dangerous illegal aliens and get them off our streets before they commit crimes and hurt Americans.

According to the Daily Caller’s report, this refusal to cooperate on the part of sanctuary cities caused ICE arrests to drop by almost 10% from the previous year.

“There is no doubt that the border crisis, coupled with the unwillingness of some local jurisdictions that choose to put politics over public safety has made it more difficult for ICE to carry out its Congressionally mandated interior enforcement mission,” Albence said in a different press statement.

While sanctuary cities are a major problem for ICE, Albence did also note that resources being redirected to the southern border also contributed to the drop in apprehensions. The resources needed to be diverted, however, thanks to liberals who have made it known to the world that if migrants come here illegally they will be protected, so the number of illegal migrants swarming the southern border became overwhelming for the DHS agency who patrols it.

The redirection of resources, however, did help southern border enforcement with an increase of 68% in “border enforcement actions” over the previous year, as reported by the Daily Caller.

While it’s encouraging to see improvement on the protection of the southern border, once illegals make it in, as long as they make it to a sanctuary city, their likelihood of getting caught and deported drops.

The Dems hate America.


  1. More like niobody wants to immigrate here anymore — we are not the shining beacon of light because we have a racist traitor for President!

  2. No federal funds for non-law-abiding sanctuary cities or states. No drivers licenses for non-citizens who would become US voters.THIS IS OUR COUNTRY.

  3. Democrats want illegals because the census count will include illegal and therefore liberal states will gain more House seats after 2020. Also use your legal votes to steal Americans votes by canceling them out.

  4. Chat up your neighbors Don’t waste time addressing comment-chains; most agree on need to respect American sovereignty and take national security seriously.

  5. All it takes is 1.1 amp to say good bye to ignorant shit bag democrap, you see when a family member or friend of a democrap get’s his neck cut by an illegal alien they will cooperate with his ICE and even start screaming build that wall.

  6. Illegal immigration is an insidious attempt to destroy and disseminate a country’s national identity. Those who hate this country think it is their God given duty to mould this nation’s demography to how they perceive it ought to be. In 2016 they were found out that they were not a majority when it came to thinking this way. Their efforts in failed impeachments did not work either. But they will continue to push their agenda until they have run out of hate and energy.

  7. Lindsay, it would be absolutely wonderful if an elephant would eat you and poop you off of a very high cliff. But that would designate that you have some value as an intestinal cleaner.

  8. Lindsey, I worked the elections for several years because I wondered if there was Voter fraud. I saw and reported many evidences of fraud and I do not think anything was done. All were Democrats and they seemed to be coached. You are very naive to believe illegals cannot vote! More than illegals have voted illegally. I saw people voting for someone who was dead or moved to another state, or claimed to have the same address as someone who had been there for 30 years! The Voting Rooster of names and addresses are posted outside of the voting area. Another way is to harvest booklets and “help” people fill them out by telling them how to vote. Then collecting the ballots to hand in and misplace any conservative ones. Anyone who wants to freely abort (kill) babies who can be inconvenient…will abort you and me. The Liberals are not rational. They will do anything to stay in power, even destroy our Democracy with their lies.
    Well know tactic, any means justifies the “sincere” result. Scary

  9. Loony Lindsay. Why do you hate America so much? Why do you favor illegals over actual citizens? Why do you think lawlesness is okay, as in cities, counties and states not obeying Federal law?

  10. To Loony Linsay. Why do you hate America so much that you would put the well being of ILLEGAL ALIENS above the actual citizens of the same?

    You are one sick puppy.

  11. Lindsay , Orange County Ca. had over 1 and 1/2 million illegal voters last election , where do you think they came from and who do you think they voted for. That’s only 1 county , how many do you think in the whole state and the whole country . The worst part is they don’t get punished for voter fraud , I wonder why ?

  12. The mayor’s, council men and women, police officers, et al should be arrested for aiding and abetting criminal activity per RICO laws. No bail, no fancy lawyers, no liberal judges, put them in prison in Venezuela, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

  13. the mayors of those cities need to be arrested for aiding and abetting an illegal alien. they committed a crime and the other idiot is protecting them!! so throw those 2 peas in the pot and lock them up. shit deport the mayor since he wants to kiss there ass

  14. The democrats want those illegal votes. They have no regard for the laws of the land. The Bible clearly states that we are to obey the laws of the country we live in unless they violate God’s laws. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that we have to let illegals in therefore it is not a violation to keep them out. It all boils down to illegal votes because the democrats know they can’t win the next election without them.

  15. there is only one reason the demoncrats are favoring the illegals. VOTES. you see immigrants and minorities typically vote left so if they can bring more in, register them to vote, even if they aren’t legal, they can tip the balance to 51% left voters and effectively stab the GOP to death. it will be the end of the GOP and we will never have another conservative or a republican in any office from city all the way to federal. look at the maps. see where the majority of the blue population is. big inner cities. they live in squalor while being promised free stuff. no wonder they vote for the demoncrats. this is why illegal and legal immigration needs to stop and stop now. otherwise get used to what is blatantly wrong being labeled as right and if you dare speak against it, you will either disappear or die.

  16. Oddly, I’m a Dem who agrees that sanctuary city policies are ill thought out and counterproductive. I taught adult migrants, immigrants, and refugees English for years and really liked most of them. However, what I witnessed among some of my evening students, a majority laborers from Mexico and Central America, really changed my attitude about immigration policies. I’ve studied/traveled to a number of countries over my life and felt intently that I was a guest, subject to their rules no matter what I thought about it. Some of my students didn’t get it, feeling entitled to be here and do what they pleased. Worse yet, because many had completed only 4th or 5th grade, they hadn’t learned basic rules of conduct in school/business settings (this annoyed better educated classmates). We should help folks who are truly in danger. But because they want to make a better living? Give me a break. And to continue to have more and more kids when they can’t feed those they already have? As a mother I find that the height of irresponsibility. Sanctuary cities are a device that enables irresponsible behavior, in my humble opinion. It’s far better to provide medical care, then send them home and provide counseling about how to return the right way. Several of my students did this voluntarily; they were my heros.

  17. Shifty Schiff should be terminated from his congressional position in our Govt
    He is a liar And he has no legitimate direction of how to properly run such a serious procedure like an impeachment

  18. Only cure for this is: change the majority in the House and add the Majority in
    the Senate to help our President finish the job that he has started.
    Another important change is in State Houses across our Country, definite proof
    are that most GOP controlled Governors and State Houses have better economies
    for their citizens.

  19. We as American citizens have had enough of this controversy regarding Illegal Aliens safety over American Citizens this has to stop.

  20. Whoever is going against the LAW (State or Federal Constitution, etc.) and putting the citizens lives at RISK need to be charged with DERELICTION Of Duty and removed from their job/impeached/arrested ASAP, never to hold office again. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  21. The Shadow Government has been exposed and those who are in control will do ANYTHING to protect what they have built. There is money flowing from China, Ukraine and Russia to these criminals. The Bidens, Clintons, Pelosis, and Feinsteins to name a few, and the Obamas. Must’nt forget the Obamas!

  22. The only thing the democrats care about is “Power”. Democrats have high fences protecting their properties, Security details to protect them 24×7, they could careless about the safety of the American people or the illegals. Illegals are use as tools to stay in power, bargain chips for federal dollars, create havoc in society and keep the republican busy. While democrats steal from the people.

  23. Let the sanctioned cites be responsible for them without any aid from other states. If they come out of that state then they can be arrested and sent back. Do not let them on planes to travel or they’re sent back. If they are fully responsible financially and for all crimes without aid then the legal people will move and they’ll have a state they have to find fundings within their state to keep the illegals on welfare that is only funded by that state. When they cannot support them any longer they will sing a different tune. When the crime rate goes through the roof they’re responsible. If they get out of their state and commit crimes in others then they’re They’re the ones to pay for legal and lawsuits without being funded by the other states citizens who work for a living and their social security. Don’t allow them to collect welfare,health benefits and social security. Don’t allow voting. That is an American privilege that’s in the constitution. The democrats want to uphold it but not for illegals. They should be arrested. Maybe when a crime involving illegals actual affects on of their family member. Their daughter gets raped, murder or dies of overdose due to their illegal products maybe they will rethink it. Sad to say I hope Pelosi,Schiff, Nader and all who are for this that they’re the ones personally affected by it maybe then they can see what us Americans have endure and have to go through. They need a reality check!

  24. This truly is “catch-22” situation as the only way to get these jerks attention is to withhold federal funding. They can always find a game judge to say “foul” you can’t do that because Congress allocates these funds and as I see it, even worse is the police are the agency hampered the most but the CITIZENS are the ones truly injured! Sanctuary Cities and states like Ca have to go !!! Enough is enough!!!

  25. I believe all sanctuary cites should held responsible for all crimes being committed by illegals. There should be a major class action and individual law suits filed against the cities for citizen endangerment. Not only sue the cities but also include the decision makers who knowing violated their oaths when they took office.Hurt them where try hurt people who disagree with them, in the courts and in the pocket books.

  26. Democrats are hurting this country, they cannot win elections honestly, they are bankrupt on ideas to help Americans and all that is left is to give the biggest lie of them all, FREE STUFF, nothing is free! And if the government is giving the costs are extremely high and the chance for corruption is very high! Government today is full of waste and fraud and we see it mostly in the DemocRAT Party! When they come out and say free stuff it is going to cost you an arm and a leg!

  27. This is sad because people won’t know the damage this will have on our country until it’s too late and it’s already happened. The Democrats don’t have the foresight to recognize this. In their hatred of our president, they will aid in destroying our country. They have no love or care for their country. They’re so mad at Trump for beating them that they will do anything to make him pay even if it greatly damages our country.

    • They hate Trump because he is not a politician and he is doing what he promised! That is why they hate him along with progressive republicans, they cannot let him prove that a business man can come into office and do what they never could do!

  28. I don’t get it. All governors, and mayors take an oath to serve and protect. Does it have to be written in black and white or etched in stone to say, ” To serve and protect AMERICAN CITIZENS, TOO!” When an American citizen is raped, beaten and/or murdered in a sanctuary city or state, that should make that city or state responsible for that murder, rape or beating. I thought harboring a fugitive from the law was illegal… There needs to be accountability for those who aid and abet these fugitives from justice just as there is for citizens who aid and abet other fugitives. If there is no accountability for sanctuary cities or states, then why is the governor of Virginia loosing his mind over 2ND Amendment sanctuary counties in his state? The Dems say they HAVE TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION but, they are the ones wanting to dismantle our Constitution so it fits THEIR agenda(s) to take away our given rights. The Dems are talking from both sides of their faces and every orifice they possess. This is proof, to me at least, that they are no longer looking out for America and Americans best interests. Instead, we, Americans born and bred, have become the Dems red headed adopted bastard children. How could it be that these mayors and governors of sanctuary cities and states are not being held accountable? How can sanctuary cities and states even have any kind of legal relevance? If the oath of office means anything anymore, allow the wrath to come down upon those who violate their oath of office that serve and protect the illegals and not the United States citizens. It is supposed to be, “justice for all!”, not “deviate justice for some.”

    • The Democrats do not obey the laws they do not want, they ignore oe change them tu suite there needs! They are bankrupt on ideas to help our citizens so they open the borders give them license and then get them to vote! They do not want voter ID and even the United Nation was flabbergasted when they monitored our elections in 2012 that there was no voter ID required, even them knew corruption would take place! DemocRATS is the party of corruption!

  29. What is the Federal Government waiting for? Eliminating funds , prosecuting those who allow lawlessness and those who employ illegals should have been done long ago! This is insanity and must stop now!

  30. With the exception of military installations, law enforcement, and other first emergency responders, ALL federal funding and other economic assistance should be cut off from ALL “sanctuary cities” AND “sanctuary States.” Funding for ICE operations should be doubled, perhaps trebled, for all the CRAP they’ve had to put up with! That would go a long way in terms of attitude adjustments!

  31. Give Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff the bill for All sanctuary cities! They need to do time in there, and given No shots! I Dream Big!

  32. No Federal Funds for sanctuary cities. Let each city who CHOOSES to be a sanctuary city take care of its own. You mKe your bed, lie in it. Don’t shove it down all tax payers throats.

  33. i do not understand why politicians who protect illegals with sanctuary status are not arrested for adding and abetting felon fugitives. That seems to be VA’s approach to the 2nd amendment sanctuaries in that state.

    • Tim you are so right, if this baby killing clown who wears a kkk outfit and gets away with it because he is a democrap puppet I for one will take my loyal tax paying ass and move it to a state that appreciates decent citizens that pay taxes and causes no problems, there is nothing holding me here and I came to this state because at one time it was a state that was run properly and was a pleasure to live here but before it turns into another Demo sh$thole state like NY, California, or Illinois I will take my money and go to a state that will appreciate my kind instead of the low life hanger ones that refuse to work and want free handouts. And I hope it causes a mass exodus from the state like the ones mentioned above.

  34. No Federal Funds for sanctuary cities. Let each city who CHOOSES to be a sanctuary city take care of its own. You mKe your bed, lie in it. Don’t shove it down all tax payers throughts.

    • Don’t you mean Congress!!! And, the local governments that create these sanctuary cities?! And, the stupid democrats in these local sanctuary cities that keep voting these corrupted politicians into power. You must be a stupid troll, if you believe the President hasn’t tried!!!


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