Hunter Biden Wants No Custody Of Child With Stripper – He Doesn’t Even Want To Pay Child Support!

(Tea Party 247) – The Biden’s are some truly despicable people. They obviously are keenly aware of their status among America’s elite and have zero shame in this regard. They carry on as though they’re above everyone else and can literally just do whatever they want without consequence, and so far they really have.

We have seen this through the revealing of corruption that Joe Biden and his son Hunter partook in while Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States. Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese businesses, that he had no credentials to be working for, are evidence of this, yet they maintain they have never done anything wrong. Meanwhile, they have somehow become millionaires.

Now, Hunter is looking to escape yet more responsibility for his behavior. It’s become public knowledge that Hunter had a child with a former stripper, 28-year-old Lunden Roberts, after he met her at a DC strip club where she was working. Now, Roberts has gone to court to demand child support for her and Hunter’s baby, whom Hunter has never even met. What a stand-up guy.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Ms. Roberts dragged Hunter Biden into a nasty court battle after he has ‘refused to pay child support for over a year’ and refused to pay her $11,000 legal bill.

“Baby Doe” was identified as “NJR” in the new court records and Hunter Biden was named as the “non-custodial parent.”

“The Arkansas Department of Health shall issue a new or substituted birth certificate listing Lunden Alexis Roberts as the mother and Robert Hunter Biden as the father,” Judge Holly Meyer wrote in her order.

Hunter Biden will be able to visit his baby, but Lunden Roberts would have to agree to the visiting terms.

Biden “shall have visitation with the child as agreed between the parties,” Judge Meyer wrote.

Fox reported that Lunden Roberts told the court that Hunter Biden “had no involvement in the child’s life since the child’s birth, never interacted with the child, never parented the child,” and “could not identify the child out of a photo lineup.”

Hunter and his baby mama Lunden Roberts are due back in court on January 29 for a pre-trial hearing.

The judge also added that both parties have until January 16 to comply with all “pending discovery” which is past due because Hunter Biden is trying to hide his Burisma paper trail.

Hunter Biden is a very shady character. It’s hard to believe he actually has a wife with whom he has four children and a fifth on the way. I’m sure she is proud. Although, she’s probably just happy to be financially supported by Hunter and all of the money he has made off of foreign interests that have benefitted him and his dad so much over the years.

Perhaps no one ever taught Hunter how babies were made and that’s why he wasn’t more careful when he decided to have an affair with a stripper. Now, he doesn’t want to own his affair and at least take responsibility for the life that was its result. It really shouldn’t shock anyone that the man who is currently trying to sweep all of his obviously corrupt business dealings is now trying to sweep his own child from an affair under the rug also. What a shame to be the child of Hunter Biden.


  1. If I am not mistaken he divorced the wife and mother of his first children, had an affair with his deceased brotner’s wife, and then married this wife who is pregnant. Are these facts correct?

    • Hunter was married and had four children. Then was having an affair with his dying brother Beau’s wife. After Beau died, Hunter continued the affair with Beau’s widow. Then he divorced his wife. Was still in the relationship with Beau’s wife when he was banging the stripper. He and Beau’s wife broke up just before the news broke about the stripper. He then met some woman and married her within days of meeting her. Shortly after, the news broke about the stripper’s baby. Hunter Biden is a pig.

  2. This comes as no surprise. Liberals love to tell us what we should do but PLEASE do not think for an instant they should have to. Look at their spread the wealth but not theirs, take in the illegals but not near their properties, and the Obamacare for all of us but not them. They are total hypocrites who preach one thing but do another. Why would it surprise us that Hunter Biden has a child he wants nothing to do with nor does he want to support his child, after all there is welfare created by democrats to do just that. I find that most democrats in the light of the media are such low lives it boggles the mind. Why should Hunter not be below a snails slime just like his father.

  3. I cannot believe Biden thinks he is fit to lead this country. But I think if you look into any politicans life you will find lowlife scum. They have dumb shit kids ho they get high paying jobs where they do no work . Look at the Ukraine deals. Too bad we can’t hang them like in china

  4. Apparently the Biden’s are out for one thing only; and, that is their own personal gratification…damn those who get in their way.
    My guess is that the mom is a stripper gold digger, Hunter is the scum at the bottom of the barrel and Joe is a corrupt creep. The only innocent in the picture is probably just the child.

  5. Hunter Biden got the stripper pregnant and now he should take responsibility to father the child and marry the woman who probable seduced Hunter, but too bad, it is okay to look but a big NO-NO to touch and this what Hunter engaged in beyond touching. He cannot escape responsibility

  6. By refusing to have any connection with this woman and the baby through not paying for anything he believes he is absolved from any responsibility.
    There should be DNA testing and I’d nail this guy’s ass if I was in her shoes.

  7. Well the more money they have through corruption or not the cheaper they are. He could not afford to buy a pack of condoms. He should at least carry a pack on him. So when he does stupid things he is prepared. He should at least pay for child support and Miss Roberts legal bills. If it can be proved he is the father by DNA testing

  8. What a stand-up guy!! But what would you expect out of a man who leaves his wife and children, takes up with the brother’s widow, then leaves her for others. I wonder how the ex- sister-in-law feels now. Probably, pretty USED, IMO.

  9. The sons of Kerry, Biden and Pelosi are all gaining monetarily by hanging on to their Democratic parentals’ teats. They don’t have any background or experience, but that’s bes okay. Hunter though is a big turd.

  10. Ignoble and despicable act on the part of Hunter Biden. But this guy is irresponsible from the very beginning going on his drug addicted past.

  11. He stuck it to her…..He stuck it to us. If they don’t make him pay she’s going on the public take and my friend that’s you and me. If that happens he needs a bat lesson for not only stealing money from the Ukraine, China and a whole bunch of other countries, he’s now stealing it from us. I hate getting f—ed without getting kissed….

  12. @Beverly Harris: I’m not here to rant or call you names. Your comment seemed very reasonable to me. In fact, I consider you to be a fellow American, despite our differences of opinion. I’m not all that interested in Hunter Biden’s personal soap opera. Except when his actions affect the government, which affects me. His father used his position to secure a job for Hunter, which isn’t a crime, as far as I know. But that all changed when Joe Biden used a billion taxpayer dollars to bribe the Ukrainian president into firing the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma (company who hired Hunter), for corruption. The president caved and fired the prosecutor. To make matters worse, there’s a video tape of Joe Biden bragging about it to the Council of Foreign Affairs. A blatant spit in the face of the American people, as if to say, this is how it’s done, how it’s always been done, by both parties, so accept it! I guess that’s all we can do, because it’s apparently legal. No one ever seems to be prosecuted for anything. And there’s another can of worms: The law only applies to “we, the people”. That’s why they create them, as ways to control the masses. We’ve all passively agreed to all of it, as if it’s the way it should be! They’ve rendered the first amendment all but void, and now they want to do the same to the second amendment. I don’t own a gun, I’m not all that gung ho about them, but I’ll defend the right of others to own them. Who knows, someone with a gun just might save my life someday. And soon, we’ll have no rights, at all. Our government, the people we supposedly put in power, to act on our behalf, have forgotten their purpose. Instead, they see it as a chance to “enrich” themselves, using our money to broker shady deals with shady foreign countries and corporations, who all seem to know exactly how it’s done. All at the expense of our welfare, quality of life and sometimes our very lives! And now they have us fighting against each other. I’m just a person, just wanting to live my life, and I’m sure you are, as well. Somehow, we got hoodwinked into believing this is the way it’s supposed to be. So, fellow American, why are we fighting again? Peace.

  13. No matter what he wants, he will be ordered by a court to pay child support for this child. The Mother should either contact her local child support agency for help in pursuing child support or get a lawyer to pursue support on the child’s behalf. The child has a right to be supported by both parents.

    • Patricia,
      Your 100% correct, I paid it for 14 years and it was not even my biological child, but mine thorough marriage. Once I change jobs and my employer NYC public school was three months Behind in paying 8,000 new public school employees in 2000/2001. I told my supervisor there was a warrant issued for my arrest in PA. She asked what terrible crime did I commit? I told her you’re church street headquarters did not pay us in three months. She said the school would write a letter for the judge, I told her he does not want a letter he wants me to repay the state tax payers or sit in jail. The NYC school system gave me a loan of the money they owed me to prevent my arrest. Biden’s son has no idea of who he is messing with, they will lock his ass up. If women finding themselves pregnant in a relationship told the authorities who the father was it would reduce births out of wedlock to a fraction.

  14. Hey all strippers USE PROTECTION! If you lie with dogs , you awake with fleas. And possibly babies. Try and make better choices ladies.

  15. Don’t make statements about politically prominent people.

    Why did I think this site would be different just because it is called TeaParty 247 .

    You should consider adding we censor your comments below your TeaParty 247 name

  16. Is this site not allowing statements of truth about prominent politicians?

    Maybe if I just post the legal statut without using a politician’s name..

    Bribery penalties include a term of imprisonment of no more than 10 years, a fine, or a monetary penalty of twice the benefit received from the bribe. D.C. Code Ann. § 22-712. Corrupt influence of a public official penalties include a term of imprisonment of between 6 months and 5 years, and possible fines. D.C. Code Ann. § 22-704.

    The Ethics Board may assess penalties for violations of the Code of Conduct of not more than $5,000 per violation in the form of civil penalties, in addition to other actions like public censure or the ordering of restitution. D.C. Code Ann. § 1-1162.21.

  17. Both Joe Biden’s son and Nancy Pelosi’s son are being paid very high salaries by companies in China and Ukraine. They would not have these job positions if their parents weren’t such prominent highly placed politicians.

    This should be thoroughly investigated.

    Legal Statutes address this for bribery and other charges:

    Bribery penalties include a term of imprisonment of no more than 10 years, a fine, or a monetary penalty of twice the benefit received from the bribe. D.C. Code Ann. § 22-712. Corrupt influence of a public official penalties include a term of imprisonment of between 6 months and 5 years, and possible fines. D.C. Code Ann. § 22-704.

    The Ethics Board may assess penalties for violations of the Code of Conduct of not more than $5,000 per violation in the form of civil penalties, in addition to other actions like public censure or the ordering of restitution. D.C. Code Ann. § 1-1162.21.

    Neither have the credentials or formal school or job experience for the positions they hold. People that have gone to University and studied for these fields will never get paid on the scale that Pelosi and Biden are.

    This is racketeering ire and simple and they should be prosecuted under the RICO laws.

    • Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know?” You all are trashing the Biden’s, the Kerry’s and Chelsea Clinton because their parents are public figures. I’d bet my last dollar that most of you have benefited from your family’s name or someone who knew you or your family. I don’t think there is a law against that. I haven’t seen anything proving that Hunter or his father has committed any crime.

  18. The Biden’s are criminals and so are Nancy Pelosi and her son. Both families have used the parent’s political positions to get high paying jobs for which neither Biden or Pelosi’s son has any expertise in the jobs they are on the payroll for

  19. How despicable is Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, they are truthful scum. With all of the information available about their corrupt and illegal activities and illegally gotten gains, how are they getting away with it? Is everyone afraid to prosecute them? Will they continue to get away with everything? How can Joe Biden be qualified to run for president? It seems like high level politicians and their families are not held accountable for anything. How did we end up like this?

  20. To John Smith: You should really gather your facts from a reliable source before you start spouting off. Anyone can see that you have no knowledge about anything whatsoever. Therefore you need to keep your stupid mouth shut.

  21. There are consequences for actions. It would be GREAT if the woman the useless p o s slept with terminated hunter biteme’s extra curricular sleeping around with a sharp knife in the groin area .He’s probably a pervert like his hair sniffing dad not to mention a crook. The apple never falls far from the tree which beared it.

  22. Why our FBI ignoring all this disclosure of money being showered on hunter biden and nancy palosi`s son by CHINA AND BURISMA ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. For politicians : the more children you have, the easier it is to hide that wealth and favors. THEY don’t scald the children of the pros.

  24. Gee: I remember Neal Bush, the son of George Herbert Walker Bush (former USA President) and brother of George Bush (former USA President). Neal was a vice president of Silverado Savings and loan in Denver, Colorado. He was making multi-million dollar loans on just a handshake. His actions caused the collapse of this bank. Neal avoided prosecution but had to sign an agreement that he would never be involved in banking again! More recently when Neal’s brother George Bush was president of the USA, Neal was being wined and dined by Chinese computer chip manufacturers. He was also being supplied with prostitutes and was being paid large sums of money based on his relationship to the president of the USA! Neal’s wife divorced him, but no other legal action was taken at that time. When asked what made Neal so important to the Chinese computer chip manufacturers, Neal replied: “I get along very well with people”!

    • Just goes to show how non-partisan corruption truly is, I guess. Doesn’t matter what party you’re with, and I suppose it must be hard to say no when “everybody else is doing it”! President Trump’s got A LOT on his plate, for sure.

  25. I am of the old school that precludes childbirth before marriage. But, since this precious child has been born, growing through life with his mother’s last name, in this case, is a blessing.

  26. Once scum bag. Always a sum bag!!!! How about the Demorats? They have made millions while in office. They should now give Ms. Roberts some money…

    • Like your moron Trump isn’t the worst freaking liar and cheat on the planet. Adulterous jerk that abuses women and steals from his own charity. Ran a fake university. Failed to pay contractors.

      You people are the worst on the planet. Your leader is a total moron. Slurs his speech, cannot remember squat and probably abusing drugs.

  27. Who cares what Hunter Biden wants. Make him obey the law and put his ass away in prison when he does not, just like the rest of us.

  28. In this case, it’s not apples, but nuts. The nuts didn’t roll far from the tree.

    Total scumbag and takes right after the parent.

    The most optimistic part is that the nuts won’t have anything to do with the raising of the child.

    It really has its work cut out for it with 2 losers for parents, but at least one won’t be raising the kid.

  29. And now “Honest” John Kerry is calling the President a liar saying Iran was not paid $150 billion. So what was it $149 billion and you delivered on the fast attack boat from Vietnam that you were never on? John Kerry has repeatedly demonstrated his disregard for the truth just like most Democrats. So John who is the liar? YOU!!!

    • Kerry, Obama, CLintons and their deep state and Muslim Brotherhood supporters all belong to GITMO..As long as they are roaming free, they will continue their destruction of US Republic..

  30. Does this moron think that by abandoning his parental rights it absolves him of the duty to support the child??? I guess he thinks he has no responsibilities in this matter and that he was no more than a sperm donor! I hope that he will “voluntarily” take care of his responsibilities that resulted from “his” indiscretions. I hold very little hope though. The judge will have to hammer this jerk!!!

    • AMEN. Like father like son…both crooks who enriched themselves by their corruption…as did Obama and Clintons and their numerous supporters who are still in power in US Congress and as lobbiysts…

  31. Interestingly, this may require Hunter to disclose his earnings from the Ukrainian energy company. Hopefully this info will be available to any Senate committees for investigation.

  32. Hunter Biden baby out of wed lock story can be be told by a few thousand other men out there.They are from all walks of life and financial back grounds. The only reason his story is in the forefront is because of who he is and his over seas business dealings. I agree, if he is the father then he be held responsible, just like any body else.

    • I hope she gets a good amount… He is trash just like his father!!!! He should be castrated so he can’t father another child…. That child has to grow up and finding out the father didn’t want to support her or see her or him . Judge rake him over the coals! Let him learn . Let him know he can’t walk away!! Make it a lump sum since the FBI is looking into money laundering!!!!


  33. Hey, Hunter, you are a pathetic POS! You stuck it to that stripper, so to speak, and now you want to stick it to her again?! How about using some of the millions that you got, while on the board of that crooked energy company in Ukraine, to support your child?! You and your dad, and many of the other Demoncrats like you guys, are the SCUM of the earth!

  34. Dear Tea Potty: You need to clean up YOUR act. Take time out from your barrage of insults and write a well-researched dignified story, not one designed to appeal to the emotional and ill-informed segment of voters.

    • The story is accurate .I am one of those you call ill-informed voters.I became all emotional over your description until I looked at my IRA performance since Mr. Trump became president. Ignorance is bliss!

    • @Beverly Harris: I’m not hear to call names or rant at you, or anyone else. In fact, I consider you to be a fellow American, despite our differences of opinion. I really don’t care about Hunter Biden’s private life, except when it affects our government. His father was using a billion dollars of taxpayer money to bribe the Ukrainian president into firing the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma for corruption, the company that employed Hunter. Ukraine caved and fired the prosecutor. Joe was later caught on video bragging about it in a speech he gave to the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s this kind of blatant corruption that angers me. In essence, Joe Biden is spitting in the face of the American people, because he knows nothing will happen to him. It’s as if this is how government works, so accept it! And apparently, we have no choice because that’s how it’s always been done, by both parties. So, my fellow American, what are we fighting about?

    • What part of the article is not correct other than the fact that his first wife is ex-wife now. He also married his brothers widow for a short time.

    • Hey
      beverly- put yourself in the shoes of Lunden Roberts and see if you feel the same way. By the way, it seems as if it is the Democrats who always rely on emotion and not logic or reason to make their points. Havew a good day.

  35. No! It is not a shame to be the child of Hunter Biden. All the shame is on the father, Hunter. He is the immoral trash that has not been taught responsibility. To bad, the wrong brother died. I wish the angel of death could correct that mistake, but that cannot be. Joe Biden is very guilty that he was never father enough to teach Hunter about taking responsibility. THey have plenty of money to give this young lady. These two Biden men will wind up in hell!

  36. Typical Democrat get someone pregnant & doesn’t take responsibility. I thought they were 4 abortions. He’s got 5 children. Hasn’t he heard i child per person . Over population. Isn’t that what they tell us . Hey hunter how about a vasectomy
    Oh against your religion. So is cheating
    Its called adultry. R you trying 2 be a Kennedy
    You r almost one now

  37. Sleepy Joe is the one that had a quc quad pro! Which will be brought up over and over again and he was also on the plane with his son when they went to China where hunter also came out with 1.5 billion dollars yeah and then also and Ukraine had tremendous money given to him all because of sleepy Joe being a vice president of the United States In all good time things will definitely be resolved and be known as the truth


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