Hungarian Prime Minister Drops A Truth Bomb About What’s Behind The “Sickness Of Europe”

(Tea Party 247) – Much to the chagrin of the global elite, there has been a wave in populist nationalism in Europe as of late, and for good reason too.

Over the last decade, the continent has been subject to the destructive policies of “multiculturalism” pushed on them by the globalist EU as well as their own progressive heads of state.

Just months after the US’ own little cultural revolution in the election of President Donald Trump, the Brexit vote marked the beginning of what would become a continent-wide struggle to reclaim the great nations of Europe.

It is a struggle for sovereignty, for security, and for identity, as these once-great nations are whittled away to skeletons of their past selves and native European populations dwindle.

This is what Hungary’s populist Prime Minister Victor Orbán is calling the “sickness of Europe,” as he urged his government to create more incentives to encourage Hungarians to have children.

Summit News reports:

During a speech at Budapest’s 3rd Demographic Summit, Orbán warned that the biggest problem Europe faced was demographic suicide.

“Why is this the case? It’s most certainly not because of some sickness of Christian civilization – after all, the number of Christians are rising all around the world. This is a sickness of Europe in general,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that the solution was not to import vast numbers of migrants, asserting, “We must never accept population exchange.”

According to Orbán, the remedy should be to ensure that families were financially rewarded for having children, not punished.

“We win only if we can build a system where those who bear children live significantly better than if they hadn’t started a family,” he said.

Orbán emphasized that the west was doomed if the current model of atomization and demographic decline isn’t halted.

“Without families and children, the national community will disappear,” said Orbán, adding, “and if a nation disappears, something irreplaceable will disappear from the world.”

As Summit News has previously reported, Hungary is handing out €30,600 to married couples who have three or more children.

A married couple receives the €30,600 as a loan from the government upon getting married. The loan then has to be repaid until the couple has three children. At this point, the debt is completely forgiven.

One of the left’s biggest myths is that our nation’s overpopulation crisis is due to birth rate explosions, but there is a severe birth rate decline in the Western world.

In reality, people are living longer, meaning fewer young people will be in the workforce and able to support the aging masses.

This is a serious problem, for any Western nation.

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