Huge: Virgin Islands Suing Epstein Estate For Dead Billionare’s Pedophilia And Abuse

(Tea Party 247) – You may recall that the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein owned a very infamous private island in the US Virgin Islands called Little St. James.

It is more commonly known by its local nicknames, however, “Orgy Island” and “Pedophile Island.”

Epstein’s exploits were well-known in the area, and rumors of what went down at his mysterious private island have escaped via word-of-mouth by multiple sources, including locals who were employed there.

Now, the US Virgin Islands is suing the estate of the late billionaire.

UPI reports:

The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands alleged in a lawsuit on Wednesday that the late Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused young girls on islands he owned.

Filed by Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. George, the lawsuit broadens the scope of alleged wrongdoing by Epstein, referring to crimes allegedly committed at his Virgin Islands properties from 2001 to 2018.

Last year, Epstein died while awaiting trial for several counts of child sex trafficking, after years of allegations as much were hurled against him (although you wouldn’t have known from the mainstream media, who seem to have deliberately avoided picking up the scandalous story.)

His lawyers claimed that, after his conviction for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in 2008, he was otherwise law-abiding.

It seems far more likely that his lucrative child sex ring raged on, with the help of his “madame” Ghislaine Maxwell, who remains at large.

UPI explains further of the lawsuit:

Epstein owned two islands, valued at $86 million, one named Little St. James, which he regarded as his private enclave. The lawsuit said girls ranging in age from 12 to 17 were “deceptively lured” and recruited “with money and promises of employment, career opportunities and school assistance” to the estate, where sexual acts of rape and abuse of minors” occurred. They were then forced “to recruit others to perform services and engage in sexual acts, a trafficking pyramid scheme.”

The suit mentions an incident in which “a 15 year old victim was forced into sexual acts with Epstein and others and then attempted to escape by swimming off Little St. James Island. Epstein and others organized a search party that located her and kept her captive by, among other things, confiscating her passport.”

It adds that airport personnel reported seeing Epstein arrive in the company of what appeared to be underage girls as late as 2018, and that in 2018 he refused to allow an investigator from the Virgin Islands’ Department of Justice, routinely monitoring Epstein because of his status as a sex offender, onto the Little St. James property.

Prosecutors in New York have said their investigation continues, despite Epstein’s death. The Virgin Islands lawsuit appears to be the first filed against Epstein in that jurisdiction, although over a dozen women have filed lawsuits against Epstein’s estate.


  1. So everyone who is honest and decent is conservative and repub? All demos and libs make up the populations of prisons, or should be there because they haven’t yet been prosecuted for treason for potentially expressing opposition to Trump’s MAGA agenda? Scary parallel with Germany circa 1933. Maybe a good time for anyone who is not an oligarch plutocrat apologist lick-spittle to stop interfering with those on a mission to increase their personal wealth as rapidly as possible by clear-cutting national forests and extracting natural resources as rapidly as possible without being fettered by environmental or future considerations, and move to Canada or somewhere.
    Lets see of I understand Mark’s assertions: lines 1-5 All demos and libs are undesirables and all undesirables are demo and/or lib. Line 8 Hitler and the Nazis are better than anyone not on the Trump Train. Lines 8-9 The US entered WWII primarily because of what was happening in the Ukraine, not as a response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor? Line 1 Big time non sequitur is valid ? The US has a lowest literacy rate of all nations in the whole world? Kinda ironic to make this assertion since conservatives and repubs seek to limit education in the US through privatization, making it unavailable to kids whose parents lack the economic resources to pay tuition out-of-pocket. If it’s up to Trump, you will have another chance to vote for him in 2024, or even more to his liking, the Presidency will automatically default to him as long as he lives. Ever take any school classes in history, government, and civics? Guess it’s time to screw Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, both Roosevelts, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. Trump for Nobel, and likeness to replace the other 4 on Mt. Rushmore? Every great nation eventually goes into decline, often by internal factors.

  2. Mark Thompson : interesting diatribe but you missed a few vital facts. Russia was originally aligned with Nazi Germany so don’t tout them as some savior in World War II . Yes, FDR was a bit spineless, but once America entered the war we fought ferociously in the European and pacific theater . Many Americans may be fat, but we are not stupid and we are not lazy – I am glad that you are so happy living in Ukraine, and if you are half as magnanimous as you claim to be then maybe you should get over to Crimea and fight a few Russians with all the American weapons that Trump has sent over to you !

  3. While I believe Epstein and his pals should pay everything they have and will ever have to those they abused I don’t believe the Government should get a dime. Had they done more about him and his Island this could have ended long ago. The one thing the Government MUST DO is release all of Epstein’s records without a single name of one who abused these girls marked out. The girls names yes but not those of the Abusers. They should also strip any supposed News outlet of Whatever allows them to operate if they try to omit a single name as they did when they released that of Prince Andrew . That Puppet of the Democraps made sure they only told that Democrap’s former occupation. They deliberately omitted his name and that should NEVER have happened. Name them all and let the chips fall where they may as the old saying goes.

    • First thing I thought as well. Certainly not holding my breath on that one. Lets never, EVER, forget ABC News role in this mess. Three years before it can to light they had CHOSEN to not run the story, thus allowing dozens of underage girls to continue being assaulted by Epstein. Wasn’t their teenage daughters; what’d they care? All cuz they didn’t want to upset the Clintons and Georgie.

    • That’s what struck me too. Maybe these “government officials” should be investigated and charged with something? GD professional politicians!

  4. Odd you should be so vocal since many of the fine, young Ukrainian men and women have come to the US. Mr Thompson, you have diarrhea of the mouth which you can spew in your Ukrainian garden when youare starving.


  6. Heather, I would like to know where you picked up the little “tidbit” about Trump. I do believe Epstein was booted out of Mar-a-Lago by Trump early on prior to Epstein being convicted of his pedophile related charges. However, Bill Clinton traveled in Epstein’s circle for a very long time!! Show me some proof or point in the right direction. Finger pointing without evidence is not very nice!

  7. First, Jeffery Epstein was a bad dude. Second, it was all over “mainstream media” for months.
    CNN and MSNBC spent hours on specials. You don’t mention that Trump attended a few of his parties back in Epstein’s hay days.

  8. The local law enforcement and government knew what was going on. It is their bank accounts that should be looked at and see if any of their names appear as visitors to the islands. The victims should get first crack at the estate.

  9. Mark Thompson, I do understand your rage, but the majority of Americans are victims too of a runaway government. California is the worst; yet conservatives here have for several years for separate states. One movement is the Jefferson State initiative and the other which is more conservative and constitutionalist, are likely to be successful. So there are millions of good people fighting to wrest control from the trash ruining the state and, by extension, the country. But you can’t lump Trump with the trash, he is doing the best he can under the circumstances he inherited.

  10. The victims of trafficking and abuse should get paid first. Let his holdings and the rick and famous be named as well. None of the establishments should get a dime before the victims do, they knew what the hell was going on.

  11. Yet they knew and did nothing!!!! No investigations no informants no responsibility. Now lets see what we can get i think the victims should sue the virgin islands for their culpability they are as responsible as Epstein they turned a blind eye because they wanted his money

  12. Replace”Epstein” with “Clinton” and you see why the mainstream media is not following the story. Instead they are trying to defeat Trump in court because they cannot beat him at the polls. Without the LBGTQ abominations, welfare blacks, and illegal aliens(who still vote), the Epsteins(pedophiles), Obamas(ignorant Communist/Muslim scem), and Clintons(treasonous, murdering criminals) are all that is left.

    America is a sham of a country. 14 million Russians and 7 million Ukrainians saved America’s scared ass in WW2. America lost a pitiful 400k. If not for Ukraine, Russia and America would be under German control. Which is better than who is control now. America did not even enter the war until the Ukrainian majority Red Army defeated Hitler in Russia. America is a hemorrhoid on the ass of the world. Biggest debtor nation in the world. All they do in fund wars. They only fight them if the enemy lives in caves, deserts, and wear sandal. That is why I moved to Ukraine, the greatest country in the world.

    America is nothing but a 3rd World country with bombs. Lowest literacy rate in the world. Stupid, lazy, and fat is the American way.

    • Mark Thompson, America just sent hundreds of millions of dollars over to Ukraine so you could fight the Russians. I suggest you join the army and get over to Crimea and kick those Russians back to Moscow where they belong . Many Americans may be fat, but we are not stupid or lazy. In general I think Americans work harder than almost every European country as well as the people in Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainians and Russians were used to the government controlling every aspect of their lives for 100 years so they don’t know how to adapt to the free enterprise system. So you can live off the government, or join the Ukraine mafia which I guess is a free enterprise system. I have several Ukrainian friends, and none of them sound as ignorant as you – Jesus forgives you and so do I !


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