Huge: General Flynn’s Lawyer Explains Exactly Why Her Client Was Targeted

(Tea Party 247) – It may seem like the General Michael Flynn case was all about Trump.

Just part of a crooked plot to remove him from the presidency because they couldn’t stand that he beat Hillary in 2016.

This is easy to believe, as obviously this was part of it.

But what was it really about?

Flynn knew too much.

Far too much.

Flynn attorney Sidney Powell joined Vicki McKenna’s radio show, where, according to Lifezette, she dropped a massive bombshell.

Powell said of Flynn:

He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

Powell began by explaining that when she took over Flynn’s case, three things troubled her deeply:

One – he was not properly informed of what the government had even disclosed to his defense lawyers prior to the plea.

Secondly, the government didn’t disclose a fraction of what it should have disclosed (i.e. the whole case was made up).

Third, The Gateway Pundit explains, Flynn “was prosecuted and threatened with the prosecution of his son. That’s how they coerced the guilty plea. It was just unconscionable conduct to threaten to indict him and his son the very next day and give them the Manafort treatment if he didn’t enter his plea right then, and I’m convinced it’s because they knew right then the press was going to explode with the Strzok-Page text messages and everything.”

Powell then revealed that Flynn was going to audit the intelligence agencies because he knew about the billions that former CIA Director John Brennan was moving…off the books.

Listen to the full interview here.


  1. It is for this very reason democrats should be kept our of office. What happened to Mike Flynn can happen to anyone who opposes the Left Liberals.

  2. Let’s not forget about the lying, disgusting clapper. Have you noticed lying clapper and lying Brennan are nowhere to be found. They were on cnn everyday talking their BS lies and now crickets. I can only hope that Durham and Barr are going to hold those involved accountable, if not this country has truly been lost

  3. It appears the militia groups that were discredited as unAmerican years ago where actually dead on with their belief that America was under siege from within. Hopefully, they just went quiet, but are still out there! If so, I’m sure they’re having no trouble increasing membership!

  4. This is what Dems do – they strive to destroy Americans and are now focused on destroying America! If Dems win America will become a 3rd world mess. VOTE Trump, Keep Senate and Take Back House!

  5. Obamanation they’re all crooks who need to meet Lady Justice, all in their time one by one will be exposed as the Demons they truly are, and will be dealt with severely
    #MAGA, #effthevirus, semper fi

  6. This all needs to come out so all those responsible will have to pay for what they have done to Flynn, this country and the American people. Am sick of finding out every thing these people have done and not having to pay for their crimes.

  7. I hope to God that the president rehires General Flynn so that he can finish what he was going to do and burn the deep state’s butt real good. I also hope that General Flynn and Sidney Powell both testify for the DOJ and John Duram against the scum that is sure to be indicted….

  8. Congratulations Gen Flynn and his lawyer Sidney Powell. Mr Flynn is a hero, who help us (American) clear out every thing in the pass.

    • WOW! This explains why the trial judge won’t budge even when ordered to by the Court of Appeals. It’s about forcing Flynn into jail to be “silenced.” Also the purpose of the kangaroo court against Roger Stone.

  9. Brennan was running the show with help from Comey and all for Obama and his minions. These perverted SOBs all need to be indicted and either jailed or whatever appropriate for their crimes. There must be a proper sentence for these guys that would bring down a nation for their own gain.

    • Yeah, I guess so BUT he got caught. As the old saying goes; Do what you want but if you get caught you’re on your own….

  10. I wish President Trump would find a place in his Administration for Mr. Flynn-if not this Administration he might want to wait until his next term. Our country could never ever make up for the unlawful treatment that our country imposed on Mr. Flynn and his family. This is certainly not the American way and someone should be held accountable for their actions against Mr. Flynn, It’s frightening to know that we had people in our government that were so corrupt and were willing to do anything for “power”. God Bless America!

  11. LOCK UP these TREASONISTIC Traitors, starting with OBAMA, then all his cronies to serve STIFF SENTENCES in FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. Constitution. There is NO EXCUSE for the way that they treated Gen. Flynn. May he SUE these people into POVERTY. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Obama and all other Satanist minions of the Deep State (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et. al.) have nowhere left to hide! However, none of them would ever voluntarily plead guilty to the appropriate charges in a court of law! The judicial process will just have to plod along until all shadow of a doubt has been disproven as to their collective guilt! Then watch as each guilty party tries to cover his own ass while throwing his Deep State “comrades” under the bus! The trials and proceedings should all make for a rousing good show!

  13. As long as Bush Boy Barr is Attorney General nothing is going to happen to anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal. Involve Sydney Powell and Richard Grenell in the Trump justice system and see how long that both Obama and Hillary are in jail spilling all the beans.
    Right now, Obama is laughing because he knows that his pal Bush Boy Barr would not dare touch him.

  14. Every last Obama administration officials that were behind this, including Obama, need to be thrown in Gitmo!! That also includes Democrats who were aware of this and didn’t say anything!

    • CJ – if all of the ‘conspirators’ – at all levels – were to be sent to GITMO, wouldn’t it potentially capsize – like Guam ‘might’ have (and no I will NOT ‘apologize’ to hankjounson for the cheap shot)? 🙂
      My only concern is that there would likely NOT be any where near enough room for all of them – I’m not sure what the capacity of the facility is.

  15. ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Give some people a powerful position and they think themselves above the law and that they are better then anyone else. IN OTHER WORDS, LIKE RULERS OF OLD, THEY THINK THAT THEY ARE GODS.

  16. These people have got to die at the hands of our Gov’t. to make things right. Odumbo and quite possibly thousands more will have to be executed to let the people even begin to trust our Gov’t. again.

  17. Sidney Powell did a great, thorough job in representing Flynn. It’s a sorry thing when a 33 yr. veteran can be put through what Flynn has gone through. IMO, he had very poor, probably partisan, part of the Obama cabal representation, to begin with. He should demand a refund of the money the first lawyer cost him.


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