Huge: Case In UK Uncovers Explosive New Details Of FBI Abuse In Russia Probe

(Tea Party 247) – It’s all coming out.

And it has been for some time.

But the left has a heck of a lot going on to distract you, doesn’t it?

It’s almost as if all the hype, hysteria, and widespread unrest are deliberately meant to cover up for the fact that the full extent of the Obamagate corruption has been quite crudely shoved out in the open over recent months, but hardly anyone is paying attention.

Not to mention, there is a general election coming up in which the presumed Democratic candidate could easily be destroyed by everything coming out, considering he served in the presidential administration in question.


WND reports:

A British judge’s ruling against former FBI source Christopher Steele, ordering him to pay damages to two Russian businessmen he maligned, produced new incontrovertible evidence that bolsters Justice Department’s probe of the Obama administration’s Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The case disclosed the FBI knew immediately that the dossier it used to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and did not diclose that fact, Just the News reported.

Further, it found officials at the State Department where Hillary Clinton had served as secretary of state helped Steele bring the dossier to the attention of the Obama administration.

U.S. Attorney John Durham has convened a grand jury to consider charges in his criminal investigation.

According to Just the News, British Justice Mark Warby was clear that Steele had disclosed in his own notes that he told his handlers at the FBI “from the get-go that the dossier’s ‘ultimate client were (sic) the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign.'”

According to evidence in the case, Steele knew that the FBI officer that he had met with had cleared his lines with the Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, a close associate of Clinton.

Then, when after Trump’s November 2016 victory, Steele disclosed that he’d given copies of his now-notorious dossier to Strobe Talbot, a longtime friend of the Clintons, in the hopes it would be conveyed to the upper reaches of the State Department.

Steele openly admitted to having leaked information to reporters and also admitted in court that he had done little to verify any information in the dossier.

Warby rebuked Steele for passing along unverified information having found five factually inaccurate and unverified statements in a single part of the dossier.

The Durham investigation is said to target several former top officials, including former CIA Director John Brennan, who has long been believed to be the chief architect of the Obamagate plot.


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  5. This is why the left is distracting everyone with their riots and looting,assaults so we will forget about the treason being committed by Democrats daily! Do not hold your breath for any justice or convictions. Read the 28th Amendment of the Constitution. While we were not paying attention the 28th Amendment was put in to,protect Congress from any and all laws they choose to break. Congress made laws to enforce upon us,but they are exempt. Read it. I have said before and say it again we do not need a new President we need a new Congress! One that represents all people not just the left. I am going check whom I will vote for to represent me. Right now here in Virginia I am not and all Trump supporters living here are not represented. We need more Constitutional Senators and Reps. We have allowed this government to get to big and to,powerful now we have communism on American soil! Thanks is to this government . Democrats do not acknowledge or gumby the Constitution. The only time they mention it is when they are up to no good and want people to think they are true! Not ! Democrats are the party of communism and they do not hide it anymore . GOD help us all if they get in!

  6. Both Barr and Durham have been saying the indictments are coming. They need put up or shut up.They say they are all about the law and not political
    And now they are saying they don’t want to appear like they are meddling in the election. Which is it. This story line has been played for the last couple of years. So which is it or are you just Sessions 2.

  7. Now Steele was found guilty of violating a privacy law and ordered to pay the payment to the people who he invaded their privacy, which has little to nothing to do with anything in this USA, that is until some choose to spin it that way.

  8. The role various parts of the UK played in attempting to bring down the Trump presidency is noteworthy. Steele was MI6. Mifsud was from Malta. Gen Flynn was invited to speak at a Cambridge dinner and then he was falsely accused of an inappropriate relationship with a Russia-born, British citizen scholar. And Australian diplomat played a role also.
    WTF. Why was the UK so involved?

  9. It is heartening to know that there are some and a few infividuals in the current administration that have the fortitude to stand up to and uncover the corruption and crime of the previous administration.

  10. This Democrat Russia Collusion Hoax is how they took control of House in 2018. Since then Democrat House Majority have done nothing good for America! A Vote for Biden is a vote for Pelosi, AOC, Sanders Democrat agenda!!!! So Scary! We need Trump 4 more years, Keep Senate Majority and Take Back House 2020. Don’t let your kids who have been indoctrinated by the Left – tell them America has fought for +200 years for Freedom, Prosperity and Rule of Law. NOT Socialism!

  11. Looks like the “deep state” is hard at work. What do you want to bet that NOTHING is done BEFORE the November election — in hope that Biden will win and the WHOLE AFFAIR WILL SIMPLY GO AWAY? Yes sir, JUSTICE FOR ALL (except if you’re protected by the deep state. President Trump had better PARDON them all because — they’ll get no help from the left !!

  12. Sounds like the NOOSE is tightening around the DEEP STATE. Hope the “DROP” happens SOON! One Happy Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  15. Why are they taking so long to get this ball rolling. This who mess, Obama, Biden,Clinton, the whole rotten bunch need to be behind bars for a LONG, LONG time. Only way this is going to be stopped & never happen again!

  16. I agree bring up all the information on these crooked Democrats now prosecute them and put them away.
    The entire Obama Administration needs to be behind bars. Release the Durham report how and broadcast it on every news channel and every newspaper. The only problem is you will only hear about the truth on Fox News all the other media channels and newspapers are run by democrats And will turn a blind eye And twist the truth. We need four more years of President Trump, Or it will be the end of America as we know it. Democrats are trying to turn this into a socialist country and you can see them doing it in every state run by Democrats. Beware of people and get out there and vote for President Trump.

  17. I wonder what the Hollywood complainers think about this article and think about thier idols Hillary and Obama. Denial of the truth only shows ignorance! This proves anyone convicted because of the made up Russia collusion should be freed like Roger Stone. Although everyone who was behind the attempt to overthrow a president of the United States should go to jail!

  18. So, where’s msm shouldn’t they be reporting on this news? Oh wait, this doesn’t fit their agenda or the dems so they must stay quit and push other distracting information. How about the silent republicans? Time to grow a backbone and speak up!

  19. Obama, Biden and Hillary all need to be prosecuted to the fullest and behind bars where they all belong! Why this hasn’t been done yet is mind blowing!

  20. John Brennan is going down he is going to be charged in this As is McCabe cause he was the go to guy for the Dossier with Steele. Looks and appears that Nuland can also be charged as well as Clinton if they want to really push it that far up the chain. This could damage the DNC for years to come tying here into this mess.

  21. Quit wasting time and start prosecuting these bastards. Remember “nobody is above the law” according to every prominent Democrat involved in this scandal. It’s jail time, baby!

  22. Thanks for the information Julia , now if you wouldn’t mind please stop with the progressive leftist propaganda! This country needs to get back to work!!!!

  23. I am done caring about this. It has been almost 4 years and STILL nothing has been done. NOW, there is talk it must not come out until after the election. Put up or shut up. I doubt anything will actually happen to the leakers, liers and thieves since they are all well connected. Drain part of the deep state and you will see what is left at the bottom and it will include many more career politicians/employees would could damage others “every day til sunday”.

  24. Of course chaos is taking place in the US!! Distract and deflect so Obama/Biden/Clinton can try to fly under the radar!! Disgraceful how low our country has become!! The trash that runs our government. The American people need to wake up to ALL that is going on!!

  25. The malignant political corruption permeating the bogus Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation begins and ends with Obama and Hillary, but unfortunately is not limited to these two Marxist-Alinskyite quislings. Everyone in the Deep State bear just as much responsibility for their involvement in the biggest political scandal ever in American history! Yeah, I’m talking about Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and everyone on the “7th floor” at DOJ, CIA, NSA, FBI, and ODNI! Let’s see, did I leave anyone out? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

  26. All the democraps are liars and shouldn’t be trusted , they all should be in prison along with the crooked participants in the FBI . Jail time people .. get it done now .


  28. Glad this Clintongate is still being investigated. We older Citizens want those who played a part to be exiled from any part of Governing the US,now and forever! This would be a good lesson to those that think they are above our laws and will pay for what they do. As Hillary was behind Bill Clinton when he was POTUS she was totally the big player in all this. Hillary YOU KNEW WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG AND YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR ALL YOU DID!

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