How The US’ Pro-Life Efforts At The United Nations Are Being Undermined

(Tea Party 247) – Despite a bluntly pro-life speech before the United Nations General Assembly in September and a growing number of nations coming forward to support US pro-life diplomacy, pro-life amendments introduced by the US to UN resolutions adopted before Christmas still failed by a large margin.

“The U.S. cannot accept references to sexual and reproductive health or to other language that would promote abortion or suggest a right to abortion,” said the U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Life Site News reports:

The short explanation of the U.S. position came after two U.S. amendments failed to pass during the adoption of a resolution on humanitarian assistance.

The U.S. proposed amendments to resolutions on global health and humanitarian interventions in the plenary of the General Assembly, as well as three other resolutions on girls, children, and youth that were adopted before Christmas. The amendments sought to delete or replace the term “sexual and reproductive health.”

In the plenary session of the General Assembly, the U.S. received support from up to fifteen countries in 2019, a significant increase from only one in 2018. Even so, more than 100 other countries coalesced against U.S. pro-life amendments alongside the Europeans, an increase from some eighty last year.

It is well-known that the buzzword “sexual and reproductive health” is a thinly veiled euphemism for abortion efforts.

US diplomats had proposed amendments against such terms in UN resolutions for the first time during last years’ official General Assembly meetings.

Most resolutions remain unchanged after three years of the decidedly pro-life Trump administration.

The US has yet to deliver a UN joint statement to the General Assembly against abortion, although it delivered two other joint pro-life statements in other contexts.

The increased opposition to the U.S. amendments is a direct result of EU abortion advocacy.

The EU has emerged as a formidable rival to the U.S. when it comes to the pro-life cause. With its twenty-eight EU bloc countries and their supporters, the EU can boast an army of diplomats and ministers in New York and capitals all across Europe. The bloc exerts influence on delegations from developing countries and their capitals. While U.S. pro-life diplomacy is still in its infancy, EU abortion diplomacy is systematic, constant, and backed by financial incentives to developing countries.

Europe, where nations with hundreds upon hundreds of years of rich and ancient history are crumbling in the span of a decade under the weight of their own multiculturalism.


  1. TC: Why have you blocked anyone from replying to you? What does TC stand for? The Cuck? “My wife says…” Good, lord. So, because YOUR wife wears the pants in her family, that gives her and all women the power of life and death over a human child? Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually pro-choice, but ONLY in the first trimester. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the only reasonable compromise I can see. That gives a woman more than enough time to get her irresponsible ass to the clinic. What is the reason behind allowing her to wait up until the ninth month FFS? I can’t count how many times I’ve asked this question and NOT ONCE has a leftist given me an answer. Not even a flimsy one we could debate about. Why is that? Because they have no answer, without sounding like the total barbaric, inhumane, sociopathic, insane, soulless automatons that they have become. They KNOW it’s wrong, deep down inside, but they must agree with everything the Democratic party tells them. Maybe you could ask your wife if she has an answer for me. And ask her, while you’re at it, why does the Democratic party celebrate abortion? We all saw the congress in NY stand up and CHEER when they passed the abortion law. They lit up buildings in pink! For all the girl babies they look forward to killing?? The ending of a life not even lived, to any human being with a soul, is not an event to celebrate. Why is this happening in my United States of America? Run along and ask your wife for me, Cuck. People, wake up. Take a good look at the Democratic party. Soulless.

  2. The UN should be removed from America and set up their immoral tribunal in some third world Country and then rely on funding from only those who support their absurd ideas.

  3. Good. Killing a child is wrong on every level. If you really don’t want to get pregnant, use that supposed superior brain of yours and buy contraceptives.

  4. the united parasite nations need to go.They represent every thing wrong with the New World Order under satan.Nothing any good is ever propigated by this band of socialist dictators who have taken over the democrat party in the USA.This pedifilia induced homocidal tribute to margaret sanger is driven by money lust as a bonus to total world population control to those they deem fit to live.ALL against Gods energy.Still the 20’s and 30’s continue to haunt us.Europe is already dead.Here we go again.Thanking GOD for Pres Trump.2020.

  5. Tc – are u joking ? So getting pregnant gives a women a right in “ killing children”? It is not a women’s body – a baby is a being with different DNA. If I were u ,I would fear your wife (sounds like you do ). when u age And bc a bit of a burden,she will not advocate for your life . you may not be let out to pasture but head directly to the meat market . No women has rights over another being inside her belly or outside . Men need to stop listening to that stupid manipulative argument that some women use.

    • So proud of President Trump standing up to the UN! Alone! That takes unbelievable courage and he gets nothing but hatred and opposition from his own people! The ignorant ones, anyway. The UN has always presented themselves as a humanitarian organization, a goodwill ambassador and arbiter of peace. Boy, did we fall for it! No more…the UN gotsta GO. NOW (by the way, did you see the job opening on the web posted by the UN? It’s for a disarmament, demobilization and reintegration officer. Why would they need that in New York, I wonder? Just asking)

  6. If they can’t afford the expenses that come come with pregnancy than why don’t they use birth control? It’s freely available at many government sources as well as Planned Parenthood. If they are too lazy to exert a little effort or self control than they can deal with the consequences. Both the mother and father should be held responsible, NOT taxpayers!

  7. Do they not know the difference between pro life and pro choose because if they are saying stand with plan parent hood they are pro choose not pro life.

  8. TC – I call complete and utter BS on your statement: “For the first 18 years the women do all the raising, feeding, disciplining and educating and having the child grow inside them, it is their decision after they are 18, and before that theirs and their guardians It is a discussion to be held by families and women only” – I am a dad who raised my kids and it takes two people to get pregnant so until women are self-producing this discussion is not that simple, and you can go ahead shut the hell up you arrogant narcissistic pissant.

  9. It is time we got the hell out of the U.N. They are nothing more than a globalization organization corrupt to the core and paid for by soros with emphasis from Saudi led activities. With the help from obama they have interfered in our domestic activities more than enough and our soverignty. We will not allow the U.N. to interfere in our Constitution and our freedoms and rights and the U.N. has no jurisdiction over anything in this nation. We must stop and close down the U.N. and in financial support, immediately and disban all U.S. actions. We will start our own international nation of free doms and human rights. Any nation that agrees to new membership rules in the new organization are welcome to apply.



    This organization is NOT a friend of the United States. It ONLY wants our money, NOT our qualities, such as they are these days.

  11. Sanction the UN until WE get what we want! . . . No more American $$$ until they YIELD to OUR demands. This ALSO goes for “climate change crisis” which is a hoax and SCAM, a thinly veiled means of GLOBAL Socialism/Communism which the U.S. WON’T tolerate. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. If they want abortions legal then make it so
    Just no taxpayers money 2 pay 4 it.the people against it. Should step up & adopt these kids.after all theres a lot of people that can’t have kids. Maybe we should incorporate each abortion comes with tubes tied or the uterus removed. After all they don’t want the kids now they got their wish

    • Lorey, It is none of the business of any outside concern to dictate what happens to a women’s body and as such no laws can be made in the U.S. covering abortion, by men over women. My wife says when men start having children then they can have a say in abortion to themselves and killing children. Otherwise shut the hell up. For the first 18 years the women do all the raising, feeding, disciplining and educating and having the child grow inside them, it is their decision after they are 18, and before that theirs and their guardians It is a discussion to be held by families and women only, no gov’t allowed to make decision on life.

    • NO federal money has been used to pay for abortions since the Hyde Amendment was enacted. And having an abortion today doesn’t mean that a woman doesn’t want kids at some point in her life. It means that she’s not ready at this point to have a child. As far as adoption, that’s always an option- for women who can afford the financial losses associated with pregnancy (missing work for Dr appointments, time off for birth and recovery) as well as the health risks and permanent changes to her body. No one should be forced to act as an incubator for someone else, though.


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