How Jeffrey Epstein Tried To Chum Up To Elon Musk Will Make Your Skin Crawl

(Tea Party 247) – Since his suspicious death last year, the connections that billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had to the technocratic elite has come under new scrutiny.

Epstein was a well-established technocrat and transhumanist, who had grand plans to populate the human race with tiny Jeffrey Epsteins after mating with well-picked women and preserving his penis after his death.

No word on if he managed to have that done when he “hung himself” in his cell.

While he has already been linked to Bill Gates and members of the MIT and Harvard faculties among others, it is now being reported that he at least attempted to woo Elon Musk into his circle, and the way he did so was very creepy.

He set up an ex-”girlfriend” with Musk’s brother.

According to Business Insider, Epstein introduced the woman to Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, hoping that “it would open doors to Elon Musk and his companies.”

Kimbal, a restauranteur, also serves on the board of Tesla as well as another of his brother’s ventures, SpaceX.

Elon was linked to Epstein in a report last year because he had once attended a dinner in Palo Alto where Epstein was among the many other attendants.

In that same report, he acknowledged that he had once been at Epstein’s notorious Manhattan mansion with his then-wife, Talulah Riley.

Musk told Vanity Fair at the time that Riley “was curious about meeting this strange person for a novel she was writing.”

Well, Epstein’s Manhattan mansion is certainly plenty of fodder for novels, to say the least.

Musk told VF that Epstein was “obviously a creep.”

Business Insider did not name the woman who Epstein set up with Kimbal, but the couple was moderately successful at least, dating in 2011 and 2012.

They cited unnamed sources who said the relationship had seemed genuine (surely anyone would be an improvement on Epstein).

Neither Kimbal or Elon have yet to comment on the Business Insider report.

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  1. It should be quiet a warden, from Cal above. Epstein was probably apolitical. Was too busy pediphiling and recruiting other pedophiles and victims.

  2. How is it that they have records of Epstein being buddy with Clinton and randy Andy and trump said he had a difference of opinion with th perv ten years ago yet the loco dems still wants to connect trump. Every politican gets his picture taken just about every day with lots of people. Was Epstein a dem. Or Republican? Who ever suicided Epstein should be found b cause they obviously have a lot to hide

  3. He was a lovely man to most that he met, Jeffery Epstein. Otherwise, how could he lure all of those girls d so extra. Ok buman

    • He lured KIDS, not ADULTS! Immature children, whom he abused! A pedophile! Look at his associates, too! Nothing “lovely” about that.

  4. J. Epstein was a known pediphile by 2008. But, Musk’s wife was curious about him and his mansion. Perfectly innocent, right?

  5. What a vile and disgusting person. I am sure Elon could sense the sleazy intentions, from a mile away. One doesn’t get to be where Elon Musk is, without having to discern between evil and pure intentions of others.

  6. Epstein was a pedophile. I haven’t caused him of being a Republican because he was disgusting. And if Epstein was a Democrat, why would he party with Trump?

  7. It is quite obvious that Epstein was a Democrat. He had all the earmarks of being a sleaze-ball liberal. Old Jeff palled around or tried to buddy up with all the leading, high-powered Democrats in the country. They seem to migrate to him.


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