How Convenient: Check Out What The FBI Just Shut Down Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Sweeping The Nation

(Tea Party 247) – With the coronavirus outbreak in full swing, politicians and news media folk have not at all been shy about taking full advantage of the situation to push forward their agenda and use the crisis as a means of helping them to cover their tracks when it comes to certain, shall we say, “unethical” forms of behavior.

Like how the FBI decided on Thursday to shut down the Freedom of Information Act operation until the end of March in response to the coronavirus panic. Gee, that’s oh so convenient, isn’t it?

The FBI has already been dragging its feet in releasing Spygate documents that have been requested by notorious — or should we say “infamous” — conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, so this whole crisis is like a dream come true for them.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton said this benefits the Deep State coup plotters.

“FBI Shuts Down FOIA Operation Until At Least March 30 Due To #Coronavirus. Who benefits? Ohr, Strzok, Page, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. Who loses? Americans who want accountable government under law,” Tom Fitton said.

Judicial Watch has filed countless FOIA lawsuits against the FBI requesting communications between FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

“The FBI has been slow rolling the release of Page-Strzok communications and is still hiding all their infamous text messages,” Fitton said last summer after the FBI said it would take over two years to produce the requested documents.

The FBI is only producing 500 pages of documents a month (out of 20,000 pages) on Lisa Page and Peter Strzok which Tom Fitton said is “absolutely absurd.”

You know, it’s almost like the FBI is trying to prevent the documents requested from ever seeing the light of day. Wonder what these documents must contain that make these individuals who are supposed to be employees of the United States, so scared that they jump at any and every opportunity to keep them from being released?

It must not be good. You don’t typically hide good stuff from being seen by the world.

The FBI has soiled their name and reputation — which was already on shaky ground to begin with — by working for the Obama administration in trying to spy on President Trump and help the Democratic Party prevent Trump from becoming president. They were trying to undermine the will of the people and silence the voices of millions of folks who are tired of liberal policies destroying the country and liberty we hold dear.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, their footprints are also deeply stamped into the impeachement hearing against the president too. Not only did they try to sabotage Trump’s campaign, they also tried to sabotage his administration after the fact. And the government wonders why we don’t trust the FBI? Really?

President Trump has had to fight against the Deep State since day one of his time in office, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Shameful.



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  3. if i was the fbi and cia i be worried cos when they go befor jesus christ and god almight and the cant hide it he says were there going and there was a king and queen that bill and hillary clinton is just like them in the bible and i dont want in there shoes on judgement day so think about what u fbi and u cia r doingi pray my soul to keep ill be with jesus

  4. What does the FBI do? In the 70’s they did background investigations on certain to-be-classified federal applicants. I helped with the military part. By the 80’s, no agents requested info. Fast forward to the 21st century. We are obligated to report potential terroristic behavior. Having done so, Agent 9112 tells me, “if we followed up on every tip we got, we’d never get any work done.” WHAT does the FBI do? !!!

  5. Christopher Wray worked in the FBI with Andrew Weismann and janes Comey Then he left and worked at king & Spaulding Sally Q.Yates then was fired she went to King &Spaulding, ChrisWray then left king& .Spaulding abd was Appointed FBI Director . Isn’t it past time to fire him?

  6. Now why have an IG in the departments if we have Judicial Watch an arm of the Republican party. Now with the IG and the AG both appointed by Trump are not trusted and accused of being Obama persons of the deep state, an imaginary organizationm which never existed and still does not. Now Congress makes the laws under which the DOJ and every other Government organization operates under and the IGs of those departments are there to make sure the laws are followed and report to Congress any thing that is not followed.
    Now Judicial Watch is accusing both Trump appointees of being part of the deep state.

    • The President most likely had Wray recommended by someone for that position. That “someone”, as well as Wray, had/have deep roots in the swamp. I many time wrote that the “swamp” has unbelievable roots, all the way down to cities and villages, universities and schools, and on and on. All of this will be unbelievably hard to uproot, if ever.

    • Per the Epoch Times article taking information from FEC records Dem donors outnumber Rep donors almost 10 to 1 in the DOJ. Dem administration’s have stacked the DOJ with friends and people committed to the Dems agenda. No wonder the Dems get by without prosecution even though they are obviously guilty while Republicans are prosecuted with phony evidence.



  8. The FBI and CIA are the unaccountable twin anchors of the Deep State, their reward for a certain high profile political murder and coverup in November 1963. They don’t enforce the laws against treason; they flout them.

  9. I have followed and was a paying member of Judicial Watch from beginning,though now just a spectator .I have changed my views of agency because after all these years and proven evidence they are still subpoenaing paper not people i.e. Obama,Clinton,Page,Sortz,Holder,Rice,Comey,…

    • Judicial Watch doesn’t have subpoena power. It only has the ability to make FOIA requests, just like the rest of us.


  10. Evil in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party and the prostitutes they put in the ranks of the people 17 agencies upper ranks evil, never sleeps for a moment and they always hide behind humanism to mask their demonically evil agenda! Beware America too many things are not adding up all around the country think about it. The communist a.k.a. Democrats don’t care about the people but now all of a sudden they’re concerned about the people in the state run by the governor’s that are communist/Democrats and their affiliates called Mayors!Do not let them to song you this is what part of this is about they’re making their move because they couldn’t get Trump out of the way so they’re making the thrust forward now. Remember the upper ranks of all 17 agencies are corrupt to the core not counting the black room thugs is they still having power!Are all the way from Congress all the way to City Hall!

  11. The President should Shake up the FBI, and the CIA and drain that swamp.There are still good honest people in both of these agencies, but get rid of the scum.

    • The FBI should be purged from the top down. Many of its duties should be moved to the U.S. Marshals Service. The CIA should be shattered, just as JFK intended before it murdered him. At the very least, it should be restricted to its original mission, as envisioned by Harry Truman, and as advocated by him in a Washington Post op-ed exactly one month to the day after JFK’s assassination.

    • President Hoover did exactly that and appointed J Edger Hoover (no relation) and over time the system corrupted him. You almost need to have one group to come in and clean house and then another group come in to reorganize and create a new culture.

  12. That figures,,,,,I feel for the agents who had no part in this huge coverup,,,,,Hillary’s money,,,with Obummers help has really given a black eye to the FBI,,,,,at least to the top dogs who have managed to make the entire department look rogue,,,,justice must be done or this organization will never agIn have the trust of the citizens of this country,,,,,

  13. Thank God for watchdogs such as ‘Judicial Watch’. Actual agencies do nothing to make sure Justice is served. It take a private group to demand the truth and evidence of the truth, keeping all the liars in D.C. in check.

    • Yes. Why is it that Tom Fitton’s organization accomplishes more than the entire Justice Department? A: Because after Bobby Kennedy left it, the DOJ mission changed from fighting crime to abetting it.

  14. I think after TRUMP wins for 2020, he should FIRE all the ‘FBI TOP DEEP STATE ‘Obama holdovers once and for all!!
    They have dragging their Feet on Giving Judicial Watch the Information under the ‘FREDOM OF INFORMATION ACT’ !!
    Always something comes up in their favor for them to DELAY and Accuse after Accuse to NOT COMPLY with the LAW !!
    Infuriating and TOTAL CORRUPT ACTS !!Trump need to get back the FBI’S Credibility and FIRE the top FBI ECHELON!!!

    • God willing, in October 2021, a re-elected, more-popular-than-ever Pres. Trump is scheduled to review the last remaining JFK assassination records under seal at the National Archives. Let us urge him to release them without redaction. Let us be reminded as to what evidence of possible conspiracy has already been omitted, altered or destroyed and draw the most logical inferences. Let us march on McLean, VA with torches and pitchforks. Let us be a tide of indignation that encourages the president to mobilize the resources necessary to defeat the Deep State and restore constitutional government.

    • I never did think the. F. B. I. Rey would be any good.
      Can’t see much he has done to make. F. B. I. Better & fair. It’s disgraceful what. Trump. &. Adm has gone thru & still is with. Deep. State,

      Throw them out. Have justice in. America.

      God. Bless. America

  15. During the Clinton years a White House employee was caught hiding National Archieve documents in his pants and/or underwear and trying to walk out with them. Just sayin’

    • It was during George W. Bush’s presidency. On his fourth visit to the National Archives to review records related to 9/11, , former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was caught with classified documents down his pants. His modus operandi was reportedly to claim he was making a private phone call in order to be alone with the documents. He’d secret some on his body then go for a bathroom break to arrange them better. Once he got them outside, he hid them at a nearby construction site, where he could retrieve and destroy them later. The Justice Department simply accepted his protestations of innocent and accidental removal of the documents! This allowed Berger to enter a plea to the misdemeanor charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, incurring no prison time or loss of his bar license.

  16. The FBI should have never been formed. If the FBI did not have so much on Congress they would have been long gone.

  17. I am beginning to agree with you. It seems that christopher wray is as bad as jim comey. Something has got to give. the fbi cannot keep hiding documents that are needed to continue the investigation, Of course christopher wray may just want to stop the investigation. Pres Trump should ask christopher wray why he is not releasing documents that are needed. Wray is not the president or a dictator

  18. And they wonder why no one trust the FBI, DOJ or CIA. Using
    the virus, documents have probably been destroyed by someone.


  20. Could someone tell me why President Trump has not fired this jerk Christifer Wray. Doesn’t the President know that his is as bad as James Comey the Traiter.


    • I agree. I still wonder why Trump did not fire Comey immediately after elected. Start cutting the Swamp by mutiples. This restraint is not unexpected. Shumer and the other drones are probably bargaining under the covers to oush Trump to give them more blanketing and free shit. I expect no actions to be taken against the Spygate crooks. It is sad.

    • Agree. He is all front and no back as has been said and needs to be replaced by a real cop, not another politician.


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