HONG KONG: Violence Increases As Freedom Fighters Refuse to Give Up

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, an independent journalist in Hong Kong captured the shocking moment a police officer shot a protester at point-blank range as the young man came to the aid of another activist who had been apprehended on a Facebook live video.

Violence has continued to escalate recently after six months of clashes between police and determined freedom fighters who refuse to bend to the will of mainland Communist Chinese control.

In another shocking incident, a man who was seen arguing with protesters was doused with an accelerant and set on fire. Some reports say he was saying “we are all Chinese” while others say he was saying “you are not Chinese.”

The video was circulated widely on social media and police and Chinese state-run media were quick to blame the incident on the “rioters,” a term which the Independent UK notes is “a loaded term used broadly across Chinese state media to describe pro-democracy protesters.”

The man has been hospitalized and is critical condition.

Another video circulating on Twitter showed a young man after being shot.

According to the Daily Mail, the young man is in critical condition and was undergoing surgery, although police said there was no immediate threat to his life, CNN reports.

The shooting was met with outrage from the protesters, with reported calls for an “indefinite strike” in response.

Rules of engagement from the authorities have apparently been loosened to allow for the free use of firearms with live ammunition against the civilian activists, Biz Pac Review notes.

It appears that Hong Kong police are aggressively going after protesters. Watch as a motorcycle cop tries to run them over:

The situation in Hong Kong seems ready to escalate sharply at any moment as protesters dig their heels in and Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam referring to them as  “the people’s enemy.”

“The violence prompted further anger today but Hong Kong’s embattled leader Carrie Lam said the violence had gone far beyond calls for democracy and said the protesters were now the people’s enemy,” the Mail reported.

“I do not want to go into details, but I just want to make it very clear that we will spare no effort in finding ways and means that could end the violence in Hong Kong as soon as possible,” Lam told reporters.


  1. Imagine,
    with the approval of Carrie Lam:

    HK Police fire multiple shots into unarmed protestors

    HK Police use their motorized bikes to try to run over protestors

    Recently there were several million people in the streets at the same time protesting.

    These protestors are the people. But Carrie Lam says the protestors are the enemy of the people.

    So by Carrie Lam’s logic:
    the people are the enemy of the people.

    How can she say something so stupid?

    Oh wait. She’s a communist leftist. Just like the dingbat communists in America –
    like AOC – who specialize in making equally as stupid statements.

  2. The original reason for the protest was won toward the begining of the protest. That is the extradition criminals from Hong Kong to mainland china.The Chinese government had conceded on that issue.Then the protest went beyond that.I’m not quite sure what the real end game is.The Chinese are not going to back down and Hong Kong is not going to become an independent country. The violence has gotten out of hand people are being killed and injured. If someone speaks out, he is attacked like the one who had accelerent thrown him and was almost burned to death.Unless cooler heads need to prevail, have a cease protest,and representative from both groups sit down and hopefully work out an agreement. The protesters need to go into the meeting with pacific goals in mind and check their anger at the door. They need to negociate with the Idea of keeping most of the freedoms that Hong Kongers have grown accostume to. Realizing they are going to lose a little ground and the negociation are going to take a lot of time. So they need to keep from getting to impatient. At this moment I think this is the only chance they have or the violence is going to escalate and the chinese are going to apply more deadly force.

  3. Where is the fools in the UK who gave HK back to a ruthless totalitarian regime? Why have the Brits washed their hands on HK?

    The 1997 agreement the UK & the Chi-coms signed once again proves that the Chi-com’s are liars, renegaders, & bent on total domination of the far east.

    Japan & Taiwan beware!

  4. In a certain subset of the population, vaccines cause great harm and death. The forced vaccines are already part of the agenda to weed out weak DNA. With GMO’s being pushed into almost all foods causing great harm again we see epigenetic disfunction of DNA caused by casual contact and science shows this will lead to individuals ability to replicate only lasts 3 generations in mice. I’m pretty sure the minds behind this are all eating organic and have a Naturopath close at hand. Keep your eye’s open so you don’t stumble…

  5. Once somebody had seen the light, nobody can force him/her back in the darkness!
    That applies to everything, and everyone!
    Hong Kong had its riots under English rule, but its people knew what freedom was. Communist dictator Xi cannot erase that by dictat!
    Democrats in US – beware!

    • Democrats in us are nothing but baby killing, homosexuals.They will never control this country as long as they promote moraless, humorless agenda

  6. I want all you young college useful idiots to pay attention what’s going on here! This will be you are your children if you let the communist a.k.a. Democrat party continue to feature the lies and deceit to take this country down.

    • Almost all the young americans r dumbos ,idiots .We should bring in military service for 2 years for all above the 18 years of age including women


    • Are you stupid or from other Planet?!! UN IS the wanna be Global Government, aka since Club of Rome, or better since Bush senior said it loud on camera “New World Order”!
      They create the problems first, then they come with THE solution! Which always chip some YOUR liberty and always line their pockets!

  8. Is Carrie Lam really saying that these people’s own government will kill every protester if that’s what it takes to end their resistance? Wow – thank God and our forefathers for the Second Amendment!

    • For how long? I mean Second Amendment, or 2A?…Even Trump seems to bail out on it!…
      In today PC, everybody seems to forget this country was built by men carrying a gun. Now looks like men wearing dresses and peeing on women restrooms are winning!

  9. It’s time for the news of this to be widely disseminated all over the mainland to begin the overthrow of an authoritarian regime that doesn’t respect the human rights of its people.

  10. Totalitarians cannot tolerate anyone who doesn’t tow the line…they always resort to vicious and unrelenting violence to close down dissent…anve d that is what the left wants for America–total government control over every one and every aspect of everyone’s life! No thank you and I am praying for the people of Hong Kong standing up to tyranny!

  11. History Lesson: In a recent Nationwide televised interview, the National Chairman of the DNC Tom Perez stated quote: “The New Face, The Future of the Democratic Party is Socialism.” end quote. I ask their supporters to remember Nazis were Socialists and when they ran out of money turned to Totalitarian Fascism in which 6 million disarmed Jews and 9 million disarmed Polish people were executed.

    In our own Country after the Civil War, a Second Civil War ensued as freed slaves sought to embrace their citizenship and formed freedmen militias to protect black communities and maintain political footing. The Democrats of the Jim Crow South, however, were equally intent on keeping firearms out of the hands of black Americans. In order to accomplish this task they needed to organize hence the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded by southern Democrats in 1866 as a “social club,” and the Knights of the White Camelia and the White Brotherhood quickly followed.

    These Democrat White supremacist groups swept the South, their foremost demand that freedmen surrender their firearms. In 1873 in Louisiana, when armed White Democrats overpowered ex-slaves aka: “Freedmen Militia” at the Grant County Courthouse in what came to be known as the Colfax Massacre. Three whites died, but estimates indicate as many as 150 freedmen were killed – possibly more – most in the hours AFTER they’d surrendered.

    I digress back to my opening to DNC National ChairmanTom Perez’s quote: “The New Face, The Future of the Democratic Party is Socialism.” end quote, and ask all to remember Valdimir Lenin in a famous speech stated quote: “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

    So with these facts in mind I’ll close with a quote from Mao Tse Tung: “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the Party.” – This is why we must not let the Democrats, who’ve embraced Socialism as their future to dis-arm us and why my friends our Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment!

    • Hope everybody listen to you!
      Anyway, I have to complete you! You’re right, Socialism leads to Communism, and to Dictatorship. Once a psychopath hungry for power gets to the top, genocide is inevitable. I suppose everybody knows how many people Hitler killed in concentration camps, but do you know how many Stalin killed of his own AFTER WWII ended? Or Mao in “cultural revolution”?… Pol Pot?…
      The idea of unchecked power always goes from Democracy through Socialism, through Communism in so called civilized countries. Or by military coup in Central Africa, South America, and South East Asia.
      Here in US, Fabian Society, is hard working on dumbing American youth since ,well… 1920′! Quigley in ” Tragedy & Hope”, trying to defend globalists, kindly admitted the brain wash is in full use in public education since 1923!

  12. The Chinese Govt. should simply turn off all phone, and electrical service from 6pm to 6am weekdays and all weekend long until the violence stops. If the violence continues shut it all down untill the protesters get really hungry and become civil.


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