Hong Kong Government Planning Serious Blow To Freedom To Stop Protests…You Won’t Believe This

(Tea Party 247) – The Hong Kong government has been responding to pro-freedom protests that have dominated their island for months with further crackdowns on freedom.

The protests began in protest of an extradition bill which would send Hong Kong criminals to the Chinese mainland for trial, something which flew in the face of the unique rights and values that Hong Kongers enjoy after the end of British rule.

Last week, we reported that the government imposed a mask ban to prevent protesters from being able to hide their faces from law enforcement and facial recognition cameras.

Now, the Hong Kong government is considering banning the internet to stop the protests.

Let that sink in: the government that these activists demand recognize more of their rights are responding with an unprecedented violation of their rights.

“Currently, the government is considering all possible legal options to halt the violence, which couldn’t rule out an ‘internet ban’ in the future,” Ip Kwok-him, a member of the Executive Council of the local government, said over the weekend, according to Summit News.

Such an internet ban would be hugely controversial, considering Chinese authorities routinely block the internet in regions of their territory where they anticipate unrest.

For the Hong Kong government to restrict the internet would give the impression that Beijing is directly interfering with the protests, which is exactly what the protesters are fighting against.

This can’t end well.

Meanwhile, a protester in Hong Kong explained how the demonstrations have moved way beyond the issue of an extradition bill and are now about the existential survival of freedom in the region.


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