Historian Slams Greta Thunberg for Ignoring These HUGE Climate Criminals

(TP247) – Historian Niall Ferguson is slamming pint-sized climate hysteria pusher Greta Thunberg and her climate hypocrisy at Davos, Sweden, quite astutely noting, “I don’t see her in Beijing or Delhi.”

Thunberg gave another speech to the global elite this week at the World Economic Foreign (which, for some reason, she is attending), where she declared, “Our house is still on fire. Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour. We are still telling you to panic, and to act as if you loved your children above all else.”

“We don’t want these things done in 2050, 2030, or even 2021,” Thunberg said. “We want this done now.”

Teenagers are so dramatic.

Ferguson, the Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, questioned why this message is not directed at the biggest polluters on the planet.

“60% of CO2 emissions since Greta Thunberg was born is attributable to China… but nobody talks about that. They talk as if its somehow Europeans and Americans who are going to fix this problem… which is frustrating because it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter,” he explained.

“If you’re serious about slowing CO2 emissions and temperatures rising it has to be China and India you constrain,” he added, noting that while Greta lectures world leaders in New York and Davos, “I don’t see her in Beijing or Delhi.”

Summit News notes that Ferguson is completely correct. Take, for instance, the UK:

“Britain’s CO2 emissions peaked in 1973 and are now at their lowest level since Victorian times,” reports the Spectator. “Air pollution has plummeted since then, with sulphur dioxide levels down 95 per cent. Britain’s population is rising but our energy consumption peaked in 2001 and has since fallen by 19 per cent.”

This WHO global pollution map renders Ferguson’s point particularly valid:

Even if you believe wholeheartedly in the decidedly shaky science behind man-made global warming, the west is more than doing its part. But we’re the ones being lectured to not travel, not eat meat and not have children despite already being in massive demographic decline.

Meanwhile, Africa, India and China continue to wantonly pollute and none of Greta Thunberg’s fury or the attention of the media is ever directed their way.

On top of this, Greta continues to have her message amplified by the likes of Prince ‘4 private jet trips in 11 days’ Harry and Arnold ‘garage full of tanks and muscle cars’ Schwarzenegger.


  1. I would think — y’all — that that’s what Greta expects us to do — contain China!! But you illiterate deniers don’t seem to want to do that either! And pay more attention in science class!!

  2. Church of Sweden declaring autistic Greta Thunberg the new Jesus Messiah … and world organizations are actually entertaining the tripe spewed from this stupid twit… no wonder Ethnic Swedes are in decline. Satan is truly having a party with the gullibles of the world. I never thought I’d live to see such idiocy on such a massive scale.

  3. Seriously, I find it humorous that these individuals respond with zero facts, just personal beliefs. It really saddens me. I am not a liberal, I just card about our earth, my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren. If you actually read the bible, we are supposed to be stewards of the earth, not the abusers of the earth. The concept that we should not do anything because other countries presumably do worse than the USA, IS QUITE MORONIC. Our contribution to saving the planet is a step in the right direction. We are the leaders of the free world. We should lead. We wouldn’t to wait to others to do it first. That makes us a follower, not a leader. If you wish to minimize the importance, the pride, the followers because we could support being in the right, keep on presenting your inane comments. I thank God that there are many people in the world which care for the world and care for God’s teaching. I truly hope that you read the Bible and follow it’s teaching, instead of worshipping money, profit, and self indulgence.

    • Bible proverbs 26 4

      Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
      or you yourself will be just like him.

      Contemporary English Version
      Don’t make a fool of yourself by answering a fool

  4. No one in the climate change gang is interested in slowing pollution. They are interested in Taxing The western world, i.e. “Pollution Credits” paid for, by countries who consume the Products produced in the countries they do not hold up to public scrutiny. Once again the USA, and Some European countries are the ATM’s of the world. It can be wagered that there will be more mishandling of Pollution control funds as is evident in every day’s news. There will be NO less pollution.

  5. My great grandfather was born in 1868 lived till 1955 my grandfather lived from 1880 to 1975 my dad lived from 1917 to 1996 I was born in 1946 we have all talked about how the weather has changed it has never been the same I have news paper’s that talked about how hot the weather. Was in the early 1900 winters and how cold it was in the 1800 winters We all talk about how hot and dry the summers were and how cool and wet some were and we have all seen real bad floods the weather has always changed I have never seen two years the same

  6. I took the liberty of taking a screenshot, and sending it to her Twitter page. I asked her why does she not talk to China, India, and the continent of Africa about their pollution

  7. Norman H..You are as deceived as the malcontents at Time magazine. You want little Greta to run for President??? Perhaps a primer on the Constitution would be well-advised. If you can’t read (a likely proposition) listen to it on Kindle….Good luck in your studies.

  8. I don’t know if john smith is a troll,. or just trying to be an idiot, but the comment you made about GOD dose not exist,you better read Matthew 10: 32-33.Because come judgement day you will be in deep s**t.

  9. Yes why not go to China and India and lecture them and take Al Gore with you. They will laugh at you and maybe chop your stupid and pompous heads off.

  10. None of these hysterical end of the world pushers ever mention China or India. They know darn well they would get booted right out of those places (or worse) so they come here to peddle their snake oil.

  11. I’ve noticed that John Smith is a highly intelligent, extremely informative individual who tends to provide great insight & scientific knowledge to any conversation he engages in. Anyone else notice that?
    I thought not!

    • Since you are such a smart person show me one thing about this bullshit global warming this was a lie made up my little Al Gore to become rich and he has done it off of your stupidity o my image that lol all the oceans and the ice on both north and south pole was to be gone 8 years ago lol oops it is still there o my my what happen

    • Cheesy, just in case you are not aware climate change has been happening for the past 4.5 billion years and man has had nothing to do with it! There have been as I remember 5 mass extinction events, and man had nothing to do with them! The sun goes through cycles that cause some of these events, and man has nothing to do with it! I believe we should be responsible stewards of the planet, but running around like Chicken Little screaming ” the sky is falling and it’s your fault” does nothing but irritate people! HAVE ANICE DAY!!!

  12. History slams all climate control alarmist. There has been climate change since the beginning of time. After all what happened at the end of the first Ice Age that caused all the ice to melt back. Since then this planet has when through many mini ice ages and global warming. Example; it was during a mini ice age that the plague ran amok through out the world. What followed it was global warming, a period we know as the Resonance.When you incorporate all the sciences you can start to understand why the climate change and its real causes. It goes from volcanic activity, earth changing its tilt,tectonic plate movement, the moons influence on the earth as it slowly moves farther away, the magnetic field as it moves ( not long ago at its rate of movement,magnetic North pole was going to be in Siberia) and the temperature of the sun. All these things have an affect on this earth and we really don’t fully understand it.The one thing we are sure of is there will always be climate change whether man is here or not.

    • But if the powers that be accepted this they would have to invent another reason to tax us to the limit.
      Climate change is all about power and money,control the masses and you control the world

  13. The little attention seeker should be ignored! Her parents put the words in her mouth and put her up to this nonsense, just to make a buck!

  14. How many people actually profit off this climate change agenda? Who’s paying for Greta and her entourage to travel around N. America and Europe lecturing us minions? It’s interesting because that’s where most of the money is to be made, not India or China. The two countries together contain nearly half the world’s population and China is the top CO2 emitter. But no Gretas or Al Gores and the like preaching there. If climate change is supposed to be a global effort it sure as hell doesn’t seem that way. But I’m sure Al Gore profited quite nicely off his ‘Convenient Lies’ series.

  15. This little Climate Mouthpiece should be sent back to school, where they teach the real science of Climatology. I wonder if little Misguided Greta even knows, how old are planet is and how many times everything on its surface has been wiped out by natural disasters, NOT caused by humans. Back to school dumkopf!

  16. I understand that she is the poster child for climate change, but she is still a child.
    Let’s not direct our challenge to her-the minor messenger-but address her father, who is actually behind it.

    • It just occurred to me that her dad may be embarrassed of her because of her Asperger’s, so he is trying to create something ‘special’ so that he can have pride in her ….or it’s for the money!

  17. I DIS-agree with those who try to condemn Greta!

    This, young woman is forcing a conversation, on a problem, which too many people hope will “just goaway, if we just ignore it”.

    Greta is forcing the world to say “The crisis is real, and we MUST ACT!.

    This is why Republicans are opposed to this young woman.

    For example: While Republicans are saying “The economy will just TAKE TIME to “repair itself”. Eventually, SOMEDAY, it might possibly, return to normal.

    Greta’s powerful response would be: People are starving, eating trash, living in boxes, and un-employed, NOW! We must begin re-building the economy NOW! Not a century from now!

    This is why this young woman is so much under attack.

    She is calling for action NOW!

    This is why I wish she were old enough to run for the White House.

    She would keep Democrats “on their toes”, and ALERT, while sweeping away many Republicans, who would say “Just leave things alone. Eventually, change might, possibly, come.”

    This is why she remains under increasing attack.

    She is telling the world “The time to act, is NOW! Not a century from now.”

    • Crawl back under your rock moron. you and Greta are full of sh*t and are morons screaming the sky is falling!!!🤪🤪🤪

    • Norman Hiinderliter, I don’t know where you hale from but, you need to do some research on who can be President of the USA! This little twite can not!

    • She doesn’t “tell” us anything, she’s 17.
      And since everything she states is emotion-based it really doesn’t matter.

    • You are one ignorant quack ass,listening to a CHILD that can’t even drive or vote. Your ignorance shows you immature whack job who probably VOTED for OBAMA twice.

  18. People like her with Asburgers have a tendency to be single mindedly focused. Her parents evidently channeled her into climate change so they would not be the focus of her intensity. I had a student who was only focused on crosstitching.


  20. John Smith. People who use foul language and disparaging condescension do nothing to define a credible position. I’m tired of reading comments of nothing but cussing and pejoratives. Say something worthwhile with a degree of intelligence.

    • And also Smith, you clearly don’t have a clue about anything….but what kind of a tramp is/was your mother that she didn’t teach you how to be civilized?

  21. Trees, and plants all thrive on CO2. I guess the niggeRAT party was absent from school that day. As for the retard, her daddy is the real mouth piece. Gretta doesn’t have the mental capacity to put together a coherent sentence.

  22. So sad, what is wrong with Americans, Hillary should be ashamed of herself. Can’t imagine what her parents were like. Americans need to wake up and see how evil these people are . They are getting away with MURDER!!!

  23. As usual the United States has to be the one to fix the problems of the world Poor little Greta your daddy has filled your head with lots of convoluted theory and looking at the thermal maps surely indicates the US and Europe is doing more than its fair share

  24. This nasty brat should come to Labador and help shovel some of the global warming. Those dam Clovis people (11,000 years ago) and their camp fires, causing glacier over US to recede. No

    • Lying turd – you are a brainless ignorant right wing jerk with no clue as to what is happening on the planet. Dumb as a rock just like your stupid president.

  25. These young morons are the product of taking god out of our schools and replacing the bible with communistic propaganda they all should be given a one way ticket to the country’s that are the real polluters let them live in a tent with a back pack for a year and have most of their wage go to taxes and see how they like it. O and by the way dont give them any masks !

  26. Perhaps she has been kidnapped, perhaps drugged, and programmed? She is too young to have any has clue what she is doing, much less the science of the earth and what causes climate, the earth/s precession in rotation and minor orbital variations in distance from the sun (very stable for at least 10 million years!). PRESIDENT TRUMP did more than anyone in this crazy hyperbolic cult of climate change activists when he favored and authorized the USA to help plant a TRILLION TREES! Trees ABSORB CO2 and turn it into PURE OXYGEN! Plant more trees and stop destroying them … healthy for many reasons…. And rescue this kid from her drugged or coerced state! Seriously!

  27. Everyone keeps thumping on this kid. She knows NOTHING about which she speaks. She says nothing without her “handlers” approval! She is spoon fed every info bit that she regurgitates on every stage she mounts. Her parents should be prosecuted for child abuse!!!

    Trying to tell her or show her anything about the actual problem or perpetrators is useless. She doesn’t listen or hear anything coming from any source that she isn’t programmed to let alone actually grasp the fact that she has so much bad information. Eventhough she seems so aggressive and strong she is very fragile. The leftist climate idiots are just using her. Her parents are idiots too!!! They seem perfectly willing to sacrifice their child for this movement!!! HOW SAD!!!

    • Lying turd – you are the dimwits that don’t have a clue. You fuc*ed the planet for decades with CO2 emissions because of your pure greed and destruction of finite fossil fuels.

  28. That child should be in school! There is plenty of time later in her life to pursue causes. She is being exploited by adults for their own causes.

  29. Glow-BULL worming FACTS!

    When the Planet ‘warms’, the seas, which cover an enormous amount of the planet surface, begin to warm, that causes evaporation which rises into the sky where it meets cooler temperatures.
    The Moist air condenses into minuscule drops of water and form clouds.

    The clouds near land drift over the land and perform the same function as over water; They COOL THE SURFACE below them.

    If the clouds form rain, as the drops fall, they are cooled by evaporation thereby cooling the air and the land, or water they land on.

    So, if you can find one of these geniuses that can explain how a “drought’ is caused by their favorite talking point, I would love to hear it….


    You can be a SCIENCE DENIER, and you don’t want to be a SCIENCE DENIER DO YOU?

    • Bravo Sir ‘Crusty’ !!! I have thought of this balance of nature and climate of which you speak, a miraculous yet purely scientific process. I shake any head at the crazies who speak with no knowledge of facts much less earth and solar system science. Thankfully the earth’s orbit is very stable keeping us in the “Goldilocks Zone” for probably millions more years after the millions we have been in this perfect orbital position already. Of course, as Charlie Osgood used to say about the low probability of a meteor strike, “…but if one lands on your head it can ruin your whole day!” We are fortunate for a long time so far.
      PS I posted after you also in this thread. I am not a science teacher nor scientist, but an aerospace and biomedical engineer with a love of earth science and thermodynamics. I would be interested in your thoughts on the tree idea. I have not run the numbers for the photosynthesis effects that can be created with trees in super abundance, but it would seem to be a feasible benefit if done right and cover a large amount of surface area.

  30. Greta is a pathetic tool of the hard left. It is her job to shame USA and European countries and convince them to transfer huge sums of THEIR wealth to resolve a problem that we have addressed significantly already. Get lost you wretched moron and grow up. I am real tired of seeing her ugly face.

  31. It is very sad to see a young lady like Greta being used by the left to push their agenda forward even if she isn’t going after the biggest polluters in China and India. This shows how shallow her message is.

    • Sadly Jerry, this is what the left does all the time. If not on the environment, then on gun control ( actually people control ) or what ever the flavor of the day is for the SJWs.

  32. A spoiled, indoctrinated brat. Used for the NWO elites and their agenda of One World Government and enslavement. This young, narrow-minded, ignorant brat should concentrate on her own country which is run by mentally ill and deranged tyrannical women who have ruined Sweden and allowed them to become the rape capital of Europe and allow massive amounts of assaults and repression of the Swedish people by Godless and evil migrants. A 5,000 year old culture and history being ruined and turning Sweden into a third world cesspool. It is obvious this brats parents are as evil and demented as they have made their child. Just looking at her eyes shows how evil she truly is, sad to say. The unmitigated gall of this brat and her handlers who use her as a tool for their propaganda, to lecture free people and nations.China and India and other nations would not allow this brat to say one word in their respective nations.

  33. where all peoples in this world? let young kid tell you what to do.Please go to stop Chia and India polution first Do not use all game play each other. First have stop population . killing trees . do not any more kid.

    • The population problem is yours, not ours. We already limit our progeny. If you listen to this drugged coerced kid you are an idiot.

  34. So correct. Only the stupid media gives an ignorant 17 yr old the time of day and and a public forum. I don’t think the average populace is quite that gullible.

    • No they want you thieving wasteful; morons to stop fuc*ing up the planet. They cannot grow food because of you greedy selfish turds

  35. Hahahahaha well said. Tell the real polluters to face the facts that we are not the problem in America. Why should any of us pay for the screw ups of China and India. We in America take our responsibility seriously on this topic. We are not going to make changes that we don’t need to do. The main polluters need to take responsibility. In other words I don’t fix other people’s countries screw ups. So the hypocrisy of Greta Thunberg is push by the globalist elitists. That include France President Macron hypocrisy towards USA.

  36. It’s so sad that adult leftists put words into her mouth that made her act like a robot, for their stupid political gains!

    • Great idea, Lee, I agree with you. BUT, where will you put all the mansions for the elite, low cost housing for the rapidly multiplying poor? And don’t forget all the forests being destroyed by massive fires caused by “climate change” and arsonists. Don’t forget the necessary golf courses.

  37. She is merely a Soro’s pawn. It’s disgusting that our media gives her recognition at all. Merely speaks to the moronic masses that buy into it.

  38. Disgusting and alarming how effective her handlers have used this young lady to promote climate hoax. Can’t believe the number of young people who have fallen prey to this total nonsense.

  39. This young lady needs an exorcism!! Usually I see her kind of eyes only in the older, mental deviants in the the Democratic Party!

    • Yep. The “Medical Association” are ruining Autistic children. The spectrum is wide. My son, at 10 yrs. old, was turning into a germaphobe. We didn’t take him to a “Specialist” because I believe we know our children better than a phycologist. We put him on “Hand washing Restriction”. He grew out of it. Here is how God works…he became a surgeon! And his brother said to me recently,”Mom, he HAS to wash his hands really well, every day (for his work)!” 😂 👌🏻 We never stunted his brain power, just guided it with parental love and discipline.


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