Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, And Dems Celebrate Impeachment Charade

(Tea Party 247) – Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats are celebrating their sham impeachment charade. In what has been the most disgusting and obvious actual abuse of power our country has literally ever seen, carried out under the guise of a legitimate Constitutional process, the Democrats are patting themselves on the backs.

Despite the fact that Pelosi is pretending that the Dems have gone through with this “solemnly” and “prayerfully” they can barely contain their glee and excitement.

Naturally, the Queen of Corruption, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to express her enthusiasm over Trump’s “impeachment.” She’s clearly oblivious to how irrelevant she really is nowadays and how impeachment actually works; weird for someone married to one of three US Presidents to have gone through the process.

She asserts, “The President has abused his power…” which is truly ironic considering her own abuses of power while she served as Secretary of State and The Clinton Foundation brought in millions and millions of dollars from foreign entities. She then suggests Dems should “feel proud” and tells them to “keep going”.

The Democrats should feel nothing but shame for carrying out this impeachment charade. They know it’s been a baseless farce. They know the only reason for it is because they lost in 2016 and refuse to accept that. They know are betraying the American people and we are not on their side.

Clinton was apparently following up on a tweet she posted earlier in the week in which she hypocritically explained how it’s “one of our most precious rights as Americans” to have the right to “determine who our leaders are” as the Dems are literally trying to rob us of that very right.

She claims Trump “abused his powers to cheat in the next election.” Apparently, bringing political corruption to light is an attempt to “cheat” in an election. Trump is the president and should be concerned about past allegations of corruption on the part of prominent US politicians, like Joe Biden. He did, after all, promise to “drain the swamp.” It’s the reason he was elected and it’s the reason he’ll be elected again in 2020.

Unbelievable how Clinton’s own campaign funded the Steele Dossier and kicked off the entire Russia-collusion hoax. Now she wants to pretend to have a problem exposing political opponents and their possible ties to corruption. It’s almost impossible to fully comprehend just how hypocritical and fake Hillary Clinton truly is; and she can’t seem to understand how she lost in 2016.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is holding press conferences in which she cannot hold back her joy saying she has “a spring in my step,” while wildly claiming that she is thrilled with the “bipartisan” support of her impeachment sham. Where exactly is this bipartisan support? Her statement shows how telling lies is just part of who the Dems are. It’s in their nature. People are beginning to see the truth and the fallout has begun.

Didn’t Nancy just claim that House Dems voted for impeachment solemnly? Why are the Dems applauding the adoption of article 1 then? It’s just the Dems exposing their true colors.

While the Democrat-led political coup d’état attempt continues, Trump is getting actual work done for Americans.

Despite the left’s ridiculous celebration of Trump’s “impeachment”, the truth remains that until Pelosi sends the impeachment articles to the Senate, Trump has not been impeached. All this celebration is just a show, like everything the Dems do. If anybody is helping Trump to win in 2020, it’s them.


  1. I. Would like to comment on Hillary she along with Nancy am Biden along with they should all be facing prison sentences for there actions on trying to take away voters rights false impeachment lying to the public an false testimony


  3. The sooner we have a Hellery funeral, the better off we will be. We held prayer vigils before the last election that God would deliver us from Hellery!. God answered our prayers and he will be with us in the next election.
    Piglosi has a corn cob up her butt and it has pushed all the fecal matter into her brain. she says she prays for our president. I know what she prays & it isn’t good. She supports the killing of babies in the womb & my God doesn’t support that. She is a big joke and when she burns in Hell, she will likely be praying then, but it will be too late! MAGA!!!!

  4. Pelosi and Clinton and the rest of the dummyrats need to get a life ,because they are so u— that they all need to pull the sheet up over their heads so sleep can slip upon them at bedtime.

  5. She should know about abuse of power. She should also know that this President did not abuse the powers of his office. They celebrate a hollow victory as they still call Donald Trump ‘the President.’ What they do when they celebrate in this way is the undisguised malice the feel towards a man who bested them at what they have dedicated themselves to; a successful business man booted these unsuccessful lifelong politicians to where they belong.

  6. Yeah, we’ll see how much these Demwits celebrate when they lose the house in 2020 and Trump is reelected. Hellary is just a piss poor loser.

  7. When will William Barr begin the investigation on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation and Fusion GPS?? That will surely cut the cord to Nancy Pelosi. No longer will Hillary be able to call the shots once she’s tried and sent to jail.

  8. Trying to figure why the insane was pushing the democrats on this farce of impeachment. Then I heard something on the radio that made a lot of sense to me. It is about the supreme court appointment. As long as Trump is being impeached they don’t have to accept or entertain any Trump appointee and therefore giving the dems. a chance to appoint a liberal judge.That is long term planing and also the hidden agenda.

  9. Now when Trump commune dwellers hang on every word he says, and the facts prove nothing has changed in any way any faster uner Trump than under Obama, now if the economy is so ggo why is the GDP no higher and in some cases not as high as under Obama, where is that 4% or 5% growth Trump promised. Now wage increase is no higher under Trump than under Obama a nd that is what makes a good economy, Trump inherited the good economy which was growing at the same rate it is still growing, nothing to shout about like Trunmp does evry day.
    I feel sorry for the minions wwho never bother to check out what any President says as to fact or fiction just believe every word like it came from the Bible, hey are in any instance in for a shock some where down the road, it is the open minded checkers who are up on the facts.

    • Every metric shows Trump’s economy is much better than any 8 yrs under Obama. Keep saying Obama’s was better, the same 7 people will believe you. “Open minded checkers? That’s funny. How many records has Trump’s economy had? Check that!

  10. How Donald Trump won the election to become President of the United States is questionable. Let me recall a moment in 2016: It was at some point in the electronic ballot counting process when the lead switched from Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump in a way and manner that I consider the process was being hijack. President Trump did not win this election fairly. A cheating President cannot succeed no matter how hard he tries. Examples of failures: Foreign policies that have not worked, border wall between the US and Mexico has not been built, ObamaCare not being obliterated and more. You who are condemning Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Whether the Senate overturns the impeachment of President Trump or not, one thing is sure, President Trump has been impeached by the people of the United States of America through their elected Representatives.

    • Patheic delusion abounds. Donald Trump was not impeached by “the people of the United States.”

      The impeachment charade was done by a psychotic pack of far-left wackos abusing Soviet-style power and harming the very people they were elected to represent

    • Dream on. The wall is being built, foreign policy is working fine, our economy is the best it’d been in 35 years. But you keep drinking the liberal koolaid, with the low number of live brain cells you have, it’s probably the only thing keeping you going.

    • Really? Your not paying attention it’s the democrats who are holding up the wall. The courts have just recently it the final nail in the coffin for Obama care it took 8 years to finally end this charade. The electronic ballot you speak of never wavered. It was the electoral college that didn’t add up she had the votes just not the EC. If not for the EC NYC and LA would have determined the president. You seem to be blind to the DNC’s and Clinton campaign’s corruption

    • Jonathan: Do you actually live in this country? Trump has not been impeached by the people. He is being impeached by the democrats, who are still “boo hooing”, after nearly 3 yrs, because they don’t like him and Clinton lost. . Pelosi and Clinton are sorry excuses for human beings. They are so fake. I truly cannot understand how anyone does not see them, for what they are. The democrats offer NOTHING, but giving away peoples hard earned money and killing babies. What else they got?

  11. All of these “he said” “she said” comments, discussions and judgments just kicks the can of this communist coup further down the road to a total takeover. We the People must unite under the Constitution. It reveals in Article IV Section IV that the Democratic Party is an illegal entity. It breaks the law to even vote for a Democrat!

  12. To my dear Nancy and Hillary, Laugh now while you are able. I want to see your faces when our Lord comes to take his people home, its not far off, burst a gut while time still lingers.

  13. Think in the end that Hillary is behind the whole impeachment charade,She is calling the shots for the Party. Nancy does not make any decisions without her approval. Think she will eliminate each of the candidates from the democratic process, just like she did to Sanders in the sixteen election. She probably convinced Obama not to support Biden and she helps to pit Warren and Sanders against each other. Her plan is to make a run once she has her plan in place and ensures that no other candidate has a chance. She is triying to make sure Trumps name is smeared during the impeachment process that gives her a straight shot to White House.

  14. How quickly Hillary forgets that her husband went through the process and was actually impeached just not convicted and she’s all on the impeachment train!! She, if anyone, should be the solemn one!!

  15. Guess what these Nazi Socialistic Democrat are wrong, President Donald Trump is not IMPEACHED, nothing has been sent to the SENATE for TRAIL and a VOTE. So under the LAW and the CONSTITUTION, President Donald Trump is not IMPEACHED. He is still our PRESIDENT and all these Nazi-Socialistic demos should be arrested and charged with HIGH CRIES of TREASON. (Plotting a coup to overthrow the US Government)

  16. Democrats in Congress must be impeach not our President Trump that he Keep America GREAT.Pelosi and her cronies must be ashamed to us (citizens) that they receiving salary sitting in there office just complain and accusing our hardwork President instead work as a team to KEEP this Country GREAT. Pelosi and her cronies very self centred.She must retired take care of her grandchildren or make cookies and cook dinner for her husband.Keep going President Trump DRAIN the SWAMP. GOD is with you..Were praying for you.God BLESS you and your family

  17. Democrats in Congress must be impeach not our President Trump that he Keep America GREAT.Pelosi and her cronies must be ashamed to us (citizens) that they receiving salary sitting in there office just complain and accusing our hardwork President instead work as a team to KEEP this Country GREAT. Pelosi and her cronies very self centred.She must retired take care of her grandchildren or make cookies and cook dinner for her husband.Keep going President Trump DRAIN the SWAMP. GOD is with you..Were praying for you.God BLESS you and your family

  18. Thank God that President Trump one the election in 2016 that reward exposed This very evil criminal lawless Cult called the democratic party their day will come in November So everybody that is independent get out there and vote Republican Don’t elect evil such as Robert de Nero Personalities. Unless you are a criminal yourself and lawless remember these people will burn in hell

  19. Dems tried to impeach our President for sticking up for America. They truly hate the millions of American citizens that voted for Trump in 2016 and even more that will in 2020! It is Dems that are guilty of FISA ABUSE, COLLUSION, CONSPIRACY, BRIBERY…Everything Dems do they try to project onto us. Their HYPOCRACY is sick! VOTE TRUMP 2020! VOTE RED SENATE, CONGRESS, STATE and LOCAL 2020!

  20. The misnomer circulating in the MSM is the NWO dems HATE Trump,they DON’T, they fear him.They fear exposure of their traitorous criminal actions and the prosecution and penalties that follow . Hence the “impeachment” and the other “investigations”.Source -Hillory massive meltdown Oct 18,2016 “If that f…ing bast..rd wins, we all hang from nooses”.-Hillory Oct 18,2016-many sources.She is at the center and instigator of all this.Her co-conspiritors are more afraid of her than Trump because of all the dirt she has on them.They know she would rat them all out to save herself.Indict and prosecute her and you’ll get them all.They are the swamp.Additionaly we want OUR MONEY BACK.

  21. And we expected what??? They have dreamed of this since Donal Trump was elected!!! And,he will leave office in 2024 after 8yrs of them trying to impeach and failing while Mr Trump just keeps seeing the American People. Thank God for President Trump!!!

  22. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit soon for the Democrats to celebrate. Remember the old saying he who laughs last laughs best? Looks to me like President Trump has given the Democrats just enough rope to hang themselves. MAGA 2020


    • Unfortunately, I was born and raised in California. My family is here. I am a staunch conservative Republican. I just keep getting out voted.
      There will still be some crazy demoncrats voted into Congress from California and New York. Hopefully, some of the more sane people in the country can vote out some of the dems in borderline areas. We just have to keep them at bay, under control.

  24. Hillary and Pelosi are both traitors and crooks and liars and need to be removed from any office in Washington. They have broken laws, stolen money donated for disasters, cheated the citizens, etc. Plain as day.

  25. I think the American people are so sick of looking at those Democrats and how they lie and cheat is so pathetic all of them. I think it’s actually time that they start going to jail especially Pelosi Adam Schiff Nadler, comi and low IQ Maxine Waters. Now they’re talking about AOC being the president in 2024 how pathetic is that and why don’t we just illuminate the Democrats all together who needs them and they’re actually so afraid that they might not ever get a Democratic president in there again. They want to cram America with illegals because they need their votes

    • What about Obama and Lois Lerner, with their IRS shenanigans in which they targeted political rivals for IRS abuse and harassment, paving the way for Obama and the democrats to win in 2012. Why was Lerner allowed to come before a senate heating, plead the 5th to every question, and ride off into the sunset unscathed, as if nothing happened???

      WTF!! This is how “justice” works when you are a democrat!

  26. If they have “successfully impeached” the POTUS, WHY haven’t they sent in the (almost nonexistent and WEAK) articles of Impeachment yet? “Buyer’s Remorse”? Knowing they signed away the Democratic Party to OBLIVION? Potential PRISON sentences for the Democrats responsible for running an ILLEGAL COUP (Sedition and TREASON)? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  27. How true this article is! It brings out the REAL sides of both Hillary & Nancy! I wish everyone HAD to read this article, especially Hillary & Nancy, so they do NOT think they are getting away with their little crimes. Hah hah, actually they are BIG crimes. Also, both of them will probably keep doing such things for the rest of their lives. MUST we keep them around? If they can find faults with Trump, supposedly, to put him away, THEY SURELY have 10 times as many REAL ones. I HATE Hillary’s “I’m BBACCCCCCKKKKK”. Partially because I don’t like it being true & partially because her scretchy voice puts me on edge. I can’t stand it! Nor can I stand all the false claims Nancy has made these past 3 years in place of the work she SHOULD have been doing for the people she was SUPPOSED to be representing. Her salary should be taken away from her since she did NOTHING towards it. I wish those people WOULD NOT vote her back in. That would be one less Trump would have to take out to Drain the Swamp.

  28. In my opinion, Pelosi is guilty of a Quid Pro Quo…… If I was a gambling man, I would give 100 to 1 odds every demli-con representative was given the opportunity to vote #1) YES for impeachment, and get DEMLI-CON BACKING IN YOUR NEXT RUN FOR OFFICE.. OR vote #2) NO for impeachment, and get NO DEMLI-COM BACKING IN YOUR NEXT RUN FOR OFFICE. Is this not what the demli-CONs are accusing Ole Don “T” of doing!?!?!?!?

    • Voters will get to vote these democrats that made the vote for impeachment clearly they are part of the political team and party responsible for this political sham impeachment process; they wont be smiling in eleven months from now.

  29. “a spring in my step,” This Is Due to Her Having Parkinson’s Disease !!!

    Yes Their Worried About Pres Trump Winning 2020…What Worries Them MORE Is The Draining of The S.W.A.M.P. Or in-other-words…Drain The Stupid Witch’s And Minions of Pelosi…

  30. President Trump has NOT been impeached. Pelosi is sitting on those articles of impeachment. Unless and Until she turns them over to the Senate, the Senate can NOT bring the President to trial. Until that trial has taken place, until the Senate votes to Impeach the President, President Trump is NOT Impeached. Pelosi is guilty of a Quid Pro Quo, something she and schifty claim the President was guilty of, although they have no PROOF of that.. we DO have proof of Pelosi’s guilt though. Pelosi is trying to control the Senate, although she is NOT IN the Senate and has nothing to do with the Senate! THAT is Obstruction of Congress… which she again claims the President is guilty of, although he is NOT. Once again, the Communist Democrats are projecting THEIR CRIMES ONTO THE PRESIDENT! Isn’t it time to hold the communist democrats responsible for their crimes instead of allowing them to ruin others with their lies?

  31. YS, I spent 27 years and and two deployments to Iraq so you can voice such an idiotic view of our president and what he’s accomplished since he has been in office. If I said you were a moron I would have to apologize to any actual morons.

  32. As long as Pelosi sits on those “articles of impeachment” she and shifty fabricated, there can be no Impeachment. Until the Senate has those papers, they can not in good conscience begin a trial. Unless the Senate has the trial, and the verdict is to Impeach the President, President Trump has NOT been Impeached. Pelosi is currently involving herself in a Quid Pro Quo, something she claims the President is involved in but he isn’t. Pelosi is ALSO trying to control the Senate, which she is NOT a part of and has no say over, which can be construed as Obstruction of Congress… once again something she claims the President is guilty of… yet he is not. Communist Democrats are once again projecting THEIR OWN CRIMES ONTO THE PRESIDENT!

    • The President is officially Impeached when the box with the Articles of Impeachment in it are turned over to the Senate. But he is not convicted and removed until 2/3rds of the Senators present so vote. William Jefferson Clinton was impeached. He just was not convicted. And he actually had committed a criminal act, perjury in court. Whereas President Trump has only thumbed his nose at the House. And that has made the Dems mad. 🙂 They had their chance to do things correctly, but were in too big a rush. Now they are going to have to pay the piper.

  33. Isn’t the blue dress HagHillary is wearing just about the same color as Monica’s blue dress, famously stained by Bill as well as adorning Bill in Jeff Epstein’s painting????

    Hillary recently wore a jumpsuit (she never dresses very feminine…..wonder why?) the same Monica Blue.

    She must really like it, or like rubbing it in Bill’s face, eh?

  34. I beg the pardon, but I will tell you who should be impeached, and they are the evil, demonic, disgraceful, destructive, despicable, hypocritical, children of satan, scumbag, democrats. They have LIED, Cheated, STOLEN, and THEY MURDER OUR HELPLESS PRECIOUS UNBORN and NEWBORN BABIES BY ABORTIONS. THESE DESPICABLE SCUMBAGS SHOULD ALL BE IMPEACHED FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD REPRESENT SURPERB INTEGRITY, THE MOST HIGH IMPECCABLE HONESTY, and STATURE of a STATESMAN, OR STATESWOMAN. The status has been lowered for THESE EVIL democrats, and IT IS TIME, TO CLEAN HOUSE. IMPEACH THEM NOW, PERIOD.

  35. Don’t underestimate what the radical Democrats are up to. They don’t care what facts are presented. They have mega dollars behind them and this is not a game to them. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.

  36. I don’t know why, but everytime I hear the names Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi in the same sentence, it reminds me of the witches in MacBeth.

  37. They are all truly pieces of SHIT. Have no use for any of them . They all need to be indicted and sent to jail. We have to take back leadership and control. Hopefully people will wake up soon.

  38. The same dolts that defended Clinton for sitting on her hands while one of our Ambassadors was brutally murdered and drug through the streets are belittling Donald Trump for the dastardly act of firing one of his Ambassadors. The double standard is so blatant and so childish you would think they would hang their heads in shame!

    • Have we forgotten about Lois Lerner and Obama, whereby they weaponized the IRS to target POLITICAL RIVALS, thereby paving the way for an OBAMA re-election in 2012. Why was Lois allowed to ride off into the sunset unscathed? Obama should have been impeached for that and Lerner should have gone to prison. I guess there really is a different set of rules for democrats, especially if your name is Obama or Hillary.

  39. ?disgrace? By showing Democrats for what they are or for actually doing his job? I am sure you would love another Obama preaching change and better lives yet bring more poverty increasing national debt at an alarming rate, household debt at the same rate, unemployment at one of the lowest in history throughout his entire presidency and setting racial ties back 50 years. You would welcome him back right? Or Hillary Clinton preaching Obama’s legacy shit she actually gave him half of Obama Care it was Hillary Care (Clinton Care) as were a couple of his dreamer social reforms, dear god you want her or how about Bernie at least he will give you pot to help you forget how much shit you are standing in as he takes everything from you. But damn that Trumps an ass hole, highest jobs every month of his presidency, more new companies and returning companies, better trade deals, and wait holy shit what’s that a stand down between North and South Korea, a democratic election in China that they are both thanking Trump for…. shit what an ass hole he helped do shit no-other POLITICIANS could do in what 50 years. So shit we must impeach him because he showed them up and because the evidence showed that he didn’t do anything wrong Democrats did but he didn’t so thereby Trump must be impeached to save the SWAMP WATER!

  40. The Dems have been trying to impeach DJT from the day that he was elected. They have lurched from allegation to allegation, non of which even passes the smell test much less a legal scrutiny. The fact that you do not like a POTUS is not sufficient grounds for impeachment. If the dislike of a POTUS becomes sufficient grounds to impeach a President, every President in the future will be subject to a rebellious House.

    • She’s not going anywhere. She’s from Sheet-Francisco, where the people would literally, rather live in a city with massive piles of human waste, than vote those people out. She knows she’s not going anywhere. Shoot, they just elected the son of a convicted terrorist, who was raised by Bill Ayers of the “Weather Underground” terror group! Bill says they did bomb enough buildings!

  41. If anybody really thinks that Hillery Clinton and nancy and Adam and jerry they are telling the truth then you still believe in the tooth fairy with all the lies and proving they are lies they are one disgrace Americans what b.s

    • I agree with you john. AS Hillary says one of our most precious rights as Americans” to have the right to “determine who our leaders are” .She is right. We did determine who our leader is and it isn’t you. You lost so go bury your head in the sand and stay off the air, you are not wanted.

    • We Americans will be having the last laugh and our own parties when we show these Democratics that we will stand behind our President Trump.

  42. Enjoy it while it lasts, dems, because it’s not going to last long or change anything. Trump will be acquitted in the Senate and most likely be re-elected in 2020.
    TRUMP 2020

  43. The Democraps were going to impeach DJT no matter what. They are celebrating winning a game but are on the losing end of the score board. Guess they are too stupid to figure out that this is going to be a very losing endeavor in the long run. They are going to lose the 2020 presidential election too and they will cry foul again. They will offer a loser candidate.

    • They started something they cannot finish . Trump will not be impeached and if so it does not matter. The democrats are carving their way into hell one by one. The democrats just cannot take it that we have a leader who is great and will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, so shut up and go to a long sleep. You will wake up in a deep hole.

  44. Hillary is the greatest conniving politician that our Republic has ever had to contend with. She’s an embarrassment to all that is true and great. It’s a shame that every source of news, be it the so-called MSM, or those that have access to posting on this media, continue to put her presence in our face. She is an irrelevant has been.

    • Ha! She’s an irrelevant has been that never was! The only reason she’s anything is because if Bill. And we all know what a conniving, lecherous rapist his is!

  45. I truly believe there is a God and his response to the Satan-incarnates will be to help Trump and his hard working, tax paying, sharing caring followers to clean House AND Senate next November

  46. The only disgrace to this country are those who are blind to the tremendous good this President has done for the citizens of America. The corruption that has been going on for years is not a laughing matter and the millions of dollars spend to persecute this fairly elected President is the most shameful I have ever seen. Thank goodness for the Republicans who have the courage to stand up for truth and counter the lies of the Democrats. Facts not fiction please and stop listening to the brainwashing that the news continues to pour out like water. Use your intelligence and care about the people who have suffered from the Democrats policies.

  47. He has helped the country but you hate Trump and your too stupid to realize it, Hillary should be prosecuted for selling 20% of uranium to Russia, Holder for his gun running, Obama for giving Iran 150 billion dollar, they are traitors and guilty of many more crimes, also Schumer, Pelosi, Lynch, Watters, Biden, Fienstein Warren, Sanders and others should be investicated for their crimes,

    • Yep, YS you’re a blind ass like the Democraps you know ,no truth in this charade.. Look at the facts not the lies the liberal left whack jobs are feeding the people..Pelosi said she had a spring in her step after this bs ,how can she have a spring in her step with the weight from all the make-up and botox on her face .

    • You must be a POS and a F……liberal. President Trump has done more for this country. Killary has the balls to cheer about impeachment, when her husband was impeached for a crime. The Demrats voted to impeach this President not for a crime, but to prevent him from serving a second term and nominating a conservative supreme court judge. The Demrats are the party of evil and their agenda is to turn this country into a socialist one at the same time they become millionaires on their corruption.

    • YS you are a fool.When you grow up and have some common sense and think.And not be a media sheep or Demorats.Then maybe will give a DAMN about your opinion.You are dismissed

    • How is he a disgrace? What has he done that is impeachable? I watched the inquisitions the Dems put on. The only thing proven was that he didn’t do anything he is accused of. Should the government hold you to the same standard the Dem are holding Trump and those he nominates for positions such as Kavanauh. WE get to convict you by the mere accusation without any proof.

    • the majority of us disagree….there are millions who are proud of what he has accomplished -against all odds and despite the rabid ‘resistance’

    • Our President never be disgraced! He is a Great President of American,of USA. I admire ,love Him very much. God bless you, Mr. President.

    • And when will that be YS? Seems the swamp rats are too afraid to send the actual Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. And until they do, it is just plain Donald John Trump, President of the USA. Not like William Jefferson Clinton, the Impeached.

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