Here’s Why This Expert Witness From The Harvey Weinstein Trial Is Now In The Hospital

(Tea Party 247) – Just days after Harvey Weinstein was found guilty for sexual abuse, a forensic psychologist who gave critical testimony during his trial was hit by a vehicle, according to

Dr. Barbara Ziv has been hospitalized after the attack, of which no other details are known.

She spoke of “rape myths” during her testimony on behalf of the prosecution which seriously undermined much of Weinstein’s defense.

“Many individuals who are sexually assaulted will tell somebody: a friend. Not everybody, but many,” Ziv testified at the trial in January.

“Very few people then will report to a doctor or a counselor or a spiritual advisor, and then the next level is to law enforcement — and even fewer report to law enforcement,” she continued.

“As devastating as sexual assault is, most individuals think, ‘Ok, I can put it behind me. I can move on with my life. I don’t want it to get worse. I don’t want this person who sexually assaulted me to ruin my friendships or put my job in jeopardy. I am just going to put it in a box and forget what happened. I don’t want it to get worse,’” she also said. “But they can’t.”

“Sometimes women will have subsequent contact with the perpetrator because they can’t really believe that this happened to them,” she added. “They’re hoping that this is just an aberration. You hear that all the time.” Ziv claimed during the trial that it is a myth that “one can determine whether somebody has been raped by their behavior.”

Dr. Ziv also testified on behalf of the prosecution during the Bill Cosby trial.

There is no evidence that her accident was any sort of retaliation for the role she played in the Weinstein case, but Big League Politics notes that there is a long history of intimidation on Weinstein’s part, “including levying alleged threats and having individuals followed in order to keep those who may expose his illicit behavior from talking.”

Ronan Farrow, who first published the explosive expose into Weinstein’s long history of criminal sexual acts, once said he’d feared for his safety.

“I don’t make light of the fact that it was frightening to be in the crosshairs of that,” Farrow said. “I mean, there were times when I feared for my safety and, you know, my sources were telling me to get a gun and I moved out of my apartment.”

In spite of being protected by the corrupt and immoral entertainment industry for decades, however, Weinstein has finally been held accountable for his actions.

He was found guilty of third-degree rape and other sex crimes on Monday.

He is scheduled to face another trial in California on separate sex crime charges.


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  2. We always blame Hillary when people are suicide, however I think we should also look at Michelle and Barack since according to Michelle rapestein was a great man and even greater friend to her.

  3. My guess is that the article is talking about two different people. The first was noted for being killed, then the article moves on to the hospitalized case.

  4. I must have missed something…the lead paragraph in this post doesn’t state that she was killed, only struck by a vehicle. Para 2 says she is hospitalized as does the headline. Also, was this a hit and run or did the police make contact with the operator of the involved vehicle during an Investigation??? We shouldn’t jump to conclusions…but!!! It do seem that buddies of the Clinton’s that get in trouble where they may spill the beans do “commit” suicide a lot and of course anyone who crosses them or may testify against them get wacked… Set Rich comes to mind so I will reserve judgement on this “accident” until proven conclusively one way or the other.

  5. Don’t worry America. Soon all characters will be completely made by the computers and there will not be things called ‘stars’. They will instead be FD254.

  6. Wonder how long he’ll last before being suicided to protect the guilty according to the antichrist pirate/Borgia code of ethics: dead men tell no tales. God still sees, and the guilty will be judged without error or exception in the end.

    • The first victim was apparently killed in the accident mentioned in the article. Was this a hit and run accident? Was the second victim in the same accident? I believe that a person is considered to be innocent until proven guilty but we seem to have a lot of people involved with the Clinton’s who themselves are accused of something that seem to have witnesses in their case have the same thing happen to them. After a while one would start to believe it isn’t just an interesting circumstance. That should be scary to all of us!


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