Here’s Why This California Church Put Their Nativity Scene In Cages

(Tea Party 247) – Give. Me. A Break.

Is nothing sacred?

A liberal church in California has turned their traditional Nativity scene into a virtue-signaling statement on open borders immigration because of course, they have.

The United Methodist Church, which has grown increasingly liberal in recent years according to Activist Mommy, seems to think that an actual comparison can be drawn between the Holy Family and illegal immigrants who traffic children across the border.

The Mercury News reports:

A California church is displaying a nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees in cages to draw attention to the conditions faced by migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

The Claremont United Methodist Church, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles, posted the photo on its website showing the three held in separate cages topped with barbed wire. The baby Jesus is wrapped in a silver foil blanket.

Lead Pastor Karen Clark Ristine spoke with CNN affiliate KABC about the scene outside of the church. “We thought about the most famous refugee family in the world, the family of Jesus,” Ristine said.

In a Facebook post, Ristine said the display came from the idea of “What if this family sought refuge in our country today?”

The biblical story of Mary and Joseph fleeing from Israel to Egypt to escape King Herod’s decree that all baby boys be killed is symbolic of the plight of thousands of refugees seeking asylum in America, she said.

“In the Claremont United Methodist Church nativity scene this Christmas, the Holy Family takes the place of the thousands of nameless families separated at our borders,” Ristine said in the post. “Imagine Joseph and Mary separated at the border and Jesus no older than two taken from his mother and placed behind the fences of a Border Patrol detention center as more than 5,500 children have been the past three years.”

“If this sparks conversation, that would be one good goal,” Ristine told KABC.

This is completely absurd, and certainly heretical from a Christian perspective. As Activist Mommy opines:

Folks, we are talking about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ; the most miraculous event to ever occur on planet Earth. God became man and was born of a virgin for the sole purpose of saving wretches like you and me, dying a sinner’s death, blotting out our sins with His own innocent blood, and giving us an eternal home in Heaven (to those who believe). Christmas is a holiday to recognize this beautiful and amazing miracle and to reflect on how great God’s love for us truly is!

This is not some trivial story about a family who fled persecution. The one detail Ristine leaves out of her entire narrative about Joseph, Mary, and Jesus fleeing to Egypt is that they were led by the very hand of God. Their actions were ordained by the Creator of the universe. Their path was leading Jesus Christ to the cross. Their story is unlike any immigration story past, present or future.

Comparing this to immigrants illegally entering the United States and then living here illegally is like saying their journeys and their choices are ordained of God. I can assure you, God is not leading people to break laws (Romans 13:1) in order to seek a better life. If anything, God would have people trust in HIM right where they are, regardless of their circumstances.

Adults and children are separated at the border for the safety and well-being of the children involved. It is much less humane to leave children with adults who could be trafficking and abusing them. Yet, this United Methodist church would have us feel shame for believing that children ought to be protected. They are wrong.

Amen to that.

Jesus Christ was the son of God, and his parents, Mary and Joseph, fled to Egypt to escape a murderous king who had ordered the death of all the baby boys in the region.

The Bible never once says they broke the law, and to compare fleeing mass infanticide to people who are bringing their kids into a country where government-sponsored abortions are some of the many public services they are seeking.


  1. The church is, totally, right about how Mary and Joseph would have been treated had they tried to enter the United States, in 2019, even with Mary pregnant.

    Under Mr. Trump, the United States has become the OPPOSITE of what the Founding Fathers intended it to be.

    The Founding Fathers created a nation, which is OPEN, and WELCOMING, to ANY one who wants to pledge their allegiance.

    This is how the first thirteen states became the current fifty states.

    When “outsiders” wanted to enter, the Founding Fathers said “NO problem. Just apply for state-hood, accept our laws, and bring your LANDS along with you.”

    This is what has made the United States GREAT, for over 200 years!

    THIS is how we will grow, and evolve, into the future.

    The “key” is offering “state-hood”, NOT a new Berlin Wall.

  2. “placed behind the fences of a Border Patrol detention center as more than 5,500 children have been the past three years.”. Well y doesn’t she include the 8 years that NoMoreObama did it??????. Clinton created the procedure and Obummer didn’t do anything to change it in the 8 years that he had the chance!!!! So now Trump is just complying with the laws already on the books; but, he gets blamed for the whole drama.

  3. The major missing point to the scene in cages is the Thank You note to Obama since it was he who pit them in cages while Trump provided rooms. And let’s not forget when one does the crime they spend the time. The worst is how uneducated these people are to use a symbol of a family who was going to Their Country to be counted on the Census!! Not go or doing anything illegal but obeying the law of the land. Same people here don’t know the story but use it for their agenda.

  4. I left a voicemail message for this so called pastor. Satan has to be really laughing it up at this woman and her so called church. Doesn’t she know that everything that occurred with Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus was the perfect will of God The Father? I realize it was more than 2,000 years ago but God is the same yesterday, today & forevermore. There is something we are called to do by God The Father and it to Pray, in Jesus’ name so why doesn’t or hasn’t this pastor & church prayed to The Lord and just wait patiently for what He has planned for all of us. You don’t jump in front of God & say “I’ve got this”! “I need you God to step aside”, no, you Pray about everything with prayer & supplication. Make your requests known. Not my will, but Thy Will Be Done! The former president started separating and used fence wire as holding until everything could be done right & in orderly fashion & yes, children were used, raped, sold et al & our government stepped in & said No, you will be vetted 1st for the safety of women & children & that does not happen overnight. To this church and woman, have you ever heard of Ellis Island? Coming through the “front door”? There are 1,000’s that have applied to come into this country the right way. This is how it’s done. All you had to do was pray! You didn’t have to do this! My people perish for a lack of knowledge. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray, then I will hear and I will answer.

  5. You know this is fake. Mary and Joseph were not from Egypt. They were in Bethlehem to pay taxes. The person that wrote this doesn’t even know the Bible.

  6. Karen Ristine may call herself a “Lead Pastor” but, actions speak louder than words. She took a shot at Trump by injecting baby Jesus into her political view point?! Keapernick attacked our National Anthem and disrespected our country by doing so. How’s that work out? By disrespecting this nativity scene for a political agenda, Karen Ristine just went further than Keapernick. BS!

  7. To start with, Mary and Joseph fled well after his birth. Nativity is his birth which took place in Bethlehem, Joseph’s home town. Does this church exist only to corrupt the very biblical account of the greatest love story ever? Christ’s mission was to allow us to be freed from the cage of sin through His shed blood. Step out and be freed through His grace.

  8. That’s cause poop california loves their illegal border jumpers, respects them for their wrong doings, rewards them with food stamps, roofs over their heads, free medical, mean while their American citizens are homeless through out california, they love their illegals more then God, Flag, Americans.

    • “Apples and oranges”. Not a valid comparison. To the illegal border-crossers: GET IN LINE !!! Why do you think it’s fair to cut to the front of the line ?? NO CUTS !!! GET IN LINE !!! Who do you think you are ???

  9. Nobody isn’t telling them to leave their kids behind. Instead they’re using them as pawns. I personally feel that if they’re illegal so should the kids they have in this country. They’re trying to use this a loophole. So stop boohooing that they’re separated. If they’re really upset then take them too. We’re spending a fortune keeping them also. This applies to all illegals regardless where they’re from. South Americans send people over to sell drugs and prostitution then the income goes right back to that country. So the money they’re making from a job an American could have, isn’t even going to our economy but to the country they’re from. Come in the legal way. It’s also a kick in the face to the thousands of immigrants who went through the process legally to become citizens. Ever wonder why it’s so easy for them to come here? Their government says adios less we have to worry about! Democrats are idiots if they think it’s ok to receive benefits even if they’re not legal but it’s their obligation to put the president up for impeachment for illegal activity? No wonder everyone is laughter at us!

    • Guess nothing is sacred anymore. Comparing the birth of Jesus with border jumpers is just plain wrong.
      If the so called sanctuary cities, states, stop giving illegals everything, maybe they wouldn’t come in the first place.
      How come when BHO was President, Con gress was funding border security, now they refuse to because President Trump and We, The People want a wall.
      If we can’t have a wall, then have a soldier or Marine stationed every 20 feet along the border. After awhile illegals may get the hint.

  10. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were NZoT “refugees” in any sense of the word. They traveled to Jerusalem for a population count of the area.

  11. Can’t be a liberal and be a christian and this church proves that. A true Christian believes the bible not some made up crap the liberals make up.

    • The article is wrong. Mary and Joseph were NOT from Egypt. If you didn’t catch that, then you are a bad Christian.

  12. Trying to make a point using cages, really the Pastor should not have for it is 100% totally ridiculous. The truth is that so many illegal immigrants who are trying to enter our country who are good hard working people and yes they are coming to this country seeking safety but there are also a lot of dishonest immigrants some really bad people among them who want to enter our country and are committing crimes. Records prove this. If we have open borders the Terrorist are also gaining entrance this way. AND so many are entering our borders with children who do not belong to them. People entering our country must enter in the way most of our grandfathers did. LEGALLY of course.

  13. When I first heard about this, I assumed that the cages were there to prevent theft or sacreligious damage. Considering the nature of many areas of the country today, I thought maybe it was a good idea.

  14. You know, I really feel for many of the refugees, but some aren’t. The bottom line, however, is that we simply can’t take in everyone!!

  15. At first I thought the church met in a bad neighborhood and it was necessary to protect the nativity scene from vandalism.
    As a stranger, unless clearly marqueed, any passerby could assume that.
    Notable women in the scriptures were disciples and today are disciples, it is not a name secular notoriety but Christian following as a student.
    Being a head of a local church is not the place of a woman but the man, otherwise you become rebellious.
    Liberal concepts in our secular society today is an affect of immortality latitudes that have invaded local bodies of Christ and preverted them to accepting secularism. Condemnation for eternity. Liberalism.

  16. Didn’t work for me. When I saw this I thought they did it to keep Atheists from destroying the scene! Which has happened many times. Let’s all remember which President put up the cages! If you want to come to the United States, do it the legal way!

    • The Democrats don’t abide by the law. Just look at Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler in DC this past week!!

      BUT, the Republicans have to abide by the law or ELSE the MSM will roast them alive with 24/7 negative coverage!!

  17. Joseph had to go pay his taxes, and Mary was to have a baby, but she had to travel with his also. That is why they were in Bethleham, and why the town was full and there was no place at the Inn. They were not running from any one.

  18. My wife and I were married in the summer of 1953–we went looking for a church. I grew up as a Methodist back on the Iowa-Missouri border–we attended one in South Gate, CA. I could not believe how the church was so different in Calif. AND that was almost 67 years ago. We never went back and before long we became Southern Baptists and we still are.

  19. This is a VERY accurate representation. By far, the majority of the immigrants in cages at our border are attempting to enter our country LEGALLY! Just like Mary and Joseph were traveling legally and forced to stay in a stable. It amazes me how many so called Christians are OK with putting families in cages. Families whose only crime is to dare to chase the American dream.

    • You don’t give one crud about kids, just look at how you guys support abortion, many of which are the minorities that you pretend to care about!!

      Take a hike hypocrit!!!

  20. First of all you don’t Come into another country illegally they sent their kids here knowing they would be taken care Joseph and Mary were not immigrants what’s worse kids here who are not in cages being fed clothed and getting medical care or being crucified like Jesus was for our sins that pastor needs to be thrown out of the church and people ought to take those cages down this makes me sick and furious pastor needs to go to the devils church where he belongs with the rest of the demon democrat liberals 👿😡🤬🤮

  21. The holy family did not break laws. Their threat was real and they did not leave their child in someone elves hands. The next point is they moved to a Jewish community in Egypt. Joseph was a skilled carpenter, they weren’t broke they were not dependent on Egypt for their subsistence. They left Bethlehem with gifts given to them which included Gold, frankincense and myrrh. The later two had a value higher than gold. Each symbolize a different spiritual meaning as well. Gold was a symbol of kingship here on earth, Frankincense was a symbol of deity and myrrh is symbol of death or a mortal existence. People placed a high value on the later two. I don’t know about you but I don’t see a true comparison between the holy family and the illegal immigrants.

  22. The ENTIRE U.S. CONSTITUTION was written for AMERICANS ONLY… it’s NOT the world constitution, it’s the U.S. CONSTITUTION! Non-citizens DO NOT possess rights under this document, end of story
    EVERY SINGLE NATION ON EARTH have borders & non citizen due process laws just like America which means we can’t go there set up camp and vote in their elections. ONLY LIBERALS think it’s racist for America to enforce same laws EVERY other nations have.
    MILLIONS of Americans died fighting to make America the GREATEST, STRONGEST & MOST CHARITABLE nation on earth & people of other countries must do the same for THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. America is NOT OBLIGATED to take everyone that wants to come here ILLEGALLY to invade our country…Want to become an American citizen?.. LEGALLY APPLY FOR IT

    • Well the Liberals are a bunch of uneducated idiots and brats that think there entitled to whatever they want, the illegal immigrants only want to come to America to freeload and steel what ever they can from hard working Americans, Pastor Karen should take her nativity scene across the border and set it up, show them what will happen if they come to 🇺🇸 Illegally. You work hard you will eat and have shelter, you steal, rob and be a looser, you either spend life jail or get shot, 🇺🇸 Is tired of all the Democrat and Liberals BS.

  23. I am embarrassed that any church of God would stoop so low to compare in any stretch of the imagination the plight of illegal immigrants of today with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his birth. Obviously this ‘pastor ‘ is not fully aware of the entire Democratic position up-to-and-including abortion even after birth. May God have mercy on her soul and I pray she will not be a disciple of the Devil, in accordance with forecasting from the Book of Revelation.

  24. This family did flee persecution!!!!!!!
    Have you not read in the Bible about Mary and Joseph having to take Jesus to Egypt to avoid him being slaughtered???????? They were REFUGEES!!!! And could have been and probably were not welcomed. I think it’s astute of that church to see and acknowledge the similarity. I have for years. And by the way, just because the Bible doesn’t say it, doesn’t mean it isn’t so or didn’t happen.

  25. I think that because of the threat of King Herod planning to kill Jesus, the Holy Family would have a legitimate request for asylum, and would be allowed to enter the United States. The Holy Family would have too much respect for our borders to “climb the fence” or sneak in another way,so they would not be held in a detention area. Anything else,Pastor Ristine?…Your mockery of our Lord and the Holy Family,not to mention your disrespect of our legitimate right to borders, is despicable. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  26. That liberal church doesn’t know much about the Bible story of Christ’s birth. Mary and Joseph weren’t illegals or homeless. They were going to pay their taxes, like law abiding citizens.

  27. God’s judgement started with the churches. That church obviously does NOT have God’s blessing. You cannot do that and think God approves.


  29. The people showing up uninvited at our borders are not fleeing FROM anything, but instead are fleeing TO America because the Democrats have signaled them that they would be welcome here. The candidates on the Democrat side have promised them taxpayer-funded healthcare and amnesty if they come, and it’s acting like a magnet. Any country that imports poverty is doomed to failure, but the left does not care as they are looking for voters to keep them in power.

  30. That could of course only happen in California and Democrats behind it.
    They don’t agree with most Christians about our freedom off Religious believes. This church should be ashamed.

  31. Sadly, the Methodist church is one many churches that are following the willful disobedience of the world and turning away from the truth of the Bible. The Bible clearly states that we are not to altar or change the Word but people are twisting the scriptures to try and make it appear that God is okay with the sinful things they choose to do.

  32. the people in california are nuts. this church needs to find Jesus this christmas season. they want to blame trump for everything but it was obummer that put illegals in cages. but the left wing nuts don’t want to hear the truth it easier to blame trump then to admit their wrong. and the news media eats things like this up.

  33. This is not a church. They are just a bunch of dingbats that formed something to probably avoid taxes. They certainly do not know the bible and I am kind of surprised that they even knew who to put in the Nativity scene. LOSERS !!!!

  34. Morons. Complete and utter morons. Mary and Joseph were not refugees. They went to Bethlehem to be counted in the census. They weren’t staying there. They weren’t beggars. There was no room in the inn…it wasn’t that they couldn’t afford to stay in the inn.

  35. Joseph was adhering to the law of the land. He was taking his wife and her child back to his lawful. Place to count in census. Even heaven has borders and walls. Not. everyone will have access only those who recognize their hope is in Jesus

  36. This is complete nonsense, is nothing sacred anymore? Or do liberals want a soulless society with every one chipped? These religious pieces are also cultural icons, same way as in Europe. It doesn’t matter if one is religious or not these are part of our heritage. Nobody is forcing religion on atheists. Who only make up a tiny majority. Who do these people think they are? Imagine if menorahs had to be kept in cages.

  37. There are a lot of really stupid people in the world. If you get enough stupid people in a church or a the dumbest leaders in it, this is what happens. You just can’t fix stupid.

  38. this pastor, Karen Ristine, does not know her butt from a hole in the ground, let alone the bible. Comparing illegal immigration to a journey ordained by GOD shows you how little this woman knows. We don’t kill any baby boys coming across our borders illegally, but abortions in the US amount to hundreds of thousands of babies murdered every year, and all sanctioned by the great Liberal Left. Get your facts straight, Karen Ristine.

  39. They did this because they are morons. Geesh and they claim they know the bible story of Joseph & Mary & Jesus let alone the bible itself? Shameful


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