Here’s Who Got Six GOP Governors To Resettle More “Refugees”

(Tea Party 247) – What does it take to get six Republican governors to resettle more refugees in their state when their party, led by Donald Trump, has been committed to reducing such migration efforts?

Why, Soros money, of course.

What else?

Breitbart notes:

For Fiscal Year 2020, President Donald Trump will continue cutting refugee admissions by reducing former President Barack Obama’s refugee inflow by at least 80 percent. This reduction would mean a maximum of 18,000 refugees can be resettled in the U.S. between October 1, 2019, and September 30, 2020. This is merely a numerical limit and not a goal federal officials are supposed to reach.

Coupled with the refugee reduction, Trump signed an executive order that gives localities, counties, and states veto power over whether they want to resettle refugees in their communities.

Enter the Soros-funded group, as is almost always the case with any large-scale push towards large-scale migration:

Executives at World Relief and the Evangelical Immigration Table — an organization with links to the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum — have been lobbying governors across the country to bring more refugees to their states. So far, six Republican governors have signed off to resettle refugees in their states, including North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

The New York Times notes:

Jenny Yang, vice president for advocacy at World Relief, an evangelical agency whose work includes resettlement, has been steering an effort to lobby governors to keep their states open to refugees.

She said about 16 governors have submitted written consent, six of them Republicans. Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican of Arizona, agreed after receiving a letter supporting resettlement signed by 250 evangelical leaders. Gov. Greg Abbott, Republican of Texas, who leads the state that received the most refugees last year, has not yet offered his view, despite a plea from the mayor of Fort Worth to continue accepting refugees.

Refugee contractors, such as the Lutheran Social Services Organization, launched a campaign to pressure mayors, local officials, and governors to admit more refugees into their communities and states.

Such contractors rely on increased refugee numbers to make up their budgets each year. No surprise there.

So far, other than Burgum and Ducey, it is yet to be seen which six Republican governors have been successfully lobbied by the Soros-backed group.

It remains unclear which six Republican governors, aside from Burgum and Ducey, have been successfully lobbied by the Soros-linked group.

Breitbart continues:

This week, the Evangelical Immigration Table sent letters to the governors of California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin to ask them to bring refugees to their states.

The federally mandated refugee resettlement program has brought more than 718,000 refugees to the U.S. since January 2008 — a group larger than the entire state population of Wyoming, which has 577,000 residents. In the last decade, about 73,000 refugees have been resettled in California, 71,500 resettled in Texas, nearly 43,000 resettled in New York, and more than 36,000 resettled in Michigan.

Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years, according to the latest research. Over the course of five years, an estimated 16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers.

That’s right folks: your tax dollars are going towards a foreign invasion that is being backed by globalist scum like George Soros.

Just look at Europe: that’s what they want to happen here.


  1. This is not an issue for politicians or religious leaders.. It is the purview of the people, US citizens.. Bonafide refugees are welcome, illegals/invaders are not.. Welcome, that is after they have been vetted and it’s proven they are not a danger to US citizens and/or legal immigrants..

    • Who do you think made the beds in Donald trumps hotels, who do you think cooks the meals in Donald Trumps hotel restaurants, get off your high horse and open your eyes.

  2. Let’s take a boatload of illegals to Soros’ house. Just be sure they are inside his wall and then remove all his security and security cameras. Then see if he still wants more

  3. First of all, what do these politicians and “do-gooders” not understand about the word “illegal” ? If these politicians, do-gooders, and non profit/tax exempt organizations should be made to sponsor a person or family, meaning that they are responsible for the “illegals” housing, food, health care, clothing, etc. If they fail to do so then they are subject to being sued to recover all costs or lose their tax exemptions if applicable. I for one am tired of having my tax
    dollars wasted on unnecessary impeachment’s. Also I have paid into S.S. for 45 years only to see it being used for things other than what it was meant for.

  4. Very soon every major city in our Nation will look like Los Ángeles and San Francisco, were crime is rampant and normal citizens are not safe walking the streets. The majority of refugees are criminals that will stop at nothing to get what they want or what they think they are entitled to. Meanwhile Soros and his kind are living in homes surrounded with 12 feet walls. The liberals are destroying our way of life. All traitors

  5. Soros is committing Sedition against the USA and undermining Federal Law!
    My ? Is, why is this Evil Billionaire and his whole family
    Allowed to sow discord,dissention and lies all the while walking free from any

  6. This outlandish behavior is well explained in Glenn Beck’s Youtube video called the Democrat Hydra. It details exactly how Soros is involved. What they are doing is intentional and the outcome is not good if they succeed. They will not stop. Please take the time to watch it.

  7. Whenever an issue such as this comes to the attention of the general public, it’s a safe bet that that meddling Marxist “mofo” George Soros is lurking in the background somewhere! Soros is the “Money Man” for every subversive undertaking in America today, from Antifa to the border crisis and beyond! How long do the American people have to tolerate the presence of this malignant parasite on the body politic? NOTHING lasts forever!

  8. Our ancestors fought for their right to live in this country. Immigrants that became citizens worked hard to learn the laws and constitution to become Americans. Most Americans worked hard on for their land,built their own homes, built business, our military. Our work and dreams should not be up for sale to no one. If you are socialist; communist, you are not American. If you are pushing islamic or other religious beliefs on others you are not American. If you are contineously, changing our constitution rules, to try to improve your agenda ;you are not behaving American. Democrats has done all these,and most Americans know this. Soros has struck war on many good Americans with payoffs, orders of interference, damage of bodily harm, structure damage, religious damage, right to life, freedom of speech, gun rights, attacks on our elected President Trump. It’s not many on left that hasn’t gave into Soros and does his bidding. How has so many Democrats become multimillionaires when they were only allowed to make so much in the clear , over their salary? Drug deals? Votes bought? Illegal deals? What about every time they leave and go on trips? Let’s put things together and see what we get to take each and every democrat to task. Democrats does not like what info has come out on them. No reason for impeachment! Too many lies, fraudulent claims, unfairness, obstruction of justice, to much trying to take credit for what Trump has done. While writing this I heard a NH Democrat Senator on Fox saying it wasn’t democrats fault for not doing anything for Americans. They need to know that while they all were trumping up fraudunt charges on President Trump we are watching them.

    • George Soros meddling ass! He and all of the socialist, communist, demorats should be in jail for from now on! B Obother should charged with treason, corruption, sedition, and influence peddling. Where did he and madam Obother get all of the money for a fancy home on a public servants salary?
      The press will never print or say anything about all of the dealings of BO, creepy Joe, or God forbid about the Clampets aka the Clintons.

  9. Any GOP governors who took money from Soros need to be
    replaced for that alone. But to take money from that snake
    for resettling illegals is an even bigger mark against them.
    We want the illegals removed from the country. If they want
    in for the right reasons then they can enter the country legally.
    We have murders, rapists, drug dealers, gang members, thieves,
    human traffickers just to name a few. Then these governors take
    money from a corrupt ass like Soros to put these people in our
    communities. And those who are not criminals, they are going
    to be living for free off our us. Let the governors pay for these
    people out of their personal pocketbooks.

  10. cannot understand how this POS scumbag Soros is still in this country after knowing
    how he acquire his money by selling out the lives of the Jews during WW2 and all his
    attempts to destroy our country by all his subverses activites.

  11. Stop illegal influx of so-called refugees unless the authorities vet all of them thoroughly and strictly and certify that they will not be a burden on the American taxpayers and the health and welfare system denied to the existing citizens and legal residents.

  12. We were in Hungary earlier this year and saw a number of anti-Soros billboards near Budapest. Why do we allow him to operate here? He is the devil incarnate. My heritage is Hungarian, and I am glad that Hungarians realize him for the scum that he is.

    • George Soros is indeed on his last leg and his sick self shows the ravages of his spiritual condition thru his face and physical deformities! May God stop him in his tracks !

    • On the contrary, let’s continue the madness as that evil entity continues doing what he has done for years to millions of people around the world.

  13. The ENTIRE U.S. CONSTITUTION was written for AMERICANS ONLY… it’s NOT the world constitution, it’s the U.S. CONSTITUTION! Non-citizens DO NOT possess rights under this document, end of story
    EVERY SINGLE NATION ON EARTH have borders & non citizen due process laws just like America which means we can’t go there set up camp and vote in their elections. ONLY LIBERALS think it’s racist for America to enforce same laws EVERY other nations have.
    MILLIONS of Americans died fighting to make America the GREATEST, STRONGEST & MOST CHARITABLE nation on earth & people of other countries must do the same for THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. America is NOT OBLIGATED to take everyone that wants to come here ILLEGALLY to invade our country…Want to become an American citizen?.. LEGALLY APPLY FOR IT

  14. The ENTIRE U.S. CONSTITUTION was written for AMERICANS ONLY… it’s NOT the world constitution, it’s the U.S. CONSTITUTION! Non-citizens DO NOT possess rights under this document, end of story
    EVERY SINGLE NATION ON EARTH have borders & non citizen due process laws just like America which means we can’t go there set up camp and vote in their elections. ONLY LIBERALS think it’s racist for America to enforce same laws EVERY other nations have.
    MILLIONS of Americans died fighting to make America the GREATEST, STRONGEST & MOST CHARITABLE nation on earth & people of other countries must do the same for THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. America is NOT OBLIGATED to take everyone that wants to come here ILLEGALLY to invade our country…Want to become an American citizen?.. LEGALLY APPLY FOR IT

  15. No way. We have far too many refugees in America. Soros (A–Hole of the first order) wants a democratic America which equals Socialism!
    We must stop this nonsense!

  16. I totally agree with with everyone. These radical countries are planting people here. Will they wake up when we have an attack worse than 911? We’re allowing it. These people don’t know the difference between legal and illegal. Only if you’re American will you be sentenced for illegals crimes which this is. It should be regulated that these states are solely responsible for all funding of these illegals and not federally funded. When they go broke maybe they’ll rethink there position.

  17. How and what can be done to stop the evil interference of and by George Soros. Why isn’t his story of collusion with the Nazi’s during WWII being told regularly? He is a Jew who collaborated with the Nazi’s to round up and imprison or send to concentration camps fellow Jews. He must be exposed for who he really is and the threat that he is to our Freedoms and Liberties.


  18. The last person on that list I thought would fall for this crap was Greg Abbot from Texas. Put me down for deporting 20 illegals for every legal one you bring in. I vote for fast tracking deportation. National average should be 100 thousand deportations per week. Trainloads of illegals to processing centers every day. I know it can be done . National Emergency right? After a week of this aggression they will be in line to leave.

  19. George Soros does nothing but destroy countries. He’s been doing this for a long time with much success. Why we allow him to do it in our country is unconscionable. It is definitely harming us and will inevitably destroy us. That these Soros funded organizations can do this in our country and fool or bribe Governors says a lot about our Republicans who are running states. Shame on them and on us.

  20. What’s wrong with these governors? Especially if those refugees are Muslim. It’s time to send these refugees back to their countries. These people do not want to assimilate into our country, they’re part of a take over. STOP accepting them, sent them BACK!

  21. There is no share button on here, and every American needs to read this. Thank you. Please put this article on FB. Thank you.

    • Thank You Rev. Wilson. I want to know who these Republicans are that agreed to this so I will make sure I don’t cast them my vote. Also this is why we need to bring our Troops home for the Middle East. I’m sure that somewhere in these groups will be a form of Terrorism and more criminals. And we are going to need them here to fight this evil. Our Police are no match our Sheriffs are no match they keep releasing them into society. ICE and the Border Patrols are trying to their best to fight this. We are going to be just like the U.K. and I’m not happy with this. All because our Democrats wants their illegal votes so they can take over the house.

  22. George Soros is back of everything that is detrimental to this country. He is definitely an anti-Christ. He is trying to destroy this country in so many ways. Unfortunately, people will sell their souls for money which he has a lot of.

  23. Where are women and children there are none here. Were they vetted? Can they proved to their self or are the tax payers going to be paying for their welfare?

  24. There are counties in the world that Soros has cause so much damage that if were to go there he would be arrested and thrown into prison. Russia is one of them. Dennis is right, Soros is a terrorist and should recognized as one. He has brought destruction to every country he has been involved with including the United States. Not surprising he pushing mass migration because he knows that mass migration will bring about our demise and financial ruin. Thus allowing him to to step in.Wake up , It has to stop now.

  25. You are seeing just why O’bama in his eight (8) years did everything he could destroy America, George Soros.
    Soros has been found guilty of various things and tossed out of many European countries.
    Its his money that is supporting the DemoRats, and his dream to become the King of the world along with O’bama. Both these men are the most evil and each should be removed from the United States and all their holdings and money should be removed,they can live the way they want us to.

  26. If you noticed the pictures of the so-called refugees they’re all men of fighting age. Does that fact leave a question in anybody’s mind as to why they are coming to this country? 99% are not refugees they just want to suck us dry and then take over our country. I wouldn’t doubt if a lot of them are Muslim and their ideology is to kill everyone who isn’t a Muslim.Tell these bought off governors to resettle these refugees in their house. Maybe on their lawn. And every one of these bought and paid for governors will have blood on their hands the first time one of these Soros funded so-called refugees hurts, kills, rapes an American citizen just like all the demo rats!!
    And the so-called evangelicals who are backing this invasion of our nation are also paid off. This isn’t what God wants for our nation. God wants borders and protected citizens of each nation. Tell these refugees to go back home. Why are we resettling them? I just watched a video which stated that refugees need to go to the nearest country to take refuge. That is the law. Do you think a refugee with no money is going to have the means to travel from Europe or Africa to America? No!

  27. And the Left will try to blame Trump for this to try to keep Republicans and many Democrats from voting for him in 2020. This is about a globalist plot. Don’t fall for it.

  28. They are coming here to destroy the USA. Remember George Soros publicly said he will consider his greatest life achievement is destroying the USA. Major pushback time folks. Look what migration did to Europe.

  29. No more of this crap coming from Washington.President Trump must stop this with or with out the help of Congress. If not the whole country will be totally over by illegal immigrants/refugees by the next decade with start on 1-1-2020 (in two weeks) These moochers will suck the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS (BOTH TAXPAYERS AND NON TAXPAYERS ) dried and then they and the leftist,socialist ,fascist Dem-rats will demand more monies though taxing every body and every thing

    • Soros is a very dangerous billionaire that hates America and will pay anyone to destroy America!!!
      Shame on the greedy, anti-American Republican Governors who will destroy their own states and America for money!! This is treason, and criminal and these traitor Governors are the ones (not Trump) that should be impeached/fired by their citizens!

    • Such a rotten shame that tax free religons,, spend a ton to bring in more refugees that the taxpayers pay for, not right folks

  30. Soros The real root of many problems in the US. About 10 nations in the EU and Russia have banned his ass, Why can’t the US do the same. He is an x Nazi who has no remorse for taking part in sending his own to the gas chambers. This devil has no value to the add to the world, and everywhere he goes there is hatred and destruction. The President must find a way to stop him

    • 100% CORRECT!!! It’s high time to get rid of soros and all his so-called “humanitarian” NGOs, lobbyists,etc!!!!!

    • Soros has collapsed 5 economies and has been trying very hard to collapse the US economy. He was born Jewish and when the Germans came he went with Hitler’s people and then he cleaned out Jewish people that had been sent to the concentration camps homes and sold the contents this is how he started making money on the bodies of his own people. The man is a traitor and should have never been let in this country……..period. and Will you are absolutely correct……….

  31. The citizens should and will have a say in this matter. IN THE NEXT ELECTION. If these guys/gals were bought off that shows that they are RINOs and I hope the citizens MAKE THEM PAY!!!

  32. Are these states in need of larger populations…ie certain labor intense large farms with orchards that must be cared for by humans? Will true efforts be made to match up these “refugees to this sort of area or are the Soros people just trying to dump an unknown quantity of potential dem voters with hopes that somehow they will get the right to vote and will of course do so as dems? Will these new folk substantially deplete the states resources ie funds educational system physical and mental health systems? These are questions that Soros and his ilk don’t give a “rat’s ass” about. These so called GOP GOVERNORS need to care for the citizens of the state that they were elected to govern FIRST!!!

  33. No one, Soros, included buys anything. The people in charge are the ones who fold and suck up to his dollars. There are still a hell of a lot of RINO’s out there just waiting for the most busks that can gather!!!

  34. Again, the billionaire terrorist working behind the curtain to finish what Obummer started. Yes, they can all be bought. Some more expensive than others!

  35. And just WHY aren’t the state’s CITIZENS allowed a say in something that will be life-changing for some, and possibly life-ENDING for others?!

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