Here’s What The Majority Of Americans Think About Bio Men Playing In Women’s Sports

(Tea Party 247) – In a recent Rasmussen Poll, it was revealed that the majority of Americans still don’t think trans female (biological male) athletes should be allowed to compete against biological women. The poll results almost perfectly mirror an earlier poll Rasmussen Reports conducted last spring. The LGBT crowd is undoubtedly left wondering how this could be considering the trans movement has indeed been picking up steam over the last several years. Apparently, Americans have decided to draw a line in the sand.

The Washington Times reports:

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday found that 51% of U.S. adults surveyed opposed allowing athletes compete on the basis of their gender identity, including biological males who participate in women’s and girls’ sports.

Only 29% supported “allowing transgender students to participate on the sports teams of the gender they identify with,” while 20% were undecided, the survey said.

The results of the poll, taken Oct. 31-Nov. 2, were virtually identical to a Rasmussen survey released in June, which found only 28% favored allowing transgender students “to participate on the sports team of the gender they identify with,” while 54% were opposed.

Is it possible that Americans recognize the fact that allowing biological men to compete against women just because they’re allegedly confused about their own gender, is complete lunacy? Of course not all trans female athletes are using gender-confusion as a means to gain an advantage but it certainly is possible.

The Washington Times cites the case of Selina Soule as one such possible example.

The conservative Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a federal complaint on behalf of a Connecticut high school student, Selina Soule, who failed to quality for the New England regionals after losing a race to two biological male students who identify as girls.

“In fact, one of the athletes who displaced Selina previously competed against other male athletes in the winter 2018 season and failed to advance in boys’ indoor track events,” the Alliance Defending Freedom said. “It wasn’t until that athlete began competing in girls’ events during the 2018 spring season that the dominance began. This biological male now holds more than 10 records within the state of Connecticut that once belonged to 10 different girls.”

What interesting timing to decide to act on alleged gender-confusion. We’re all just supposed to believe that there is no advantage for men competing against women, it’s just a “myth.” It doesn’t seem very much like a myth when almost every single trans female athlete completely annihilates biological females when they are allowed to compete against them.

“The myth that trans women have a ‘direct competitive advantage’ is not supported by medical science, and it continues to stoke fear and violence against one of the most at-risk communities in the world,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said in a Jan. 31 letter in support of a transgender powerlifter excluded from the women’s events. Omar is either blatantly lying or speaking out of complete and utter ignorance.

Perhaps more concerning is that in May, House Democrats approved the ‘Equality Act.’

In May, House Democrats approved the Equality Act, which would ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, despite opposition from Republicans who said it would erode the ability of females to participate in competitive sports.

The role of politicians is to act on behalf of their constituents yet it sure seems as though they prefer to act on behalf of special interest groups and very small minorities of the population. If the majority of Americans do not believe trans females should be allowed to compete in sports against biological females that message should be heard by Congress thus leading to legislation that reflects the will of the people.

Whatever happened to the left being the party for women’s rights? Sure seems as though women are being silenced on this issue. Numerous female athletes have come out publicly demanding that trans female athletes not be allowed to compete against biological women and no one seems to be listening to them. The only voices that matter are those of trans females, apparently. Feminism on the left is dying and being replaced with trans-feminism.

The ‘Equality Act’ will never make it through the Senate but if it should we can only hope President Trump would reject this bill with a veto, for the sake of women athletes.


  1. As far as who competes with whom, I believe that the biological males who are still males can compete with other biological males that remained males & the same goes for females. Those who were born females can compete with other biologicial females who are still females, ie were born females. The male transexuals can compete against the male transexuals. The female transexuals can compete against the female transexuals. If either transexual party does not have enough to play, that is your tough luck for becoming a transexual & not sticking with your God-given sex.

  2. Sorry Folks but trannies are NOT FEMALES biologically…These women train to be their best only to lose to NUTS….It should NOT be allowed……

  3. Good comments here. One reader said the world is looking to USA to set the standard, and I don’t quite agree with that because Europe, particularly Sweden, Germany, and a few others, have already lost their minds. Using transgender males to teach little children about sex, playgrounds with huge blow-up penises and vaginas that the children slide through, making them wear the clothes of the opposite sex and play with the toys of other opposite sex, and if the children find they like the other gender’s toys, then adults push them to choose what sex they want to be. Children! Totally mentally immature and lacking the mental faculty to consider and make such life-changing decisions. It’s the misfits in America that are following the misfits in European countries. It’s the politicians in Congress who are following the politicians of Europe who have passed laws to further this madness. It’s some teachers in our own schools that are finding what European schools are doing to their children “exciting” and “enlightening”. Every single community in America should form “Parental Forums” online and/or local committees and discuss what needs to be done to shut down this insanity. Transgenderized males competing against women in any sport requiring physical strength is UNFAIR to the core. Good Americans have a lot of WORK to do to reclaim this country, so my advice is simple: You better get busy! No time to waste!

  4. As a rule men’s bodies are stronger, that is why the women are called the weaker sex. Now if you go pound for pound men are stronger in the upper body because they have more bone structure to attach muscle to. While pound for pound from the waist down women are stronger for the same reason. Genetically they are not equal nor will they ever be. The women athletes should ban together and say no and boycott all events that force trans to complete against natural.Just as an example; take the sport of boxing, what chance will a woman have against a male? ( Unless you are Muhammad Ali daughter Laila Ali who retired undefeated ) Probally not much of a chance.

  5. Curtis Stokes, those that make that statement are biblically illeterate. You should read scripture before making a complete ass of yourself by posting things you know nothing about.

  6. boycott the sports that allow transgenders to participate. A hit in the pocketbook will do more that anything else.
    Let The ACLU fight empty stadiums.

  7. They have a definite advantage. Real women might as well not even bother to compete. Or perhaps there should be a new third category for competitions.

  8. Another approach is to have races with entrants from several “gender” categories and award finishing places only by specific category. Then each contestant has the benefit of strong competition and a sense of over all achievement, as well as fair recognition of specific performance. This might require having a lot of lanes on the track, but that is the default for most tracks.

    For 1 on 1 sports, competitors should be able to enter into a single category bracket or an “all comers” bracket as they see fit.

  9. If these gender confused dudes want to compete in sports, let them form their own league and compete against each other. While they might identify as female, they still are producing testosterone and that gives them more strength than a female.

  10. If you wish to enter a competition, you must present a DNA sample attesting as to your sex. This has nothing to do with your personal preferences, it is biological facts that determines your entry. If you don’t like it, complain to your parents

  11. This ‘law’ doesn’t effect me, unless it gets close. Then I may have to ignore it. My daughter, age 7, went into a Target bathroom marked women. I stood just outside as she requested. A guy came up and wanted to go in and I pointed out the men’s room to him. He said he could use any he wished. I said that since my daughter was in there, he’d have to wait. He got upset, but stood there. If he had tried to push past me, I was ready, and able, to break something he would probably need to walk or talk. Wasn’t necessary, though. He waited. Must have been the USMC hat I was wearing…

  12. Well, there goes all the fun, excitement and interest in the olympics and other games when you know that the ‘fix’ could be in and that they are unfair to athletes.
    I know I’ll never watch a sporting event that allows ‘feminine’ males to participate against biological females.

    • boycott the sports that allow transgenders to participate. A hit in the pocketbook will do more that anything else.
      Let The ACLU fight empty stadiums.

  13. Ladies, when a trans wants to race you, all of you sit down at the beginning of the race and let him run the course ALL BY HIMSELF. This will shame him and the idiots who are putting on the “show”.

  14. A very simple solution: Let the TRANS athletes compete against

    other TRANS athletes. Make a separate category of competition.

  15. Democraps are confused ,why would these idiots pass a equality act ..Havent they figured it out yet ,dont matter what drugs you take you’re still who you are when born..

  16. A man is a Man and a Woman is a Woman (I like it that way)!!!

    I don’t care if someone chooses to call themselves a Man OR Woman OR an It, their DNA will STILL be Male or Female!!!

    A man in drag or EVEN if they had transgender surgery they STILL have MUSELS of a MAN and have an UNFAIR advantage over a Female in sports!!!!

  17. There are only TWO genders man or woman.I ever see a man go into the female restroom with little girls in there..i will be going to jail

  18. This is a reversal of not too long ago when women rights was calling for Women in sports.Now the “rights folks” want to erase women being able to play sports.Sort of like abortion is woman’s healthcare…it is hard to believe that the largest cause of unnatural death would be called that.But there they both are what is up is down as mentioned in the endtimes predictions…

  19. One in 3 of our 165 million American females have been traumatized by males. These delusional biological males make war on women by invading biologically designated female facilities from bathroom, changing rooms, locker rooms, showers, bedrooms for school away events, women’s shelters and even athletic events. This robs real females the established rights to privacy, security, safety, modesty, sports awards, trophies and scholarships. There is NO level that this is acceptable on.

  20. Your born black or white brown whatever. Being heterophobic is a chosen alternative lifestyle. You’re a man or a woman. You can have all the operations you want and you will never change your chromosomes. Transgender is a psychotic fantasy.

  21. First of all, we have two genders, male and female. Both created by God. A make cannot be female just because he wants, and a female cannot be male just because they want. The idiots who came up with this stupid idea are going against God, and I am sure He will deal with them. A male or female can have the surgeries they want, but they will still be what God created them to be, male or female.

  22. This legislation confirms that 1) democrats do not act on behalf of those they represent, and 2) the house is dominated by obvious nut cases

  23. Their bodies are still male, whatever their minds feel like. They should compete with males or with other transgender males, not with females. It’s absolutely wrong to let them compete with females.

  24. Americas creation of women’s sports was the whole point of creating a level playing field for women! That’s why America created Women’s sports so they could still compete in sports that men do but only against women. A trans person will never be anything other than what they were biological born with and it’s called X and Y chromosomes.
    Trans community should start their own Olympic Games against, ie Trans Olympics, then they could compete as whatever gender they choose to compete against. It could be something very similar to the Special Olympics.

  25. This says it all. Cant compete with their own gender so I’m now a girl and I can win all the time.
    One of the athletes who displaced Selina previously competed against other male athletes in the winter 2018 season and failed to advance in boys’ indoor track events,”

  26. Why only 51%? What kind of alternative universe are the other 49% living in. And yes, I mean the 20% (undecided as well). How could anyone with anything more than a simple brain stem possibly justify having “bio” males compete with females in sports that require physical aspects that 99.9% of females cannot attain? This is a sick sick society. I feel badly for the kids that are growing up in it.


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