Here’s What Could Happen To Defiant New Zealand Gun Owners If They Refuse To Turn Over Their Weapons

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this year, New Zealand imposed a sudden and wide-sweeping gun ban following the horrific slaughter at a Christchurch mosque at the hands of an “eco-fascist” maniac whose manifesto expressed he was hoping his actions would result in widespread gun confiscations.

Well, they worked.

Now, after the majority of Kiwis have simply failed to show up and hand their guns over, they could now face up to 5 years in prison if they continue to refuse to do so.

Summit News has more:

A France 24 report on the government’s new buyback scheme showed a line of gun owners wilfully giving up their guns in response to the Christchurch massacre earlier this year.

This despite the fact that the shooter himself said in his own manifesto that provoking mass gunfiscation was one of his intended goals. Mission accomplished.

Since the buyback scheme began, 19,000 firearms have been handed in. Most of the guns seen being handed in looked like ordinary rifles, not AR-15s.

Inspector Terry Van Dillen said he “accepted” that some people would be emotional giving up their guns due to them having been handed down by families for generations.

I’m sure any potential future mass shooters are gleefully handing in their firearms to police as I write this.


This is not how you stop mass shootings. This is how you politely try to oppress a whole nation.

The gang members of New Zealand even publicly announced they were refusing to hand in any of the “banned” firearms, proving the exact point that only the law-abiding obey gun control laws.

So now only law-abiding Kiwis are going to be unarmed.

Take note, Beto.


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