Here’s The Sick Reason Michelle Obama Is Rebuking Black Voters…Will The Racism Never End?

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats are truly sick people. They go on and on about our dark and racist history, and yet, they are the most racist of all.

They believe that, rather than being free, independent, and equal, black people should get in line and only look, talk, act, and vote a certain way.

Case in point: look how much racial tensions increased during President Barack Obama’s presidency.

The first black president was truly a significant milestone for our nation, and it would have been the perfect opportunity to prove that black men are exactly equal to white men. And indeed, Obama did–and he was judged fairly by the right. Not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

And his character is that of a far-left agitator who hates the country in which he was given so much opportunity that he was elected president.

Michelle Obama, in turn, is now whining about black voters who didn’t help Obama’s appointed successor, Hillary Clinton, win against Trump.

Biz Pac Review reports:

In the latest example clarifying that Michelle Obama sees the world through the lens of color was seen in the former first lady’s new Netflix documentary, “Becoming.”

Revisiting a sore subject, Mrs. Obama talks about the pain she feels over black voters not turning out to vote for Hillary Clinton in the same numbers they did for husband Barack Obama, according to The Daily Beast.

Touting all the hard work “we” put in to build a winning coalition, Obama called it a “slap in the face.”

“It takes some energy to go high, and we were exhausted from it. Because when you are the first black anything…” she said. “So the day I left the White House and I write about how painful it was to sit on that [inauguration] stage. A lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost like a slap in the face.”

The use of the phrase “our folks” suggesting that for Michelle Obama, race comes first.

“I understand the people who voted for [Donald] Trump,” Obama added, offering no further clarification.

And her angst extended to the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, as Obama blamed minority voters for Democrats losing the House (2010) and Senate (2014), instead of her husband’s failed policies.

“The people who didn’t vote at all, the young people, the women, that’s when you think, man, people think this is a game,” she declared. “It wasn’t just in this election. Every midterm. Every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.”


  1. One would think that, being an African American herself, Michelle Obama would want “her people” to stand up for themselves, think for themselves and decide for themselves and vote according to their beliefs. But no, she still wants them to remain on the proverbial plantation and follow the orders of the overseers, which in this case would be Barack and herself. The Obamas want “their people” to continue to fawn over them, accept what they say without question and follow the edicts that they set forth for how African Americans should react regarding all aspects of their life and that definitely means “vote for the candidate they think should be elected, not the one you really feel is most qualified.

  2. Most democrats do not see others as equal and having the right to their pursuit of happiness. They believe nothing in The Constitution of The United States applying to all equally. Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were all killed because they believed all are created equal and should have the equal opportunity of success in this great nation. Democrats are totally against these principals especially when it comes to the black community. The dems are truly keeping poor neighborhoods just that, poor and destitute. They feed them lies of how others are keeping them down, but it is actually the dems keeping them where they are with no hope of getting out. Yes a few do get out despite being told they are sell outs. But by and large most don’t and dems give them just enough to get by thus telling them how they can live and the lifestyle they can have for life. There is no help up and encouragement to be your best from the dems. The dems have managed to destroy the family unit in these poor neighborhoods by making it advantages to have children without parent being married through welfare. It sickens me as a fellow American how these despicable politicians and activist exploit the poor this way. The poor inner city neighborhoods have not gotten any better through the years, only worse. These dem politicians frown upon and demonize those that dare to give and help up to the poor rather than a bribe handout to keep voting them into office. The cycle needs to stop and I’m not sure what it will take for this to happen but it needs to happen soon.

  3. That’s your Trauma Michael? Dressing in drag every day is not a trauma, but that’s YOUR trauma? Well, man up (oops!), because there is lots more trauma on the way.

  4. Mrs ignorant shit bag 44 is another plantation overseer this is what they do in the plantation how to talk, act, vote, the plantation get pissed when things don’t go there way here comes the lectures, people that live on the plantation just leave go live some where else you the overseers want you depend on them, the shit talking they do against Republicans because they don’t want you to be self sufficient, why is it that the plantation overseer want to increase your taxes instead of reducing your taxes, they want you to have less money for your family. The Republicans want you to be self sufficient and want you to have more money in your pocket. The plantation doesn’t want to give you opportunities to leave.

  5. Is this how “she” validates herself, while justifying her existence?
    Who gives a 🐀< – – – what she says, thinks or appears to do?
    After 8 years doing what ever she does best while “in the people’s house, is “she” still proud to be American?

  6. Unless I’m wrong…….the ‘great’ Obama was HALF WHITE!! No one seems to remember that nor want to talk about it. He sure didn’t bring the subject up and almost never mentioned his WHITE family!! Bigotry comes from way down deep inside……..and the Obamas had a whole mess of it!!

    • People call “mulatto” the new “brown”. And all black & brown are black. It’s politically wrong because not all Hispanics are Spanish people. It’s gotten so insane that a dark island Hispanic could actually get away with being regarded as “Black” when they clearly are not. If you don’t look Detroit Black or Atlanta Black then you are not black even if you share simular features. The category was necessary to prevent discrimination based on how it looks from the view of distinction – not entitle a lazy privileged class of mix raced people who could just say what ever benefits them most. Basically, if you don’t look it – you’re not. Progressives have gone full liberal in this regard.

  7. I guess it really sucks to be Obama……knowing that he was elected as President because of his race and not his qualifications (4-years in Congres, Affirmative Action). To start the movement of empowering the minorities and the “vulnerable” at the cost of the destruction of our middle class without conscience. For driving thousands of businesses out of the country. Thank you for bringing us to within a few steps of being a total third world nation.


  9. These two Michelle and Barrack are a disgrace to our country. We American are aware how you left our country in a mess giving ever- thing to the foreign Country . Thanks to our great President Donald Trump that has help all American to succeed not to divide American people like your trying to do. I think for you and your Husband that hate our country and the American people so much should leave with the money you have stolen from American head for a foreign Country. I can believe we pay you. I can tell you we won’t miss you by by. We are going to keep our country great with our great leader Donald Trump that cares for our country and the American People That’s All Racist.
    VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN ONLY We the American people will take charge of our country. GOD BLESS America USA, USA, USA, Donald Trump NOV.3 2020

  10. Mrs. Obama is a two faced selfish being. One minute she’s out there verbally attacking America for being racist, then, in her next breath, she’s attacking the black community for not doing what is supposed to be “expected” of them…to vote Democrat. She totally ignores the high percentage of “black votes” Trump got in the 2016 POTUS election; she totally ignores what the Trump economy has done for the black community with the lowest unemployment in the black community in history; but, she has no problem treating the black community like her “step children” and lecture them on how they, the blacks, didn’t show up to vote Democrat. She’s pathetic.

  11. The best way to eliminate racism is to eliminate description of race. The “First black this or that” It forces racist thinking. An achievement is an achievement regardless of race or gender. All I care about is they are an American

  12. Michelle is telling Blacks that they are too dumb to know what is best for them. Trump has given you jobs and you are not to be working, you need to be dependent on the government. After all we know what is best for you and you need to stay poor victims so I can feel good about giving you a few crumbs and tell you how bad you have it. She is the true face of racialism.

  13. Ha Ha the black ‘folks’ are waking up and seeing what crap you and your husband stand for. Go home and hate America from there, stay away from the microphone!

  14. These agitating progressive subversive rats need to find another country to aggravate & degrade. Ours is a Constitutional Republic that has no place for their radical unAmerican ideas & policies. Let’s rid our government & society of this vermin.

  15. Michelle Obama sounds like a sheep herder. Very sad how she looks at minority voters. She looks at color the way no one should. How sad 😞

  16. The Obummers are two very sick people. Neither of the two deserve to live in the USA. They both are against almost everything imaginable except reaping in all the money they can think of. I believe they both would sell their souls to acquire a lot of money. They have no principles and are absolute anti-America. They wish to have a communistic-style government, so let them go to China and live like a communist. They are both thoroughly corrupt and cannot be trusted now. Obummer was trusted when he was first elected, but he soon destroyed that trust and respect. Both of the Obummers are shit in my book.

  17. Maybe black voters have been enlightened and vote for whom they think is the better candidate, regardless of race. Stop trying to shame a race, for there were some white voters, Hispanics and Asians that did not vote for Hillary either.

  18. Obama’s are still crying! When will they finally shut the hell up? Please someone tell me just what did Obama do for our country during his 8 long years as president? Crickets…..

  19. The Obuttwipes will blame it all on black people . Isnt she a sick race baiter like big ears Barack ,,weasel ass Al Sharpton ,Jesse Jackson ..

  20. I’m sorry but of all people she should be proud of the accomplishments made that a black man was voted to be President of the US! That is one big accomplishment!
    She wants to play the race card which her attitude is what keeps the race problems stirred!
    She is an angry block woman who does not appreciate the opportunities that the black peoples have finally been given by hard work and perseverance and her attitude is destroying it all!
    When she stood up and said she had never been proud to be an American until Barack was elected president she really said it all!
    Better to be thought a fool than yo open your mouth and remove all doubt!
    She has destroyed much of the success made in black history by running her mouth about her own people!!

  21. Take a look around Michael…..this is what you created….if blacks were smart they would not vote for the loony left…they gonna put ya’ll back in chains!!!!

  22. Maybe they did vote, just not Democratic. She assumes that all blacks are Democrats. Blacks are finally breaking the chains of the Democratic “slave” masters.
    No more hand outs, instead hand ups to dignity, pride and family values.

  23. Michelle Obama is a U.S. hater like the rest Demorats. Remember the infamous quote “this is the 1st time ever that I liked this country”. She’s almost as bad as her Islamic terrorist sympathizer husband Barack Hussein Obama.

  24. There are a lot of very smart African American people who had broken the chain of slavery to their whit masters aka The Nazi-Socialistic Democratic Party.
    Let take a look at the democratic party in the south during slavery, rich white people who brought and sold the African people. Many of these slaves were Rapedby their white owners, will as being murderer by the white Democrats for disobedience.

    It was the white democrats who formed the KKK to handle the black slaves. They were not FREE until a Republican by the name of Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862. Abraham Lincoln issued a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, freeing more than three million black slaves in the Confederate states as of January 1, 1863.

    And to this day many African Americans still are slaves to the same democratic party that enslaved them back in the 1800s. It is those African Americans who are uneducated to the facts of who enslaved who.
    It was African tribes that sold other Africans into slavery.

  25. the only place she could call “home” is the Brookfield ZOO, Chicago, Illinois (in the same cage as “Frank & Mary”) (the two gorillias)

  26. It would appear that our first “minority” First Lady was also our first minority “TRANSGENDER” First Lady! That doesn’t reflect well upon our first “minority” “President”! Just sayin’…

  27. I hope when all is said and done they can prove she was involved in TREASON/SEDITION GATE and is hung and or shot along with her husband and the other thousand or so POS who should die for their ACTS against this great nation. Come on Barr and Durham it is time for people to die for their actions taken in the 2016 election and beyond.

  28. Well don’t hold your breath. When you address “OUR FOLKS” Ya’ll are BIG TIME RACIST. Racism will never go away. Get over YOURSELVES.
    Shit ass Hitler would not have won even if the blacks voted. DemoCraps are EVIL—You Got That! Obummer was a TERRIBLE President. Ass Kisser.

  29. I’ve little interest in learning how Big Mike became Michelle Obama. Gender reassignment and marriage to a groomed candidate can do that. What intrigues me more is how Barry became Barack.

    How does someone receive a scholarship as a foreign exchange student when he’s an American citizen from a CIA family? How does that mediocre “foreign exchange student” going to a mediocre college get picked up by Columbia and then Harvard? How does a boy surnamed Obama become Soetaro and then become a man named Obama once again? Why did he have two Social Security numbers? How does someone with little experience beyond “community organizing” become president with little vetting? Why was his first executive order to seal all of bis personal and academic records? Why did he feel the need to forge his Hawaii birth certificate when it doesn’t matter where he was born, since his mother was an American citizen with the right to transmit her citizenship? How does the child of a white mother become the first black president of the United States, and why did he choose to inflame race relations rather than assuage them? How does someone win the Nobel Peace Prize just for getting elected, and then why did he go on to fan unnecessary civil wars in Libya and Syria? Why is it that one of the most failed presidents in U.S. history still enjoys a fawning press?

    Becoming Michelle sounds lame. I want to know how one becomes Barack!

  30. It’s bad enough flouting your race for votes instead of intellect of the people , yes mike we seen right through the aims of the lies from Hillary ,and you,and the Muslim that left the Whitehouse after he tried to distroy this Republic and it’s military ! Now his offspring Nancy ,and the four are taking up where he left off , but it won’t work we the people have the last say!!

  31. Please stop the racist crap Michelle. Obama was one if the worst presidents ever, he spewed hate so bad he made it so alot of MLK great accomplishments were just gone. You and your husband hate whites even though he is half white, so stop and go home and stay there and stay out if our politics. We definitely did not need Hillary in there and alot of the old cronies in Congress need to go.

  32. This lady is a disgrace to all Americans as she continues to race bait us, all for her own agenda. I cannot stand her and wish she would just be quiet and go away. She gives black people even more of a stigma because of her comments, views, and phony behavior. Plus she is ignorant on top of everything else!

  33. So sad to think ,”Our folks” can’t have a mind of their and vote the way they feel is right. Not everyone agreed with all things President Obama did. When he opened up and showed he was not a true Christian and did not have any love for Israel his days were numbered among the black and Christian voters. Face it Michelle, you two are not as great as you think you are.

  34. Plain and simple, Hillary was to finish what Obama started, destroy America and I think the whole country was smart enough to figure that out. No one wanted the “Fundamental Transformation Of America”.

  35. All Americans are my people. Voting is one of our greatest freedoms and I’m always disappointed when less than 95% of eligible voters turn out, which is every election. Every eligible voter needs to vote next November.

    • Exactly. It’s the only way we can finally throw Traitor Trump out of office, deport him back to Russia, and rescue America.

  36. Mike why don’t you try preaching to white FOLKS since the black Folks see right thru you and Barrack and Hillary Clinton.

  37. To Michelle Abel Obama, policies did not work for your Husband because Hilary and and their Jewish money people felt politics was more important than getting anything done.


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