Here’s How Hong Kong’s Freedom Protesters Celebrated The New Year

(Tea Party 247) – While Beijing thought that Hong Kong’s pro-Western Democracy protesters would have been long eradicated by now, they’re stronger than ever, and marking a new year of fighting for freedom.

Protesters marched in downtown Hong Kong to ring in the new year on Wednesday, demanding that the government meet their demands.

The march had been abruptly called off by police at around 6 pm local time although CHRF had obtained police approval for the march between 3 pm and 10 pm.

Turnout was nonetheless high, the Epoch Times reports, with crowds of 1.03 million estimated by CHRF according to a statement they published on their Facebook page, where they also noted that the police’s far lower estimate of 60,000 lacked credibility.

CHRF stands for Civil Human Rights Front, which has been holding the large-scale demonstrations that have made it impossible for the world to ignore the size and pasion of their movement.

Before the march, a rally was held at Victoria Park, where there were several activist speakers among whom were activists Ventus Lau and Sunny Cheung.

Cheng made a call for furhter protests in the new year, shouting the powerful protest slogan, “Heaven Will Destroy the CCP [the Chinese Communist Party].” He called the CCP the enemy of the Hong Kong people.

The march was organized to underscore the protesters’ five demands that they have been loudly making known to their government and Beijing, according to Jimmy Sham, CHRF’s convener who spoke with the press ahead of the march.

At about 4pm, after the first marchers arrived at the final destination for the event, a skirmish broke out between police and protesters for an unknown reason.

The police then contacted CHRF demanding they shut down the event at 6 pm for what the group claims is an illegitimate reason.

“On the first day of year 2020, the Police dismissed the first licensed assembly of the year with absurd excuse. Hong Kong government have shown its unwillingness to listen to the voices of the mass, infringing the right of assembly of Hong Kong citizens,” CHRF stated.

Epoch Times notes that “At 8 p.m. local time, Hong Kong media Apple Daily reported that police arrested over 100 people who had not yet left the parade route near the Sogo shopping mall.”


  1. It’s ironic, and it exposes the lie of communism’s claim that it is a movement of the people, that it would ignore the demands of 1.06 million people.

    Every politician, as well as every person with two working brain cells to rub together, knows, that for every person at a march or protest there are several more who feel the same way, but who were unable or unwilling to take part in a protest.

    The fact that such a large portion of the Hong Kong people are out in the street show just how anti the people the CCP is.

  2. HK was rated # 3 on the Fraser Institute’s humand rights scale in 2018.

    Now U.S. propagandists and their lackeys in HK are creating the narrative that HK is an oppressive place. Total bs.

  3. In 2047, Hong Kong will be controlled by China. Why are you fighting it? Hong Kong is China period. No Hope be an independent nation. The RED Army moves into Hong Kong, they will be doom.

  4. Question! Do any of you leftist crazy people now feel like relocating to China or even Hong Kong? I know what it’s like, because a spent a substantial time in Hong Kong and know people who lived in main land China for years. The bottom line is: People DO NOT HAVE FREEDOM! For that matter, Cuba or any other country that governs Socialism/Communism
    Wake up people before it’s too late
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  5. CCP will never recognize human rights in Hong Kong or any where else. A “Radio Free China” type broadcast system should be set up by (some mysterious group) to educate people of China to how they are being abused and deprived of their God given human rights and the truth about what China is doing that threatens world peace and security.

  6. Hong Kong belongs to China.The original reason for the the protest has been accepted by the Chinese. Since then more demands has been added. Now the Chinese are faced with a dilemma.If they cave in to the demands it will show them to be weak and the other Providences will revolt.To keep that from happening the Chinese must show face saving strength. That means bringing the hammer down. Right now it is a fact that Hong Kong being a world trade center and world opinion that has been holding China back.Another thing it is the number of people protesting that makes it difficult for China to act without a major conflict. The communist government of China with their ingrained fanatical beliefs is having a hard time finding common face saving ground with the protesters.
    The United States really can do nothing because it is an internal Chinese problem that has nothing to do with us. The United States would not want a foreign power interfering our internal problems, therefore we shouldn’t interfere in theirs. If we do, it has to be in form of an arbitrator and aid in the resolution between the two parties.That is got to happen before China says ENOUGH..

  7. This will be the same way, our America will be, if the American People,
    Elect one of those Democrats wanting to have a Socialist America.
    There’s NO Free, Medical are Education if you have to pay a 70%
    Tax fee on your Salary. All of you will Pay for it in Taxes, for that FREE,
    things they are Lying to you about.

  8. Epoch. Times. Is the. Best. Newspaper in USA. NOT. Like. The. Fake. News. Of FORMER. Best. Newspaper. FAKE. NEWS. New. York. Times. Or. Washington. Post. Propaganda News. Of. Far. Left in America. Small. “a”

  9. @ABUTOM – other than the USA and Vatican City, are not all those countries socialist/communist governments? Isn’t that the direction the Democratic Party is heading? Are you suggesting they would vote for Trump? I’m confused by your remarks.

  10. China is in the WRONG again (what else is new?). Leave these Hong Kong protestors alone. They want to display their freedom . . . LET Freedom Ring. There is ONE country that would elect POTUS Trump, and that is the U.S.A. He is a true Patriot, he’s an EXCELLENT and STRONG LEADER, and he KNOWS what he is doing. It’s time for the TREASONISTIC TRAITORS to simply SHUT their PIEHOLE! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • They would not elect Trump, because he is not a socialist and believes in less regulations on small businesses and lower taxes that is against their policies. The Vatican REALLY. Trump is not Pope material.

    • @ABUTOM Now really your leftist propaganda is showing. Trump is a free market capitalist and Constitutional follower. Guess you need a refresher civics course in order to understand just who are currently conducting themselves in a Fascist, totalitarian manor. Hint, look in the mirror it’s your ‘progressive”, or originally named communists, who you support.

  11. It’s time China gets tough with the protesters…. Enough is Enough. The longer you allow this type of action, the you lose your power China. Starting cleaning house and show what China is made of—-so far it looks like China is made of Milk-Toast.

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