Hearing Proves Abortion Clinics Making Big Profits On The Harvesting And Selling Of Murdered Babies

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve ever wondered how evil humans can be, take a look into the abortion industry. The guise of ‘women’s reproductive health’ is a downright lie. This is the death industry of America and it gets even worse than that.

A second hearing has been held by the Selective Investigative Panel on Infant Lives on the matter of Planned Parenthood (PP) selling baby parts. The focus of the hearing was to establish whether or not companies such as StemExpress and Planned Parenthood are making a profit on the harvesting and selling of baby parts. Another aspect was the pricing of “fetal tissue,” also known as baby parts.

This is the sick world we live in, in 2019.

The first thing that was discovered is that abortion clinics have repeatedly shown that they incur no expenses during the transactions involving body parts. In other words, there is a process for the disposing of baby parts and someone has to be responsible for it; the data shows that PP claims there are never any expenses associated with this; it costs them nothing. How can this be?

Another interesting fact is that PP is actually being paid to have outside companies, like StemExpress, take the babies remains to re-sell them.

Quick economics 101 review: zero expenses + cash in = PROFIT.

Secondly, ‘procurement’ companies, such as StemExpress, actually advertise and promote the profitability of harvesting baby parts. During the hearing, one of the exhibits was a brochure from StemExpress showing exactly that.

Alliance Defending Freedom actually created an infographic using the very same brochure that shows exactly how PP is making a profit selling the aborted babies. The brochures are distributed at abortion trade conferences. Interestingly the brochures include the endorsement of one notable vendor – Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.

Lastly, the hearing proved that there is in fact big money in the sale of baby parts and the industry is booming. According to a more in depth article on the hearing by ‘Humans Are Free,’ “At the time of the release of the undercover videos, StemExpress had partnered with nearly 100 abortion clinics to meet the crazy demand for the body parts of dead babies.”

This is highly disturbing.

Planned Parenthood and StemExpress had every intention of continuing on the upwards growth trajectory until the undercover videos were released. StemExpress was turning huge profits as the number of abortion clinics they partnered with continued to increase. Records show a direct correlation between the number of abortion clinic partnerships and their exponential revenue increases.

Transactions involving the exchanging of baby parts are in the thousands per payment, according to records. The profitability of this evil industry cannot be denied.

Washington D.C. abortion advocates have managed to convince their “pro-choice” voter bases that this is a “women’s rights” issue and an “access to abortion” issue but what this is, is pure evil and shows how depraved people will become to bring in huge sums of money.

There is absolutely no good reason to support this twisted industry in which babies are first murdered inside their mother’s wombs and then ripped apart and their parts sold for PROFIT.

Planned Parenthood has repeatedly been caught in the wrong with more than enough corroborating evidence and yet they manage to evade any consequences over-and-over. It is more than obvious they are being protected at a federal level and one that will never be penetrated without the right amount of money.

If there is any hope to take down this insidious industry it will be through continued pressure from the opposition and further investigations.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


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