Has Nancy Pelosi Officially Lost Her Mind? Bizarre Footage From Her Trip To Africa Begs The Question

(Tea Party 247) – Nancy Pelosi sure has lost it! In a recent taxpayer-funded excursion to Africa she and 12 other delegates, all from the Democratic Black Caucus, went to “celebrate” the 400th anniversary of the first slaves leaving the shores of Ghana. What a commemorative historical event!

On the trip she was seen clapping and dancing and having a “rip-roaring” good time. We thought the Dems were the party against slavery, in opposition of the evil, racist Republicans. Turns out, they think the beginnings of slavery in America is an event worthy of rapturous celebration.

Just to reiterate, this celebration was sponsored by you, the taxpayers. As if there is nothing to do in America, no work to be done, no problems to fix. It makes much more sense to take a trip to Africa to pander for black votes back here in the states. Everything the Dems do is pandering for votes one way or another.

Here’s the low-down on the Ghana trip from a DC Clothesline report:

First, they were pictured eating at a five-star restaurant in Italy and now the 13-person delegation of Democrats from the Congressional Black Caucus are in Ghana.

This trip’s purpose was to mark “400 years since the first set of slaves left the shores of Africa across the Atlantic to the USA”.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and her delegation are having a rip-roaring time on this boondoggle. She released a statement about the trip confirming what most Americans already know…this is an official boondoggle hosted by Pelosi and paid for by the taxpayers:

Solemnly, the delegation will pay respects at Cape Coast and Elmina Castles and the “Door of No Return,” to observe the 400th Anniversary of the First Enslaved Africans Landing in America.

“As we face evolving global security challenges, our delegation will thank our men and women in uniform and receive briefings from U.S. military leaders at U.S. Army Africa headquarters.”

“In Ghana, our delegation looks forward to high-level discussions on key issues such as regional security, sustainable and inclusive development and the challenges of tomorrow including the climate crisis.”

Not only is it ridiculous that in the midst of the political unrest and instability in the United States, these congress members are in Africa, living it up on our dime, but they are taking with them their false narratives, liberal talking points, and bad politics. Notice how the report said they went to discuss things like “regional security,” ironic seeing as how they have zero concern for national security right here at home.

Looks like they also wanted to discuss “inclusive” development. What does that mean? Is it referring to the LGBT agenda and the push to normalize and legalize homosexuality in Africa, that Obama pioneered? Are they trying to continue on with Obama’s legacy of forcing Africans into accepting sexual perversion that they vehemently oppose? Most likely.

The most entertaining and simultaneously worrisome topic of conversation was, of course, climate change. The left is bound and determined to force their radical views on climate change on the world. They desperately want to see their visions of a twisted liberal dystopia come to pass and that means everyone on Earth has to accept the lie that climate change is caused by human activity, which it is not. If humans don’t fear an imminent threat to humanity as a whole, there will be no way to manipulate and control us.

The Dems used our hard earned tax dollars to take a luxurious vacation to Africa to celebrate the beginning of slavery in America and push their whacked out ideology and policies on the people of Ghana. That’s the left for you!


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