Harvard Poll Showing Chinese Citizens Overwhelmingly Support CCP Has Very, Very Dirty Secret

(Tea Party 247) – China is a dictatorial communist country.

There are no two ways about it.

The nation is ruled by a single party, the Chinese Communist Party, which suppresses free speech, places dissenters and religious minorities in labor camps, where they have even been known to force abortions.

Social media is seriously restricted, censored, and monitored.

The country even has a chilling, Orwellian “social credit” system in which citizens can be restricted from traveling and making purchases based on various missteps monitored by mass surveillance.

The country is anything but free, and there are plenty of Chinese expats who can attest to this.

The very chilling thing, however, is that there are also plenty of Westerners who have happily committed to pulling water for the Communist Chinese.

Two of the most influential entities to take such a stance towards the distinctly oppressive world power include the American Democrat party and a number of higher learning institutions, including Harvard University.

The time-honored Ivy League institution recently conducted a survey of Chinese citizens and their approval of the one-party state that rules over them which failed to mention polling was conducted by a former official of the CCP.

Um, that’s sort of a big omission, don’t you think?

Just the News reports:

A recently published Harvard University poll found that 93% of Chinese citizens support their government, a figure which Beijing is now touting.

However, the poll was run by a company, Horizon Research Consultancy Group, that is led by a former Chinese government official, a fact which Harvard failed to acknowledge in its report of the results, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The study found that during a 13-year period, public approval for all levels of Chinese government has improved.

Dean Cheng, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, says any company based in China is effectively supervised by the Chinese Communist Party and therefore not able to operate independently or in opposition to the government.

Horizon Research is run and was founded by Yuan Yue, a former Chinese Ministry of Justice official.

They also note that “Harvard has acknowledged receipt of at least $74 million in donations from China since 2014.”


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  8. Harvard and Yale have always been centers of treason against the United States. It is just that now that treason is becoming more observable.

  9. How in the world did they find the 7% who don’t support the CCP? Most of us would, if someone was holding a gun to our head, say we support that person. What kind of idiots are running Harvard? Asked and answered!

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  11. Pray tell, what did/do you expect. These are full blooded ‘converted’ Chinese communists. They are here for only two reasons — Get a good education (which they will take home) AND get as much information (legally or un-legally) to send or take home. Wise up folks, we are EDUCATING and ARMING the avowed enemy of the United States. Our best course of action is to SEVER all ties with Communist China and STOP aiding them !!

    • I totally agree with you!
      There are so many “useful idiots” of the evil communists in the “higher learning” (?!) in America, and so many
      stupid “elites”!

  12. Unreal. Don’t trust them they have infiltrated our democratic system and knowingly through the Democratic Party because of big bucks $$$$$

  13. Harvard has lost all credibility in my estimation for anything their faculty says or their students do. There has been little come out of there but scandal in recent years, professors hiding their connections with the Chinese gov. while receiving US gov research funds, the administration firing professors who exercise their first amendment rights etc,etc. and still our Gov draws many of its officials from Harvard Faculty and Graduates. This fixation on the Ivy league institutions has given them an arrogance which in turn leads them to believe they can fool every one else. Yale is no different, the membership of the Skull and Bones contains the names of some of the most corrupt individuals ever seen in this Country. For both of these institutions Appearance is Everything, Substance is Nothing.

  14. Well…we don’t have to go to china to live under restrictions anymore. Aren’t we spied by google, amazon, and all the others? Aren’t we cancelled if we say something bezos or whatshisname from facebook don’t like? Aren’t we smacked by blm and antifa if we fly “Blue Lives Matter” in public? Aren’t we condemned and even censured and even fired from our jobs if we write opinions that aren’t leftist in neighborhood blogs?

    So what is so different here from china?

    • Absolutely right. We need term limits to stop our enemy the government. They were supposed to work for us not control us. This is why the democrats don’t want to hold China accountable. The schools have brainwashed and lied to our children. The Ivy League schools are a joke anymore. They allow foreigners in before Americans. We should not allow anyone Chinese in to any of our schools. Let China get their own schools. They’re also controlled by Saudi Arabia. Our freedoms are being taken away. Once they succeed with the 2nd amendment then we’re China completely. I’m sure the democrats made a deal with them. Some republicans too. China sent Baltimore drone and they monitor the streets. If that’s not dictatorship I don’t know what is. This is why they’re trying to defund the police. Half the ranking military is on the take. You’d think they would like Trump since he’s bringing them back but the democrats brainwashed them too. We’re inches from being a socialist country. When we allow people from other terrorist countries in our government we were in trouble. We elected and allowed a president who wasn’t a citizen. He didn’t meet the qualifications of being a born US citizen yet the weak republicans allowed it. He destroyed and cos to destroy our country. Which was his job in the first place.

  15. The garbage that is coming to light at nearly all universities and their relationships with the CCP should be enough to now reduce the number of student visas to schools for the children of CCP officials. Better yet, if parents are CCP, no visa to US schools. You can not trust the Chinese. Fines also to the University that accepts money from the CCP. Should be treated as campaign contributions. Political officials can not accept contributions from the CCP.

  16. You are right about the possibility if dim wits win. However, if the opposite happens the dim wits get a major reason to continue their fits. The difference is with the GOP in charge the brownshirts are listed as social /domestic terrorist and that calls for long, long jail/prison times.

    And further it puts the conspiracy for treason leadership in jail/prison as well. I don’t think Trump would accuse Bozo of TREASON without proof. And hopefully the donors and leaders in that insane asylum of the DNC up for charges for everything they have done too. That is not limited to the major two of Sedition, Treason. And whatever they have done does have consequences in our laws. Time for them to pay.

    The dim wits have shown the nation who they really are. That says their lies/words do not follow their actions. The covid pelosi virus actions in all dim wit enclaves stands as proof of their dictator personas. And one can see that Trump and his administration does what they promised and treats their populace with care. MAGA is coming and the Dim Wits are blind to that landslide believing the demented fringe and driving away everyone else. Vote in the elections. The winner will be Trump.

  17. Well, a captive threatened populace is not stupid for the first point. And accepting money from the communist government and doing the poll is another cause to question it’s truth level. Then add that a former chinese government person ran the poll.

    Now just how stupid does Harvard and the chinese think the citizens of this country are? AND just how stupid does the soon to be whipped DNC and it’s politicians think the USA citizens are? Answer to both is they believe we are sheeple as does Soros and the rich, white, entitled leaders and donors of that totally bought by the NWO party of the insane asylum called the DNC.

    Time to get em out of any office including dog catcher, with the vote first. And I am so sick of their whining, threats and violence. Clean em out. Put the violent ones in jail and all who colluded to create this mess and treason including Bozo, Soros, and his pod of bad actors from his administration that are involved NOW. Or as soon as the house, senate and the president are all conservatives in 2020. As to cities and state clean em out there too with recall or elections.

    Rinos are unbalanced but we can manage them until they are culled too! Note to Romney, you are gonna be first!!!

    • Agreed Soros is 89. Why can’t God do us a favor and send him to hell already. He can hold the places for Obama, Biden, Clinton’s, Pelosi, etc. All these evil politicians who think we’ll just continue to follow them. I smell a civil war coming November 2020. Now nazi Fauci wants us to wear masks. This is a test to see if the totally brainwashed people. Unfortunately they have about 1/2 the people paranoid and believing them. My theory is that China and the democrats purposely released this virus. Think about it. China just started paying tariffs. The democrats needed to sink economy and record low unemployment rates. They couldn’t compete with Trump. Since impeachment didn’t work this happened. Fauci created the virus and sent it to China. Obama paid for it via our tax dollars. Fauci big time democrat and political. How did Gates and Fauci both know in 2017 there was going to be a pandemic? Backup plan. WHO, GATES, ZUCKERBERG FOUNDATION, CLINTON FOUNDATION, CDC, BIG PHARMA SOROS, all connected. Listen to Dr Schiva with impeach Dr Fauci. I know conspiracy theory but makes sense. They’re trying to control us just like China and this is the way to do it. Brainwash kids to use them and disease to control us under the pretense for our own safety and lives.

  18. just who is in charge of Harvard? Americans give more to Harvard than the Chinese government, so I wonder why they continue to push the communist manifesto and run down United States????
    Shame on Harvard – it used to be a respected university.

    • New? Not at all! CCP didn’t even exist in 1920′ when Round Table started corrupting our educational system and indoctrinating the youth of America about New World Order. They moved slow, but by 1990′ you could hear Bush senior mentioning NWO in public speeches.

  19. [The nation is ruled by a single party, the Chinese Communist Party, which suppresses free speech, places dissenters and religious minorities in labor camps, where they have even been known to force abortions.
    Social media is seriously restricted, censored, and monitored.}

    Now there is the description of what the new Socialist Democrat Party is striving for here in the USA, and probably will succeed in achieving if Joe Biden becomes President, the Socialist Democrats retain majority control of the US House, and gain majority control of the US Senate.

    The violent riots going on all across the USA in the Socialist Democrats’ long term controlled large cities is just a precursor of what the Socialist Democrats have in mind for the rest of the country, to help them take complete control of the USA, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has achieved in China.

    The 2020 national elections are the most critically important elections that have ever taken place in the USA, because it will determine whether our Republic continues as it has since it’s inception, or if it will become another copy of Communist China.

  20. What the hell do “we” expect!! The dam communists have been BRIBING thousands of people here to gain access to our freedoms!! Harvard, what a farce!! $74,000,000 so far taken to accept communism in this “once” great college!!
    $74,000,000 to brainwash our youngster’s!!

    The dam “few” at the top of the 1,300,000,000 billion slaves in china are enjoying unlimited wealth at the expense of the world!!

    Take away the “money” tariff’s and they will be exposed!! The sweat shops which house many, many million’s of slave workers which make literal trash and is sold to the world! When this ends and there’s now work what is going to “feed” these literal million’s upon million’s ????? Well there will be a revolution unheard of across china !! Communism will be totally exposed for the massive fraud it is!!

    This is happening as I write this BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TARIFF’S!!
    The end of communism is happening and good riddence!!

    Cpt. Lauren Dowsett

    • Or else.

      I wonder what happened to the 7% that weren’t happy…… Or was that number made up to make the poll seem more realistic..??

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  22. We have to carefully choose curriculums at all of our schools to include world history, civics and American history accurately and patriotically.

    • In my day we learned history. They’ve slowly been replacing it with that 1619 crap. We parents assumed they were learning history but apparently not. They’ve been smart to do it little by little. Since Trump has been exposing them they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. Biden already said that the Muslim belief should be taught in school. Isn’t that the goal for the Muslims to overtake western civilization. They’ve been doing it since the crusades. If they succeed they will kill everyone who don’t convert. Read the book of revelations. So much is happening.

  23. When ‘Founding Fathers’ of this great nation completed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and, The Bill of Rights they also saw the future anti-American forces within the deep-state and the DNC that exists today. Their last words included we gave you democracy through the representative republic, now it up to the American patriots to hold onto it. China, deep-state, DNC, Lame-Stream Media and, the low-information voter are the latest anti-American forces to threaten
    our life, liberty and, justice, as well as, every citizen’s right to pursue happiness in any way they see fit. Universities across the nation have ‘Sold the America Patriot Out’ to China while the DNC has ‘Sold Out the American Sovereignty’ to the CCP.

  24. So the #CCP now ‘owns’ Harvard. How sad Harvard sold out, just like Nike, the NBA, Google, FBook, IBM and other companies doing ‘business’ there. One day soon it will bite us in the rear. Look what Communism has done to the #DNC the MSM and to America already.

    • Forgot NFL and baseball. I’m glad hockey isn’t a sell out yet and stays that way. BLM and Antifa are Marxist. They use a name that means that had a good meaning but stands for something different. Remember they said replace the whole system, communist.

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