Guess Which Democrat-Run State Had The Most Mass Shootings In 2019?

(Tea Party 247) – Well, this destroys pretty much everything about the gun control narrative.

According to a database compiled by the Associated Press (AP), USA Today, and Northeaster University, the United States suffered more mass killings in 2019 than any year on record, with 41 recorded incidents and 211 deaths.

According to the AP report: “California, with some of the most strict gun laws in the country, had the most, with eight such mass slayings.”

You don’t say?

According to a December 28 report from Breitbart noted that in the Golden State, the gun-control happy Democrats have installed universal background checks, gun registration requirements, gun confiscation laws, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, an “assault weapons” ban, a one-handgun-a-month purchase limit, a ban on campus carry for self-defense, and a ban on teachers being armed to return fire if under attack.


California also required potential gun purchasers to acquire a safety certificate from the state before being permitted to purchase a firearm.

This is to say nothing of their recently introduced controls on ammunition purchases.

The New American notes:

Despite the lack of any statistical evidence between strict gun controls and gun-related deaths (other than reasonable conclusions that strict gun controls lead to even more violence, e.g., Chicago and New York City), gun-control advocates renew their efforts to impose stricter controls on gun purchase after every mass shooting.

Speaking to reporters after a lengthy phone call last summer with Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, President Trump said that the United States has “very strong background checks right now,” adding that mass shootings were a “mental problem,” not the result of easy access to guns.

A December 23 AP report stated that: “The majority of the killings involved people who knew each other — family disputes, drug or gang violence or people with beefs that directed their anger at co-workers or relatives.”

Also worthy of note, as AP noted, while “firearms were the weapon in all but eight of the mass killings. Other weapons included knives, axes and at least twice when the perpetrator set a mobile home on fire, killing those inside.”

In other words, even if gun control did help mass killings, which most evidence fails to support, you’d also need knife control, ax control, and machete control to prevent all mass killings.

And of course, murder is already illegal.

Meanwhile, over at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas over the weekend, we were very soberly reminded just what can happen when armed citizens are not only welcomed but encouraged.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick praised the heroic actions of those volunteer church members. “They were well trained, well trained. The heroism today is unparalleled. This team responded quickly and within six seconds the shooting was over,” Patrick said. “Two of the parishioners who are volunteers on the security force drew their weapons and took out the killer immediately saving untold number of lives.”

Jack Wilson, the security volunteer who shot the gunman, is 71 years old and the owner of On Target Firearms Training Academy in Granbury, Texas, one town over from this writer’s home.


  1. why not divide the u.s, into red states & blue states, each rules in their own way. it up 2 the states 2 decide who they will let in.when all the jobs go 2 red states. the blue workers want 2 come 2 red states. they lose the right to vote blue. when enough blue people don’t have jobs. we can enforce salt treaty. we will bail out the blue states in exchange for taking away state rules 2 receive red state money (bail out )

  2. That is because only law abiding citizens follow the laws and the criminals that have guns and are doing these mass shootings do not care about the laws. Also California bought this on themselves saying they are a sanctuary state which is in itself against the constitution and federal laws and federal laws over take state.

  3. Maybe Schiff and Pelosi etal need to start paying attention to their own state which they practically ignored since Trump took office. Telling the people of the United States that they know what’s good for them when they don’t know and can’t control their own singular state let alone all of America. Go home Ca Democrats and work where you were elected to work. Do something productive in Ca instead of letting the shit hit the fan some more. Hypocrites!

  4. If there had been strict gun control in 1776 when America was under England’s rule, there would be no United States of America today. If American citizens cannot protect themselves by whatever means, including guns, there will be no United States tomorrow. Americans 250 years ago knew what it meant to fight their way free of tyrannical government. That’s why there is a Second Amendment in our constitution. Never forget.

    California is a beautiful place to live, but it is burdened with at least thirty per cent of the nation’s free loaders, and they all have the vote. In some cases, even the dead and the illegal alien. It is nearly impossible for the common sense conservatives to clean house.

  5. Mwxifornia, of course. They also have the poorest hygiene, most human feces on the ground, most incompetent governor, and most chance of catastrophic annihilation…

    • With California being under the control of the Democrats, the state has the highest mass murder rate of all Democrat controlled states. Even with all of their ridiculous rules and laws, California is a massive total disaster and disgrace. While the Dem. lawmakers get wealthier the state gets more unlivable. Miles of endless multi lane interstates and highways continuously encased in massive traffic jams and smog, never ending fires of mass destruction, and ever increasing taxes are the state’s legacy. Yet Pelosi and Schiff remains at the helm continuing to help destroy the whole state. Better forestry management of overgrowth, and underground power lines and junctions would be a simpler way to help eliminate the massive fires. But do the Dems of California think about that? No! They’re too busy figuring out ways to gouge the people out of more money for their wealthy political lifestyles and careers. Maybe their party needs to be renamed the Stupidcrats!

  6. There is a age old law which is “where there is a buyer there is a seller”. You pass laws prohibiting the sell of fire arms to the honest citizen, it will make life on the streets and in the homes more dangerous because,criminals who will get guns,who don’t care about the laws will be encouraged to commit crimes, they won’t be worried about being shot.What laws are we going to pass to cover the majority of murders that are being committed with Knifes and clubs.Almost everything can be used as a deadly weapon, are we going to pass laws about that to? It is funny that the states and cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates and the cites where they have open carry laws have the lest. The country with the lowest crime rate is Switzerland where every house is required to have gun.One of the main reasons is, the criminal does like being shot either. Gun control is nothing more than population control by the government. The 2nd Amendment,”the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Was written to protect the people from abuses by the government and criminals and to give a citizen the ability to protect his home, property and family.

  7. It’s a commiefornia value to elect ignorant shit bag democraps to shit on themselves, to be number one in homelessness, ignorant shit bag policies don’t work, it’s been proven time and time again, another commiefornia value we screw are own.

  8. CALIFORNIA wouldn’t have this problem if they VOTED out PELOSI aka POLLACK , SCHIFF aka PENCIL NECK and WATER’S aka MAD MAX and
    Most of ALL get rid of that DERANGED and DEPLORABLE Governor NEWSOM !

  9. No WONDER the State of California had more MASS SHOOTINGS than any other state! . . . Their laws have made the state a KILLING FIELD with their MURDEROUSLY bad policies. Gun Free zones are a KILLING FIELD zone. Do you think that CRIMINALS are going to OBEY these STUPID laws?!? What are the politicians in their state THINKING with (oh, never mind)? The criminals are SMARTER than the POLITICIANS! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Thank God for you President Trump and Q Patriots! !!!
    Wwg1wga! !!!!!
    Justice is coming, Pray for the USA!!
    And VOTE Red because your life depends on it America! !!
    Wake Up!!!! Sheep No More!!

  11. It is amazing how to the liberal it is always the “reasonable gun control measures” to blame the weapon and not the criminal. We don’t do that with any other crime. A person drunk driving they never blame the car. This is how we know there is an agenda to get rid of 2A.

  12. Nothing explains beyond the comments here why no person who is sane would want to live in California. Heck every place there seems to be a gun free zone. AKA a place where you can go and be shot and no one will care. You are just another statistic waiting to happen.

  13. THIS CAN’T BE……



    More seriously, is ANYONE the least bit surprised?

    And remember, it was that asswipe Biden who gave us “Gun Free” shooting zones.

  14. The reason California at the most is because they are protected by their sanctuary because the corrupt black robe judge means only go after conservatives don’t go after illegal aliens and turn them loose on the street after they’ve been arrested for rape robbery murder beatings etc.

  15. The Progressives have had control of the issue of Gun Violence for Decades. Their response is “Magical Thinking.” Put up a Sign saying “Gun-Free Zone” and somehow the pixies will prevent a Murderer from doing anything Bad. BEEEEE ESSSSSSS
    It’s Been More than Twenty Years this crap has gone on and it doesn’t WORK. If the Progressive Left actually gave a CRAP about child victims, they would allow them to be protected by Good People With GUNS, Like they do for the STINKING Politicians themselves. Like they do for Jewelry Stores. like They do for Hospitals. Like they Do for Banks. Like they do For the DMV. Like they do for The Social Security Office. Like they do for the POST OFFICE.
    Is this making sense to anyone????????

  16. I am pro 2nd Amendment! They can institute all the gun controls they want. It only hurts us. The criminals will never turn in their guns. Perfect example- Chicago. And New York and California.
    We the people are supposed to give up our guns, while the criminals keep theirs. NO, NO, NO!!!

  17. There were recently a number of folks who shot would-be attackers while they were being victimized. Good guys with guns saved lives. This is why terrorists go to schools, churches, business parties… and other places where they KNOW guns are not allowed. CA needs to wake up.


  19. Great.armed citizens protecting himself and others, the way it is suppose to be
    2nd amendment needs to be reinforced. Back the rights of good citizens and arrest ,keep violent criminals in jail,at any cost . Good bye radical libs , your cases for more gun control are destroyed every day by statistics.

  20. Spounds like Peelosi, Waters, Farty Swallwell, Schifftless and Gavone Nuisance have their hands
    full as they are the ones who are against any good for humanity.
    Instead of stopping crime in CA and those wildfires, homelessness- these clowns concentrate
    on impeachment.

  21. So, what’s the problem, didn’t the criminals get the message? I guess only the law-abiding citizens are following the laws. Hummmmm

  22. They want to take the guns away from honest law abiding people so that just the bad guys have them.! This is what we are up against. If a few days ago in the church – if that retired officer and veteran did not take his shotgun to church – I am sure a lot more people in that church would have DIED. RESPONSIBLE gun owners are not the problem – not in California or any other state or city. The liberal idiots who were VOTED in to those offices need to be voted OUT for the good of honest law abiding citizens.; I have to say I am in belief that the voting done in these places may not be on the up and up – because I find it hard that most of them could “honestly” keep their jobs.

    • You know it Richard Mondale.
      DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter. Lays out the heritage & lineage of liberalism from the French Reign of Terror to today’s Communist hell holes.

    • B’cuz when confronted by the fact that all the people who died or moved away or fraudulently registered to vote for the last 20 years were still registered, Sec o State says “we dont want to disenfranchise THOSE voters.”

  23. There are already 40,000 gun laws on the books!
    You can not legislate good behavior!
    Bad guys will always have guns!

    And the only thing standing between you and a Bad with a gun, is a Good Guy…with a Gun!


  25. It’s sad that the solution to mass shootings had to be shown this way . But now voters know how to stop these crazy killings . Good on you Gov. Abbott . Some want to carry . I prefer not too. It’s an inconvenience. I’ll be hoping there are enough carriers out there . It should be easy now to define idiots running for office too.. Those against concealed carry won’t get my vote. Also that church should call the FOX news outlet to film their presentation of a box of replacement bullets to the man that saved so many lives.

  26. I live in CA. I’m not a democrat (probably one of the few residents who isn’t). I don’t own a gun but I am not in favor of gun control. But come on, I know how misleading numbers can be, even honest-to-God factual statistics can be misleading. First of all, CA has 35 million people which is probably more than the 15 smallest populated states added together. Just from a statistical perspective CA obviously has the greatest chance of having the most incidents. So, please, when contemplating these tragedies, try to keep these things in perspective. CA may be a shithole but it only appears to be the biggest one because it’s the largest one.

  27. That was not hard at all, for I knew it was California, they even have the most gang activity in the nation, the most highest taxes in the nation and a state that has turned into a garbage state, with the most corrupt politicians of any state, an is a state that has the most businesses and people leaving!!! What is so sad about this is these idiots leaving are going to other states to screw them all up by voting Democratic still !!! Lets face it the people from California have no common sense they keep voting Democrats into office just to get fuc-ed all over again, the same thing is happening New York, and in Illinois, and the city of Chicago!!! It really is happening all over this country and we must stop it and get these voters to vote only for Republicans or we are doomed as a nation!!!!

  28. No surprise here. It’s the people, never the inanimate object.

    restrict guns and criminals will still prevail, while the law abiding citizens become subservient to the socialist agenda.

    • I bought a very funny (pro 2nd Ammendment) T-shirt, which said: If guns kill people, then I guess spoons over-eat, & cars drive drunk.

      *I’m sorry, the shirt’s packed away for winter & I can’t think of the 3rd, “very funny BUT sadly true” line. Anyone else know it?

  29. Gun laws are stupid, criminals do not obey the law. Which leaves honest citizens at their mercy.
    Vote every Democrat out of office and start deporting the illegal alien criminals.

    • I’m a retired LAPD Detective Supervisor (retiring in 1988, with 32 yrs. of service). Nancy Pelosi & all of the other Socialist Democrats in CA don’t have the brains to blow their noses when it comes to crime prevention.
      Pelosi is all about remaining in Office and her personal power. She embarrasses herself and her Party every time she opens her mouth.

  30. And anyone would be surprised??? Every “common sense” new gun law states pass is in reality an infringement on our Constitutionally Protected right to keep and bear arms. These are all impediments to our GOD GIVEN right to life and our self protection of it. These lib progressives are doing everything they can to subvert the entire Constitution!!!

  31. Gun control is not going to stop mass shootings no matter what any anti gun liberal says. Thank goodness Texas has the law where guns can be carried in churches. No telling how many people would have been killed if we didn’t have that new law. The person that killed the shooter was trained and he had taught the others to shoot. We are going to have to protect ourselves and the ones we care about.

  32. There is mega gang violence in Calif. I was born and raised there 52 years and I don’t see any change in the gang violence in all these years. We left there in 2004, we decided we had enough of the Left’s crap. They tax anything and everything that moves or breathes and look at the mess they have! You guys in Calif need to wake up and take back your state!

  33. The Democrats don’t want to encourage safety for Americans.

    They want to impose a totalitarian socialist police state on America and they can’t do it with an active 2nd Amendment.

    If they deny what I just said they are lying, but then again, after 3 plus years of Mueller and impeachment hearings does any normal, sane American not know now that Democrats will lie about anything if it furthers their totalitarian socialist agenda??

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