Guess What Happened To This University Professor Who Busted The Myth That Polar Bears Are Endangered By Climate Change?

(Tea Party 247) – A Canadian zoologist who has led the charge against the false claim that polar bears are becoming endangered due to “climate change” has been fired from the University of Victoria after what she says was “outside pressure” to do so.

Susan Crockford, who earned a Ph.D. in biology and anthropology in 2004, was an adjunct assistant professor at Canada’s University of Victoria for 15 years, until her renewal application was inexplicably rejected in May. This was in spite of her high profile as a speaker and author due to her research on polar bears and expertise in mammal bone identification, according to the Washington Times.

According to her research, polar bear populations have remained stable and are even thriving, something which stands in stark contrast to claims from climate activists that polar bears are threatened by shrinking Arctic sea ice.

Crockford described her expulsion from the university as “an academic hanging without a trial, conducted behind closed doors.”

On Wednesday, she wrote on her popular blog, Polar Bear Science, that “When push came to shove, UVic threw me under the bus rather than stand up for my academic freedom.”

On Monday, she wrote on her blog that she was in London ahead of her lecture on her 2019 book “The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened.”

Up until two years ago, she said, the university was supportive of her, promoting her interviews and her work.

In May of 2017, however, her lectures were shut down after the speakers’ bureau for the university received a complaint that there was a “lack of balance,” which, she said “poisoned support I might have expected from colleagues in the department.”

More like too much balance, one thinks.

The speakers’ bureau incident “made it clear the administration had no intention of protecting my academic freedom against complaints from outside the university,” she said in an email to the Examiner.

Michele Parkin, the University of Victoria Associate Vice President responded with a letter asserting that there is “no evidence to suggest that Dr. Crockford’s adjunct appointment was not renewed for ‘telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears.'”

“The University of Victoria, in both word and deed, supports academic freedom and free debate on academic issues,” she claimed.

The university did not, however, deny in their statement that Crockford’s dismissal was, in fact, linked to her politically incorrect statements about polar bears.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s “2015 Red List of Threatened Species” places polar bear numbers at 22,000 to 31,000 in spite of the frequent reference to their perceived suffering by climate alarmists.


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