Greta Thunberg Has Insane Warning For Leaders Who Won’t Comply With Her Green Fascism

(Tea Party 247) – Sour-faced teen activist Greta Thunberg has taken a rather significant public smack after threatening to put world leaders “against the wall” if they’re unwilling to comply with her radical climate change demands.


The Swedish high school student made her comments during a speech in Turin, Italy, where she declared that “Unfortunately, we probably already know the outcome. World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities but we have to make sure they cannot do that.”

“We will make sure that we put them against the wall and they will have to do their job to protect our futures,” she added.

This phrase, to but someone “against the wall” has terrifying connotations.

It has often been used by Communists and other repressive political movements throughout history to indicate putting someone up against a wall and shooting them.

Can you even imagine if anyone on the right in the US or Europe had used such a phrase? Donald Trump is regularly criticized for making fun of this radical young Soros-funded teen’s climate change conquest, and yet she can talk about lining up world leaders to shoot them if they don’t bow to her unrealistic and impractical, wide-sweeping demands.

Think about it!

This chick’s political platform is “destroy the global economy or we will find a way to kill you” to non-compliant world leaders.

This is terrifying. And they wonder why we’re skeptical of these communists?

This comes shortly after Greta was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for her time in the spotlight.

The teenager has become something of a green cult leader, being fawned over by the establishment media and green glitterati.

Thunberg is even being taught to Swedish schoolchildren in a course about “religious knowledge” and children are asked to mock her ideological opponents.

Meanwhile, churches in Sweden have rung bells in her honor, and last year, the Church of Sweden proclaimed her to be “Jesus’ Successor.”

She was also immortalized in a huge, creepy mural in San Francisco.

Oh, but if you criticize her at all, you’re just picking on a kid?


  1. Mark C, actually I agree with you that Greta knucklehead did qualify her “put’m against the wall” as basically saying in her words to “hold their feet to the fire” meaning do your job kind of thing. As I mention here, while she may be a “passing thought” that fades away, we don’t know how long that means, and right now children all over the world are hailing her as a hero and a sort of new messiah, as Sweden is trying to make out of her. This is a very real problem, since children are too immature to understand she is immature, being used, and is nothing more than a mouthpiece of propaganda. I understand it: they are using her precisely to influence the children around the world, just like the Marxist teachers in our K-12 schools and universities are capturing the children with the Utopia propaganda about Marxism/socialism as the most wonderful thing ever. Greta’s handlers, like Soros, is after the children too. Our response in America is to conduct surveys to find out how many of our children have bought into this supposedly messianic idea that Greta Thunberg is our new Jesus come back to lead us. This is how we combat her and her handlers by explaining to our children this is all a lie and she, mentally disabled, is being used to spread lies around the world.

  2. Not defending her. I was told the child may have ASPERGER Syndrome, a high
    functioning form of Autism, and could explain for some of her mannerisms.
    I am not diagnosing her, it’s what I was told.
    As anything else “this too shall pass”
    and she will too.

    • Yep, but not before she has done a lot of damage to other children who idolize here today. Look at how Sweden has idolized her, calling her the new Christ come back to lead us all.

  3. Non-scientific brain farts from the libtard ignorant bullsheeters. The earth has existed for eons and will continue long after these “chicken little” jerks are gone.

  4. She is certainly no successor to Jesus. Jesus is the intercessor and thunberg needs an intercessor for her sins. Jesus is the only one who can forgive sins such as this childs’. Not even a priest can forgive sins, he has not the power or the authority given from on high to forgive sins. He can only forgive sins committed against him personally. The word says, when I was a child I learned as a child, I spoke as a child but when I grew older I put away childish things. The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. If you spare the rod you hate your child and it will grow up to be unruly and Foster a heart full of hate.

  5. The squad aka ignorant shit bag democraps drugged her that’s why she’s spewing bullshit. Just like the ignorant shit bag democraps, the party of bullshitters.

  6. At least her comment finally got the attention of people around the world. Because of her threat of killing people like the Communists did, she created an outrage around the world. She finally got the attention she needed. She has decided to take some time off from her climate agenda. She may have gotten some death threats in response to her outrageous statement. Since this girl is funded by George Soros, I wonder if he had something to do with the script she quotes? After all, he is a former WWII Nazi, even though he is supposed to be a Hungarian Jew. This man is a monster that needs to be arrested.

    • Arrested? That’s all? Why is it that our CIA is known for their ‘elimination’ of major problems, i.e., leaders of countries, organizations, whatever, yet Soros continues to be out front about destroying America; he has already trained his son Alexander to follow in Daddy’s footsteps. Look how much money he has poured into anti-America organizations and groups (like the violent antifa), how many countries he had a part in crashing, and yet here he is, like the Energizer Bunny, popping up all over the place, spending billions to destroy America. How much money has he spent over the years just encouraging the school systems to teach Marxism to our children? He has an agenda, and he has an unlimited supply of money, and far too much power and influence. Yet, he still breathes the same air as those in the land of the free, home of the brave. Funny how that is.

  7. It’s unwise to dismiss useful idiots such as her. They must be confronted, humiliated and banished to obscurity. If ignored they spread a cancer that grows and becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to stop. Hitler was cajoled and we know how that turned out.

  8. When did we start letting children tell adults what and how to do things? Where are her parents? She needs to learn a lesson in manners and diplomacy! She isn’t even old enough to vote! What about school for this child who thinks they have the right to tell other people and countries what to do! She has no idea what she is asking! The cost alone is so far out of the range of probability as to make it impossible for most countries to comply ( if they even want to). This child should be with her parents learning how a decent person should behave not in a total different country taking hand outs from strangers for all of her personal needs then complaining when they don’t reach her high standards. I don’t know of any adults that would ever think that they could get away with any of this as a child. We were raised with much better standards and scruples! Children belong in the classroom not traveling the globe telling governments what to do and threatening them if they don’t do it. Sounds like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum to me!


  10. Greta should take her message to the biggest countries who pollute, like China and India. Cows farting is nothing compared to the bullshit coming out of the mouths of these activists.

  11. Here is this little twit who has not lived life yet and is being pushed around the world by her handler’s. What the heck is wrong with her parents for allowing this to be. She has been nasty and very judgemental and demanding. She should be home doing homework and looking for a boyfriend or her future. She gives a scowl to everybody and thinks she is the new Hitler.

  12. Keep running your big mouth and you will find yourself against that wall. Take your sorry ass back to your own country and stay out of ours.

    • Get lost you freaking ignorant moron. You are totally clueless about the state of the planet. All you want to do is burn fossil fuels until there are none left because of your pure materialistic greed.

  13. I’m trembling in my boots….She’s a child. Nobody should listen to a child when it comes to important matters. Enough of this demoCRAP

  14. How sick this world is becoming and how George Soros has influenced so many gullible people. It is easy to speak about anything but hard to gain knowledge about what you are talking about.

  15. Nearly all the scientists that have anything to do with weather agree that due to the immense number of vehicles, factories, coal power plants, all of which did not exist 100 years ago climate change is just around the corner. Anybody who denies that is committing crimes against humanity.

    • So now not thinking like you or agreeing with you is a “crime”? You are far worse than any “denier” in know with a mindset like that… Folks like you will turn more people away than you will ever attract. Lunatics…

      “Nearly all the scientists that have anything to do with weather agree” has literally been proven wrong and as a lie on a regular basis.

    • Hey Henry, get a life! Nothing actually has been proven yet one way or the other. Latest report says 30,000 scientist have studied the weather says earth is in its usual cycle, so RELAX. Remember the Goldy Locks zone

    • Science is never “settled.” It is in its very nature to constantly be challenged. Also, I seem to recall reading that the full cycle of climate change is 10,000 years, as proven by ice cores. So the argument counter to that is “we’re experiencing more rapid change.” And your quick remmedy is …?

  16. That this girl with a mental disability is being used by climate alarmists is reprehensible. It’s obvious a 16 year old couldn’t possibly know first hand how this climate agenda fraud has morphed over the past 30 years into now ridiculous mass extinctions in 10-12 yrs. Al Gore used false graphs and variables with his Convenient ‘Lies’ documentary. Now if anyone objectively questions any of this climate ‘science’ exaggerations they are automatically a climate change denier. Just check out YouTube and you will find that it’s filled with scientists who now decry the false facts and lies behind this political climate change agenda.

  17. I am in NO way a Greta fan by any stretch of the imagination, however, the author of this article seems to be stooping to the very hyper-exaggerative interpreting of speech that the left employs on every otherwise innocuous statement they come across. “Put them against the wall” does not necessarily have any ominous or threatening connotation associated to it. The phrase itself can have varied meanings or perceptions, and ascribing the worst, most threatening meaning one could find from some obscure source is nothing more than sensationalism for the sake of arousing outrage in the reader. (akin to the left raising alarm at someone innocently making the “okay” sign and branding them a white supremacist without any shred of supporting evidence or knowing anything about them) I for one choose to receive my news from conservative sources because, for the most part any more, they tend to adhere more closely to true journalistic standards than do main stream media outlets. However, this article falls far short of those standards and is a disappointment. I expect more from #teaparty247 and hope that in the future you will not fall prey to the trap of playing into the Left’s snare of lowering your standards to their level, thereby justifying their tactics in their own dilussional self-righteousness.

    With that said, Greta has been duped into being a puppet for the climate alarmists, and the media fawning over her every word and action has ultimately gone to her head, over inflating her own sense of self importance and relevance. But who, as a teen ager, didn’t at some point think that they knew everything and that all “grown ups” were hopelessly behind the times and utterly stupid? She is a child with the understanding of a child and should be treated as such. Not placed on a pedestal and worshipped for merely regurgitating globalist climate change talking points. If the media quits promoting her every word and action, she will simply fade into obscurity as the next “climate hero” (nutcase) steps onto the scene.

  18. Greta has Asperger’s Syndrome and therefore has low functioning mental abilities (Executive Function).She also has OCD. She is being used by other people and doesn’t get it, and has a script that she follows, but with out it she can’t speak about the subject due to her brain disorder.

  19. Here is an article for you showing just how imminent and grave Climate change is: The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot”, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from the Consulate at Bergen, Norway.Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone.Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.
    Washington Post, Published: November 2, 1922, 97 years ago.
    Same Scam…Different Century!

  20. She needs to stop globe-trotting and showboating and go back to school. She cannot even put together a coherent thought without a script. Cant answer a direct question without diverting to someone else to speak for her. She is nothing but a lifelike puppet for fascist groups

  21. Why is anyone with any degree of intelligence listening to this idealistic, fanatical and uneducated kid. She obviously has a messiah complex that is being fueled by liberals and media. In the end her life will be destroyed and all those who pushed her to the forefront will abandon her and move to their next victim. She will become a distant memory. The liberal left is really good at using people like her to distract us from what they are doing and they don’t care about the useful idiots like the Gretas of the world.

  22. She has placed herself in this position or at least her parents have and just because she is still a child does not rescue her from other view points. In other words if you play with the bull expect to get the horns. She herself needs to be put up against the wall.

  23. She is not just a kid. She has a soul older then time itself and she will rise to the top as ruler in this world. This is not good but it will happen.

  24. The puppet for George Soros is Greta the liar. This little girl, Greta, is a socialist-communist being trained by her parents, Little girl your 15 minutes of fame are over, your mouth spews more toxin than anything on earth. Your parents are as dumb as you.

    • Next time some brainwashed communist lib tells you THEY care about kids….just refer them to Epstein’s Island, Greta T. and all the abortions carrried out in the name of liberalism!!

      These communists use kids in any way they can to puruse their globalist agenda, from using their minds to using their bodies to using their body parts.

      IMHO the ones that need to be put up against the wall are you know who!!!!

  25. Greta, your parents are allowing the left to use you. They are putting you in grave danger. Most people think you are just a patsy, but there are some crazies who will hurt you! Go home , go to school and make something of yourself. When your fifteen minutes of fame are up, no one will remember you. You are not Joan-of-Arc! I pray for you.

  26. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases and carbon emissions into our atmosphere. So, who is putting all that garbage up there anyway?
    So, isn’t it only logical that if there were less people there would be less greenhouse gas emissions? OVERPOPULATION IS HUMANITIES WORST PROBLEM!

    • Duane what caused climate change and ice ages before man was here? This is where the chicken Little folk have no knowledge.

      How old is our planet? How long does our planet have left to be?

      Oh Duane are you going to install a Death Date for each human? Are you going to make childbirth a privilege and not a right? Will you start using forced abortions. Will you slip even further down the rabbit hole by using chemical warfare to wipe masses that YOU think do not deserve to live? Will you start using the dead as food for the elite?

      Duane old are you?

    • if there is no green house gasses there will be no jungels or forrest for making oxygen. You must be a demon-crap who doesnt take subject matter to a coclusion.

  27. look at what billionaire George Soros has done to destroy countries and buy people. that will explain a lot. she is his pawn

  28. This girl is nothing but a puppet, the strings are being pulled by someone else.
    “Jesus Successor”? what a crock!
    Tell her to go back to school and learn how the world exists then come back and talk to us.

  29. Spoken like a true dictator do what I say or we will kill you. That is how you get your agenda approved. The only problem is when the power seekers take over she will be one of the first ones put up against the will. Once in power the leaders do not want true believers out there questioning them and their power.

  30. She is a raving lunatic and needs some serious help with her attitude and the way she approaches people. Arrogant and rude to say the least. Go back to school and adjust your attitude and maybe people will listen to you then. You have no idea what the hell your talking about and to who. People are not stupid. Enjoy your fame for the short time it will last.

  31. I think that THIS little SOUR faced TWERP doesn’t realize that she is talking TRASH, and where I come from, she would have been MARCHED into the BATHROOM and had her MOUTH washed out with SOAP. Then, she would APOLOGIZE afterward. In some neighborhoods (we’ll call them “the “hood”), someone would have given her the SMACKDOWN H A R D ! No apologies given. And, they would have treated her the SAME WAY that the London SUBWAY protesters would have been treated – DRAGGED DOWN off the train and told to GO HOME ! Keep your “delusions of Grandeur” to yourself. I don’t cater to this “climate change crisis” LIE and a HOAX. “Change your tune” or don’t COME BACK – NO apologies given to CLUELESS spoiled BRATS like YOU, GRETA.

  32. Why is this little girl able to spout her rhetoric and make threats such as this and go unchallenged? Is she the new mouthpiece of Soros?

  33. This brain damaged youngster is nothing but a pawn of the leftist radical fascists and communists like Soros and quite honestly the likes of elite socialists like Bloomberg and Steyers.

  34. I’m old enough to remember when folks like gary hart was talking about this as well as others. And according to them the earth has been gone for at least 25 years. I’m still waiting.

  35. I thought the Nazis had been defeated! Seems like there are still pockets of them out there and Greta is their poster girl!

  36. She’s just a puppet controlled by the Left. Since when are we going to let a child tell us what to do or not do? She is not a successor of Christ, she can’t even talk without a script. This is the blind leading the blind. Saying she’s going to do away with leaders that disagree with her is very ignorant on her part.

  37. There aint no Global Warming Just a hoax cooked up by Al Gore. Mother nature has taken care of herself without our help for a few Million years.

  38. Please, this little girl better focus on real important things because in case she doesn’t know it every person will one day die. Yes, we should take care our world with sensible solutions not fear and stupidity. She needs to grow up first and stop being used by her parent’s. Maybe She should be taken from them for child abuse. Apparently it’s ok for these nuts to kill people over opinions of the end of the world. I never knew Sweden was in the dark ages. There is just as much scientific evidence that our World is going through its normal cycle of climate change. Also, God the creator will not allow mankind to destroy his creation. He will do that and that time is getting closer because mankind is
    Great only in their on minds. With all the evidence and proof that Everything was created by God, mankind still relies on evolution that has been disproven by real honest scientists. No one will have excuse when their time comes. Fear, doom and gloom is not an option, only faith and trust in the God is.

  39. Greta has asperger’s disease and it shows. Don’t label me a hater please. Do your own research into asperger’s.
    Nothing quite like an asperger’s victim being handed a high level of empowerment!!! As for climate change, it’s a work in progress.

    • Do you realize that people who have pushed that diet on their young children have caused them harm? Malnourished children is what THEY created by denying their children PROPER nutrition which includes meat and dairy. We are made to have a well rounded diet which includes meat and dairy, that is why our teeth made they way they are.

  40. What the hell a 16 year knows about Global Warming! She and her parents along with the idiots only purpose is to get rich off all the misguided information and lying to the world. How come the mainstream media did not mention a word about her lying to them about sitting on the floor of the train, but come to find out she was riding FIRST CLASS.

    • Sir SBEARD,
      Great comment, and I too also agree, that the media’s are completely prejudice bias, if it in fact is true that she is funded through the George Soros, is to brainwash the young next generation against the major manufacturers that provide gainful employment so that many can sustain their living. I once agree that it’s hot button major issue.

  41. A skull full of mush and evil belief as a result of a lack of belief in GOD; yes, we are in the end of times and the environment will as man with all societies will be effected; read Revelation and you will understand the full wrath of GOD on those who choose their own way by the way of the Devil as son’s & daughters of the Devil.

    • A follower of Christ Jesus, You are absolutely right! I have felt this my whole life and it is happening now…I feel sorry for the non-believers but not so much for the followers of Satan and Washington is full of them! God bless you!

  42. A retard educating more retards. Glad I am moving to Ukraine where they don’t have to listen to such bullshit. They are busy fighting wars for America.

  43. Well this little “stand in for the gal in the Exorcist” knows that if you get caught in a lie the best thing is to issue an even bigger threat to get people to forget your lie.
    Don’t you get it ? This applies to everyone the she doesn’t like. If she were in power she would make all that that might disagree were silenced mob style ! It’s her way or no way except annexation of YOU ! She is the poster child for all Liberals who want “compliance or else”. No discussion, no facts ever needed. just follow the PARTY LINE. Fact is that Mars is warming up at the same time as Earth. What’s the one common factor ? The Sun. The Sun is a variable star and NOT constant. It goes through cycles and the facts show that climate change is related to the SUN throughout all of Earth’s history.
    John Eddy predated this at a presentation in the early 70’s explaining that the SUN
    had been usually “nice” to us for about 120 years and that things would return to normal around 2000. Highs and Lows would be greater, Storms more extreme, and
    that was the norm ! Greta don’t need no edumacation – facts – or anything because
    she is an ugly little puppet for those who manipulate her. Go away and learn something first Greta – but you will someday learn how you were used up by others !

    • Not really . She is a child being handled by folks with agendas. And the more money there is in it for them the worse we will get it from her. How Dare They! lol

    • Not only misguided but getting rich off her lies. Maybe all the idiots who believe her, Al Gore, the Obamas (who bought a ocean front home on Martha’s Vineyard) Soros (funding her) are the one who’s causing Global Warming. They should give up all there money, private jets, several mansions, gas guzzler cars and fix what they are claiming is wrong.

  44. Maybe you should have asked Greta what she meant by her statement. Could there be a translation problem? I think she meant to put the leaders against the wall so they had no choice but to act on our behalf and not the fossil fuel industry. Renewable energy will not wreck our economy, it will stimulate it in a new direction which will be much better health-wise for our children and grandchildren. What are you doing to save the world from global weather change?

  45. God created earth and He has control
    And will end all in his time and as far as any of the climate change nuts go, if we listen to them earth was supposed to be over way before now

  46. Like most totalitarian dictatorships they use others to do their work sometimes even children!
    It’s pretty simple if you feel so strongly about it- GORE, AOC, Sanders etc… lead buy example! Cut your carbon footprint down 90% maybe then others will follow your example! Do this instead of being the typical do as I say not as I do more important than everyone else elitists and maybe you’ll earn some credibility.

  47. Hate to have to say this about a 16-year-old, but Greta Thunberg isn’t worth the gunpowder it would take to blow her away! Maybe her medical issues could be considered a mitigating factor, but otherwise she’s becoming a genuine nuisance and pest!

  48. In the middle ages they put witches up against a stake and burned them alive.
    Not that I am fond of such methods, but in this case it may be just the right medicine…to reduce the insane rhetoric these know-it-all greenhorns are spewing out. Now since we are law-abiding citizens, we may have to wait until she is of legal age…

  49. I’m an adult and I don’t let some snot faced kid tell me what to do. Maybe there’s no men and women in Europe. here in America I am the man and we don’t HAVE our children telling us what we will do and what we want do. I don’t know where she gets off talking to adults like she does but I can guarantee you my children don’t talk to adults that way. As I see it she is no scientist she has no degree in anything all she has is hearsay, from evidently her parents or someone else who is using her. I hate to tell her but not all scientists agree with her. We know in America if you don’t agree with man-made global warming our government doesn’t give you any grants. so basically it’s hey will give you $800,000 to do a study as long as you agree that it’s man-made but if you don’t you don’t get no money from us. As we say in America follow the money. And as we can see the money is new taxes in what they call carbon credits. I noticed that she doesn’t take on China who produces more carbon dioxide then any country on the Earth.

  50. This kind of talk should not terrify anyone. How many times must you hear or learn about what communists do to gain power to understand…communists kill anyone who gets in their way.

    To the communist, power is supreme and the end justifies the means. That interprets to the communist will do whatever it takes to gain the ultimate power.

    And by no means will little Greta see any power. She is just another useful idiot for the global elite who are in fact the communists who want to rule everyone.

    We need to begin thinking about who we need to throw against the wall to maintain our way of life. It is no secret, this contest between us and the commies will not end in a peaceful manner.

    They had a taste of power with obama, they were going to finish us off with Clinton and now we have taken some of the power back.

    The global elite rule most of the world now. America is the prize left and Russia is still standing free. If you listen to our MSM Russia should be our enemy. It is not. Russia is an ally to freedom seeking Americans.

    This whole mess about communist take-over will end badly. It is going to be bloody, and if by God’s will we can win, every commie will need to be thrown against the wall.

  51. How can anyone in their right mind take this twit seriously? She’s a 16 year old kid who doesn’t know her a$$ from her elbow, and is being used by the nutcase left.


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