Grand Jury In Death Of Ahmaud Arbery Indicts Three Men; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Tea Party 247) – A Georgia Grand Jury has reached a decision to indict three individuals in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. The deliberation was fairly quick, only taking about an hour-and-a-half.

In case you don’t remember the details of this particular incident — who could blame you for forgetting amid the craziness seeming to occur every day right now — Arbery was a thief who was caught on several occasions nosing around homes and properties, sometimes in broad daylight.

In other words, despite what you might hear from the news media, the man was hardly an innocent individual. That being said, it’s still tragic what happened to him and is something that shouldn’t have occurred. Police should have been the ones to handle the situation, but alas, that’s not what happened.

Here’s more on the indictment from Gateway Pundit:

The Atlanta Journal Constitution released security video of Ahmaud Arbery breaking into homes on McMichael’s Street.

Jack Posobiec reported– New AJC video appears to show Ahmaud Arbery entering new house on McMichael’s street, running out after spotted by neighbor.

The video adds much needed context to the media lies.

This is an objectively newsworthy video evidence which adds context to the shooting and corroborates the 911 call.

I am not an expert on Georgia law, and I am sure there are many more qualified than me to analyze the legality of the shooting.

The media today claims Arbery was out jogging when he was shot dead by the three men.

ABC News reported:

A Georgia grand jury indicted the three men arrested and charged in connection with the alleged murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Cobb District Attorney Joyette M. Holmes announced on Wednesday that a grand jury voted to indict Gregory and Travis McMichael along with William Bryan for the felony murder and aggravated assault that resulted in Arbery death.

The indictment comes almost four months to the day Arbery was shot while on on his daily jog.

Holmes said the grand jury decision did not take long.

“The presentation took an hour and a half and the true bill came back in 10 minutes,” Holmes said during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

They each face nine charges, including malice murder, four counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal contempt to commit a felony.

“The family of Ahmaud Arbery is determined to see these men prosecuted, convicted and appropriately sentenced for the brutal hate crime that took Ahmaud’s life over four months ago,” said Lee Merritt, the lead attorney for the Arbery family.

There’s something liberal mainstream media sources really seem to struggle with. It’s the concept, the very idea that two things can be true at the same time. For example, it’s perfectly logical and acceptable to say that both Arbery and the individuals who shot him are responsible for his death.

Had he been a law abiding citizen, he never would’ve been put in danger in the first place. That is a fact. Maybe an inconvenient one for the left, but that doesn’t make it not true. He has some responsibility in his own fate.

It’s also true that these guys should have possibly used a bit more restraint and called the police to handle the situation. You can disagree with that assessment. That’s okay too. See? That’s called being an adult.

Instead, the media has used this to further establish the narrative of racial division they preach every single night on the news. Unfortunately, people aren’t willing to put in the work to get the facts for themselves and verify stories they are told.



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