GOP Rep Stefanik Slams Governor Cuomo For His Role In Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths

(Tea Party 247) – While the mainstream media is determined to convince you that President Donald Trump is solely responsible for every single coronavirus death on American soil since the start of the virus, there’s no denying the very stark reality that there are some leaders who do have blood on their hands.

And it’s not Trump.

During a Monday appearance of Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” rising GOP star Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) slammed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gross hypocrisy for demanding an investigation into a high school student who may have spread the virus while himself sending elderly New Yorkers with coronavirus back into nursing homes, contributing to the death of thousands.

This week, a report came out that a coronavirus outbreak in New York was connected to the student, who attended a graduation ceremony after visiting Florida.

Stefanik called this the “height of hypocrisy” as the governor refused to be held accountable for his policy of sending patients who had tested positive for coronavirus back into nursing homes.

“[T]he reason why it’s hypocritical is the governor refuses to be held accountable for the thousands and thousands of seniors who lost their lives because of the failed and fatal nursing home policies,” Stefanik argued.

“So, yes, of course, we need to contact trace individuals that attended that high school graduation ceremony, but it really have hypocritical that the governor is pointing fingers at this high school student,” she continued.

“It was a fatal policy and most importantly, it did not follow federal guidance from CMS,” she added.

“Federal guidance from CMS was very clear that a nursing home should only accept a positive COVID patient if they were able to isolate them and did they had adequate PPP and testing. New York State has not been transparent, and family members of seniors who lost their lives have not gotten answers but most importantly were not even made aware when there was positive COVID cases in these senior living facilities.”

Stefanik went on to note that Cuomo has blamed President Donald Trump, the media, healthcare workers, senior citizens, and Republicans when it was his policy that led to the nursing home deaths.

“These families deserve accountability, they deserve transparency, they deserve answers, and most importantly, we need to make sure as policymakers that this never happens in New York State or anywhere again,” she declared.


  1. Politicians in the NE States need to be charged with MURDER. They knew this virus attacks the old and sick – that’s why the damn thing was created and released. THEY KNEW

  2. Cuomo is nothing more than a mass murder. He was responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths and tens of thousands of aborted babies and babies born alive and left to die. Then he’s has the nerve to say he’s a Catholic. Satan’s more Catholic then he is but he will answer for his many crimes. I’m surprised he doesn’t feel the flames if hell nipping at his feet.

  3. It’s so sad that these infected people were put among the most vulnerable who could not say no. Many died. Yes the governor should and must be prosecuted as a criminal because he abused and exceeded the bounds of his authority. Why aren’t there more convictions of politicians who knowingly do these things? No more survey of us the people, we want to see handcuffs placed on these clowny politicians and their ilk. God help us as lawlessness is allowed to rein, and accountability is is not pursued.

  4. He should be indicted on manslaughter charges for each and everyone of these people that he put to death. Every one knew right out of the gate that elderly were at a high risk of dying from the Chinese virus, but yet this idiot had them put into nursing homes. He and his brother Fredo are a couple of the stupidest people I have ever seen.

    • No it wasn’t Trump. They blame Trump for everything that goes wrong. You need to open your eyes and see what’s happening in our country or do you want to live under socialism? To go into the new world order so many people will have to die. There’s only so many who will be in the new world order. Trump stopped anyone from China coming into our country and the democrats pitched a fit calling him a zenaphobic.
      They want all the old people to die and get on out of here. That was part of Obamacare. Gates wants us ALL TO GET VACCINATED. He believes in lowering the population. Look at all the shots he and his wife gave overseas in Africa and some others black countries. Please open your eyes and see trump is fighting for us and they desperately want rid of him because he’s uncovering the evils the previous president and Hillary did and allowed and the people need to know. You need to scribe to Judicial Watch. Tom will tell you the truth even if it’s about Trump.

  5. Protests and riots were started over a wrongful death of a career criminal. What about the thousands of deaths in these nursing homes that had covid infected people forced upon them by the governor. especially when there were plenty of beds in the hospitals and there was a hospital ,thousand bed, ship that hardly got used.There was no reason to place infected people with people who were highly susceptible to Covid and other deceases. I just wonder how many of them were black and where is black lives matter on these deaths.

  6. If cumbag’s mother was/is in a nursing home this would be a very different out come. Since she isn’t
    andrew cumbag does not give a flying sh*t.

  7. That’s what happens when you elect a dago Democrat to run your State or city! The same can reasonably be stated pertaining to the federal level as well (are you listening, Fancy Nancy?)!

    • I agree 100% , the families that lost family members should sue the governor and New York state. Sue DeBlowMeO too he’s another pos hypocrite .

  8. Seems like the “Cuomo’s” are exhibiting an excess amount of Elite privilege. Big Bro needs to step up and take responsibility for his unbelievable actions.

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