GOP Ranking Members Light A Fire Under Pelosi, Demand She Explain Why She Won’t Hand Over Documents About US Capitol Security

(Tea Party 247) – Several high ranking GOP individuals in the House, namely Reps. Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Rodney Davis, and James Comer, have decided they’ve had enough of Speaker Nancy Pelosi not answering tough questions concerning her failure to keep the U.S. Capitol safe on January 6th during the siege that took place in the building.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that these four individuals have demanded that Pelosi would kindly explain her decision to deny National Guard support on January 4th.

They also want to know what conversations she or her staff give Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, what response did she give to security officials the day of the right when support from the National Guard was initially requested, and why House Officers are now refusing to turn over documents that are relevant to that day.

Republican lawmakers are claiming that the hour-long delay in giving National Guard troops approval was due to the fact the sergeant-at-arms “had to run the request up the chain of command,” which included Speaker Pelosi. The GOP noted in their letter that Pelosi actually refused National Guard protection because the “optics” would look bad.

So why in the world would Pelosi delay the request for help from the National Guard for an hour?

Is it possible this is the reason that the Democrats folded so easily during the impeachment trial in the Senate after Trump’s legal team announced they would be bringing in Pelosi for questioning?

The mayor of the city, Muriel Bowser, also refused National Guard protection before January 6th.

You can take a look at the letter to Pelosi below:

It seems that Speaker Pelosi screwed the pooch on this whole situation and as a result is now trying to save face in some capacity. No matter what, she is the one responsible for how far along the siege was allowed to get, not Donald Trump. Who is going to hold her accountable for her failure to properly do her job?

At the end of the day, the whole Senate impeachment trial was a witch hunt against the former president. It was completely and totally unconstitutional. Democrats were well aware of this fact, but they thought they would try a longshot strategy to hopefully prevent Trump from ever running for the White House again, or any other office for that matter.

It failed. Miserably. Just like their first attempt to oust him from office.

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  1. Also when did Nancy sign off on replacing the bulletproof glass in the capital building with regular glass that coulx be broken?

  2. I say keep showing everything about the loon’s desperate and evil way of keeping president Trump from running again…and keep the pressure on the illegitimate Bejing Biden about his dealings with foreign entities….keep the pressure on!!!!

  3. She’s ALL political THEATRE . . . FAKE NEWS! She couldn’t care LESS about PEOPLES’ LIVES since she is WEALTHY WAY beyond NECESSITY. Time to put this old HAG to pasture, escort her to her BROOM and TELL her to FLY OFF (if you have manners and are NICE about it!). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  4. She is going to delay doing the right thing as long as she can. That’s what they do so they can redact. Welcome to socialist demos.

  5. Keep wearing the mask Nanci, it spares Americans from viewing massive amount of cud chewing on live TV. Anytime she comes on, I just look out to the pasture and get the same message. Who needs fake news when it can be viewed from the barnyard.


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