Google’s “Quantum Supremacy” Could Put Some Of The World’s Most Sensitive Data Up For Grabs

(Tea Party 247) – For a company that admonishes its employees “don’t be evil,” Google sure seems hell-bent on being incredibly evil.

They’ve just opened up a can of words that could fundamentally change the world as we know it and while this certainly is a dire prospect, it’s not exactly a surprise from this globalist-minded company that has for far too long had entirely too much power.

The Big Tech megalith has announced they’ve achieved “quantum supremacy” with a 3-qubit quantum computer that, as Paul Joseph Watson puts it, “greases the skids for all cryptocurrency and military secrets protected by cryptography to be breakable in a stunning new development that will change the world.”

Well, that’s highly disturbing.

The Big Tech corporation’s new quantum processor took a mere 200 seconds to complete a computing task that would normally require 10,000 years on a supercomputer.

The 53-qubit quantum computer can break any 53-bit cryptography in seconds, meaning Bitcoin’s 256-bit encryption is vulnerable once Google scales its quantum computing to 256 qubits, something their own scientists say will be possible by 2022.

Modern military cryptography will also eventually be rendered obsolete given that the number of qubits in Google’s quantum computers will double at least every year, according to the report, growing at “double exponential rate,” which is even faster than Moore’s Law.

At this rate, Google will be able to break all military encryption by 2024, a frightening prospect given the company’s close ties to China.

As if this isn’t flooring enough on its own, just consider the implications such a massive supercomputer power could have on the field of surveillance.

“Google will rapidly come to dominate the world, controlling most of the money, all speech, all politics, most science and technology, most of the news media and all public officials,” Mike Adams writes.

“Google will become the dominant controlling authoritarian force on planet Earth, and all humans will be subservient to its demands. Democracy, truth and freedom will be annihilated.”

Adams’ full article will give you a comprehensive breakdown of what this means for our future.

As PJW concludes, we can expect “a beast system controlled by Google that makes Skynet look amateur in comparison, controls all secrets, communications and financial transactions.”


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