Google/YouTube Partner Up To Censor Number One Podcast In World History

(Tea Party 247) – Big Tech is far from done censoring the right. If anything, the censoring will only intensify as we get closer and closer to the presidential election this year. Even in the face of investigations from the FBI and the FCC into the unfair and biased censorship, the Big Tech companies continue to unwaveringly and blatantly do it.

Alex Jones appeared on an episode of Joe Rogan’s show and partook in an interview that went on for nearly five hours. This was the second time Jones has appeared on Rogan’s show and the second time it was Rogan’s most watched episode during that year. The first time was in 2017 when it got around 10 million views on YouTube and this last time just last year, resulting in almost 17 million views. That’s a lot of people interested in what Alex Jones has to say, yet YouTube doesn’t seem to think they should have the right to hear him. Or that Jones shouldn’t have the right to be heard.

According to Reclaim The Net:

After being completely shutdown from big tech owned platforms, Jones came back on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2019 in an episode titled “Alex Jones Returns!” This episode happened to be smash hit and broke yearly records across several platforms such as YouTube and – according to

In the episode, the Infowars host discussed the various attacks made against him by tech platforms, and entertained the audience with several conspiracy theories – many of them having since been echoed by other Rogan guests.

For instance, in a Joe Rogan podcast featuring the Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk, one of Jones’ theories about artificial intelligence and how the world’s wealthiest made plans to control the world through technology were echoed by Musk.

The research also shows that Joe Rogan’s interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was the most disliked episode of the year, after the audience suggested that Rogan was letting Dorsey off the hook about the prolific Twitter censorship on the platform.

It is rather disappointing that Rogan had Dorsey on his show and didn’t hold him to the task of defending Twitter’s obvious banning of conservatives. That being said, what is happening is truly unjust. We are seeing the internet being overtaken by Big Tech tyrants with the power to do it.

For those of us aware enough to seek out alternative news sources, we are not deceived but for the millions of Americans who are too naïve to believe Big Tech is this nefarious, they are literally being spoon-fed liberal propaganda daily thanks to the censoring of conservative figures and ideas.

If there has ever been election tampering it would be now and it would be this. Make no mistake, this is the left’s best chance at stealing the 2020 election. If people don’t know the truth and are too complacent to search for it, they are believing the lies of the left, which will only result in more Democrat voters.

It’s election rigging at its finest and Big Tech is shamelessly carrying on, because they can.


  1. civil war is coming we must be prepaired protect 2sd amendment at all cost
    when govenmenttakes away the right to bear arms it becomes citizens duty to take the right of government to govern GEORGE WASHINGTON

  2. We need a conservative to open competing venues for us real people. Bet they would be more successful than the present platforms.

  3. Youtube and Google are as un American as you get. They should both be put out of business by new and fair competitors. When are other alternatives going to really step up???

  4. They will not succeed in their efforts at theft for a long time. The “right” and right leaning are made out to look stupid…moving like lambs to the slaughter. But…they [the right]are not a stupid people by no means. And they could out-survive any lefty because they are smart… living in this world.

  5. The recent past-government controlled companies. Read 1984 by George Orwell. Stop them by offering a new company that does not follow this road to a catastrophic future.

  6. Time for more ammo stocking,militia BATTLE tactics practice and survival skills cause this is CAPTAIN AMERICA CALLING,CATCH ME NOW I’M CALLING,FALLING 9-1-1 PATRIOTS

  7. Then I suggest not to buy any technology and go back to the old ways of doing things. This way, those wealthy tech companies will slowly die out.

    • When you buy there products, they get richer, and when you don’t buy then they driddle away to nothing. As like the new cell phones that’s coming out that has the 5G service instead of the 4G service, they push this new service onto you, but you really don’t need it. 4G service does everything you need to do. And 5G is no good for you. Study up on it and you will find out.

  8. Time to beat these limp-wristed socialist over the head if the only thing they understand is force when violating people’s rights sometimes you got to drop to their level this is what happens when you try to be nice to socialist pigs who aim to destroy a presidency and a country sometimes a good old-fashioned beatdown lets them know they’re crossing the line with people’s individual rights

  9. I hope everyone here has switched to and tells their friends to do the same. We need to leave censoring Facebook in the dustbin of history. We also have to get unhooked from Google as it is an official organ of the Chinese government.

  10. I tire of Big Tech, censoring Conservative voices on their platforms, true they built their products and can set the terms of service. That is their prerogative, but they did not build the Internet, the US government with tax payers dollars built it, they did it to conform and operate within the rules and laws of the United States. It is true we have given control of the Internet Top Domain servers away, and thus control, but the Internet pipes (access) in every country operates under the laws, and ethics of the country they serve. Thus China can dictate how its people can interact with the Net, Russia can censor its people access, or Iran or any other country, each country dictates how its pipes in their country operate. The United States can and should dictate how our pipes are used, and by whom, we originally built the internet with total open access. The Government should enforce that, by telling all companies that use it, to abide by the term of service we built it for, total open access, no censorship, of ideas, or legal content. If the Big Tech companies do not want to obey our pipes terms of service, they should go build their own Internet, and run it their way, but as long as they use the Pipes we built, then they should operate under the terms of service of our…” the People Pipes”, with full open access, of thoughts, Ideas, and Constitutional Rights”. Like the airways, we the people own our Internet Pipes.
    President Obama said… “You didn’t build that…”, one of his most prophetic utterances, totally wrong, but so apropos for this issue… Big Tech did not build it (the Internet), we built it, and we built it to run and act like we the people built it to…with full open uncensored access. It’s time for the government to step up and reaffirm, the “Freedom of Speech” rights of “the American people”.

  11. That is what Hitler said.. Tell a lie long enough over and over again and you will get them to believe it. Alex Jones nailed it with infowars and they broke his back. Alex was crushed by the NWO Globalists and their wealth and control over US Intelligence Agencies. The CIA, FBI, State Department are DOJ are loaded with Globalist minions juggling for power as they overtake the USA. Truly heartbreaking, they treat us like cattle.

  12. The Globalists control the wealth…. The Globalists control the media… Anybody with an IQ above 110 and watches the alternate media knows George Soros is the driving force and exposing and prosecuting him is Paramount. If we don’t stop him and his minions, we are done. The NWO will achieve its goal.

  13. That’s right. Twitter has censured me for telling the truth.the leftists say more but they get to stay.twitter has gone full blown communist and leftist democratic. Totally disgusting. Fasten seatbelts, it’s gonna be a rough ride. If you’re not all left or worse, forget it. Arrest the entire democratic socialist communist party immediately before they go full communist and turn this
    Country into a dictatorship run by the leftists.

  14. Bingo !!! Big tech, illegals getting voting rights, dead folks voting (again). They won’t have to actually beat us at the poles, they know they can’t. That’s why all the distractions!

    • When you buy there products, they get richer, and when you don’t buy then they driddle away to nothing. As like the new cell phones that’s coming out that has the 5G service instead of the 4G service, they push this new service onto you, but you really don’t need it. 4G service does everything you need to do. And 5G is no good for you. Study up on it and you will find out.

  15. Remember what Billy Clinton, Emanuel, Susan Rice, Holder practiced: If you tell a lie long enough, enough times, with lots of enthusiasm, after a while most uninformed, or “just to busy” people will believe it.


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