Google Engineer Warns Of Tech Giant’s Witch Hunt Against Conservatives

(Tea Party 247) – Google has long prided itself on being an incredible place to work.

Their gourmet cafeterias and fancy, high-tech campuses are the stuff of legends.

However, in spite of all the perks, if you’re a conservative, Google is a pretty not-so-awesome place to work, according to one conservative software engineer.

Google, like the other tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley, is famously dominated by far-left “outrage mobs and witch hunts” that specifically target conservatives, Christians, and other “undesirables,” according to Mike Wacker, who wrote his experiences in a blog post for Medium.

Wacker gives his first-hand account of Google’s corporate culture, and the “existential threat” posed for anyone who doesn’t comply with the ideological majority of the company.

Although they have long considered themselves to be a “nonpartisan company,” (LOL) Google has joined other tech giants in restricting anything that opposes typical leftist narratives as “hate speech.”

Rather than embody the supposedly leftist virtue of tolerance, Google instead essentially censors any thought or speech that in any way would upset a leftist.

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology,” is has been Google’s long-standing policy, but you’ll notice they use the problematic terms “violence” and “hate” which leftists typically apply to anything they disagree with.

As points out:

“Hate speech” is a completely made-up concept with no actual definition or meaning.

Interestingly, Google has never actually answered the question as to whether or not it’s really still a nonpartisan company. Instead, the company now merely claims that it doesn’t apply a partisan definition of “hate speech” when censoring or removing content.

But what exactly is “hate speech,” anyway? It’s absolutely nothing, because it doesn’t actually exist outside of the minds of intolerant Leftists, who would like nothing more than to silence all forms of speech that “trigger” them.

In truth, “hate speech” is nothing more than a logical fallacy, representing whatever arbitrary definition the person who’s using it wants it to mean.

To Leftists, “hate speech” is basically any belief or statement that leans conservative.

If an individual cites science to prove that unborn human babies have heartbeats, for instance, then in the eyes of Democrats, this now constitutes “hate speech” against “women’s rights.” Or if a person points out using scientific data that illegal immigration leads to increased crime rates, then this is “hate speech” against “minorities.”

We all know too well by now that unless something we say aligns entierly with the mainstream stance of today’s leftists, a virtual feat of impossibility since the leftist narrative often contradicts itself.

Regardless, being branded with an accusation of “hate speech” from one of the Big Tech social media users could result in a suspended or even permanently banned profile.

“Google CEO Sundar Pichai has insisted time and time again that Google is a nonpartisan company, but more and more those words seem like empty words: all talk, no action,” Wacker explains on his blog. “Both internally and externally, a narrative has begun to emerge that liberal political activists are calling the shots at Google.”

Time to regulate these vastly influential companies


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