Globalist Google Won’t Do Business With U.S. Government – Supports This Country Instead

(Tea Party 247) – The left hates America. It’s a stance they can’t even hide anymore. Anything that benefits American citizens, our economy, or our global position, they despise. Instead of working towards a better America, they spend the majority of their time obstructing the President and conservatives, and manipulating their own voter base into thinking they are actually representing them. They despise the right because we represent what America should be, what she used to be.

A generation of anti-America, communists are rising up seeking to change the socio- and economic landscapes of this once great country. Nowhere is the impact of this felt greater than in Silicon Valley. Big Tech is notoriously progressive and the scary thing is, they have the power to truly manipulate and control society. So much of our lives are spent “connected” to technology one way or another. Not only do they have the ability to control the flow of information and to shut down political opponents but they can influence the world on a global scale. China-loving companies like Google have access to foreign powers but those same foreign powers also have access to them.

Big Tech is all about power and the idolize countries like China, in which the government controls all information and opinions. No wonder Google has refused to do business with our own government but maintains a major AI research lab in China. Billionaire tech investor, Peter Thiel, has taken notice of this bizarre and concerning situation and thinks the FBI and CIA should be taking note also… and action.

Summit News reports:

Billionaire Tech investor Peter Thiel has warned that Google is aiding the Chinese military, and that the company needs to be investigated by the FBI and the CIA because it is manned by “globalists” who do not understand the threat to the US that China poses.

Thiel described Google’s political culture as “globalist, “post-national,” and “cosmopolitan,” adding that the company is “incredibly insular” and “incurious” about real “problems” outside of its own silicon valley [sic] bubble.

Thiel called for US intelligence agencies to get involved as Google is indirectly providing the Chinese government with cutting edge AI technology.

“The question about Chinese interest in [Google’s artificial intelligence development] is one that needs to be looked at much more carefully. That’s why I’ve argued that the FBI or the CIA should be looking at this.” Thiel noted in an interview with Fox News.

“I think it is unprecedented in the last 1000 years or ever that  major U.S. company refused to work with the U.S. military and has worked with our geopolitical rivals. This is not a liberal-conservative thing. This is absolutely unprecedented.” the entrepreneur continued, referring to the fact that Google refused to bid on the Department of Defense’s $10 billion JEDI contract last year, on the grounds that working with the U.S. military could violate its “AI principles.”

“Google has a major AI research lab in China, where, even though it’s not working directly with the Chines military, in effect, all the technology gets handed on to the Chinese military.” Thiel warned, comparing the technology to the “Manhattan Project”.

“This is in black-and-white in the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party, as of 2017, it got amended to stress that there needs to be civil-military fusion in China, where all things need to be integrated. Anything that has civilian use must also be handed over to the People’s Liberation Army, the PLA.” he further explained.

Just to sum that up, Google is essentially working with the Chinese government, giving them important AI technology blueprints all while refusing to work with our own government. Top it off with the fact that Google regularly suppresses conservative news sources and censors right-wing figures through their other companies, like YouTube; it would most definitely appear that someone needs to be taking a good, hard look at Google. Trump has vowed to end the Big Tech censorship of conservatives but will he take it as far as it needs to go and investigate whether or not they are committing treason? We can only hope.

Theil explained, “There’s probably a broad base of Google employees that are ideologically super left wing, sort of woke, and think that China’s better than the U.S. or that the U.S. is worse than China – it’s more anti-American than anything.” Google, a private company who refuses to work with the American government, cannot be allowed to risk the safety and security of America. Especially in favor of one of America’s biggest and most dangerous global competitors. It’s high-time the government took action against this radical, left-wing political faction masquerading as a business.


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