GLAAD Demands More From Chick-fil-A After They Cave On LGBT Issues

(Tea Party 247) – In the wake of a disappointing move on the part of famously Christian fast-food company, Chick-fil-A’s decision to stop funding Christian charities like the Salvation Army, GLAAD, one of the biggest LGBT groups in the nation is demanding even more.

Because of course they are.

Rather than accept that this company has acquiesced to their bullying, they instead want them to “unequivocally” denounce their company history and values.

GLAAD, once the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, demanded instead that the company provide “safe workplaces for LGBTQ employees” and a denunciation of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family, which has long championed pro-family and natural marriage values after Chick-fil-A decided to stop donating to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program for needy children and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which serves historically black colleges and universities (HCBUs).

In the full statement from GLAAD director of campaigns and rapid response (whatever that means), Drew Anderson points to further actions the company can take to adequately prove they are slaves to the whims of the progressive bullies who constantly fight for a stranglehold on all cultural narratives.

If Chick-Fil-A is serious about their pledge to stop holding hands with divisive anti-LGBTQ activists, then further transparency is needed regarding their deep ties to organizations like Focus on the Family, which exist purely to harm LGBTQ people and families.

Chick-Fil-A investors, employees, and customers can greet today’s announcement with cautious optimism, but should remember that similar press statements were previously proven to be empty.

In addition to refraining from financially supporting anti-LGBTQ organizations, Chick-Fil-A still lacks policies to ensure safe workplaces for LGBTQ employees and should unequivocally speak out against the anti-LGBTQ reputation that their brand represents.

The Salvation Army expressed dismay Monday afternoon, calling LGBT advocates’ allegations “ill-informed” about the organization’s actual stance:

“We’re saddened to learn that a corporate partner has felt it necessary to divert funding to other hunger, education and homelessness organizations — areas in which The Salvation Army, as the largest social services provider in the world, is already fully committed,” the organization said in a statement Monday afternoon.

The Salvation Army said that it serves more than 23 million individuals a year, including those in the queer community. The group said that it believes it is “the largest provider of poverty relief to the LGBTQ+ population.”

“When misinformation is perpetuated without fact, our ability to serve those in need, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or any other factor, is at risk. We urge the public to seek the truth before rushing to ill-informed judgment.”

Conservatives have been quick to criticize a company viewed by many as an emblem of not only Christian values, but boldness in the face of scorn from the bullies on the left, as the company as long refused to bend on issues while consistently providing stellar customer service and excellent food.

Christian satire site the Babylon Bee brutalized the company with the mocking headline, “Chick-Fil-A Trades Adoring Christian Fans For Outraged Mob That Won’t Be Appeased Until Their Every Demand Is Met.”

“Chick-fil-A has sacrificed its Christian fans in favor of an outraged mob that will stop at nothing to destroy them,” the parody article reads. “[CEO Dan] Cathy said the Christian fans have been great, but it’s boring just having loyal fans who support you through thick and thin, and he’d much rather have fans who stage die-ins and cancel you when you don’t cave in.”



  1. Could it be that Dan Cathy was feeling Jealous of Gillette with their “The best a man can be” attack on masculinity and manhood and their subsequent losses in the billions, which earned them the designation of “stupidest, most boneheaded decision ever made by a CEO, and decided that he would top (or bottom?) that?

    He just may do so as I am now staying away from Chick-Fil-A. Investors in the company better speak up before they lose their shirt. So glad I don’t have Dan Cathy pissing my investment away.

  2. I have NEVER backed any type of group that uses violence as a means to an end, but the more these filthy people push and force their agendas the more likely I am to become a proud member of the queer bashing groups. I am fed up with these nasty, filthy, mentally ill faggots.

  3. Hold strong Chik-fil-A! LBGT represents about 2% of the population. You won’t lose any sales to these offensive people. Make God proud.

  4. Wake up Chick.
    If you ever believe these terrorists will be placated you are dreaming.

    You could hire 100% homosexuals, you could sell only rainbow colored food, it will never be enough because they hate Christians, PERIOD!!!!

    And now that you have announced you are ashamed of Jesus Christ, read what His words are, “I will not acknowledge you before my Father in Heaven”.

  5. Glad i am not GLADD. All you GLADD FANS,LIBS,PEDOPHILES,LGBTQ just continue on your course and JUST TAKE ONE LAST LOOK at your ASS in the mirror and KISS IT GOODBYE because the day is coming QUICKLY that you are going to regret your actions and lifestyle when your actions and lifestyle destroy this nation and perhaps all humanity!!!!

  6. I am GLAD i am not GLADD and for any company or individual to cave in to these groups is TRULY SAD and will eventually destroy a sane society !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Keep in mind the LGBT is a terrorist organization. It has among other things adopted the MBLA Man Boy Love organization as they have allowed then to march along side. This is a pedophile group. The LGBT wants to infiltrate our children and convince them to become something they are not. Forcing little boys to dress like girls and vise versa and even pushing them to surgically change sex is nothing short of sick and disgusting. Its a shame we no longer have the ability to spot very mentally sick people and place them in long term facilities, but instead feed their illness with acceptance and twisted compassion. Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness. Isaiah 5: 20

  8. Whoever made this decision really has NO business acumen. They will not get “even “more growth” by knuckling to the 2% while turning their backs on those who made them so successful in the first place; they will definitely lose more than they gain. And, the LG-alphabet soup will never actually support them anyway. Plus, their product isn’t really all that special, I find that what I like best is that they have some rather unique sauces. It’s always mostly been about supporting a business that stood by wholesome values.

  9. The Chik-fil-A near my house always has a double line of cars ten deep at lunch time. Today? I drove by at 12:30 and there were three cars in line.

    Allowing the LGBTQ activists to control your donations is a huge kick in the gut to your founder, and the millions of Christians who enjoyed eating your food because you stood firm for good.

    What’s next? Free food for homosexuals on demand? You served every person who came through your door. And you were formerly an unapologetic Christian company. I am saddened that you are no longer.

    You are the third largest fast food company in America. But “the ability to get even bigger” was harmed because you gave to the Salvation Army and the fellowship of Christian Athletes? Really?

  10. I Hate to be cynical about this folks, but these big companies will sell you out in a heartbeat if they think they can get away with it. It’s all about the big bucks. Period. Their Christian values ? Naw. That’s only a come on to get you in the door, and really It’s all a con game plain and simple. Let pressure come from the LBGT or any of dozens of other pressure groups I could name, such as the SPLC, and Chik-fil-A folds like a wet suit. The really good thing about all this is that there are a multitude of other dining options out there. Go get em folks, and the hell with the chicken folks.

  11. We Are The Human Race and No one is more important than the next person….WAKE UP and Stop Cowtowing to the 2 % who have hated all things of God…God does not mind that they do not want Him..So Why Should You Chicken Fill A.
    No one hates Gay which is a sexually choice so Why are they Pushing their Sexcapaids on all who are not interested…Sin is Sin no mater who does what….God is no respecter of persons…We are all Sinners Saved by Grace by Believing in Christ.
    Believe…in Christ Alone…Believe on the Lord and thou shalt be saved….That is it …Get a Bible, Find a church family and they will love you and Christ will love you past the pain. Life is not perfect for we are all sinners but some are saved by Grace and you can be one that is saved too. Love In Him John 3:16

    • I may agree with most of what you say. However, God does grieve the loss of even one. You said: “God does not mind that they do not want Him.” That is not completely true. He loves all people, but does allow them to make their own choices. If they choose sin over him, then so be it. He allows it, but does not like it. Much like a lost child.

  12. I will no longer a customer to Chick-fil-A as they have sold out their true supporters – the Christian Community – for a group that will never support you. I am telling everyone I know to get a very good chicken sandwich somewhere else such as Wendys and Popeyes. We no longer need a sell-out company. Remember who supported you (guess you forget) when you were previously threatened. If we are lucky you will soon see what damage you have done to your country. Guess you will soon be opening on Sundays when they demand that. You might make an extra dollar that way but you better realize the business you have cost yourself with a very stupid decision. Bet your father is turning over in his grave.

  13. You all can spew your hatred in the name of the Lord but he must be on the side of the gays if we defeat chick-til-a! And we did! Amen and god bless all of you In the name of our lord Jesus Christ

    • Go read your Bible Moron, God called you an ABOMINATION Lev. 18:22, 20:13 , REPROBATE Romans 1:26-28 SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD 1 Cor. 6:9 FILTHY, SUFFER ETERNAL FIRE Jude 7-8. We know what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of Sodomy! Enjoy your time in Hell1

    • You’re bragging victory over a fast food chain? You’re salty as hell.
      Btw, spoiler alert, you guys lose in the end.

  14. This needs repeating over and over; NEVER bend to the leftists, they will never stop and will only demand more and more, especially once they perceive weakness.

    • Bean. I guess God is a homophobic bigot since he called them an “abomination”, “filthy”, “Shall not inherit the Kingdom of God” and “shall suffer eternal fire”!

  15. Fake bullshit, finish the truth. Chick-Fil-A had the two contracts end and have renewed their charity to other community services.

    • Isn’t that the way the media spins things? Tell enough of a story to satisfy the left and queer LGBTQ bunch and fire up the conservatives and Christians with frustration and negative thoughts. Don’t tell the whole story because it might not accomplish your hateful, sinful negative goals.

  16. Chick-fil-A and the rest of the Christians don’t owe LBGTQ or GLAAD anything. We won’t change our beliefs or faith in God under no ones demands. Work out your own problems.

  17. “… If every gay person that believes in God would not think that they have to announce to anyone when applying for a job or for any other reason that are gay in order to be recognized they would find that things would be more accepted”

    I think the reason for announcing to everyone your life style preferences is to try and get something for nothing, something without working for it, a free lunch.

    • I know a lot of gays who hide it. Is it flaunting your sexuality to say my BF, GF, Husband etc? Cause if it is Str8’s have been doing it since the dawn of time. When they stop gays can stop!

  18. Please stand for Christianity and believe in Jesus These evil people are having too much power and need to be stopped Do not give in or it may come back on you with the people that believed in you and stood by you Please for your sake stand your ground

  19. Growth that is unbelievable is apparently not incentive enough to stick with your core beliefs. Instead, Chik-fil-A has decided to abandon their principals for no particular reason since their core client base is now reeling and their potentially new client base is both small and never satisfied. Chik-fil-A has a history or treating all their employees well, regardless of gender identification. How odd. How odd. Moving from a well rewarded and well earned place of comfort and employee satisfaction to a never ending stream of demands. Good bye Chik-fil-A. I’ll support companies that are openly in support of various groups such as the LBTGQ community. I will not support companies that abandon their core beliefs at the slightest pressure and abandon the Salvation Army. What kind of company is that?

  20. Lesson of the Day. When you cave to a radical group they will never support your business and you will anger your base customers. Once you meet their demands the radicals will then come up with a new set of demands, and when you meet those they will have another list. You can never please them so the answer is to be faithful to your base and ignore the one that are out to destroy you and any cost.

  21. The CEO of Chik-Fil-A is a coward. He claims he did not cave, but there is no other word for it. Apparently, he doesn’t realize it was conservatives and the christian right who helped the food chain make record-breaking sales the last few years while the crazed left was calling for boycott. A lot of us made a point of going out of our way to eat there, in order to show our support and counter-act the LGB-whatever groups. I guess that’s over now. The company was founded on christian principles and the CEO needs to remember that.

  22. it’s over 2 hr drive to nearest Chic-fil-A but we go every time we’re close to store but now we’ll have to be satisfied with something else. as long as a company serves good food, has clean restrooms, helpful, respectful employees it doesn’t matter to me what color, race, religion owners of stores are BUT don’t claim to be something that you built your loyal customer base on for years & suddenly turn your back on them.
    hopefully Chick-fil-A will do the right thing.

  23. I was very upset when I read chick-fil-a to the gay group. Don’t change your values for one horrible clan. You gave an inch now they want a mile don’t do it. The Salvation Army feeds and does what they can for the homeless. America is was founded on freedom and we’re loosing more of it every day which is horrible.

    • Did you throw your Keurig coffee maker out too when they decided to stop advertising on Hannity? I now have seven new Keurig coffee makers. I can’t wait until BMW upsets the conservative right.


  25. Christians and Muslims should unite to oppose aggressive moves by lgbtq. Chick-fil-A (spelling?) is excellent. More support will help them to stand up to the perverts.

  26. Please don’t acquiesce to these thugs. This is America where there is still freedom as long as you do no harm to others. Why don’t these groups go after Muslims? I smell a rat.

  27. In the article, it states: “Christian satire site, The Babylon Bee brutalized the company with the mocking headline, Chick-Fil-A Trades Adoring Christian Fans For Outraged Mob That Won’t Be Appeased Until Their Every Demand Is Met.” This is a satire site but what they stated is the truth. The LGBTQ-community won’t stop until everything they want goes their way. Think I’m full of it? Just look at what has happened so far.

  28. God will deal with GLAAD in his own Godly way. Us Christians don’t have to worry about it. They know how they have insulted God as well as Jesus Christ and all Christians. Sadly, the new, inexperienced exec’s at Chick Fil A don’t understand the deep hole they are digging for themselves!!! On the other hand, In & Out Burger is also a Christian company who has Christian messages on their containers. Hopefully, Chick Fil A will get their heads out of their butts and get the message before they are totally ruined financially. They didn’t get to the position they are by dissing their Christian customers……..

  29. These radical homosexual (and ANY P.C.) groups will not be content until they DESTROY ANYBODY who espouses Judeo-Christian values! They are not happy people.It’s just who they are.

  30. Chick-fil-a, you grew and thrived as a Christian belief company. Now you turn your back on Christ. When your profits start dropping who else will you cave in to while you worship manna? This is the beginning of the end for Chick-fil-a. Christian’s won’t advertise a boycott or do any on site protesting but just keep an eye on your traffic and report what happens if you are brave enough. You won’t see it coming and you will spend more money advertising and have sales on your product. You will start to cut corners on your food and then the bottom will drop out unless you sell to someone at a bargain. I hope you print this post and keep it in your pocket. So when it happens you will understand where you went wrong.


  32. C. Eley, very well said. Just like the so-called resistance, these people need to grow up and get a job. I don’t have any animosity against the gay community; but, these that interrupt a business’s ability to conduct their business are hoodlums and need to be arrested.

  33. Stick up for your rights. These wackos on the left are nothing but a bunch of losers who would like nothing then to destroy people’s Christian beliefs and their way of life. Do not give in , we will support you where as they will try to destroy you

  34. DO NOT DO [email protected] SUPPORT WHERE YOUR HEART LEADS YOU. These people are nothing more than bullies. Stand your ground!! Don’t let them dictate your faith. You’re stronger than that. We will be with you!!!

  35. GLAAD more like SAAAD, sorry MAAAD you can’t change God. You have your right to live how you wish. I am happy for you as it has been a rough path.
    We accept you and most of lifestyles choices. That does not give you the rights to change our beliefs. You will meet more Christians that will accept you. But in every group there radicals.

  36. I didn’t know that in disasters when the Salvation Army shows up to help victims that they ask what is their religion,or beliefs,or sexual orientation. They help all those in need. Maybe the next time they show up to give a helping hand they should ask if the person is gay or not. Then they can decide to help or refuse as this LBGT group.

  37. You reap what you sew!

    These off the wall groups see a crack and now want to completely divide.

    It is amazing that they wonder why people hate em so much….

    CFA should never have turned away from their values, now they have a perceived obligation to cater to the weirdos.

  38. This is a disgrace Mr Cathy would roll over in is grave. It’s time to fire the president of the company. Get the family back making the decision. The president stab the great company in the back. remember the gay population is only at most 4% of people in this country. SHAM SHAM ON YOUR pRESIDENT.


    Those organizations are just like Muslims–whatever you do to try to please them is never enough. Tell the muslims,, citizens or not, to return to where ever they or their ancestors came from and change that. and take the lgbtqs, whatever with them

  40. If I were ceo of Chik fil a, I would next reverse the decision since the first round was not good enough for the lbgyn community. Let them pound sand. Should never cave to these people just like our country does not cave to terrorists.

  41. Chic-Filet has stepped out into an area that they cannot return. The road will be long and difficult. They like many companies that abandon their values, will continue to make decisions that are not in their best interest. Their sales will suffer and they will have to make adjustments to compensate and will likely lead to having to adjust their operating days and forced to make adjustments.
    Remember, you cannot please everyone. you have to establish your values then you have to stick with these and not waver. What is your legacy and your character going to be. Right or wrong they have made a decision.

  42. Why does Chik-fil-A care what these people think? They have been doing great and are continuing to grow. The alphabet group are cutting off aid to many of the alphabet group who are in need which the Salvation Army helps. Everyone needs to do what they know is right and let those who don’t like it, live with it, like the rest of us have to do when they do things we don’t like. America needs to wake up and see what is destroying her.

  43. The Rainbow Mafia will never be satisfied. Caving into them was a huge mistake and gross error of the Company’s Management Judgment. The Chik-Fil-A will be haunted by a few because they now know they do cave. Not to mention those of many that they helped will now be hurt.

  44. Christians are carefully watching this company and Chik-Fil-A better be prepared for a massive boycott.
    Either you are a christian or not, You can’t play it both ways.

  45. I scored 86% the newer models are the ones that I missed on. 👍🦅🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇱🇮🇪🇨🇱

  46. Jesus said (paraphrased) remember when they hate you know they hated Me first.
    God allows such things for a purpose…but not to excuse counter-hatred.

  47. Chik-fil-a is now on top of my boycott list. I used to admire their courage to stand up for their beliefs, but they have lost a customer forever in my family. Cowards!

    • You are not alone. All Christians must take a stand against this form of bullying. I am sick and tired of the LGBTQ, GLAAD movement and all other anti christian organizations dictating how a company can operate its business and hope that Chik-Fil-A will take a hard stand against them. If they don’t they will have to be prepared for hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of Christians not buying their product anymore.

    • That is dense. First boycotts are children having a fit. Chic Fil A has employees to think about. These times are not like in the past. Words are no allowed on chat sites. 3 Airports denied putting in a Chic Fil A’s in. Some cities have said no to a franchise.

      Remember if your boycott wins you just fired 20,000 people. Actions have consequences.

      When RBG retires the SJC will be more for us. New rules and or Laws will be instituted.

  48. You give the one-percenters an inch and they want a mile. Stop caving to the evil of this world and stand your ground or see your company go belly up.
    Americans will not stand for you to erase what your company used to stand for.

  49. These people are in the wrong to protest and boycott Chick-Fi-la’ just because of the owners religion and belief’s! this business does not discriminate because of race or gender when hiring personnel. Nor do they turn away customers of the LBGT community! So it is wrong for the community to boycott a business just because of the owners belief! The LBGT community is abusing there rights against a business just because of the owners belief and that is what is wrong!

  50. “Hitler Spirt Is Still Alive”, Check out HISTORY, It doesn’t lie. It seems that people just don’t learn. Protest can be good, however when directed at individuals, take heed. Goebbels are still around and the same results for their victims. It may be still time to step back and reaffirm you basic belief’s. Mistakes happen, admit them, then reaffirm your original beliefs and principals. The Bible doesn’t lie, however enemies always do.

    • Tony, what does the Bible say? You probably fall back to Leviticus. What did Jesus say? I do not think Jesus burn LGTBQ to the ground. Jesus allowed a prostitute to wash His feet. Now Jesus did not just condemn her to rot in Hell. How much time does it take to get into Heaven. I mean how long do you have to be a Christian?

      The thief on the cross next to Jesus professed his belief in Jesus. Jesus said you will be in Heaven tonight with me.

      Tony which sins are worse? I mean a lie compared to murder they should be separate, yes? That is not what God said no sin is greater thank any other sin. One exclusion Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is said to be unforgivable but that is God’s call when we stand before him.

  51. Totally stupid . . Chick-Fil-la has a perfect right to donate to whom they like. These gays are really un-American . To discriminate against

    These gays are really un-American . To criticize The Salvation
    Army discriminates towards no one. They do not care what a person believes but comforts and tend to their problems at that moment. Sure they are Christian along with many other church relief organisations. If these gays can’t understand Christian Love then I say when any Christian organization offers aide to you I say refuse their offer and wait for any government agency’s help and remember the RED Cross is not a government organization .

    As with The Salvation Army they do not force any one to attend any service or listen to the word of God but may only make an offer .

    Be considerate and find it in your hateful hearts to accept an offer of kindness when some one goes out of their way to be concerned enough of your problem and offers help.

    God’s peace be with you …..

  52. If ‘Chick-Fil-A caves into the Demands of LGBTQ, then Christians should STOP buying Chick-Fil-A food so the profits will not be so great. Let the LGBTQ people pick up the slack in sales. No organization should dictate terms to a company as what to do is with their profits to donate money to a worthy cause.

    • “Pick up the slack?” The LGBTQ community isn’t going to pick up the slack! They want they company gone, kaput, done away with, destroyed, regardless of how many employees are put out on the street.

  53. We are all of the same Species , now the World and it’s People are being Bullied into agreeing to to change their belief. It a Personnel Choice as to where you eat, drink or pray. Use your Personnel Choice for that. If you don’t like their checking, don’t go there?

  54. No, I think it’s time to vote with our dollars. Who cares if Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday? They’ve made their move down the slippery slope and chose who they want to appease. Their fans have supported them through thick and thin. The LGBTQ community will not be appeased unless they go all the way!

    So Chick-fil-A listen up! Here is what I propose, if you want this transition to be successful.

    First of all, remove your play areas from all restaurants and replace them with libraries filled with transgender friendly books. Invite members from the transgender community in for drag queen story hour and allow them to freely interact with the children.

    Secondly, replace upper members of management, at the corporate level, in your organization, with members from the LGBTQ community and actively recruit members from the LGTBQ community to work in your restaurants.

    Thirdly, heavily donate to LGBTQ organizations and causes. Sponsor LGBTQ Pride parades in various cities throughout the US. Purchase billboards throughout the US stating that, “West Stand With The LGBTQ Community”.

    Finally, choose a new mascot who is trans friendly, or at the very least feature a transgender cow. Feature said cow on above mentioned billboards.

    I’m sure if you consult the LGBTQ community, they can provide you with a much more comprehensive list than this, but at least it is a start. Good luck with your new business model. Your going to need it.

    • It never surprises me when someone takes on thing a blows it out of proportion.

      Chic fil a is a business. A business that has 20,000 employees. They acted in this manner to make sure they can expand Chik fil a. 2 Airports blocked Chic fil a. 3 cities have done the same.

      Are you incensed by a liar? How about someone that stole something? Remember that no sin is greater than any other sin with an exception for blaspheming the Holy Spirit. To many Christians forget love the sinner but hate the sin. Forgiving someone for their faults. I know what the Bible says and I know God is the sole judge. We need to let God judge. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

      The owner has not turned from God. Why would you even suggest that?

      I have never seen a Chic Fil A with a playground. Actually I have never seen a stand alone Chic fil A.

      Think more about how will this affect the larger picture. Peoples lives.

  55. I am very sad to hear any of this. Chick-fil-A has been backed many times over by it’s Christian fans for their Christian views. What they followed did not put the lgbtq+ down but treated them the same as anyone else. When an organization can come in and DEMAND changes to the freedoms that the Constitution gives ALL people it will be torn down in the end. We have down graded our Country to allowing people playing dress up and changing their sexual identification to a position above the majority of common Americans. What people do with their lives is a decision we all have to make. You will be judged by the maker in the end and it will not be the party you are believing in. God save your soul!

  56. Thank you Mr Carlton. At last a voice of reason. We are all God’s children. We are all sinners. We must find common ground to move forward in this great country of ours. If we were more concerned with log in our own eyes than the spec in our brothers and sisters , we would all be better off. God bless you sir.

  57. On the internet we say “don’t feed the trolls” as it just encourages them.

    What Chic-fil-a just did with the LGBLT (or whatever letters they are going by) is equivalent to feeding the trolls. Now that the trolls know they can get something, they are going to keep increasing the demands.

  58. I’m sick to death of pandering and acquiescence to LGBT’s agenda to make that which is out of harmony with basic physical design. I will grant that no one should be discriminated against but you have right to try and change my view of basically biblical morality.

  59. Chick-fil-A deserves all the pending problems with LGBTQXYZ @%#&^$*. Not to mention the untold millions no longer from their erstwhile Christian customer base. I hope they replace the jerk executives responsible for this decision. I will really miss their Christian staff, food and service.

    • Well, Greg, that’s your decision – to boycott them and thus “miss their Christian staff, food and service.” I’m more on the side of continuing to eat Chick-fil-A if you like it. Do the same thing you’ve always done. You all have been touting the fact that this is a new management problem. Then we have to give it some time to work out the kinks.

  60. I’m not against lgbtq whatever your alphabet letter is. But I’m saddened by Chick fil a ‘s decision to cave to the outrage culture. This must stop. How is it that we have become such a bunch of wimps that we are “offended” by EVERYTHING! This is unreal. America is the greatest country EVER. Be thankful you live here instead of actively searching for something to bitch about. I’m sure we’ll all have issues that affect us in different ways at different times but what happened to get up and get it done?? WHATEVER your issue is deal with it and move on. You don’t have to agressively try to ruin a business or someone’s life because you personally have a problem with it. WHATEVER “it” is. Remove yourself from the situation that bothers you. Take some personal responsibility. No one or no thing owes you anything. Just live your life like all the rest of us are trying to do. Quit being such a baby, grow up. For your sake as well as the rest of us. God bless.

  61. It is unfortunate and disappointing that a fine organization like Chick-Fil-A succumbed to the bullying of a minority group that hardly represents any significant part of the whole. Once closeted and a pariah of society, when the box of Pandora was opened, it not only brought a society seeking acceptance from the Christian moral but for some a pedestal upon which needed to be not only respected but ‘given’ privilege. The bounds of these activists do not reflect all of that minority but are the most vocal for benefits beyond that of most. I hope Chick-Fil-A will reconsider their position and support those that truly need their generous and kind assistance.

  62. Via Chic-fil-A
    Such a scam by a bunch of sniveling liberal socialists.
    I’m against bending anything to them. I abhor this decision to cave. Please recant, many of us will support you Dan Cathy…

    • Agreed! But please, everybody, look further into this story. For heaven’s sake, don’t rely on Babylon Bee! They’re called a parody outfit for a reason! The more outrageous they can make something sound, the better they like it. See if you can find something by way of an explanation from the Chick-fil-A organization itself. At least get an understanding of their reasoning. I read somewhere that they were doing their annual realignment of their charity giving and made these two decisions. I’m going to keep searching, though. This story, remember, is only a few days old and people have been condemning Chick-fil-A from day one!

  63. Another example of the tolerant left being intolerant of Christian Values. I will be eating at Chick-fil-A more often now that they are going against a privately owned company that can do whatever they want with their money.

  64. i do not believe Any of this nonsense about Chick-Fil-A. I have always received good service,and best of all, I get to meet all kinds of nice see the difference in you and people like me, we don’t try to make everyone like us. How boring that would be. But we also take our children, grandchildren and other friends, and all anyone wants is to be left alone to eat and visit.haveWe eat and go home. Feeling full and happy. The place is always clean and the staff and even people waiting for orders, will offer help if you ask nicely,The children have a nice place to play also. The Christian man who owns the chick-ful-A has the right to choose what Groups would profit most from his help. I truly believe he prays to our Heavenly Father to get his answer..

  65. There is no pleasing giaad or lbgt, until your totally under their control and only spew forth their redbrick. Even then they will want more. They don’t care that the majority of Americans do not belong to any of those groups.They only believe that they are the only one that matters. This is why you can’t cave in a little. I have noticed that in this climate the needs or wants of the few out weigh the needs of the many

  66. You never give an inch to the left or any of its causes. We should all take a lesson from president Donald J Trump. He will never caved to the left no matter how hateful, mean spirited, and relentless their hollow attacks are.

  67. I am ashamed of any organization that degrades an entity that has done so much good as the Salvation Army. They don’t ask any identification as to race, religion or sexual orientation. I have personally known members of the Army and though gay, have never felt any disparaging words nor actions. I personally know owners of Chick-fil-A and several of their franchisees. They know me and have never treated me any different than their other friends or acquaintances. I enjoy visiting and dining at Chick-fil-A’s and encourage their young employees to do their best. It is hoped that they will stand strong in their doctrines and beliefs.

  68. Organized gays have always been terrorists, this is nothing new. It’s not like people who stole rainbows from little kids are going to become better people at some later date.

  69. We are in Hell! Or haven’t you figured that out yet? God wanted to send people to earth to make this a better place to live. the devil was given earth to preside over! It doesn’t say he presides over the underground but earth as a whole! The Devil was Gods right hand Angle but he had to get rid of him as there would be no place for him to have two rulers in Heaven. So he gave the Lord of death the Earth to rule over. It’s not our place to say anything to people who want to become different! It’s only God’s place after you depart this word, to forgive or condem! Honestly I’d rather be forgiven! I don’t want to roam this earth forever!

  70. I’m so disappointed. I still remember a few years back, when they were attacked by the very group that they are now catering to. My family and I stood and waited for over an hour to get our orders, because we want to support them and we eat there at least twice a week. And now, they betray us like this? Like others have said on the panel, they will not getting our business any longer.

  71. they have the right to fund who they want.. its there money.. just like you if you don’t like it.. don’t eat there…. its that simple.


    • Thank you Mr Carlton. At last a voice of reason. We are all God’s children. We are all sinners. We must find common ground to move forward in this great country of ours. If we were more concerned with log in our own eyes than the spec in our brothers and sisters , we would all be better off. God bless you sir.

  73. I will show my support for someone other than Chick Fil A. What a terrible mistake. Watch company start failing without Christian support.

    • Is that what we want? For a company to fail because of us? That doesn’t sound like anything I’ve been taught my entire life. We need to rethink our reactions.

  74. stop forcing your gay queer shit on us i’m tried of you sick people I will never except you sick fucks…..we need to back to kicking queer assess enough of your bullshit……fuck glaad and lbgqt amti-american sick fucks

  75. Our Dem/lib/Socialist friends are NEVER happy, even when the win! Nobody is “equal” but them! Why is that?

    This company should stick to its good Christian standards and not let those with little or no standards take charge!

    It is not a good idea to ignore/go against God’s word!

  76. GLAAD & LBQGT terrorist have an AGENDA , try to make you look bad because you don’t agree with them .
    GOD has “NO” agenda ,
    Love your neighbor as yourself .
    I stand with GOD , I’ll stand with Chick fil A if they stand with GOD . Nuff said!!!

  77. Stand your ground and tell these quears to go and eat somewhere else, quit giving in to quears and muslims socialist. Stand up for America and the Christains,

  78. The last meal I will get at Chick-Fil-A. The reason is not because they caved but that they stopped supporting the Salvation Army. It is a great organization that came to the little place I was in Vietnam where the Red Cross would not venture.


  80. When did the LGBTQ group get the power to tell others how to give and who they could give to? If a business is based on Christian values and you disagree with those values, patronize another business! This is too similar to illegals demanding that citizens of another country cater to their(illegals) desires.

  81. The devil is hard at work. I stand with God & know He will allow the devil to drag these folks into damnation unless they repent & follow Him…

  82. First of all here we go again with the deception and lies. Focus on the family is a beautiful organization that truly cares about families. They care about God’s truths and do not want the deception to continue regarding sexual confusion. Authentic studies and doctors know that trauma plays a huge part in this confusion and it is true love to not want human beings to die from AIDS have venereal diseases and commit suicide. This can not be blamed on Christian organizations that hold to the Gospel message of deep concern for the body and the soul. Those who have been healed of homosexual tendencies and give their lives to Jesus find a happiness and joy that the world can not give. I ask this food company to not weaken in their resolve to teach truth. Christians are kind and respectful of everyone. This can not be said of those who are militant in their alternate lifestyles. They do not have the right to demand others to follow them when they are teaching harm. Pray and care about others and be at peace.

  83. I still dissent on the boycott. Chic-Fil-A is still our ally and boycotting them is synonymous with joining forces with the unforgiving lgbtq’s and the other leftists. They will welcome your help.

    Christians have been known as forgiving; when did you all become unforgiving? You should still be customers and help to resist the efforts by those evil leftists who will never accept you until you kowtow to them without question.

  84. The gay, transgender group don’t care about rights. The just want to bully everyone. Get a life people, it’s not all about you. No one cares which way you swing. Pro life and Christion group better take a stand or we will be fed to the. Lions again.

  85. All you GLAAD and LBGTQ need to get a life. All you do is whine and moan about things. If you would go out get a job and work like the most of the GAY and LESBIAN community does you would find you would be more affluent and more accepted by the rest of the world than whine and crying you have been discriminated against. As a Gay person I find it very concerning that most of you are lazy good for nothing individuals who are looking for something for nothing. In my adult years of living and I am 75 I have lived my life by my own standards and beliefs and never once was I ever discriminated against or denied anything because I was Gay. If every gay person that believes in God would not think that they have to announce to anyone when applying for a job or for any other reason that are gay in order to be recognized they would find that things would be more accepted. Gays and Lesbians think that by demanding more than what they deserve as a citizen of this country will get them ahead of which it does not. GET LIFE AND QUIT WHINNING.

    • lgbt people know they have mental issues and want all Americans to give in to their delusions. Go to HELL MF! I am bent on biblical issues and there is no desent on the issue of GOD. If you dont want to get along go find the rock you crawled from.

  86. their demands will never stop.their always what something else. and they probably don’t or won’t even eat there anyway. chick-fil-a should’ve stood their ground. because in their fight against the alphabet soup group people would line up around the block to get chicken nuggets and waffle fries. now they turned a lot of people off because of it.

    • That is just what the GLAAD and LBGTQ want to hear. I’m going to spend more money there and try to get friends and family to do the same. We have to defeat these scum bags.

  87. No, chick-fik-a has given up the fight and has fallen on its sword in the name of continued business as it perceived a lack of support or even being taken for granted by the clientele and their sentiments that it thought that it was safeguarding. Be warned, the enemy has just made it clear, the battle is to the finish, no quarter given, no quarter taken.

  88. If I give money to whomever I want. I don’t care what the alphabet thinks about me. If I give to Church & Salvation Army what the hell does the queer alphabets have to do with what I do, they all sound like pussie smollett. Just cry about anything. The Fake news & Zuckerberg will raise the qeer issue.

  89. Chik-fil-A has seen my last dollar and I will make sure all my friends do the same. The LBGT and others like them won’t be satisfied until they have sent this country to HELL!!


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