German Bishops Pronounce Homosexuality As “Normal” And “Unchangeable”

(Tea Party 247) – The Catholic Church has been in the business of politics for quite some time now. It should come as no surprise that recently German Bishops gathered together and declared homosexuality is just as “normal” as heterosexuality and that adultery should no longer be considered a “serious sin.”

The church should be a beacon of morality and righteousness but instead the Catholic Church is succumbing to the pressures of the LGBT mafia and embracing sexual immorality at the cost of sound theological doctrine.

Breitbart reports:

Both the homosexual and heterosexual orientation “belong to the normal forms of a sexual predisposition that cannot and should not be changed by any specific socialization,” the Dec. 5 communiqué stated.

The bishops embraced the findings of a study group on sexual morality chaired by Berlin Archbishop Heiner Koch, which will form a starting point for the “Synodal Way of the Church” in Germany to rethink Catholic teachings and praxis for the present day.

“There was agreement that the sexual preference of humans is expressed during puberty and assumes a heterosexual or homosexual orientation,” the statement reads.

Since one’s sexual orientation is unchangeable, “in church thinking, this means that any form of discrimination against homosexuals must be rejected, as has long been required by the magisterium and is also explicitly emphasized by Pope Francis in the post-synodal letter Amoris Laetitia,” the bishops note.

There was, however, no consensus on “whether the magisterial ban on homosexual practice is still opportune,” the bishops declare.

The communiqué also called for an update regarding Church teaching on adultery, declaring that “a sexual relationship after divorce and remarriage is no longer qualified as a serious sin and thus no general exclusion from the reception of the Eucharist is foreseen,” stating that such a conclusion is “supported by humanities and theology” as well as by “developments that are already apparent in Amoris laetitia.”

The findings of the meeting, sponsored by the Bishops’ Commission for Marriage and Family to deal with issues of sexual morality, will be used to update the Church’s teaching staff on sexual morality, the communique revealed.

This is a disturbing development and should concern all Catholics. Conforming the Church to meet the demands of social movements is both dishonest and dangerous. It is an ineffective way to draw in more believers and will only result in the apostasy of its members.

When the Church has nothing to offer the world except what the world already has, it does nothing to bring people closer to the cause of Christ. It’s a common misconception that the Church needs to be more appealing to those in the world in order to reach them but the truth is, no one benefits from that approach. The Church needs to take strong stances against sin as that is the only way for people to be able to hold a mirror up to it and see the truth in their own lives.

Loving sinners while still hating sin is the only way to represent the true church of Christ and God’s love. If the Catholic Church chooses to turn its back on the very word of God who are they actually worshiping? Who are they actually reverencing? Certainly it isn’t God.

The Catholic Church seems to be favoring humanism over the Divine which directly contradicts the will of God.


  1. Dogmas of the Catholic Church
    from “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma” by Dr. Ludwig Ott

    The following De Fide statements comprise “Our Catholic Faith without which it is impossible to please God” (The Council of Trent, Session V, explaining the correct interpretation of Hebrews 11: 6). These positive “articles of faith” have the function of fundamental principles which the faithful accepts without discussion as being certain and sure by virtue of the authority of God, Who is absolute truth (Council of the Vatican). They represent the mind of Christ as St. Paul says:

    1 Cor. 2:16. – But we have the mind of Christ.
    Hebrews 13:8. – Jesus Christ yesterday, and today: and the same for ever.

    Since Our Catholic Faith comes from God, they are not open for debate, and they are not reversible.
    The Christian is called to adhere to Christ and His teaching integrally; the unity of faith is the dominant motif of divine revelation on which St. Paul insists energetically, when he writes:

    1 Cor. 1:10. – I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms among you: but that you be perfect in mind and in the same judgement.

    There is, then, no place for “pick and choose” in the truths proposed to the Faith of Christians by the Infallible Teaching Church for they are bound in Heaven by God Himself. If something is decreed on earth and is also bound in Heaven, that thing must be the truth. Otherwise, God is no longer the Truth, which is contrary to the Gospel:

    Matthew 16:19. – And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in Heaven.

    The Catholic Church is infallible because it is:

    1 Tim 3:15. – the church of the living God, the pillar and the ground of the truth.

    If a baptized person deliberately denies or contradicts a dogma, he or she is guilty of sin of heresy and automatically becomes subject to the punishment of excommunication.

    From the work of Dr. Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, published by the Mercier Press Ltd., Cork, Ireland, 1955. With Imprimatur of Cornelius, Bishop. Reprinted in U.S.A. by Tan Books and Publishers, Rockford, Illinois, 1974.

    This clearly shows how by these radical priests. bishops, cardinals and even the pope, have strayed from God’s teachings and led the flock astray. t is very clearly stated here: If a baptized person deliberately denies or contradicts a dogma, he or she is guilty of sin of heresy and automatically becomes subject to the punishment of excommunication. If the chruch hierarchy were doing their job all these radical priests, like Martin and a bunch of others, bishops who hide the abuse and go against God’s teachings, the wayward cardinals who support these radical priests, the pope with his entering into politics etc have failed in their mission to be the good shepherds. They need to be excommunicated first off. The so called Christian and Catholic politicians who support abortion, like Nancy Pelosi and almost all of them, the pro-abortion/pro-choice Christian and Catholic church members, and yes even this heretical pope needs to be excommunicated. But this will not happen. Ergo this church you sit today is not the true church of Christ. As I have stated numerous times before God and Jesus would let Jesus’s virgin bride, the Holy Catholic church be stained for any reason. Unless you can shown me my error I believe in what was said in:
    1 Cor. 1:10. – I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms among you: but that you be perfect in mind and in the same judgement.

    Is the Catholic church of today all speaking the same thing? Is the Catholic church of today free from schism among us? How say you.

  2. Remember theCatholic Church is a church of God, not fallable men.
    We may be disappointed by the failings of men but must remain faithful to God’s word.

  3. God has a special place for those bishops in anyone else involved in this kind of behavior, and those who are leading those children astray will have a very special place in that place of fire

  4. Christ said, directly, and through his prophets, that this sort of decadence would take place in the “Last Days.” He further said that his sheep know his voice (The Bible) and won’t be fooled by false prophets and doctrines (John 10: 1to 6). Are marriages with dogs and other animals that far-off?

    • This is exactly what the communist have been added for the last 80 years that being the Democrat party. Communism says it must destroy the culture do you overtake the country amongst 45 other goals to destroy America did you can find if you Google it up ,that being the 45 goals of communism to take America down! The left or very demonic and Elect are communist cousins Hitler Stalin and all the other dictators they always hide behind humanism to mask their demonically evil agenda, and they are in a hard grind as they have been the last 80 years to disarm the American people and they will have no rights whatsoever and those will only be allowed to live who become their slaves are servants market down you don’t wanna hear it but that’s the way it is

  5. So Germany under Hitler was so tertible yet this isn’t?! Um, ok? I’m not even a very religious person nor Catholic but even I find this disgusting. These “modern” religious leaders are perverting their own relgions for political correctness and inclusiveness which is bizarre to say the least. Apparently they feel qualified to make amendments to the word of God! Mighty big britches!

    • Keith you or so correct and I as a catholic cannot condone what this Bishop is saying he and the pope or going against the teachings of God and need to be stopped

    • What are you saying Mr. Novak are you cursing the Catholic church? The church is the people it’s not one man or several people it is the people just as this government is a government of the people not the civil servants who have become prostitutes of the one world order money to take America down. Do you know the ones the communist a.k.a. Democrat party who have been communist party since at least Roosevelt.By the way this last pope I believe is supposed to been talked about 1000 years ago and he is the last pope he is called the Black Pearl because it comes from the black order call the Jesuit order.

    • Much of the Word has been ignored or contradicted in Roman Catholic doctrine since the Middle Ages or earlier. The Council of Trent cursed everyone who disagreed with them that the Apocryphal books were Scripture. Jesus didn’t include them when He defined Scripture, so it looks like they cursed Him too.

  6. We all knew the Catholic Church was For Queers and Cheaters. Why do you think Perverts Join and get promoted. And they take advantage of the Children’s little Tight Asses. In the Families who don’t have enough Money to SUE them!!!! The Adults are Cheaters who want to Cheat and Stay Married…

  7. I am not sure what church these bishops represent, but it is not the Catholic Church. Yes the Catholic Church is full of sinners, as we are all sinners, but the Church also requests that we refrain from committing sin as we also confess those sins. If we continue to commit the same sins without even trying to refrain from committing them, that is also sinful. To tell people that sinning is normal in this respect is an even greater sin. These “bishops” will be judged, unfortunately for them it will be their last judgement. May GOD have mercy on their souls.

    • Who do you confess your sins to, is it Christ or a priest? Only Christ Jesus can forgive your sins and give you salvation. Also never pray to anyone except God the Father and His son Jesus Christ they are the only Deities in the world.

  8. The teachings attributing to the biblical God, can not be changed to appeased the world. Those teachings must stand as foundation of stone, unchanging and a bastion of light. Truth is truth and eternal and can’t be change just to justify societies changing fads. An example; the ten commandments have been under attack and accused of being christen laws, never mind the law was given to Moses and house of Israel long before Christianity. I digress; I just wondering can any one come up with a better set of rules for a society to live by. If you live by those rules a person would need no other laws.Truth will stand the test of time and it is something we can anchor to. Another example is the Constitution; It is based on an old Judaeo law protecting the people from abuses by the government.When the tribes of Israel moved away from it and replaced it with Kings. The result was not good. The democrats are trying to get us to move away from the Constitution so they can have the power of kings. The end result is not and will not be good. We as a people can never go wrong if we stay with the truth and the churches that claim to represent GOD can not deviate from his truth without saying there is no GOD. If they do, then the world will deteriorate into chaos as what is happening now. Is this the world we want, changing truth and no accountability. It will be a world at war with its self and no I don’t want that world.

    • FYI, the world is in tremendous conflict now !! The entire 20th century was rife with war/conflict !!😱 Therefore; HOW will PEACE be achieved?? Look to history. Pray for peace. ACT peacefully and lovingly !!! ❤️🦉🇺🇸✝️🌻📚📚🏡 May God be with ALL human societies 🥰👍✝️ ,,, Amen 😍🙏🏽

  9. We are witnessing the end times! Jesus Christ is a loving and forgiving God but, he is also a just God! He will be coming back soon and he will destroy all evil and those who choose to go against his Church especially those wicked Shepards who leading the flock astray. “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of wicked priests “

  10. As a strong catholic, I am against this. The German Bishops have always been out of line. I have to disagree with one comment, Pope Pious XII saved a lot of Jews privately, while trying to protect the Church from Hitler. A lot of Jews were hidden in the Vatican in World War II. I do agree that I am very disappointed with Pope Francis, he is taking the church in a wrong direction. But I will not forsake my Catholic faith, even if I disagree with the present climate in the Church. There have been very bad Popes and very good Popes, as there are good leaders and bad leaders. God gave us the right to choose our course in life – and then face the consequences at death.

  11. This decision is in direct conflict with the word of God stated in the bible in 3 different places as is adultery. It looks like there will be a skism in the church if this continues.
    I say live by 10 Commandments and the bible and you can’t go wrong.

  12. God created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve. “The smoke of Satan has entered the Catholic Church.” It’s called Modernism. This latest Satanical false assumptions started in the so-called Enlightenment Period of the 16th and 17th century. How and whom? Go to “Fatal consequences of a-priori [false assumptions] in natural sciences to be replaced by facts”

  13. Some say it’s only a few that believe this way. Through a pebble in a pond (in behalf of the few). And watch the the ripple spread through out the whole pond.

  14. This is wonderful news! As Jesus was accepting and showed kindness to everyone, I am glad to see the Catholic Church is beginning to follow in his footsteps. God Bless.

    • God loves all of us. His Son Jesus gave all for us. By the Holy Spirit we choose to accept Gods sacrifice or…we don’t. The bible wasn’t written to give people grace to live life any old way they want. The burden of sin was just on us from birth. Can’t help that. But we don’t need to ever need to make sin “okay”…no we move by Gods grace away from that which could separate us from God. Grace/the word of God was given to guide and motivate us to good decisions. Grace wasn’t given as a way out for sin, to make way for sin…but grace was given to us to be able to walk away from sin. We are all born into sin. We all needed a savior to save us from the curse brought by the fall of Adam. Grace frees us from the chains of sin… turns us away from the sin. Many testimonies from the lgbtq community have actually testified to a return to Christ as their very personal Savior to notice over time…their “taste” began to change. Their lifestyle began to change. They began to just want to please the Lord. It is God that will change the hearts. It is not our own selfish desires that should count… but a true desire to be like the one whose image we were created in.

  15. Big deal. Most, if not all, Christian sects effectively dumped the parts of the bible dealing with how to treat slaves once slavery was no longer an economic necessity, and most Christians claim to believe in democratic self-rule although there is NO call for the establishment of for Republican-style governments in the bible. Such an idea would have been considered laughable – then punishable – by the men who penned “god’s words”. Religions evolve. Would any of the pious who read this, care to prove me wrong by going back and actually living in the society your god created (or, that created your god?)

    • Another some slave owners as in the richest were horrible to slaves.

      But most house slaves had good meals, a place to stay and no beatings.

      I agree with you on the church evolving. Like the story of 7 days of creation. Did it take God that long? Or was written based on what was observed. God could in a human form could snap his fingers and the Earth could have sprung forward with all the animals and humans.

      Be Well and Merry Christmas

    • The Pope is a bunny rabbit that is why his hats are so tall so his bunny ears could stay hidden.

      I would like to stand before God with a Pope. God would yell me for cackling and laughing but it would be worth watching a false god pretend to be in charge.

  16. Unbelievable. The Catholic church is caving to the will of the LGBTQ community. They are following the Democrats lead. Watch, more churches will follow.

    • Until hate-filled churches like yours are powerless. That is what it’s all about, isn’t it? The power to control the way other people think and act.

  17. The Europeans surrendered to The “Jihadists” the whole continent is being overrun without a single shot being fired !
    Why wouldn’t the surrender their Religious Beliefs as well ?

    • But it could come to that. When abortion was accepted many Catholics agreeing to it in early stages voting it in as legal. This info coming from an old RC Catholic from a county/ rural area. He was aggravated at the hypocrisy of those who were okay with it and are now RC Catholics are some of the biggest protesters of abortion today. At least they got there eyes opened. But church leaders must beware of where they are leading the sheep they are responsible for. I would not want to face a God having deliberately defying His written word.

  18. As the quotes in the article make clear, this is what a few men have to say about the topic. Nothing in the article gives even a hint that they sought to discover what God has to say about this.

    • I think it is in the Book of Daniel where it states the Vatican will be destroyed. So will Damascus, Israel and the United States. War is on the way. The pope destroyed the Catholic religion centuries ago.

  19. Extremely disturbing. Roman Catholic church is slipping to the satanic side with this decision.
    No surprised this decision came from Germany.
    God help us. We are going to need it.

  20. ANATHEMA SIT to all of those who are adamantly opposed to the teaching of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Repent, German Bishops, repent and truly believe or else “ANATHEMA SIT”!

  21. Very disappointed with this pope I’m catholic disturbing what is happening in the Catholic Church I agree with Alfredo we’re going to see God’s wrath on the sinners not the believers 🙏🏻

  22. Was anybody surprised at that decision? The Catholic Church has been in a downward spiral for the last 50 years. But it really started about 1500 years ago when they decided to change the Sabbath day. There’s nowhere in Scripture where God gives permission to add to or delete anything in his holy book the Bible !!! And nowhere in Scripture, does it say we should pray to anyone other than the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Catholics love to pray to every saint they can think of, they also love to pray to the Virgin Mary. All of these people are dead and buried period … It wasn’t until the early 50s, that the Catholic Church decided that the Virgin Mary has ascended into heaven . People should go on the Internet and punch in ( the 10 worst Popes ). Soon to be an 11th . It took me 50 years at least to question some of the dogma of that church. And I was baptized Catholic, and went to Catholic schools. It seems to me the Catholic Church wants to unite with the Muslims to form a one world religion. And it started when Pope Francis declared that his church and Islam worship the same god. But my God doesn’t tell me that I can lie, steal, cheat and do whatever it takes to get converts to my religion, and if they don’t they can be executed. I’m hoping there’s enough people that will try to prove me wrong,

    • yes Joseph you are absolutely 100% correct.i do not believe pope Francis has the good of the church in mind for anyone and needs to be replaced soon before he ruins the teachings of God any further than he has

  23. Initially, not a good sign for us faithful Catholics. It seems confined to Germany at this time. I will seek further information and clarification on this matter.

  24. These are the same people that had a deaf ear and blind eye during the rise of socialism in the 1930s. Their moral compass is depraved.

  25. The church under this current pope is a disgrace. I am Catholic, but am ashamed at the direction the church has taken. I am firm in my faith, but no longer consider myself Catholic.

  26. Catholic church is on a slow slide off the cliff any remaining morality. Its pitiful. As a catholic the church no longer represents their past doctrine. They have created a new doctrine to support their continued deviant behavior.

    • He did that close to 1,000 years ago after Pope Honorius (a Satanist who conducted Black Masses in St. Peter’s).





  28. Ever since Hitler brought the Altar or Seat of satan from Pergamon and installed it in Berlin the entire nation has been owned by Satan. It may in part ve why the RC church worked side by side during WWII and ignored the Jewish death camps. The pope was complicit and told Hitler he’d turn a blind eye as long as his clerics were not harmed. So there is no surprise that RC leaders should suddenly find that sins of the flesh are normal. They probably never put Paul’s 2 Letter to the Corinthians in their Catechism books. no surprise too that many of their church leaders are involved in pedophilia. They sure seem to see that as “Normal and unchangeable” too

  29. I wonder how much longer God is going to stand for this kind of sins coming from most of the churches of today?Soon we are going to see his TEMPER EXPLODE ON THE WHOLE WORLD.


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