Georgetown University Executes Massive Purge Of “Offensive” Books On Account Of Student’s Feelings. Yes, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – You know who bans books? Communists. Banning books is the equivalent to government sanctioned thought. If you are prohibited from ideas, you can’t think anything except what the tyrannical government imposes on you. That’s the idea behind it, at any rate, since authoritarian regimes tend to view their citizens as easily manipulated, mindless subjects.

Looks like communist progress is happening right here in America on the campus of Georgetown University. The school just announced this week that they plan to ban a number of books that students have deemed “offensive.”

These “students” are liberals, no doubt.

According to a report by The College Fix, officials at Georgetown University have removed hundreds of books from campus libraries on the grounds that they were apparently riddled with “bigotry” as determined by students.

The student who kicked off the book purge is Alexandra Bowman. She noticed that one book in one of the campus libraries “prominently featured a Native American on its cover,” as Breitbart reports. Naturally, Bowman took great offense to this. How dare a book feature a Native American on its cover!

Shortly after Bowman made her initial complaint against the obviously racist and bigoted book featuring the Native American on its cover, Georgetown’s Reynolds and McCarthy libraries were all but cleared out.

You can’t stop progress.

“While some were simply raucous crime noir murder mysteries representative of the literary and cultural time in which they were written, other books included extremely problematic and damaging elements, including the glamorization of rape, including that of underage girls,” Bowman said in a short comment. “Completely naked women of all races were frequently featured on these books’ covers. Further, many books fetishized young nonwhite women.”

“Upon looking further at the collection of books in the library, we noticed other serialized books, most published in the mid-20th century, with similar pornographic, racially derogatory themes,” Bowman wrote to Georgetown student newspaper. “Ultimately, the removal of the books was what we expected to come as a result of our inquiry.”

Thank goodness the students of Georgetown University are now safe from being forced to read this “offensive” pieces of literature.

Breitbart goes on to report:

The Georgetown Review, an independent student newspaper associated with Georgetown University, also contributed to the university’s decision to remove the books from the library. After hearing of Bowman’s complaint, the newspaper published a report detailing the most offensive books in the two campus libraries. Some of the books featured sexually provocative cover pictures. The seemingly innocuous book included in the report was Legion, William Peter Blatty’s sequel to The Exorcist was included in the list.

A Georgetown spokesperson told a student reporter that the decision to remove the books from the libraries was made out of concern for the sensitivity of the university’s students and staff.

Administrators “led an investigation into the content of both libraries’ collections” following outreach from the crack research team at the Hilltop and Review. The Residential Life team removed books whose “titles, topics, and images … raised concerns for students and staff,” the spokesperson said.

Good thing Bowman was looking out for the “sensitivities” of the Georgetown University students and staff. Who knows what kind of emotional and psychological toll these kinds of offensive books could have caused these grown adults!

Crisis averted.


  1. From The “Georgetown University Brown Shirts” Desk:

         According to the conservative web site The College Fix, Georgetown University is pulling books by such mystery writers as Edgar Award winner Don Tracy, Ned Kelly Award winner Carter Brown and Nick Carter (rumored to be a favorite of John F. Kennedy) from their libraries because they were deemed offensive by some students.
         I have to wonder if or when Georgetown University will allow these anti-first amendment brats to start having book burning rallies to promote their contribution to the Nazi ideals espoused by this incarnation of the Hitler Youth.

  2. I have heard that Georgetown, is a Catholic University, hence, their position on immoral, indecent, perverted forms of literature. It offends the Catholic culture, and offends the Eternal Righeous God who created us and has a sane culture code which leads to a eternal life of love, peace, happiness . Those who oppose him, are DOOMED to eternal peishing. God rewards them that hates him, to their face. Whatever you get , acquire , in this life, is ALL YOU GET!! He repays you to his face!!! He makes a covenant of eternal life, based on his eternal love, with those who love him and keep his commandments. The scripture states that JESUS CHRIST HATH ABOLISHED DEATH, and. brought LIFE AND IMMORTALITY to light through the gospel. JESUS SAID: if you love me, “YOU WILL KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS”. Galatians , 5th chapter lists 17 traits of the Human nature (law of the flesh -Romans 7) and says that those who do such things, SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!! … READ THE BOOK!! Save Yourself from eternal death and eternal perishing and from this corrupt, vulgar , God hating civilization, Devil controlled, Satanic world that we live in!!! (KING JAMES BIBLE). You are NOT educated UNTIL you come to grips with the WORD OF GOD AND HIS WISDOM!! EDUCATE YOURSELF if you as ADULT as you think you are REGARDLESS of the number of certifications that you have behind your name. The fool has said “THERE IS MO GOD”!!! Nature itself declares that THERE IS A GOD, and he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Thanks for reading!! BE BLESSED!!!

  3. I am ashamed of our Universities for being such weaklings and bowing to these
    whining little thumb-sucking babies that call themselves students. These students
    are supposed to be coming into adulthood instead of regressing into pissy little whiners.
    I blame the Universities for bending to these twits will and allowing them to get away with
    these demands. The Universities are supposed to be run by adults and not frightened boobs.
    No wonder the students today act like demented slugs. The University administrations
    allow it and do not tell them to get over themselves.

  4. Given today’s social climate of acceptance, one can argue that the library itself is offensive due to the killing of plant life (a tree) to publish a book. . . . which the killing of plants (a tree) really hurts one’s feelings.

  5. And WHY isn’t the American Library Association screaming bloody blue murder about this? When I studied for my MA in Library Science (back in the ‘70s) this would have been anathema.

  6. How long is this gonna happen until the God fearing people stand up and say enough is enough this person needs to get over how important she thinks she is !!! She is but one idiot in this world so get over it and grow the HELL UP

  7. Get a Life Bowman .. No one is ‘forcing’ you to read anything !! In my opinion your an IDIOT ! Freedom is freedom.. to read (or not read) what you want. My grandfather died for all of our country’s freedom. Go to your stupid “Safe” room a cry a river !

  8. “many books fetishized young nonwhite women” – Well maybe it’s because of the likes of Bowman. I don’t buy books for it’s cover – but obviously this “lady” (small ‘s’ – v-e-r-y small ‘s’) maybe get offended because olive Oil is more attractive than she.

  9. “Alexandra Bowman’s Naive 15 Minutes of Fame “ soon to be published and distributed to the hallowed stacks of the over blown , over priced bastions of our elitist institutions of learning ! The next publication entitled “The Fools Folly of the overly Sensitive “. Soon to follow …

  10. CalConservative — I used to have a whole collection of James Fenimore Cooper’s books (Last of the Mohicans) and a copy of “Light in the Forest’ by Conrad Richter in my personal library. All of them had covers with Native Americans on them. Also, when I was in college (sometime last century) one of the classics we had in a literature course at the college bookstore had a cover I plain just didn’t like. That’s pretty unusual for me, but my solution was to go find a copy that had a different cover at a second hand store. The down side was it cost me a little extra time, but I paid a lot less for it than I would have at the college bookstore, so it balanced out. After all, the cover art is just some graphic artist’s rendition of his/her impression of the book. If there hadn’t been a second hand copy available, the old brown paper bag book cover would have worked, too.

  11. I take offense to any thing communistic. Can we please clear the shelves of those books? How about people not looking at what they deem offensive because not everyone is that stupid. Catering to these people are only making things worse. There isn’t a book in print or even out of print that somebody somewhere doesn’t find offensive.

    • this reminds me of 1939 Nazi Germany, america has to erase all this communist garbage before it’s too late. or the republic will be doomed.

  12. HMMM? If it offends, banish it? Well Maxine Waters offends me so banish her, Adam Schiff offends me so he must go. Abortion legislation of any kind offends, drug pushers and violent gangs offend me so all must go. Having more money than God or not having enough money to live on offends me. Racism of all kinds offends, thought police offend, forced political correctness offends, social engineering offends, too far right or left offends me so I am the center of the universe and everything that offends me must go! Hey Georgetown, can I come there and complain and rule your world?

    • What the article failed to mention is you would not be welcomed at Georgetown. The establishment at GW are absolutely 100% racist, towards whites that is. Waaaay back when George Thompson (the original) was the basketball coach at Georgetown, he made a statement that Georgetown “would NEVER recruit or have a white basketball player on their team as long as he was coach!” I believe Georgetown students are predominantly black students. They don’t want whites there any more than any other primarily black school’s students. I don’t call them racist, I just feel they’re more comfortable around their own people. If that makes me racist, so be it.

  13. Instead of being busy with so many protests, and complaints better learn history. (World history,American history )what you are asking is for a page from communist life. Learn to appreciate what you have , !instead of protesting go and see what your kids are doing. ? Protesting too?drugs? fighting on the streets?take more responsibility in supervising your kids ..and the schools should teach equally ALL political views, teach how to debate in a civil way,teach how to accept others views,Instead of teaching so much hate Start appreciate AmericanHistory and start protecting it , destroing a 100 year statue you destroy your identity, your All who survived the wars. Did not have “safe spaces, or staffed animals or comfort rooms”they learned how to deal with difficult situations. The result was fascinating. :THE GREAT GENERATION preserve the free speech and freedom of religion before is too late This is still the best country I lived in …Do not lose it

  14. He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past” George Orwell

    This is nothing more than an attempt at population control. Itbis immoral and evil in every way. We have to stand up to these communist bullies and bring us back to reality.

  15. As a retired librarian, this just kills my soul! Don’t read the book if it offends you but don’t deny others the opportunity!


  17. Fascism and National Socialism stopped being a threat to human rights and world peace in 1945. Communism/Socialism (2 sides of the same coin) are still a clear and present danger in 2020. Coming from the poisonous wells of the People’s Republic (an oxymoron) of China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Russia (as the reborn successor of the Soviet Union. Lenin said he would sell us the rope to hang us with. Only difference now is today it is made in China.

  18. If students are to be exposed exclusively to literature and ideas with which they already agree, is there any need for universities? Additionally, if students are to be the arbiters of which knowledge is appropriate to be taught, what can they possibly learn at university?

  19. This kind of intrusion of rights perpetrated upon the students of Georgetown U of course the first in what will become many episodes that will endured until people have had enough of the thought police and ban them from being able to ever physically intrude again. Of course they are allowed to feel offended, that right i would fight for them to have those thoughts and even Express them, but never to have the right to remove anything from anywhere. I’m surprised that Uncle Tom’s Cabin wasn’t removed as well as Our Town, oh but the latter justifies what they did. Remember history always repeats itself.

    • Nazis are all but destroyed. Communism is a huge threat. Around 2 billion people are living under this tyranny tight now and their governments are doing their level best to take it world wide. Wake up

  20. Liberal/Nazi/Liberal I forget….which ones were responsible for WWII? Liberals or Nazi’s? About now, I am leaning real hard toward liberals.

  21. Who runs these Universities? What kind of pansy-assed people are they? One adolescent student without enough life experience to make a decision of any kind is offended and they all buckle. Where are the adults? Need to find someone with common sense to tell this uninformed, under educated young woman to grow up. I’m sick of this crap!

    • Totally agree! I’m sick of it! Isn’t there someone at these schools that can put a stop to this liberal nonsense

  22. Hey If You Don’t Like The Book (cover) Don’t Read The Damn Book…Really Quite Simple. And Before Anybody Gets All Worked Up I’m Nrither Republican nor Democrat… Pretty Much an Independent.

  23. Next will be Kipling. A misogynist if ever there was one. Then Mark Twain. After all, surely a bigot, casting a Native American as a villain, and repeatedly using the N-word. How about Winston Churchill–glorified the British Empire–he’s gotta go. Jack Kerouac. John Steinbeck. For that matter, Shakespeare–too much violence!. I expect Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and the other slave-owing early Americans are already banished. The King James version no doubt has been long since consigned to its rightful disposal. ( I expect the Koran remains.) The snowflakes at Georgetown had better be careful–once book-burning becomes a standard operating procedure, no books are safe. While I would not mind seeing Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Maya Angelou and certainly Hillary Clinton on the bonfire (their books, not them personally) , their works aren’t safe either. What a sad, deluded, and genuinely stupid bunch.

  24. Kurt Vonnegut warned us in “Fahrenheit 451”. The thought police are hard at work at burning books. Libtards can’t fade the heat so must change the rules, don’t you dare read that…might make you think…can’t have that! Don’t want the indoctrinated SNOWFLAKES to see the truth! Keep them dumb and pacified with false promises and free shit. Nothing to see here, just a fire to disinfect your little mind! WTF, Are you stupid? If you have to ban books to stop people from realizing the truth then your dogma is weak and ineffectual. Leading the lemmings to the cliff! READ, DISCOVER, UNDERSTAND!

    • True, Ray Bradbury wrote “Fahrenheit 451” a book that ought to be a warning to us all, but Kurt Vonnegut Jr. actually pen nine words that SHOULD have comprised the University response to Bowman’s complaint. They should have told her to “Go take a flying f**k at a rolling doughnut” and had done with her, not pander to her liberal psychosis.

  25. Is there a list available of book than have been rejected? I collect banned books! As in I love books that offend. I find books that offend actually grow my understanding, my heart and my soul. Maybe that is the issue! No one wanting real growth or opportunity to see from a different perspective! But seriously, is a list available?

  26. This is exactly what Hitler used to exterminate history and things he didn’t want the German people to know about, only the communist a.k.a. Democrat or hiding behind humanism in this case for the same outcome!

  27. Next to go will be Kipling. Then Alexander Pope. Then Shakespeare. Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain. All obviously either bigots or exploiters of women. Churchill-British Empire–Oh how cruel!. Boccaccio. Marcus Aurelius.. All politically incorrect. Machiavelli–though a textbook for the Left–can’t remain. Gibbon–after all, he writes of an Empire–long vanished, but they degraded women! They were slave-holders! the extreme. The book-burning snowflakes at Georgetown should be careful–they may get what they wish for. Saul Alinsky–Karl Marx–Maya Angelou–now all studied assiduously, but once the university caves to anarchy, no books are safe. What an unhappy, narrow-minded, and genuinely stupid bunch they are.

  28. The Germans had a book burning party when Hitler came to power. If a person does not like the theme of a book then don’t read it. Removing it prevents others from reading it. This is censorship. When educational institutions condone this action where does it stop ? What if Darwins Origin OF The Species offends the religious? Steinbeck’s The Grapes Of Wrath offends the poor farm worker? The truth usually offends some one but enforcing ignorance should offend every one.

  29. These dumb people/students are trying to get rid of history. They have been so brainwashed. It’s a shame these people can’t see the truth.

  30. We Have Freedom of Choice to Read or not to
    Read. Many choices now as a Senior in my life have been offensive. Guess What!! I stay away from them. If I were to complain that is just what they would say.

  31. If the American Library Assn, which I paid dues to during my career as a professional librarian, has any degree of professionalism left – then it will file suit on behalf of its members who have been taught inclusion instead of censorship. I shall look forward to see if ALA takes a stand on this issue!

  32. Well I guess it is good to burn the books because it seems they are too stupid to read history anyway because if they read the book they would know the truth instead of just listening to what they are being told if they were smart they would want to read and get facts but again they are too stupid to know any better that is the ones that do not want to work they want everything for free by taxpayers if that is the case why go to school at all it is a waste of time burn the books and keep living in your mom and dad’s basement

  33. Wait.

    They’re removing books that are not as bad as what they are now supplying to the youngest of students in our public schools.

    Do they realize that?

    I am not for reading trash, but book banning is never the answer. If the content is actually evil, then evil is counteracted against by good. Try doing some good for once, you immature, selfish, self-centered students, and you’ll be shocked how things change for the better around you.

  34. I can’t believe that the University Caves to the NEW FASCIST NAZI SCUM. How does removing certain books will keep the MORON Students Safe. I Never Heard of Books Attacking Anyone. The People Running the University need to tell these Little NAZI MORONS to Shut the Hell Up. If they Don’t Like the Books, then Don’t Read them or Leave the University.

  35. So like communist. Slowly remove material in the name of “offending” but in reality in the name of indoctrinating. Never thought I’d live to see the day our nation did a “book burning” more or less but seems it is now happening. How pathetic to have sunk to this level. Best thing that could of been done was simply ban the offend from entering with a sign warning them that there are offending books and they enter at their own risk instead of punishing everyone else.

  36. I don’t think they understand the basic concept of a library or the premise of our country. In a library, you get to CHOOSE the books you want to read. In America, we have FREEDOM and LIBERTY, not slavery and censorship.

  37. Are we becoming a Communist country. Is revolution coming. I cannot believe what is happening to my country the country I proudly served for six years in the military, the flag I always respected, the God I worship, the freedom I cherish. All of it is being slowly taken away by the radical left. It is time to take our country back with our vote. We cannot let our freedoms be taken away. Banning books is the first step to totalitarian rule. What is next The Bible.

    • At one time Georgetown was one of America’s great Catholic Universities. The Jesuits who established it were the creme de la creme of religious orders. How did Georgetown stray from its founding principals? The progression from all men’s university to coed, then the Fat Pope , John 23, and his happy God and music masses and next thing you know the priests and nuns left, all except those who were simply overwhelmed by the intrusion of the non-Catholic world. The left saw it opportunity and Georgetown and other Catholic schools of higher ed followed . Catholicism was passe. The take down of Catholic Hospitals came first, then orphanages and poor houses, then the universities and now, the Catholic school system is all that remains and that is suffering from liberals who feel the mission is no longer the Catholic education of Catholics is first and foremost. Sad

  38. I’m a Catholic. Georgetown is supposed to be run by the (Catholic!) Jesuits. I got worried (many) years ago when the administration down there removed Shakespeare from its requirements list; imagine! During the Obama years a young woman at this supposedly Catholic (Law) School complained in front of Congress (and by extension, the entire Country[TV]) that her fellow female students wouldn’t be able to afford their BIRTH CONTROL medication; imagine! Now, they’re BANNING books because some folks are (gasp!) offended. Where is this school headed? Doesn’t it stand for anything anymore?

  39. Fahrenheit 451….
    What happened to the first amendment??
    AND the University CAVED to these Snowflake student’s demands???

  40. Query, were any removed based on a disagreement with or disparagement of Catholic/ Jesuit faith/doctrinal issues ? Asking for a friend.

  41. If the ‘feelings’ of ONE entitled idiot is all it takes for a university to change their policies and deprive the other students of essential information, just think of how easily the idiots will make it for dangerous ideologies like communism and Islam to infiltrate and take over! This happy horse crap has to STOP!

    • It will stop when the “other side” pitches enough of a fit to make the school offials take note that what offends one, may not offend all. The rights of a few snowflakes should not be the burden carried by all. The school should have asked the student body what they thought of this issue, and if the majority said leave the books alone, then this girl could either find a different school, or adjust her point of view to one of the kind of tolerance she likes to preach about.

    • This is not listening. Its Nazism. Freedom of speech does not include the right never to be offended by something you see or hear. That is the nature of free discourse. It does not include censorship of books which open a window into a different era, for good or ill. This is DISGUSTING in a supposedly free society. More and more, colleges are no longer a place where students are exposed to ideas unlike their own, for the purpose of OPENING THEIR MINDS. It has become a place where political correctness is run amuck and others may express their own even MILDLY divergent opinion at their peril, as numerous attacks on non-liberals have recently shown. Shoot up a republican Congressional baseball team was the tip of the iceberg on this. A person in charge of a school, assuming they have a backbone , which this place evidently does not, helps to INFORM children, NOT kow-tow to them.

    • Your “rights” END where MINE BEGIN! First Amendment.. READ IT!
      Was this student FORCED to read the literature in question???

    • Frances, your comment, as well as that of IJ and Carl, and others like this need to be sent to the college in question and posted, not just to the school’s academic and administrative staff, but to parents, and to the student body. Those who will listen, will do so, those to blind to see or deaf to hear these coounters to their point of view, will not. These voices of protest here need to be seen and heard so that maybe, just maybe others who still think for themselves and see the validity of these protests will stop the infamy that is going on in our various schools.

    • Well you can cut your fears in half because the Right is the only thing keeping the country from being taken over by socialists, Muslims and illegals.

  42. OMG. Shades of the book 1984 by George Orwell coming to life on the renowned Georgetown University campus. This just verifies my opinion that the millennial generation has a closed mind to what a college education should actually entail.

  43. This BIMBO is so STUPID to clear her thoughts if she really has any she should be taken to the nearest icy lake and thrown into the icy water to clear her head of all this crazy thoughts she has, Nazis did this very same thing in Germany are we heading in that direction and becoming Nazis as well ? are we going to stand by just like the German citizens did and let these new version of the Nazi brown shirts destroy books BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE THEM ? AND NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP THIS MADNESS ? YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK.

  44. Stupid. Sounds like what the Nazis did. I agree with CalConservative. If the students object to the books or their covers, don’t read ’em.

  45. Hitler and his Nazis were offended by books. They burned books throughout Europe many were irreplaceable and we dont even know what they were. Like in this article “what were the books” we really aren’t told what is missing other than hundreds. What Books were “Removed from Georgetown University”. we arnetr even told if they were National Geographic books.

  46. I suppose the “naked” women works were publications about Greek, Roman and other object de arte.

    Wait til Ms Bowman hits the real world and finds her boss will not approve of her insubordination and she is out of a job. Administrations are not preparing their students for independence. Though her parents obviously did not either.

    Attention College Alums: PLEASE stop funding your alma mater til the staff enforces their obligatory responsibility of our young adults’ liberal arts education in addition to that of their major. They are the potter, the students merely clay!

  47. You start with books and then it is people. Georgetown already supports abortion. While a Jesuit Education is one thing they have always been considered somewhat heretical by the Larger Church! This only goes to further prove the point. We are going down a very dark hole as a country especially when these Quasi adults enter the real world!

  48. Liberals have banned my second amendment rights and now communism’s useful morons have banned their own first amendment rights. Based on my experience teaching college students, in general, I would not trust them to judge much of anything. Today many of them are even confused about which gender they are.

  49. Just keep in mind that Georgetown University is a Jesuit university. Very progressive liberal ideology at its best. The opposite of Hillsdale. What happens when these impressionable students arrive in the real world to face what really goes on. Feelings and sensitivities are fine but not when it affects the bottom line or goals of the company. I graduated from a Jesuit college.

  50. Time for the Board of Directors of these Universities and Colleges take back control of your institution….the very essence of a higher school of learning are gone…

  51. Remember the Nazis burning books. It is to return us back to the dark ages where there government and priests controlled everything you were taught. It appears we have learned nothing from history because we are repeating it.

  52. WTF…are you kidding????…First Amendment…you don’t like the book don’t read it..don’t buy it ..I bet the library has the Rules for Radicals!!!…by Saul D. Alinsky…This is pathetic…..Is this what Georgetown wants to be known for , stand for….these kids are doomed in the real world….what a waste of money…this the place where most career diplomats and state department people used to be educated…USED to be I hope….opinions may vary…

  53. So much for history, open mindedness and tolerance!
    Get a life! Maybe even say some prayers????I believe it’s still a Catholic University! [haha]

    • Not anymore, it’s run by communist! When holden and soetoro went there it was loaded with black panthers!

  54. Only ignorant parents send their children to these Communist indoctrination Centers! The Short version: “Stupid is as Stupid Does!”

  55. I am 1/4 Cherokee and I would have LOOOOVED to see a book with a Native American on the cover in a school library — provided said NA were still alive in the depicted scene!!

    Advice to readers: If the dust jacket offends you, don’t read the book.

    • I’m right there with you only Jicarilla Apache. I guess to this Bowman snowflake fetishizing white women is ok? My main question is when are these colleges and universities going to take back control of the institutions and tell all these cry babies to F off.

    • To CalConservative, I agree, that if you are offended, don’t read the book, watch the movie or tv show. Unfortunately, with socialism, anything that offends you, you can demand to be removed from your presence. Even if you are the only person in a room with a hundred people that is offended, and no one else is, you can demand it and get your way. I wonder if 1984 is still read in schools anymore? Or Fahrenheit 451? Books that warn of things like this happening?


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