Fox News Pete Hegseth Destroys Liberals Accusing Trump Of War Crimes

(Tea Party 247) – Fox News host Pete Hegseth was completely blunt with ignorant American leftists who are accusing the president of committing war crimes by destroying Iranian cultural sites.

“I don’t care about Iranian cultural sites, and I’ll tell you why,” Hegseth said. “If they could, if Iran could, if you understand the Islamic Republic of Iran, of Islamist…if they could, if they had the power, they would, they would destroy every single one of our cultural sites and build a mosque on top of it.”

“If you don’t understand the nature of our enemy, you’re foolish about who you’re pointing out and whether or not you are happy that Soleimani is dead,” he declared.

“This guy exported terrorism for that regime for 40 years, and the fact Democrats in this country can’t take a pause to say, ‘This is a good thing, now let’s figure out how to prevent an Iranian bomb,’ they just go straight to politics, and it’s shameful.”

After ordering the killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, President Donald Trump threatened to strike up to 52 targets in Iran if they attack any Americans or “American assets” on Twitter Saturday.

He even said that he would be willing to hit areas “important to Iran & the Iranian culture.”

This tweet prompted New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to accuse Trump of wanting to commit a war crime.

“Targeting cultural sites is a war crime,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It should also go without saying that sites like Persepolis (& its PEOPLE) are not only treasures to Iranians, they are gifts to humanity.”

“They tell humanity’s story–that is why authoritarians target them. They want to erase history.”


  1. The only reason this little witch is in Congress is because they were going to fire her at the bar for making the worst drinks ever. She is a failure in every thing she does. She cannot think properly, lacks a proper education, engages in every financial crime known to man, and is so mentally challenged she cannot think well enough to form real sentences and thoughts. She should be sent to the Iraqi embassy to be used as a diplomatic shield for State Department personnel.

  2. Nope. Its not for us to conduct a holy war, leave that to the islamists. Take out generals, take out presidents…oh, I forgot, they’re too holy, why, what if presidents were targets, oh, horrors, we can’t do that! No, that president is no more holy than the private in the army. 5 deferment Donnie is, always has been, and unless he recants his statement that he doesn’t need to repent of his sins, always will be a punk. People who didn’t serve in the military have no business sending us to die; it should absolutely be a requirement for a president to have served in the military. Then, he has the right to talk the talk. And yes, do get rid of AOC, and Pelosi, and Schiff, and all those loathsome, depraved baby killers.

    • Woodrow Wilson WWI – Franklin D. Roosevelt WWII, both never served. Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, H.W. Bush did serve. People join the military knowing they will be in harm’s way, it comes with the job. The president has to decide if and when they are deployed for war. Obama never served and he deployed troops, why weren’t you howling. TDS is contagious and a serious mental disorder infecting millions, get help.

  3. aoc will lose the election coming and all her protection too! can’t you just see her in new york walking down a street and somebody points her out! can’t wait! bye bye!

  4. AOC, go cry me a river with your fake ass tears, you & anyone stupid enough to agree with you can take your hate for America & Patriots that elected Trump to go straight to hell. Take ever single Democrat liberal with you when you move to Iran…. Your commie loving anti America pos AOC thanks you… f u 2 stupid beach

  5. You know ignorant shit bag democraps suffering from Trump derangement syndrome , good check them in the nut house, yeah baby.

  6. Voters were obviously in alcoholic stupors when they voted in this ignorant, psychotic bartender serving up mind blowing adult frosty beverages…
    We need a few sober voters to unseat her drunken patootie!

  7. So, Iranian culture sites which tell the story of their people and country are ok and should be protected, but…our cultural sites and icons about American Civil War history and our founding fathers are offensive to some of our people and need to be destroyed and to rewrite our history.

  8. You know nothing period! Those of us who served our country and love this country, the flag, God, and everything we veterans served and fought for you are nothing but a disgrace and we are sick of you and your squad.

  9. The Geneva convention is second only to the Bible for being most often misquoted by people who have never read it. (Our constitution is a close third).

  10. It always amazes me to see and read about how completely EVIL and STUPID Democrat Swamp denizens actually are.They must be the most miserable,some ugly,racists and America haters who are walking on Earth with MUSLIM savages and love them.Just wait until your head is on the lined to be cut

  11. Hello, AOC. Trump can SAY he’s targeting anything he wants. Saying he is targeting cultural sights is vastly different from actually destroying cultural sights. Once again, the sky is falling in liberal hysteria run amuck land.

  12. People like Aoc have no idea how Islam, a control system, not a religion was established. It is a ruse that has been forced on many people whose culture is ingrained with hatred and violence under a shield of a fake pseudo identity. Perhaps when these unintelligent political actors were in school they fell asleep when the history lecture of the savagery of the ottoman Turks in the 1200’s A.D. as they invaded the Balkan states in Europe and killed the men and raped their wives and continued to for many years. Wake up morons and study the history and historicity of this thing called Islam.

  13. Treason at its best starting with Pelosi. This is how these treasonous people are tearing our country apart from within. AMERICA WAKE UP. OUR CONGRESS IS SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY. I PRAY WE ALL USE OUR VOTE TO KICK THESE PEOPLE OUT OR SOON AND VERY SOON WE WILL HAVE NO COUNTRY. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. Praying for our President and Vice President. Lord protect our troops. Thank you to our military for all you sacrifice for us including the ungrateful and treasonous members of Congress. Troops, God bless you and your families.

  14. Aoc,
    You moron. You hate our values. Go back to wherever you came from and live unhappily. You are a disgrace to this great country.

  15. Just a comment on hypocrisy for erasing history. What about civil war statues in this country that Dems support erasing?

    Frustrating and hard to respect them.

    • Why do democrts give liberals, etc the ok on destroying and removing southern history, but no, no not a terrorist cultural location. Crazy!

  16. AOC . . . I can’t WAIT when YOUR position is eliminated! THEN we DON’T have to listen to your EXTREMELY STUPID drivel about anything you talk about, when you DON’T know WHAT you are talking about or saying. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  17. AOC is a real Ahole. And what’s worse, she also talks out of it. Why isn’t she up in arms over the sacred sites destroyed, and cultures almost wiped out of the American Natives? Or doesn’t she remember where she lives? Native Americans have lived here longer than any group that whines about honoring their heritage. And NOW this numnut wants to cry foul about America putting a stop to lunatics that loudly and boldly exclaim that they want to destroy everything that America stands for. She and her friends need to go and live in the atmosphere of the foreign governments they so vehemently defend. But only AFTER they give all the money that they’ve taken from American taxpayers to all their supporters that they claim to want to help. I’ve always wondered how it was/is that these “servants of the people” elected by the people, suddenly become wealthy and claim god-like status. It’s time for these con-artists to put their own money where their mouths are.

  18. OAC why didn’t you comment when they destroyed our twin towers killing thousands of Americans. Wait that’s the problem they’re Americans who you care nothing about. Get out of our government and go to Iran.

  19. AOC personifies the Mark Twain quote: I suspected the (Wo)man an idiot, then she opened her mouth and removed all doubt.

  20. But AOC has no trouble with erasing American history, does she?

    Of course, she’s a socialist buffoon, so her behavior is depicably understood.

  21. 1) Can some twit liberal tell me WHICH Iranian Cultural sites Trump has destroyed?

    2) Can some twit liberal tell me why they are on the side of Iran rather than America in this conflict?

    3) Can some twit liberal tell me if they agree that OBAMA COMMITTED WAR CRIMES by providing $150
    B I L L I O N . C A S H . TO SOLEIMANI TO CONDUCT TERRORISM WITH? Including last night’s missile attack?

    4) SHEEEIIITTTTTT……. I just read Trump’s tweets:


    Good Heavens, our Left is a MUCH bigger threat to America than Iran will ever be.

  22. Pete your an American hero. Thanks for standing up for America and tell the truth.
    Keep fighting the war for the rest of us patriots that don’t have the platform to say we believe in you and we believe in America

  23. The liberals are freaking out about Iran’s cultural sites but if they are so concerned, why are they so eager to condone the destruction of our cultural sites and statues in the Southern United States? I think many of them should be prosecuted for treason!

  24. What morons. It is a war crime as of the Geneva convention and other articles from the Hague convention in place since 1954! This stuff is easily found if you pull your head out of your rear end. My God!

    • That’s not entirely true, If there are combatants in the site, it is not a war crime. I’m not sure about an empty site, but you can target combatants anywhere they are.

  25. Trump is threatening the muslim invaders of Iran & their cultural sites, not the cultural sites of Iran’s indigenous native Persian people who hate their centuries long terrorization by muslims.

  26. Quite right. AOC and their ilk do not belong here. They can move to any of the countries they are so fond of defending. After all, what is the point of in living in a country they have so much contempt for?

  27. You get it, but people who try to mix common sense with politics like Juan Williams who want to spread doom and gloom by suggesting that Iran is a threat to the United States don’t have a clue. Now there are those who think Iran’s missiles missed on purpose. Bull. That’s like saying all the missiles that were shot into Israel missed on purpose. The truth is they don’t have the guidance systems developed to deliver them. To be honest, the Air National Guard of Hawaii could destroy Iran’s defense with conventional weapons in one night.


  29. People who have not served in the United States military or held a top secret clearance should not speak about which they know nothing. Oh, forget the military and clearance, AOC should just not speak.

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