Fox News Makes Huge Error In Recent Impeachment Polls; This Is Seriously Embarrassing

(Tea Party 247) – It seems that the love affair between President Donald Trump and right-leaning news network Fox News might be coming to an end, which is truly a tragedy when you look at the simple fact that every major media outlet is absolutely dead set against our current commander-in-chief. So dead set in fact that they are working tirelessly to push the impeachment narrative in hopes he will be booted from office, leaving the White House for the taking.

Or so they foolishly think.

Anyway, Rush Limbaugh saw the writing on the wall and predicted the betrayal of Fox News a week ago, proving once again why he’s such a critical leader in the modern conservative movement.

What happened was, Fox happened to oversample Democrats by 14 points in their latest impeachment poll, which skewed the overall results.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

FOX News posted a stunning poll on Thursday that shows that 51% of Americans want President Trump impeached on the media’s fraudulent Ukrainian accusations.

But FOX News used a poll that was weighted by 14 points in favor of Democrats.

So why are folks assuming it’s the fault of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who is now a member of the board on Fox News?

Here’s the skinny from a story published by The Business Insider last month:

Former Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was the speaker of the House for the first two years of the Trump administration, but he believes it is his new job as a board member of Fox Corporation that will finally allow him to “do something” about President Donald Trump, according to a new report in Vanity Fair.

Ryan, who joined the Fox Corporation board in March, is now said to be one of the most important voices pushing Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch to transition Fox News and pivot away from Trump, according to Vanity Fair.

“Paul is embarrassed about Trump and now he has the power to do something about it,” a Fox executive told Vanity Fair. Fox Corporation did not immediately respond to a phone call or emailed request for comment on the Vanity Fair piece.

Ryan often gave in to Trump’s demands as House speaker, even as he was said to privately disapprove of Trump’s bombastic, tweet-first-and-think-later governing style.

Could Paul Ryan actually be succeeding in his goal to “reign in Trump?” Well, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility, but Fox News has seemingly been turning left for quite some time now, so it wouldn’t be surprising if this was a tactic long in the making.

However, it wouldn’t be surprising if a RINO like Ryan was out to get the president. He sure wasn’t much of a help to him while he was in the House of Representatives.

Who will have Trump’s back now that Fox is turning? Well, it won’t be the mainstream media, but likely alternative media sources that will pick up the slack and watch out for our commander-in-chief.




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