Former Merck Scientist Explains Why He Refuses To Vaccinate His Children

(Tea Party 247) – There is big money in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines reign supreme. Imagine having a product that the federal government, the majority of health providers, and the public school system are willing to push on all children in the country. You’d stand to make A LOT of money and want to protect your interests at all costs. Well, that’s the reality for vaccine manufacturers.

If you’ve really been paying attention over the last 20 years, you’ve noticed the explosion of auto-immune diseases and neurological conditions among children. We’re just supposed to blindly accept that it’s just a coincidence that the number of vaccines have steadily increased right along the same trajectory. According to the National Vaccine Information Center, in 1983 children received 22 doses of 7 vaccines by age 6, compared to the 50 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6, in 2017. That is a huge increase, more than double. Is it any wonder our children are in such bad shape?

Anti-vaccine activist Del Bigtree spoke with scientist Jorge Araujo on his weekly show, HighWire. Araujo served as a lead supervisor on vaccine sterile quality for vaccine manufacturing giant Merck. He opened up to Del on the reason why he and his wife have decided not to allow their children to receive any vaccines.

Araujo’s wife is a nurse, and they didn’t even question the science behind vaccines until they were expecting their first child, when Araujo’s wife began asking him questions about vaccines.

Araujo relates that as he began to ask questions about vaccine efficacy and safety, the answers were not there. His research showed him that the robust science and quality controls present in regular drug manufacturing did not seem to be present with vaccine manufacturing. (Humans Are Free)

Shockingly, all of Araujo’s children are “super healthy” today. Actually it isn’t shocking at all. Vaccines are poison and if you protect your children from them, it will benefit their health greatly.

Notice how Araujo pointed out that the vaccine manufacturers enjoy special treatment from regulatory entities? The fact is, organizations like the FDA are just not monitoring vaccines like they do all other pharmaceuticals. That is a terrifying thought. These are chemicals being injected into the most vulnerable among us and the FDA and other regulatory bodies are just turning a blind eye.

Araujo is not alone. He told Del that there are other scientists he knows that also refuse to use the very vaccines they had a hand in developing. Not only scientists but prominent public figures are also deciding against vaccinating their children, such as Nico LaHood, the criminal District Attorney in San Antonio, Texas.

LaHood and his wife have one child on the autism spectrum, and he gave an interview with the VAXXED film crew back in 2016, where he stated:

“So what I do, is I follow evidence. I am an empirical data guy. I am here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism.”

There is evidence all around us that vaccines are not safe. How many children do you know that have asthma, severe allergies, diabetes, autism, and other chronic illnesses, mental & behavioral disorders? Big Pharma and its powerful advocates tell us vaccines are safe though! So the masses just go with the flow, injecting their poor, helpless children with toxic vaccines. They buy into the false narrative that vaccines are the only way to save your children’s lives and without them they WILL surely die.

Too many parents are happy to buy the lie and even pat themselves on the back for a job well done, when in reality they are doing great, irreversible damage to the health of their children. Whether it presents itself now or later, the damages of vaccines will manifest one way or another.

It’s time for parents to shake awake from their neglectful, dangerous slumbers and see vaccines for what they really are: extremely toxic cocktails being injected directly into their children’s bloodstreams.

You can check out the HighWire episode featuring Jorge Araujo by clicking here.


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