Florida AG Just Referred Bloomberg To FBI For Criminal Investigation; Here’s Why

(Tea Party 247) – Failed Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is not having a very good day, especially after receiving the news that Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody sent a letter to the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement requesting a criminal investigation into him.

Why does Moody want Bloomberg investigated? Apparently due to a recent report that indicates the billionaire raised more than $16 million to help convicted felons pay their debts and boost Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the state.

Gee, the left is really going all out to try and take President Trump down, aren’t they? Wow. These people are totally afraid of him. Why? Because they know if he gets a second term, they can kiss their hopes of “fundamentally transforming America” into a socialist disaster goodbye.

Via Daily Wire:

“The letter said that Moody’s office had reviewed Bloomberg’s pledge and referred the matter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI for a criminal investigation,” CBS 12 reported. “Moody’s letter references Florida’s statute against paying for votes, referencing a Florida Department of State finding that said ‘even an otherwise innocuous offering of an incentive simply to vote can run afoul’ of state election law.”

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Bloomberg and his team had raised the money “to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic Florida voters with felony convictions, an effort aimed at boosting turnout for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.”

The Post added that “Bloomberg’s advisers identified that group as both likely to vote for Biden and more likely to vote than other groups of former felons.”

The letter from the Florida Attorney General’s office added the following statement from the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections, which came in response to an inquiry by a political committee:

Even other innocuous offering of an incentive simply to vote could run afoul of section 104.045 or section 104.061, or both, depending upon the circumstances involved. That is, incentives could be offered to a voter in a way that would be designed to directly or indirectly cause the voter or a larger group of voters to vote in a particular manner. In such a case, the person giving the incentive could be guilty of violating section 104.061, Florida Statutes, which makes it illegal to “directly or indirectly give or promise anything of value to another in casting his or her vote.”

An advisor for Bloomberg spoke with The Washington Post, stating that one of the reasons Bloomberg wanted to do this was because this course of action would “immediately activate tens of thousands of voters who are predisposed to vote for Joe Biden.”

Isn’t that essentially a bribe? Is Bloomberg bribing folks into voting for Joe Biden? That’s surely considered election interference, right? Does this guy have no sense of basic human decency? Any kind of fellow who would stoop so low as to offer bribes — couched however they might be — is a disgrace.

After listing off various statutes that may apply to the case, the letter concluded by asking the agencies to launch an investigation into Bloomberg’s actions.

“After preliminarily reviewing this limited public information and law, it appears further investigation is warranted,” the letter concluded. “Accordingly, I request that your agencies further investigate this matter and take appropriate steps as merited.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has appeared on several Fox News shows over the last 24 hours where he has called for an investigation to be opened into the matter.

Gaetz said, “This is a specific inducement, to a specific segment of voters, to get them to vote a certain way, and I think it could be a crime.”


Democrats are so desperate to win in November, they not only are trying to push for mail-in ballots — which can be easily tampered with — they want illegal immigrants to be able to vote, and now they’re just paying folks to pull the lever for Biden.

It’s unreal these people are becoming so brazen with their corruption. Bloomberg definitely needs to be held accountable for his actions. Hopefully, a proper investigation is carried out and he’s held to the same standard of the law on this matter that the rest of us would be held to.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/49475696442

Source: dailywire.com/news/breaking-florida-ag-refers-bloomberg-to-fbi-for-criminal-investigation-after-he-pledged-to-pay-felons-fines-so-they-can-vote-in-apparent-attempt-to-boost-biden


  1. The oldest forms of election fraud are stuffing the ballot box and buying votes. Bloomberg and others like LeBron are buying votes of felons. Further, they are not only buying the vote but, in fact, creating a vote where one would not have existed otherwise. Since they would not exist otherwise, this is also ballot stuffing. On top of all this they are promoting felons into new criminal activity that should send them back to jail. Paying the fines, part of the criminal penalty for the crime committed, and paying the fees required to complete the sentence also a part of being found guilty of the crime are both penalties reserved to the felon alone as no one else can “serve” their sentence for them. This is just another of the Left’s election-tampering schemes to illegally win the election by tried and true methods historically used.

  2. Lock up BLOOMBERG in FEDERAL PRISON . . . and make sure that this money is SEIZED. There’s no PLACE in BRIBERY – even in POLITICS (pun and HUMOR intended!). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. The Democrats can’t win an honest campaign. because their platform is all words, blame and baseless attacks. They need to come up with a workable plan to bring jobs back to america and to do something about law and illegals. Then since about 40% of the people vote democrat they would have a better chance of winning elections and putting a major dent into what it cost for them to run an election, but they won’t

  4. Liberal Democrats bail out rioters and looters now they are paying the fines and fees of convicted felons. Seems like the Democrats are all in for the criminals and opposing the working Americans. Democrat DA’s are refusing to prosecute “minor” crimes, eliminating bail and releasing without charges the rioters, some even claim rioting and looting are a free speech issue. Remember in November Democrats are working for Illegals and criminals and not the American people (whom they expect to pay for the programs to help these two groups.

  5. I hope they charge him for bribing for votes… THIS IS OURTAGEOUS …. the democRATS are committing fraud to win the election and get lyin’ Biden/Harris in the white house… It’s the ONLY way they can beat Trump… LIE, CHEAT, COMMIT FRAUD



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