Flashback: What This Model Who Exposed Child Sex Trafficking Ring Tweeted Before Her Mysterious Death

(Tea Party 247) – In February, Natacha Jaitt, an Argentinian model, socialite, TV presenter and one-time contestant on the show Big Brother, was found dead in a bed at a Buenos Aires nightclub.

This came just a year after she claimed to have evidence of an elite pedophile ring which involved VIPs, politicians, movie stars, and other celebrities.

After she made such allegations, she received barrage of attacks, including death threats. This prompted her to issue a tweet warning her followers that, were she ever found dead, she would not have committed suicide.

Her death prompted calls of foul play from her family members.

At the time, the Buenos Aires Times reported that her body was found in a bed at the Xanadú party salon in La Ñata, in the Tigre district, north of Buenos Aires City, police confirmed.

Local media reports claimed that she was found naked in the bed, and that she had cocaine residue on her nostrils and traces of LSD and liquor in her bloodstream.

However, the Times would later report this was false, and that there was no indication she had consumed drugs.

The results would not come up positive for cocaine because forensics were unable to obtain a proper urine sample from Jaitt’s body, according to C5N crime journalist Mauro Szeta, citing police sources. Early media reports suggested investigators found cocaine on Jaitt’s nostrils, but this was never officially confirmed.

Her body was also free of semen, the leaked information suggested, dismissing the claim she had been sexually abused.

“I continue believe that this was a homicide and a plot to end Natacha’s life. It was poorly managed and they left her there. My sister was with three people who consumed cocaine. Imagine the environment she was in”, Ulises Jaitt, the entertainer’s brother, told the El Diario last year.

In 2018, Jaitt had made explosive allegations that dozens of high-profile sports and entertainment personalities were involved in an underage prostitution ring. Indicating she feared for her safety, she once went as far as to warn via Twitter that she could pay the ultimate price for revealing dirty information she had on some of the country’s rich and famous.

Following her original allegations, Jaitt made several television appearances, where she revealed the threats she had received.

“WARNING: I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine and drown in a bath, or shoot myself. So if this happens, it wasn’t me. Save this Tweet,” she wrote in April, 2018 according to a translation from the Times.

The Free Thought Project some of the more damning accusations Jaitt made in one of the television appearances she’d done just before her death:

At 4:13 – 7:07: Jaitt directly states that Gustavo Vera—the president of Argentina—is a pedophile and runs a trafficking network. And that he uses his organization La Alameda to shut down his competition.

Then, at 8:49 – 9:51: Jaitt recounts how the pope himself saved a pedophile priest and relocated him to a new area where he had access to vulnerable children.

The Free Thought Project notes:

This case is eerily similar to that of Mark Minnie, author of the controversial book ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’ who devoted his post-police life to exposing the corruption and horrifying pedophilia he discovered while working as a detective. Minnie and his good friend Chris Steyn, also a former cop turned investigative journalist, worked together on the book to expose a government and business community who took children to Bird Island where they were abused, and some possibly murdered.

Last year, after publishing the book, Minnie was found shot in the head. While officials are calling it an apparent suicide, like Jaitt’s family, Minnie’s family is claiming that he told them he would never kill himself and that people were after him because he was about to expose even more high-level government pedophilia.

The book details the level of their involvement in the pedophile ring, abuse of the children, alleged acts of murder to cover up the crimes, as well as corruption and abuse of high-level state resources by the network’s members.

The book was published on August 5, 2018 and only nine days later, Minnie would be found dead.


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