Flashback: Kamala Harris’ Father Reveals Very Inconvenient Family History…Of Slave Ownership!

(Tea Party 247) – Former Vice President and presumed Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden, has now officially picked his own potential VP.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the second African American woman elected to the Senate, first woman elected as Attorney General of California, and all-around intersectional boost to Biden’s old-white-guy candidacy.

While Harris is indeed black, as her father is from Jamaica, her own family history pretty quickly destroys the value of judging anyone by the color of their skin alone as, like any other living, breathing human being, not everyone in her family is automatically virtuous and morally pure just because they possess more melanin.

In fact, her family is as rotten as those who are considered the worst offenders by the intersectional left: that is, they, like many white and other black people, are the descendants of slave owners.

*Record scratch*

That’s right!

As the Gateway Pundit reminds us:

The father of Kamala Harris detailed how their ancestors owned slaves, an inconvenient part of her history as she has spent much of her campaign focusing on race politics.

The Democrats have been up in arms about an NBC News report that detailed how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s great-great-grandfathers owned slaves in Alabama in the 1800s.

Donald Harris, a Stanford University economics professor and father of 2020 Democrat candidate, wrote about how they are descendant of an Irishman who owned a slave plantation in Jamaica in a piece titled “Reflections of a Jamaican Father.”

“My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town),” Mr. Harris wrote in his article for Jamaica Global.

The Free Beacon reports that “a research archive of Jamaican records indicate that at one point in 1817, Hamilton Brown owned scores of slaves. The majority were brought in from Africa, though he also owned many Creole slaves.”

Harris has been pushing for “some form of reparations for black people,” saying that “we have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities.” Apparently, she should be looking into the history of her own family.


  1. If they will put Biden in, of course with cheating, that would be ending America as a world power, collapse like the Roman Empire.!!!!!

  2. It’s the end of the world as we know it…Don’t stand so close to me!! What goes on behind the green door? Only Kamala and Joe know, he said it was dark, I smelled her hair,kissed her neck,she went crazy on me & I don’t remember much from then… as I woke up on stage, half dressed, & Masked!! As I announced my running mate, & it was not Jill!!!


  4. This is no big deal to Biden….because everyone knows how Uncle Joe feels about blacks and slaves. Everyone should own at least one, right Joe ??????

  5. Hariss is “NOT” the second African American woman elected to the Senate, she is not Black/African AMerican, she is white and Indian. Her people being from Jamaica does does not make her Black as they were whites who emigrated there, yet they remain white. Being a person from Jamaica does not make you Black. If that were the case, the Chinese who immigrated there would also be considered Black. GTFOH with that BS. Besides, when we think of people as Black, we think of them in the context of being progeny of enslaved africans in the USA

  6. BLM and ANTIFA are Marxists groups and Howk Newsome said ” If they donot give us what we want, we will burn the system. So they want to dismantle this country. The SCUM Countries of the World are hoping for Biden to win the election as well as all these comunists group.That will be the biginning of the End of USA. My president is Trump.

  7. Kamala is a corrupt political ex prosecutor who put a black man in jail for a crime he never committed , she held info on the crime that would have exonerated him . She also took a donation donated into her campaign from a man she was prosecuting . Ps she’s not only dirty , but she is also a dirty slut . Go for it Dems you have been told .

  8. What did you EXPECT from a TREASONISTIC Left Wing Liar like KAMALA . . . The TRUTH?!? C’mon, “though EXPECTETH too much”. DON’T vote for these TRAITORS, Joe and Kamala, if you value not ONLY your country, but your STATE and CITY as well! They BOTH belong in FEDERAL PRISON. So does Joe’s son, HUNTER. One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. There is a problem with Kamala being referred to as African American.
    Parents are Indian and Jamaican……she lies and this is one of her lies.

  10. I feel and think that the really scary and shocking thing is that circumstances could reach this point due to there being a multitude of people that support persons such as Biden, Harris, Clintons, and other such people even after they have at least some extent of knowledge of what they truly are. Some great responses above.

  11. well i guess the real story is her dad and her mother are not black and he dont like being called as black just do she can sucker votes out blacks then do nothing for them like in past but use them poliiticly like all rest democrats like kkk biden any thing for vote but this is maken blacks look stupid dont even know real black wool pulled over there eyees in front whole world also mabe her dad dont want use black just for vote

    • Harris ALWAYS represented herself as black. Her family is not black they are Indian and Jamaican. So NOW Harris says she is a woman of color. Next month she may be something else. Note: WHITE is a color..

  12. It is interesting that this article referenced that the ancestors of Mitch McConnell owned some slaves, the records shows 14 and the Democratic party held him accountable for his families past; now Hamilton Brown as mention in this article, which doesn’t mention the actual number of slaves, he owned, according to “Excerpts from slave registers National Archives, London, also know as public records office shows Hamilton Brown on page 88, total slaves 86 and page 851, total slaves 124, grand total 210 as of 6/28/1817.
    How hypocritical Kamila Harris is criticizing others as slave owners, I read in a book that says “ remove first the beam from your eye and when you can see clearly, go to your brother/ sister and help him/ her removed the speck in his/ her eye”

  13. She is mostly Caucasian s Asiatic Indians are Caucasian, not Oriental nor certainly not Negroid or Black. Her Father states that they are descended from an Irishman as well. Thus, this lying and vile excuse for a decent human being is not balck and there is no such thing as African-American unless the majority of this nation wish to use the hyphenated European-American. Ignorant, bigoted, black privilege as usual. We are either American or we are not. Special treatment for blacks has gone on for over 50 years. Yet every time the nation coddles and appeases them they want more and always resort to violence and destruction. Watts comes to mind in August 1965. Thousands of blacks are killed by blacks every year in this nation. There is an extremely limited and very, very little white on black crime, on the contrary, the vast majority of criminality among the races is black on white crime over 95% of the time. On and on and on. And what about the millions of Americans who are black who work hard, succeed, raise their families right, and are pillars and a credit to the places where they live? They do what is right in the sight of God and country. Are they mistakes or aberrations? No, raised right and appreciate the blessings God has given this great nation. Trying to justify the behavior of people hundreds of years ago is ignorant, narrow-minded, bigoted, and racist in and of itself. We are responsible for now and how we act and behave. Marxists and narrow-minded bigots think to the contrary.

    • Yepper. Right on the mark. Change n lie abput history is how they work. Any lie thatbworjscwill do n Young people R tooo foolish to search for Truth. They live by the emotions of their crazy music n whacko friends n failed societies.

  14. I find it interesting that the left and demorats vilified Melania for posing nude when she was in her 20s but it’s okay for Kamala to have slept her way to the top but no mention of that. We had an old fashioned word for women like Kamala – “slut”.

  15. She is a woman of color…not black. Jamaicans are not considered black or her mom from India.
    Asians are also “of color” but not black!
    She’s pandering to the black community. And she’s married to a white man. So if she considers herself black why didn’t she marry an African American or another black skinned man??

    • Who cares who she marries?I would have had respect for her if she would have told Biden no to being Vice President because she said he is a rapist.

    • You dummy Most Jamaicans are black. And the fact that she married a white man has nothing to do with how she identifies herself.

  16. Kamala Harris isn’t African-American anymore than Elizabeth Warren was Native American.

    Have to wonder how many Blacks she disproportionately locked up in California. Now she’s part of the mob that wants to dismantle the ‘system’. Besides being full of it, she’s full of hypocrisy and double standards.

  17. People are saying remove wide thighs kamala from the nominee well not me with her history and lies and now her family’s history out in the light TRUMP has nothing to fear, not that he really had much to worry about to start with old pervy joe frightens people every time he opens his mouth

  18. Well, if Kamala Harris can claim two ethnic backgrounds, Asian-American and Jamaican-American, I guess I’ll have to start referring to myself as a Canadian-American since my parents were both Canadians, and I guess since my Dad was born in Montreal, maybe I could stretch the truth and claim to be French Canadian- American.

  19. I suspect that Biden has another plot in mind. He wants to be President so that he can step down and install Harris in the Oval Office that she could never achieve on her own merits ( which she has none anyway). She has far too much baggage to ever get elected on her own. Looks like Biden is either too stupid or hates America with a purple passion.

    • Why not? She was appointed to her other breakthrough offices. Willie Brown’s way of supporting his mistresses – appoint them to high paying boards.

  20. Kama la is a flat out loser. She slept her way up the ladder using Willie Brown as her Lover. Kick her off the ticket before everything else she did to under privileged people. She could be more evil than Nancy Pelosi and that’s saying something. Why not pick someone like Tulsi Gabbard a heal live hero and doesn’t want to destroy America. Yes I was once a Democrat.

  21. Family was a slave owner? Kamala shows her hatred for all white Americans, was horrible to “Gropin Joe” and now allows him to maul her in front of the cameras!

  22. Here we go again, what is totally horrific for anyone on the right, its ok if said people are on the left, do as I say, not as I do. Regardless in November voters need to clean house and vote out every Dem and RINO who are up for reelection, the rest next election.

    • She is not an African American. She is like obuma, a liar and is like him, not legally able to run for president. But the rules for the US citizens do not apply to demoncRATS.

    • She is Jamaican East Indian American, who’s family were slave owners. She should begin paying retributions immediately or be labelled a hypocrite.

    • Linda — Exactly my question… Jamaica is not Africa – In the U.K. there is a term “Anglo Indian”…..mixed race. Maybe it should be Island Indian.!!!!
      But — ‘African American ‘Fits the narrative….

    • You are correct. Harris is NOT “African American.” People are erroneously using that phrase to describe her. She may be considered “black,” but she is not African American unless she can trace her roots from Jamaica back to Africa. At this point, she is closer related to slave owners than she is to slaves.

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