Flashback: Former AG Sally Yates Lied To Congress…Why Isn’t She In Prison?

(Tea Party 247) – American patriots are absolutely sick and tired of the two-tired, crooked justice system in our country.

This is why we elected Trump.

But we never dreamed we’d realize the full extent of it by way of how the Deep State would go after Trump and his associates.

In May of 2017, former Attorney General Sally Yates appeared before Congress and lied her rear off about how General Michael Flynn was supposedly compromised by Russia.

This wasn’t a mistake or ignorance. She knew she was lying, she knew it was a crime, and she did it anyway.

The Deep State had been listening in on all of General Flynn’s conversations. They knew that Russia had no compromising information on him.

Yates would tell Congress that the Logan Act was the first reason she’d intervened in the case.

This was the reason that FBI agents were sent to the White House to interview the then-national security adviser.

This woman is a crook.

It’s also known that Flynn was set up by a spy from the Deep State.

The general had not only reported his trip to Russia before he departed, but he also took training on how to behave once there and properly briefed the intelligence community on his return.

This has all been kept very hush-hush for two years until earlier this year.

Yates obscured all this information from Congress.

Why is this woman still walking free? She obviously broke the law. President Donald Trump has been subject to an unheard-of level of scrutiny during his time in office, along with everyone that has worked for him.

Meanwhile, Yates, Clinton, McCabe, Comey, and all the other Deep State crooks are walking around in spite of being caught in crimes.

The Gateway Pundit notes:

Over the weekend Senator Chris Murphy met in secret talks with the Iranian Foreign Minister in Munich.

This was a direct violation of US policy.

So will Chris Murphy be investigated and punished for violating the Logan Act?

We all know the answer to that.


  1. There asses should be wipped depending how many charges they have pending, there should be a guy coming out with his ninja outfit with a wip the accused bent over exposing there nasty ass there hands tied and there body secured so when the ninja has free reign wiping that ass with the public witnessing the event. You can hear the accused whining his ass off.

  2. Is there some vehicle for citizen groups to file a class action suit against one or more of the egregious thieves and liars who have been collecting taxpayer-funded salaries under false pretenses, and will have rather nice retirement benefits thereafter.


  3. There been & continues a lot of investigating by the DOJ with no tangible results that the system of Justice is going to hold people responsible for there crimes , we continue to see Comey , McCabe not accountable for what they did yet Trump supporting accused prosecuted & senescent to for there crimes !!! I prasy AG Barr gets the system corrected & soon !!!

  4. I am beginning to think all of the Republicans and Conservatives that comment here are dumber than dirt. Not one Democrat will be held accountable for their crimes because not one Republican has the balls to investigate them. As I have stated many times quit wasting your time and your breath thinking a Democrat will be held accountable. Go Trump MAGA Vote Trump and vote any new Republican in house and Senate get rid of these career spineless Republicans that spew they are going to investigate and then just sit on their hands. Before long all we will here is that statue of limitations has expired for all the criminals.

    • That’s exactly correct. They are dragging the investigations out deliberately so the statute of limitations will expire.

  5. No one has ever been prosecuted for the Logan Act, ever. So, to use that as a pretext for spying is your first clue that the Deep State’s real agenda was something else. And that agenda was to find a hook it could use to neutralize Donald Trump.

    What Trump is contending with here is actually powerful, deep-seated treason going back several decades. The Deep State is a coup government established behind the scenes in 1963. Its twin pillars are the FBI and CIA, rewarded with virtual immunity for their roles in the JFK assassination. Normally a bipartisan tyranny, the DS chose to go all in behind the Democrats in 2016 in order to prevent Trump’s election. It is still seeking to neutralize him.

  6. So disheartening and depressing seeing and listening about all this corruption, power grabs, money grabs! The worse however is the government using its vast resources to go after citizens that have no way of defending themselves. I understand the General is broke financially and most likely emotionally worrying about things he really has no means to defend himself against. Lying DOJ lawyers committing vicious crimes against against people is DEPLORABLE. We have to know this behavior isn’t new, it’s been going on for a long long time. It has taken one man to bring this out of the shroud of secrecy and now he has the bullseye on his back for exposing the status quo.

  7. The Deep Stater’s operate on “The ends Justify the means mantra” lying is OK, killing Seth Rich is OK doing whatever they want is OK.

  8. Yeah and Stone gets over three years in a hoax. How was he supposed to know what to say when everything was made up? If these things do not hack you off, wait until they come for you. Because, they comin’.

    • What was done to Roger Stone was a complete miscarriage of justice, to be sure. So sad to see Soviet-style arrests and show trials now in this country. How far U.S. justice has fallen!

      Roger Stone’s real “crime” was having the temerity to link Lyndon Johnson publicly to the assassination of Pres. Kennedy in 1963. Having seized power through the assassination, the Deep State doesn’t like any deviation from the Lone Nut narrative, much less one that connects the dots. Therefore its tools, Robert Mueller and the MSM, don’t like it, either, which explains the televised SWAT raid at dawn, the redundant prosecutors, the draconian sentencing, and the continual MSM hit pieces.

      It wasn’t Stone but Seth Rich who leaked the DNC files to Wikileaks, and he was murdered for it.

      Also, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  9. Federal Government Employees are run by the Democrat Party and protected by the same. So is most of the Judicial System in and around New York and California. I suspect the Supreme Court may still be trusted but watched closely. All of these may be taking instructions from the ABA. If so I do not believe America will be free much longer. Look at all the corrupt states where crime flourishes and they have government retirement systems about to go under. I dare any honorable American to research objectively and you will find this is correct.

  10. The deep state are showing us every day just how deep and corrupt they are. Don’t be fooled one more day. Until mass firings of Obama supporters and removal of establishment career politicians do not look for any equal justice. You will get none. The people have to rise up against this tyranny just as our founding fathers did. Start making your demands for justice starting today! No more sham investigations in congress and the senate. They keep telling you to wait for this and that investigation to be completed only to ultimately say no prosecution for Democrats.

    • Flynn was made to plead guilty or the prosecutors threatened to go after his children.
      The democrats all but broke this man then threatened his family if he didn’t plead guilty.
      THAT IS THE democrat WAY.

    • JimBob….really? Isn’t it about time to pull your head out of the MSNBC rear end? There is truly more to life than 15-30 second left-wing sound bites. #thinkforyourself, #educateyourself.

    • The only horseshit here is your response. It makes no difference what Flynn pled. Sally Yates still lied about him being compromised by the Russians. She had no evidence that he was.

  11. It is high time that the other side faces charges on their disregard for the law. What Murphy did was a discredit to our country and I hope he get the book thrown at him for it!

  12. Democrats don’t go to jail only Republicans they need to grow a pair and lock those liars and corrupt Jack asses up starting with Obama on down!

  13. The problem is that the Deep State knows that Republicans in Congress are a push over and have no backbone to really go after these people. What is frustrating to conservatives is Democrats can do anything they want because they will never be made accountable for their corrupt actions. What is even more frustrating is when your Democrat friends say, “nothing is going to happen to them.” Hillary Clinton got a free card and is walking around as if she is queen bee. Why hasn’t she been arrested for all the corruption from the “Haiti” Clinton Foundation, exposing government private/secret communications on a private server (exposing the United States communications to foreign entities, destroying government property to cover her tracks, lying in hearings saying she didn’t know better?? when she has been a servant of the government for several years and does know government policies on communications, Bengazi incident and of course, the Steele Dossier bought and paid for by Hillary, DNC, FBI AND DOJ. I could go on, but she and everyone else involved has gotten a free pass on everything.

    • This is why we need to elect new Republicans to Congress and then hold them accountable in the next election.

  14. Still hoping Durham will come down with some indictments and restore our faith in the Justice System. Durham is the only one left that could do something, no one else has the balls to do anything.

  15. I knew the government was corrupt.. but I had NO idea just how extremely bad it was until we elected President Trump…. AG Barr needs to go after these democRATS and start filing charges against them… The laws should be applied to BOTH sides equally… not this constant going after the GOP side and allowing the lunatics on the left to go free… I’m sick of the left and their vicious lies filled with extreme hate.. the ONLY ones who are tearing apart this country are the democRAT swamp rats and the MSM who have their heads up their butts and help them spread these lies and hate…
    ANYONE who cares at all about this country and the American people, need to band together and save this country by voting in Trump 2020!!! KAG!!! And we need to clean out the corruption… vote out as many of the democRATs as can do … Take back the house and keep the Senate and white house…
    GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP for all the hard work he has done and is doing FOR the American people and our country…

  16. All good questions with pretty much similar answers. However, the DOJ is run by a do-nothing AG by the name of Barr. The previous AG was bought and paid for and was a silent POS who sat on his hands while Demorats in the DOJ did whatever they wanted. Their goal was to get as many conservatives and Republicans as they could. That my friends is the deep state and it’s still in operation today. I support our president 100% but the deep state has not been touched and it never will be. Name one person indicted under Barr or Durham? Just like when Ryan was speaker of the House, that POS did absolutely nothing. Pelosi is a king size beech but look at the ruckus she has created in one year. We are sheep for them and the public supports the commie dims blindly.

    • Good comment. Too true. But let’s keep up the pressure even so.

      The last sealed files in the JFK assassination come up for another presidential review in October 2021. We need to re-elect the president and embolden him to take on the Deep State then in a final showdown.

      It is no small thing to take on both the FBI and CIA at the same time, while contending with disloyal Democrats. Some of these are traitors who are willing to bring us to the brink of civil war. But no half-measures will get us back our government. We must fight!

  17. LOCK all these people up (ESPECIALLY Sally Yates for what she did by LYING about General Flynn, an innocent man)! . . . Let’s end this 2 tiered justice (INJUSTICE?!?) system NOW. There is NO excuse as to why this NONSENSE is still happening. VOTE OUT these Democrats allowing the SWAMP CREATURES from “ruling from within”. What happened with McCabe is wrong as he should have been in PRISON! And General Flynn is CONVICTED?!? (Framed, actually). The time to end this unfair GARBAGE is N O W. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Say Mr. JoeyP, Sir, I agree with you, but I would express all of the Illegal Actions of The DNC a disgraceful action, which their Political Party’s Name should be changed to The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party, and since The Commie Socialist And Islamic Portion does NOT like the US Constitution! I want The Commie Socialist And Islamic Portion of The Democratic Party be FIRED, all of their US Citizenship’s be CANCELED, and all of their Derriere’s DEPORTED to either Russia or China or North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela or even Iran, since They Very Rarely Follow The US Constitution To The Letter/Word, And The Only Time They Would Follow The US Constitution Is When Their Commie Socialist And Islamic Agenda Will NOT Be Advanced! The Only Thing About Their Commie Socialist And Islamic Agenda, Their Agenda Is NOT Practicable Or Compatible With The US Constitution!!!

  18. Like every one else. I ask why ?
    Am beginning to think it will never change. The Dems have accused Trump for everything they have done and not one that I know of has had to pay for their corruption.
    Many of us are really sick of this and do pray that they have to pay for their evil deeds.

  19. My question is and has been, When is someone going to do something and start putting people in jail. All we hear is they did this or they did that. They go after the lesser persons but never go after the big fish. They know they broke the law but never do anything about it. For God’s sake do something.

    • Howard, who do you expect to do something?
      “When in the course of human events,it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Does this sound familiar or remind you of anything? This, sadly, is what it has come to again, and I fear is the only real solution to deep state if this election doesn’t have huge Republican gains.

  20. The reason she is not in jail is because she is a Democrat pure and simple! They can do and say anything that they want with impunity!

  21. This typical of the left wing A-Holes, they themselves break all the laws they want yet they crucify any right wing person for any what even maybe a minor law. Here this DOJ left wing lawyer ruined a man’s life and reputation for nothing more than because he worked for a man she didn’t like. I hope and pray that Gen. Flyn goes after this dog and takes every penny plus her reputation he can. But then when one is a proven liar one doesn’t have much of a reputation other than being a lying whore.

  22. Tyranny continues to grow in our gov. and they continue to let us know, “Do as I say and not as I do” !! This is why they are pushing gun control, they know they’re screwing the American people and they’re starting to worry!

    • They should have been worried about that long ago! It’s too late now to hope for a positive outcome, but the news is not all bad. The element of surprise is usually on the side of the victors, and the Right can be full of surprises! In summation, the more bitter the conflict, the sweeter the victory!


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