First Medieval, Now Biblical Diseases Come Raging Back As Los Angeles’ Homeless Crisis Surges

(Tea Party 247) – As homelessness rages on in the City of Angels, the diseases that are making a comeback are providing us with a very disturbing history lesson.

A history in horrible infections diseases.

First, we heard that typhoid fever, which killed tens of thousands in the early 20th Century was starting to rage in the filthy city.

Then, it was the bubonic plague.

Now, we’re going back to ancient history…leprosy could start to spread on the streets of LA.

Summit News reports:

With typhoid fever and even the return of the bubonic plague already big concerns, increasing homelessness in Los Angeles could also spark an increase in leprosy.

According to a new study, more leprosy cases are starting to emerge in Los Angeles County, with Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa of the University of Southern California urging the public to “fight the stigma.”

Leprosy, which is spread through the air but must involve close contact, can cause permanent blindness, severe damage to the body’s skin, nerves, and mucous membranes, as well as deformities.

Although victims can make full recoveries if they receive early diagnoses, most of Los Angeles’ homeless population who are at risk will not get swift treatment.

“As leprosy has been a neglected disease with a high potential to cause deformities, especially when it is not treated properly, I would like to reinforce the need for early identification of cases in the community with the adoption of active case search and screening of household and social contacts from all index cases,” Dr. Victor S. Santos told Reuters.

Dr. Drew Pinsky noted earlier this year that the public health situation in Los Angeles, which is the nation’s second-largest city, is in complete turmoil.

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” he said.

1.5 per cent of rats in L.A. now carry bubonic plague. If that figures hits 2 per cent, the medieval disease will start jumping to humans.

In other words, if LA doesn’t sort out its trash problem and its homeless problem, the return of bubonic plague is virtually guaranteed.

L.A.’s 60,000 homeless population, vast amounts of uncollected trash and 12 million rats have all combined to make the city increasingly resemble a third world hellscape.

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