First-Ever Pride Parade Planned In Sarajevo, Bosnia. Here’s How Locals Reacted.

(Tea Party 247) – As the LGBT lifestyle becomes more and more widely accepted in the West, it’s starting to creep its way into the old world.

But the locals weren’t thrilled.

On September 7th, just days ahead of the first-ever gay pride parade in the Balkin nation, Bosnians turned out en masse for a march protesting “pride.”

Radio Free Europe reports:

Sarajevo is the last of the Balkan capitals to schedule a pride march after neighboring countries moved to improve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights as part of efforts toward European Union membership.

The marchers opposed to the LGBT rights event held banners and balloons, and their protest ended without requiring police attention.

But Bosnian police have called for reinforcements to protect the public at the planned September 8 parade amid concerns groups with strong anti-gay views may try to disrupt the event.

Bosnia-Herzegovina remains highly conservative and torn by ethnic divisions stemming from a 1992-95 civil war.

Other nations in the former Yugoslavia have also been holding their first gay pride parades in recent years, as “pride” events grow more popular in Europe.

Just as in the US, however, those who hold fast to traditional values and see the very real threats that a dissolved family unit and widely accepted alternative sexual lifestyles pose to any sovereign nation.

It’s also worth pointing out that Bosnia is the only Muslim majority nation in Europe (well, at least the only Muslim majority nation that has been that way for longer than the last ten years).

The left vehemently supports other European nations taking in Muslim refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern nations, (while Bosnia has taken virtually none) while failing to recognize that Muslims tend to not be big fans of the LGBT lifestyle.

Why is it that when someone wears a scarf on their head and prays facing Mecca opposes the LGBT lifestyle, the left just ignores their “bigotry,” while when Christian Americans and Europeans oppose the LGBT lifestyle, they’re obviously bigots and (why not) white supremacists?

Just more hypocrisy from the left, I suppose.


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